No Coupon Inserts on Sunday, April 4th, 2021

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There will be no coupon inserts coming this week, so take some time to enjoy Easter Day weekend. Even though I love my coupons, it’s always nice to have a break. But if you start having coupon-withdrawal ;), there’s always the printables to check out on, & SmartSource.

If you are just starting couponing or looking for some additional ways to get your hands on insert coupons, here’s some ideas…



WHOLE UNCUT COUPON INSERTS Katie over at has whole and uncut Sunday Coupon Inserts available in Singles or Combo Packs. Plus she offers FAST shipping and lists new inserts every Saturday at 8pm and she has some previous weeks in stock too.

COUPON CLIPPING SERVICES You can always use a clipping service to get more insert coupons or ones that were not available in your local paper.  I recommend The Coupon Marketplace who offers a by-the-coupon service.

DISCOUNTED NEWSPAPER SUBSCRIPTIONS You can also visit and enter your zip. This will let check out all the discounted subscriptions on different papers all over the country.

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