Target Christmas Clearance Now Up to 90% Off!

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Just a heads up that some of you should find after-Christmas clearance up to 90% Off at Target today (1/1). There is no schedule set in stone, and not all stores drop together at once, so if you have anything left at your stores and don’t find 90% Off today there’s a very good chance you will find it tomorrow.

There may be a few stragglers who won’t drop by tomorrow, but the majority of you should. Be sure and scan though even if your signs say 70% because you never know! They may just not have their signs out yet.


I actually asked my huby to go this morning and he called and told me there wasn’t much stuff left and then sent me all these pictures. So I don’t know what he’s talking about because I would LOVE to be there right now because it certainly looks like a lot of stuff to me!!

He had a TON of bows all 90% Off – just baskets and baskets full of them at .50 cents each. Christmas clearance is a great way to stock up on things you’ll need for next year, and by taking advantage of clearance I really don’t think I’ve bought bows, wrapping paper or any of the basics at full price in years. 🙂


Lots of wrapping paper left too at 90% Off with a large selection too! Does anyone else remember the year that there was like 700 million rolls of Justin Bieber wrapping paper left and nothing else? lol


Also lots & lots of ornament sets all at 90% Off. This is great to get them at this price and they make for inexpensive DYI projects like wreaths and trees around Styrofoam bases.


Food & Candy will also now have moved down to 70% Off for many of you too. I hope those of you out there who’ve been stalking the Target Christmas clearance find lots of goodies too!

Keep in mind the clock is ticking now and the clearance will not last long. Target has been moving faster & faster at dropping it down and moving it out so don’t wait too long to go!

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  1. Food & candy dropped to 70% off today but the rest of the Christmas clearance stayed at 70% too. Never saw this before…….wondering if my store isn’t going to 90%

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