Update on the Big Target Summer Toy Clearance

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I know many of you are wondering about the progress of the Big Summer Toy Clearance. While we have been seeing clearance toys for weeks now anywhere from 30-70% Off, usually at the end of July we see a big drop on a large group of additional toys all at once to 70% Off. It is time for Target to reset the toy shelves for the new season, so it’s out with the old to make room for the new!

Many stores will have consolidated by now, with a large number of clearance toys in their own aisles. However, this isn’t always the case, some stores may not have the room to do this, and you’ll have to browse your endcaps & aisles.

Most stores drop their toys on Thursdays, and – tomorrow, the 27th is the last Thursday in July, so there is a chance that many of you should see more toys drop to 70. It is always possible for it to drag on for another week, but my best advice is to get there early and be ready if you have interest in this clearance in case it does happen.

Be sure and take a close look at stickers and scan the toys you are interested in too. Signs and sometimes even stickers don’t always reflect an accurate price, so it’s always wise to check for yourself up at the scanner.


Even if the big drop that we typically see doesn’t happen – be sure and look around at the toys anyway, as there are quite a few already as much as 70% off. And don’t let signs deter you – sometimes you have to do some digging to find goodies with 70% off stickers. For example, I found these super-cute Strawberry Shortcake doll sets sitting in an aisle marked 30% off, meanwhile they were marked down to $5.98 at 70% off.

So here’s hoping tomorrow yields our big drop on even more toys, but even if it does not happen until next week – the clock is ticking! This big abundance of clearance toys you see now will likely disappear by the end of the first week in August so take advantage of these big discounts while you can!

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