American Red Cross & Target: Hurricane Relief Efforts

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I just want to let you all know that I am back and also wanted to thank you all for your kind words & concern throughout Hurricane Irma. My family is fine and we came thru with very minimal losses and only lost power for 3 days. So I have absolutely nothing to complain about, since so many people out there have suffered such devastating losses and it absolutely breaks my heart.

If you are wondering how you can help those affected by Irma & Harvey if you are able – one way is to donate to the American Red Cross. There is a minimum online of donation of $10 and Target is also partnering with them and will match any donation made through this site dollar-for-dollar up to $250,000.

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  1. Kerry, So glad to see you are back and came through with minimal losses. A big shout out to Karen for keeping TT going. So appreciated still being able to see all the target deals. She did a great job!! Prayers are still going out for those impacted in Texas and Florida. Another giving option for those affiliated with a church is to give through your church which will support your denomination in those states impacted by hurricanes. I have total confidence in donating this way knowing 100% is going to victim needs.

  2. If you aren’t comfortable donating to the American Red Cross, be sure and watch your local stations for other places and ways to donate. Down in Texas we had local church’s and groups also letting people know what items (like baby swings, towels, etc) could really be used and drop off locations. Some agencies also use money donated to pay for gas for the trucks used to haul water and first aid supplies, so while it may not seem it’s going directly to those in need – it will be indirectly doing so….

  3. Glad to hear you and your family are okay, I had just emailed Karen earlier, seeing that you weren’t back yet before your post. On the matter of the Red Cross though, while I am all for donating to organizations that help, it should be pointed out that donations to the Red Cross do not actually go towards helping any of the victims. Most contributions they give are donated by other companies for free and those helping out are volunteers. On the other hand, the top executives pay out nice size bonuses to themselves on top of the already enormous salaries they are paying themselves. A quick search on google can find tons of information on why this particular company is the last one anyone should be donating to. After Katrina, when I was considering donating, I looked into them and did not like what I found but now it’s even easier to find info with the expansion of the web and social media. And while normally when commenting on something like this, I would say IMHO, in this case, it’s total facts. I would implore anyone looking at donating to any not for profit company, to check out their financials before doing so, to make sure your money is actually going towards helping people and not into someone’s pocket.

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