Save Over 65% on Centrum Multi-Vitamins at Target

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We have a new offer for a FREE $5 Gift card wyb 2 select Centrum or Caltrate thru 9/16. Prices started at $9.79 for Centrum Multivitamins and we have a high-value coupon plus a rebate to make for a nice deal…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 2 Centrum Multivitamins (PSA $9.79) = $19.58
-$4 (use two $2 off when you buy 1 Centrum or Centrum Silver Vitamins)
-$4 (redeem x2 Earn $2 Cash Back wyb Centrum 60 ct+ w/ibotta app (limit 3)
= $11.58 – $5 Gift Card back for buying 2 thru 9/16
= $6.58 for 2 or $3.29 each after coupons, rebates and gift card or like saving over 65%

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  1. FYI if you buy 2 vitamins that qualify for the gift card, but it isn’t 2 of the exact same item, the register may not prompt the gift card.

    I did this deal buying 1 Men’s Multivitamin 120 ct and 1 Women’s Multivitamin 120ct, $9.79 each and the register didn’t prompt the $5 gift card.

    I went to customer service and explained and the person told me that it was because I used a $2 coupon on each and that is such a big discount already, so I didn’t get the gift card. This is total BS because the register prompts the gift card right after both items get scanned.The register doesn’t even know whether or not you’re using coupons at that point. So he just made that up on the spot. At my job, if I just made up reasons to try to explain why the computer did something it did because I didn’t understand why, I would be in such huge trouble. It is very frustrating when I know how the process and policies work better than the employees do and when there is a mistake and I bring it to their attention, they claim something that is partially correct, or in this case, completely made up. That would never fly with my employer. I didn’t feel like fighting with him as there were 3 people in line behind me, so I just returned the vitamins and left. It is very frustrating when I’m playing by the rules, but employees change the rules because they don’t understand the rules, which means I can’t get what I’m allowed to get even though I’m playing by the rules.

    Sorry for the rant. But this kind of stuff seems to happen at Target, Walmart, and CVS. Register errors and employees not trained properly to apply the correct “rules” when an error occurs. Guess where I never have this problem? Smith’s! My coupons almost always scan and in the event they don’t, the cashier will say, “I saw this item come through so I know you got it” and push the coupon through. Their registers always calculate any sale or promotion prices correctly, including their mix & match 5, save $5 mega sale promotions. Target, Walmart, and CVS can’t make the excuse that they are so big that these kind of things happen. Kroger is HUGE and their registers and employees apply the rules correctly.

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