IMG_21012014_181203We were all new to couponing at one time or another and I can remember just feeling overwhelmed in the beginning. But I hope this page helps to explain things a bit more and gets you started on the road to keeping more of your hard-earned money in your pocket.

Saving money by couponing goes way beyond simply clipping a coupon and using it on something you need. The best way to maximize your savings is to wait to use your coupons against a sale or a special deal and to buy several of the item if the price is right.

While I do maintain a stockpile, I don’t believe in letting my stockpile overtake my house. Sales usually cycle around every 3 months, so purchasing enough to last you through to the next sale is a good bet, especially if you are short on space. Be patient- building a stockpile takes time, it does not happen overnight, but little by little you will find yourself being able to grab something from your stockpile when you normally would have to run out for something.


coupon-insertsNEWSPAPER COUPONS: One of the most popular resources are the coupon inserts that can be found in the Sunday Newspaper. There are 4 main types- the PG- usually put out once a month by Proctor & Gamble, the RMNE or RetailMeNot Everyday insert and the SS or Smart Source Insert both usually found in most papers every Sunday, and the GM or General Mills which can usually be found every 4-5 weeks.

Every Saturday I post a Sunday Newpaper Insert Preview with highlights of what will be coming in the Sunday paper and I also list resources for obtaining inserts and coupons that come from them. You can go HERE to check out the most recent preview with a list of Resources.

PRINTABLE COUPONS: Another popular way to get coupons is to print them. There are several sites that consistently offer printable coupons: Coupons.com, Red Plum, Savings.com, & SmartSource are good places to start. Lots of manufacturer’s sites also offer coupons and a good way to check and see if there is a printable coupon for something you need is to check My Coupon Database. If there is a printable– there will be a link provided to lead you to where you can find the coupon.

OTHER COUPONS: Coupons come from many many sources. Many manufacturer’s place Hangtag Coupons or Peelie coupons found on products on the shelves or Tearpads usually located on a display or shelf near the item.You may even spot coupons in magazines or at the office of your doctor, dentist, pediatrician, vet and more. Once you start looking for these valuable little pieces of paper, you will be surprised at just how many places they turn up!


We couponers use lots of abbreviations and terms, and you will catch on soon enough, but if you are just getting started- here’s a few terms to familiarize yourself with…

$1/2 etc: One dollar off two items. (1st # = Discount/2nd # = Quantity required for discount)
B1G1: Buy 1 Get 1 FREE, or B2G1: Buy 2 Get 1 FREE and so on
PSA: Prices Starting at
GC: Gift Card (Target offers Gift Cards as a reward for buying specific items, see Special Deals Page for extended Gift Card deals)
ETS: Excludes Trial Size or , or ESS: Excludes Single Serving
MIR: Mail In Rebate (You can check my Rebates Page to see current offers available)
TMF-Try Me Free. Another form of a rebate or sometimes a satisfaction Guarantee
OOP: Out of Pocket. The amount you actually spend.
Q: Coupon, MQ: manufacturer coupon, TQ: Target Coupon
WYB: when you buy
YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary-this means that it may or may not be the case in all instances.
x: Expiration Date of a coupon


There are several different ways to keep your coupons organized so you can easily find them. Many people use a binder method- where you can split up your coupons into pages with pockets and organize how it works best for you. Sometimes people organize by item type- ie Frozen, Snacks, Canned, etc, or some prefer to alphabetize. You have to do what works best for you. Some people like to just grab baseball card type album sleeves fitted into a binder to keep them organized. A binder is very nice in that it’s a way to have your coupons with you at all times which comes in handy for Target Clearance- it can be a time-consuming method- but wonderful if you can keep it up.

You can also use a filing system for your inserts. You can use either drawers or a filing box meant to hold the complete insert and file them by date. Since I and other sites you may start to follow usually list where you can find a coupon- it is just as easy to go find what you need and cut when you are ready to shop. So for example – if I list the following coupon as a matchup-

-$1/3; .50/2 Campbell’s Microwaveable Bowls or Soup At Hand 1-8-12 SS x3/15

it means it can be found in the January 8th Smart Source Insert. The different amounts in the front mean that some areas will have a $1 Off 3 and some areas will have gotten a .50 cents off 2. The x followed by the date is when the coupon expires. But finding the best way to organize is a process – and you may go through several different ways before you figure out what method works best for you.


multi_coupon_nobleedTarget can be a great place to save money in several different ways. For starters- Target allows you to stack coupons- this means allowing the use of one manufacturer’s coupon AND one Target Store Coupon AND one Cartwheel Offer on EACH item. Target Coupons can be found in a variety of places….

TARGET INSERT COUPONS: Target store coupons can sometimes be found in the regular Sunday inserts on occasion. Target Insert coupons are always regional though and not everyone will get them. I do maintain a Target Coupon Page with a list of the available Target Coupons with matching manufacturer’s coupons you can stack.

MOBILE TARGET COUPONS: Mobile coupons are Target Store Coupons that can be sent to your phone to be used for in-store purchases at checkout. You can pull them up on your phone’s screen and the cashier can scan the bar code. These coupons are meant to be used only once but can be stacked with manufacturer coupons. You will need to have an internet-capable phone in order to retrieve the coupons. Keep in mind- text messaging & data charges will apply depending upon your phone’s plan. We don’t see many of these any more, but you can see a current list on my Target Coupon Page HERE.

cartwheelTARGET CARTWHEEL OFFERS: There’s also a savings program called Cartwheel by Target offering even more opportunities to get great deals! You can get as much as an additional 50% off, occasionally even higher, on items at Target including grocery, health & beauty, baby, clothing and much more. You can redeem all offers on your Cartwheel in one transaction and an identical offer can be applied up to a maximum of four times in a single transaction. You are allowed one Cartwheel offer with one manufacturer’s coupon and one Target coupon for triple the savings!

You can sign up thru email or your Facebook account and you will need a smartphone to redeem savings in stores, although you can bring a printed bar code with you in lieu of a smartphone. This bar code never changes, no matter what you delete or add to your cartwheel, so if you laminate it or find some other way to protect it, you can use it over and over.

IMG_21012014_181327OTHER TARGET COUPONS: Target also sends out various mailers with coupons – home mailers are random – there is no 100% fool-proof way to get one. Sometimes having created a baby or wedding registry may help, or spending on a REDcard helps, or filling a prescription, and the list of theories goes on. But none of these things are a 100% guarantee you will start receiving them and unfortunately there is no definite mailing list to get on. When you check out at the register you can check the coupons that print from the Catalina machine that you get with your receipt. Sometimes they are Manufacturer coupons, but sometimes they are Target Coupons!

You can always see a complete list of ALL Types of current Target coupons on my Target Coupon Page.


cash-rewardsThere are a couple of great savings apps out there for both iPhone and Android users to earn cash back for shopping in-store. The first one, ibotta, is a fun & easy way to earn extra money while shopping for buying products that most likely you were going to buy anyway. Plus, the Ibotta app offers lucrative Bonuses. The second one, Checkout 51, is also a fast and easy way to earn cash back on the brands you love, yet it also has some unique features and… you do not need to have a smartphone to take advantage of this great app! Watch the blog for new offers and matchups to be posted, plus you can read about each of them in more detail as follows…. for more info on ibotta, go HERE and for more info on Checkout 51, you can go HERE.


IMG_21012014_180857Another way to save at Target is by taking advantage of their Gift Card Deals where a Target Gift Card is awarded at checkout in return for buying a specified product or products. Gift Cards cannot be used in the same transaction you earned them, however they can be rolled into the next transaction. If you do more than one Gift Card Deal in a transaction you WILL receive both Gift Cards. There are usually several Gift Card Deals in the Target Ad every week, that usually only last that week. However sometimes quite a few Gift Card deals remain unadvertised and extend for longer periods of time.

Target also offers Special Purchase Deals. These are usually a B1G1 Free type of deal or instant savings when purchasing 2 or more of a specific product. Again several of these are advertised each week, but some are not and last for 2 or more weeks. I do my best to keep track of as many unadvertised longer-term Gift Card & Special Purchase Deals as possible on the Special Deals Page. On that page you can find the details, coupon matchups and some Deal Ideas so be sure to check it out.


Target has a price matching policy which they refer to as a Low Price Promise. This can be another way to save Gas, money & time, since Target will honor local competitor’s ads, however there are quite a few rules and restrictions. You can view Target’s official price matching policy HERE.


You can find the official Target Coupon Policy HERE. It’s always a good idea to print it out and keep with you when you shop.

387211_10151581781563120_690736138_nTarget will accept printable coupons with a scannable bar code except one that is for a FREE item when no purchase is required. Target does not accept competitor’s coupon or expired coupons.

Target does not give cash back – if the coupon is for more than the value of an item, the coupon amount may be reduced to meet the cost of the item. Target also has specific rules about using B1G1 coupons. You can check out this post HERE for more details and examples.


I hope you have found this page helpful, but if you have more questions or you have a deal you would like to share with me, you can contact me at kerry@totallytarget.com.


  1. Hello Kerry: I just want to congratulate you on your site. I am friends with Lissa over at Saving Your Cents and I follow Michelle also and saw that Michelle was introducing you. Site looks great and very informative.

    Lisa Sadie

  2. I’m new to couponing and love your site! I have a quick question. On some of the sale items you have 3 or 4 different MFG coupons listed that can be used. Does that mean that I could use all of them if I had them or just one of them?
    I know I can use a retailer coupon & a MFG coupon on the same item but I’m unsure how many different MFG coupons I can use on 1 item.

    Thanks for your help!

  3. Hi Joy- You are only able to use 1 manuf. Q per item. I will list all those available and if you have more than one on my list you should choose the one that will get you the best deal. If they will both get you the same deal- I usually choose the one with the soonest expiration date- since I may want to purchase the item again in the future. Thanks for the compliment!

  4. Are all of the coupons on target.com store coupons? They have a LOT more than they used to if so. I just didn’t want to print another MQ if I already had one and didn’t need it.

  5. Hi Jennifer. No they are not all Store Coupons. I wish! If you visit the Target Coupons Tab below the header on my blog you will see a running list of which coupons are available to print, their expiration date and wether or not they are manufacturer’s or store coupons. HTH!

  6. Kerry,

    Congratulations on your website! My co workers and I love to check out the deals at I heart Publix and I heart saving money, so we are very excited to see this one for Target. Unfortunately, we don’t have a Publix or Target nearby so we try to get together/carpool and make it a worthwhile trip when we go, and these websites definitely help. Do you think you could get a listing together of the different Target stores and how each one handles coupons like Michelle did for Publix? It seems Target may vary in their policy kind of like Publix does. It would really help those of us who have to drive out of town know which one(s) it would be best for us to go to.


  7. Hi Kerry, I just wanted to say congratulations on your new sitw & I wish the best of luck. Margaret was very excited to have me check it out. Thanks for helping me save money!!
    See i really do exist. 🙂

  8. this site is awesome!!!! will go right along with i heartpublix and i heartsavingmoney.

  9. I have never done price matching before. Do I just take the ad to customer service or can the cashier do it. Will I complete my transaction at customer service? Thank you! I am excited about your new site.

  10. Hi Carrie-
    When I do a price match- I just go straight to customer service and do it there. I find that most cashiers want you to pay the full price and then bring your receipt over to customer service for a refund of the difference. So if I am going to end up there anyway- I may as well do the transaction there :). More often than not- the CS person will reduce the item(s) immediately. Just be sure to take the whole ad with you.

  11. Hi Kerry,
    I am new to this gig, and I am having so much fun! Thanks for the great volume of information. You’ve done all the work for me! Great job.

  12. Hi Kerry,
    The catalina coupons that you get along w/ your cash register receipts at Kroger for example are most of the time, indeed, MQ (as stated at the top of the coupon). They say, however, that they are redeemable only at Kroger. I received a great one at Kroger for Dove choc. and that combined w/ current TQ for Dove is a great deal. Sooo, i decided to ask a mgr. at Target before getting in line. The mgr. didn’t feel like it would go thru since it said, “Kroger”. She said i could try it, tho. I was short on time and didn’t want to “bail” on my purchase at the register, if it didn’t work. Do you have experience w/ this? Thx!

  13. Hi Gina- I have never tried to use a catalina Q at Target. Even though these technically are manufacturer Qs and most of the barcodes scan- I have gotten an argument (at other stores) that they are not able to be redeemed and are treated as store coupons. So I have never even bothered to try at Target. I have used MQ’s with other store logos on them as long as they don’t only specify that they can only be redeemed at that particular store. I think catalina coupons are a ymmv and if you have a store who is willing to give it a shot- that’s awesome. Just be prepared for them to possibly not accept it if it does not scan.

  14. I have a B1G1 free Target coupon for any glade fragrance item that I found in Real Simple magazine. Can I use that plus two 3.50 off printable MQ from the glade website. I was in Target tonight and they have the candles and reed diffusers for 6.99 (holiday scents only). If I can use all of the above coupons that would mean I could get two items for free.


  16. yep- red for Target- since I thought that was appropriate 🙂 and blue for manuf. Qs. Be patient with all the learning it takes time and effort to save money- but it is worth it- so stick with it :).

  17. Do you know if there is a limit as to how many gift cards you can receive from buying multiples of the same item? Will they only give me one gift card if I buy 2 or 3 or 4 boxes of something that has a gift card deal?

  18. I am not sure if there is a limit. It’s a good question. But if you are talking about 2 or 3 deals than it shouldn’t be a problem. I am sure the store can impose limits on you if it is an excessive amount. But say for example you were doing the Axe deal (Buy 2 at $5 each get a $5 GC) and bought 4 bonus packs of the axe… when she scans the 2nd product the register will prompt the cashier to stop and give you a gift card, now she/he scans number 3 and 4, the register will stop and prompt them again to give you a second gift card and so on.

  19. I have no idea Marie. I would call your local store and ask. If you have a SuperTarget near you- my guess would be they would be more likely to accept them then regular Target stores.

  20. I am a newbie. Where would I find the $2.00 Mobile Target Q that you speak of when buying the Razors and body wash? Thanks,

  21. Kerry,

    Thanks SO much for this site. I have been checking here every day and have been able to grab some awesome deals at Target thanks to your help! Just wanted to say THANKS!

  22. Tonight I did my first shopping trip with price matching – I went to customer service first to make sure that I was doing it correctly and learned a few things: #1 at our store you must check out at customer service if you are price matching #2 the item must be PICTURED in the ad, regardless of what the wording says. I was buying a leapster game which is on sale this week at TRU for $17.49 then I had the $5.00 coupon to make it $12.49. They would only honor it for the specific games pictured even though the add says ALL Leapster games. Is this normal? Just checking for the future – and what if there is no picture?

  23. First, Wowie!! Thank you, for all of the dedication and insight. I am sooo excited about couponing, and the coupon world. If I use a b1g1 coupon, for example the purex deal from 2/21, can I use another coupon for purex on the free one for $1 off? It is a manufacturer coupon? I would appreciate your help. Thank you again, this is my first week of ever doing this and being introduced.

  24. I have a question about the printable coupons from Target. Some are clearly Target (store) coupons and some are manufacturer coupons but have the Target logo somewhere on them. Does anyone know if these manufacturer coupons work at stores other than Target? Since Target doesn’t double coupons sometimes it isn’t the best place to use manuf. coupons under $1.

  25. I found a really good deal on Crest Whitestrips Premium today at target and wanted to share with you, but wasn’t sure where I should post it to. They were on sale in the bulk area from $22 to $11.48. Then there is a $7 coupon in the 02/07 PG making it only $4.48.

  26. I went to my local Target Sat night and the cashier only let me use one of the $1 off Uncrustables even though I bought 2. She said that if the coupon says “Limit one coupon per purchase” then they can only accept 1 per transaction. I’m confused?!?!?!

  27. Just had a pretty frustrating trip to Target. The manager said they just had a huge meeting about coupons and she was told they could no longer take a coupon that did not come up on their scanner. She thought that was all internet coupons that did not come from Target.com but I my Kelloggs fruit crisps were recgonized by the scanner fine. She did take the ones that scanned.
    At first she started to tell me that she could only take the one but the MFQ didn’t say limit one per purchase and she decided to go with what the scanner read. The manager was really nice but it was time consuming and very frustrating. Oh and I was trying to do the Big Lots Juice price match and they told me they could no longer do those at the register, they would only honor price match at the service desk. So that takes the convience out of doing price match. I guess I can’t complain. I got free Sobe and lightbulbs and some really cheap Fruit Crisps. I am very concerned about shopping deals there in the future because you won’t know if the scanner is going to accept your coupon until after everything has scanned and you are at the end of your transaction. Do you know if a price scanner will scan a coupon to tell you if it is vaild? I might try that just for kicks.

  28. I’m not sure if this is where I should post this or not, but I have just found your blog and love it! The pics are great! I hope you or some other nice reader could help me with something. I was at my Target this morning and noticed they had the 10oz of Vaseline lotion(not the new Intensive kind) on sale for $2.69. I had a $1 off TQ making it $1.69. Is this a good deal on lotion? I’m kind of a newbie to coupons so I don’t want to buy more if I could find it cheaper in 2 weeks! Thanks!

  29. First off – I love this site! I just happened on it a few days ago and am now addicted 🙂 I have a follow up question about using a BOGO coupon along with $$ off coupons. For instance, I used my BOGO Purex coupon with one $1.00 coupon, so I could have used 2 $1.00 coupons even though I technically got the second item free? I e-mailed Target yesterday this same question and got the standard coupon policy, but this particular issue was not addressed. How would you handle this at the register if the cashier either refused or wasn’t sure how to do it. I always bring my print out of the coupon policy just in case, but it wouldn’t help me with this.Thanks!

  30. nope you did it right. just remember 1 MQ per item. if you bought 2 purex- then the bogo Q attaches to one- and you have one product left on which to use a coupon on. You would not be able to use a 2nd $1/1 . HTH

  31. First, let me say I’M LOVIN this site! Thank you! I WISH Target doubled coupons! MAYBE, if enough people suggested it, they may think about it, and try it in a select area…..

    My question is: If my coupon says $3 off of 2 Dove deorderent, do I need to purchase 2 singles, or can I purchase a bundle pack and use that coupon?

  32. Hi Anne- although there may be a few exceptions (some stores may do this) I think you will find that you will only be able to use 1 Q on a twin or multiple packs

  33. Today I got a ‘warning’ and a manager override when using a Johnson & Johnson coupon on Buddies soap. I’ve used them in the past without issue – do you know if the policy has changed?

  34. What is Target’s policy on expired coupons? It doesn’t say in their coupon policy. Just wondering.

  35. it will be a ymmv and varies from store to store. some may not accept them at all, some may, and some may but with a certain timeframe stipulation. best to ask at your store the next time you are there.

  36. I just want to say thanks for all the hard work you do, it is so appreciated. My question is where do you get all of your Target coupons, I have no problem getting Man. Q’s but Target ones are hard to come by. Is there some where you need to sign up?
    Thanks for your time…Ginger

  37. I found an item on 75% off clearance at my local Target. I purchased the last one and the only other store that has them only has them marked down 30%. If I bring my receipt showing the product, DPCI # and price will they match the 75% off price?? Thanks for your help.

  38. Hi Kerry!

    I had a problem tonight trying to buy trial sized items with coupons that did not restrict trial sizes. One of the coupons was the $2/2 Right Guard printable, also $1/1 degree printable, St Ives… I also tried to use several J&J printable that states $1/1 off any baby product (but has a lotion/shampoo image) on soap buddies and cotton swabs. All of the coupons beeped item not found. The manager was called over and denied all of the coupons that beeped and kept repeating that they can’t accept them because the items I wanted to purchase did not match the image on the coupon. Do you have any strategies for explaining why they should still accept the coupons for trial size and for items that don’t match the picture exactly? I couldn’t find anything in the policy that addresses that. Thanks so much!!!!!

  39. Rebekah, i would suggest you ask the manager to read the coupon carefully and not concentrated on the image, if the coupon says “on any” that includes trail sizes, thats my arguement, in my case. sometimes managers aren’t so bright, so we have to educate them to understand the coupon in more complex details. i had a walmart cashier at the self check out deny my Angel towel paper for .50 cents b/c it deeped, he didn’t want to do anything about it, so i grabbed my stuff and went to a real cashier and explained to her what the coupon meant, it was a confusing coupon, it said something like this, “,50 off any 2- 6 ct. or larger” worded weird but the cashier made it go through. i’ve had coupons that match the image and the description and still it would deep. i would suggest calling corporate and explaining to them your problem w/that manager and its possible the corporate will call that location and let them know that its okay to use coupons that dont match the image exactly. i hope this helps.

  40. I was in Target today and tried to use the $1Q on the travel Johnson&Johnson baby shampoo. The register kept beeping and she told me that it is because I was buying the “trial” size and on the coupon it says “excludes trial size”. Is there a difference between “travel” and “trial”? Thank you!

  41. Hi, just a quick question….when doing MIR’s can you send a copy of your register receipt if it says original or does it have to be the original? I goofed up and bought several things that could be used for MIRs in the same transaction!!! UGG! Thanks so much!

  42. HI Amber- I always send in the original and don’t like to risk it. You can call both companies and ask- if they say a copy is alright I would get a name and include a short note with your rebate saying that you spoke to such and such of (company name) and they indeed let you know that a copy of a receipt was acceptable. You can also do a return and have them re-ring. I heard Target does duplicate recepts too but I have never done one there, unfamiliar on wether it says duplicate receipt at the top (which would probably be condiered a copy) or if they can pull it up after the fact. wish I could be of more help.

  43. Just wondering how come I see some of the deals that quote prices, but when I go to my Target, those prices are different? How can they differ so much from region to region? Thanks!

  44. Hey Laura- most regular prices vary by region and I usually note that on a lot of my posts. usually price cuts are more in line nationwide. It just depends upon where you live unfortunately.

  45. Hey Margaret- you pull them up on an internet-capable phone and the barcode is scanned from your phone instead of a paper coupon. hth

  46. Question: I was in Target Saturday eve. and was told that I could not use 2 of my $3 snuggle coupons (1 Q per bottle) – that I could only use 1 at a time, in separate transactions. The cashier told me that because the Q says “1 coupon per purchase” I can only use 1 of the Q’s and she’d have to ring them up separately. HUH??? I was attempting to buy the 2 Venus Embrace razors to get the $5 gift card – using 2 $2/1 coupons – but, she wanted to ring them separately and I would NOT get the gift card. Eventually she and the manager said “just do it”… I was a bit perturbed, to say the least as I’ve done SEVERAL great coupon runs there in the past 2 weeks and all have gone through JUST FINE. Just wondering if you are hearing ANYTHING on this. They said it’s from the manufacturers. How would the manufacturer’s know who’s buying how many??? I don’t get it. Thanks for any insight you may have. Perhaps it was just the wrong night, wrong cashier and wrong floor manager. Ugh. Blessings.

  47. Hey Joy- I would cross my fingers that it was just a bad night- one coupon per purchase means one coupon per item- there is major confusion at some stores over this- so if you continue to have a problem- you are going to have to take it up with corporate. I will cross my fingers that it was just a rough night for you!

  48. Thanks Kerry! I’m hoping too it was just a bad night. Very strange though! Thanks for all of your hard work.

  49. Went to Target today and my cashier would not let me use any coupon where my item rang up for less than my coupn. I tried to buy clean and clear face wash .97 and had a $1 any clean and clear product and she wouldn’t let me because my item was less than my coupon. I asked if she could just ring up my coupon for .97 and she said no. ?? I haven’t ever had them do this to me before?

  50. hey Hayley- all you can do is show your store the policy where it says they will adjust it down. if they refuse you need to call corportae and try and get it worked out with them.

  51. Milk Bones essential plus are on sale this week for 2.38. I had a bogo so I got one free. Then a catalina spit out for 2.00 next one. I ran back and got another. Then another. Then another. Had a friend with me she couldn’t believe it. Paid .38 for a box of bones.

  52. I purchased the Nikon camera S570 on 04-18-2010. Next week it will have a 30.00 gift card
    with purchase. If I take my receipt to Target will they give me a 30.00 gift card because I
    recenlty purchased the camera? I did not see any information of their webpage.

  53. I was in a super target last night & found some marked down baby clothes & i took some pics to send to you…how do i contact you?

  54. Hi, love your site. I have a question reguarding printable coupons from any site. Five days ago my computer’s hard drive failed, had it fixed at our local Best Buy and the guy that fixed it said its a very bad idea to download coupon printers from coupon sites because viruses come into your computer through them, he said my computer was loaded with viruses and was pretty sure thats why the hard drive failed. I also had virus blockers on my computer but I guess it didn’t help much.
    So my question is how do you keep your computer safe and still print coupons off the internet? I have been couponing for about a year now, and Love it! Unfortunatly our local news paper has very few coupons, so I rely on printables. Any info about this I would greatly appreciated Thanks

  55. Hi Shelly- you have to do what your gut tellys you but if it makes you feel better- I would call and get a second opinion if that guy’s advice is sticking in your head. I think it also depends on what software you use to protect your computer and to be sure that you update it and run scans often. If you have virus protection, it can be of no use unless it is kept current. Personally I have never had a problem –knock on wood– buit if any other readers have- please share your opinions. You may also just want to stick w/the big ones- RP, SS, coupons.com, betty crocker, target etc. and let any of the little ones that come around that want to install something pass you buy. jmo hth

  56. Hi Kerry,

    Does Target accept using B1G1 coupon and a $off coupon together? I tried to buy 2 OFF! clip-on today, and I had one B1G1 coupon and one $2off coupon. But the manager told me when I use B1G1 coupon to get 2 same items, I am allowed to use only the B1G1 coupon. So I cannot use the $2off coupon. I looked up Target coupon policy from your blog, it doesnt say anthing about B1G1 coupon. Is it true?

  57. Hi Kerry I tried to use a manufacturer coupon and a target coupon for a purchase of some detergent and the target coupon would not scan from their web site it said target web coupon on top and they would not accept it. The cashier/manager said that if it doesn’t scan they can’t take it. Do you know if this is true I have not had this problem before? Thanks

  58. Hi Vicki- curious to first know if it was because it was a clearance item and if the amount of the Target coupon was greater than what the remaing balance was after the MQ was scanned?

  59. Hi Kerri no it was for seventh generation detergent that was on sale and I had a manu. coupon and a target web coupon. I still would of paid a few dollars for it with both coupons applied but the girl told me because it wouldn’t scan they would not take it. Thanks

  60. I just wanted to let you know of the problem I encountered a week ago at Target. My aunt and I were using our coupons as we always have. The cashier had a ? abt one and called a Sup over. She was VERY rude to us. I never said a word to her. We got almost done and my aunt asked the cashier if she minded counting her coupons. The Sup looked over at the other and said, she wants us to count them b/c she thinks we missed one. I then asked her why she was being so rude. She then stated that we could do “what we were doing this time, but we wont be allowed to do it in the future.” WHAT!!! Are you serious!! I asked her if using coupons was wrong and what were we doing wrong. She said, we know what you are doing! I asked for her name, the Store Mgr’s name and the name of the district mgr. I called and made a complaint abt her and the store mgr. Needless to say, after a few days I received a call from the Dist Mgr and then from the store mgr with an apology. I told him I have never felt like such a criminal just for using coupons and that if this was not rectified I was contacting the local news station for an interview. The store mgr did confirm that you cant use a coupon on free item that you may get w/ a b1g1 coupon, but did not tell me you couldnt use a cents off coupon with a b1g1 coupon. I figure, if you are still getting 2 items and the b1g1 Q is for the free item, you should still be able to use a cents off coupon for the one you purchasing. In any case, I just wanted to share what happened to me. CRAZY!!!

  61. I have had several bad experiences at my local Target, including the feeling that they were treating me like a criminal for using coupons. In fact one supervisor stated to me that they were going to contact their securities department about me using coupons. I tried to contact their corporate office, no response. I spoke to the store manager, he states one thing, they do what they want the next visit. I take in their coupon policy, they ignore it. In fact, a supervisor told me that they were separate from their corporate office. My last visit took an hour and a half to check me out in the line. I am so frustrated and humiliated that I have not stepped foot back in my store. Any suggestions on who I should speak to in order to rectify this situation?

  62. Hi Kerry, how can I find the printed coupon policy stating that we can use a B1G1 coupon and a $off coupon together for 2 items? If we cannot prove that we can use both, how can I argue with cashiers and managers next time they refuse to let me do so? I dont think that’s YMMV thing, is it? If we are legal to do so, why are some of the Target stores starting to refuse to take both coupons? I really need your help!! Please!!!!

  63. Hey Jennifer- more and more it has become a ymmv unfortunately. And while I usually mention it on my recent posts- I need to update this page to reflect that. Unfortunately Target doe s not address it in their policy and therefore we are at the mercy of the store.

  64. does target match ads to stores like walgreens? i notice that walgreens has their toilet gel things on sale starting tomorrow. id rather shop at target than walgreens.

  65. Do sometimes the target coupons go away after you print them? I printed the $3/2 Armor All products one time (using your idea scenerio this week, thanks) . The next day I checked 5 times and it was gone. My mom checked on her computer and it was on page 11.The confusing part is that I did see 3 other coupons I had printed, even more than once. Thanks for all your help.

  66. Hey SHirley- you’re not going bonkers 😉 most coupons on the Target site have a print limit and once that is reached by your computer they will disappear. It varies how many you can print of each- some are one or two some are many. If it’s gone then you’ll know you’re maxed. hth

  67. I am confused, a coupon for kleenex hand towels printed at the register when I bought them, is this considered a manufacturer coupon or a target coupon?

  68. Hey Meghan- look at the top and see what it says- if it says Target coupon its a store coupon. of not it will say manufacturer’s coupon. hth.

  69. It does say manufacturer at the top, and redeemable at target. so i don’t think they would take it along with a coupon from the paper right?

  70. Target really needs to get through to their associates about coupons that need to be priced down… and how to read a coupon. as couponers, we are suppose to know how to read the coupon – so that we dont waste cashiers time arguing why it should go through ….. then in the same they should understand…
    i gave up trying to use any b1g1 coupons at my 2 local targets, neither of them know how to put them through correctly.. and i was also told that when i “purchase” 4 of 1 item i can only use 1 coupon for the whole transaction – not one on each…and that they cant price match and use a manuf coupon… becuase price matching is an “offer” and they cant combine offers …

  71. Just one quick question, are mobile coupons considered manufacturers coupons or target coupons?

  72. I went to Target with a MQ for Band-Aid and a Target coupon for Band-Aid. The cashier told me I could not stack coupons. I said okay because I thought maybe their policy had changed. Just one more reason to try to have a store’s policy in print with you at the store!! So annoying!

  73. Could you please tell me where I can find info about how to decipher coupons fine print? I know that you have put down that one could go and buy Kleenex hand towels and use both TQ and MQ. But on the MQ it states “limit one coupon per purchase”. Doesn’t that mean you can only use one coupon per hand towel? I have tried to use MQ and TQ on some items but have been denied because of the fine print and would like to be well-informed before trying it again. Thanks for helping us save money.

  74. Maybe I have missed this somewhere, but how do you get on the Target home mailer listings to get all these target Q’s that you use? I know how to do the printables, but how do I get the home mailers?

  75. Hi Lynn- just leave a comment on the Giveaway post. hth 🙂
    Just like you left a comment on this page- do the same thing but on the Giveaway post that interests you.

  76. I was wondering if you have encountered this problem, or maybe I am not seeing it on my receipt. Whenever I purchase an item that gives a gift card and I’m using manufacture coupons, I notice that it isn’t taking out the manu coupons. On my receipts, it will have a list of the items that I bought for the gift card. It also lists the manu coupon amounts. But when it says how much I paid, it doesn’t seem to factor in the manu coupons. I have had this happen a few times and I don’t know if these coupon amounts can show up in other places on the receipt. I want to get a good deal, but I hate the feelings I get from the clerks when I try explaining it to them. Thanks!

  77. Hey Alexis- the registers at Target can be very odd. For me- the easiest way I feel like I can monitor that coupons come off is to count them up before my transaction and then count them up right after I get my recipt while I stand there. This way if there is a problem I get it fixed right then and there. You ALWAYS have to check your receipts at Target- it is not just you and it is not just on GC deals either.

  78. hiee

    can you please let me know how can i get target home mailers? like the flip, clip & save?

  79. Hi! Im new to target…I printed coupons from the target website, but they didnt have the Target logo or any mention of Target. Are these still only for Target?

  80. is there any site I could ask to find a products I have been trying to find which target store kraft homestyle dinner, the one with the TQ coupon for free.

  81. I’m in Az., and I’m having a difficult time at a few of our Targets accepting coupons. They make comments like” lets see how many of these will scan” before even scanning any Q’s. Also one store says they can’t adjust the amount of Q to match price ie.- item is .97 cents and Q is for 1$ I was told their store was different and their registers won’t allow them to do this. Even though their store would be the one making the .03 cents. Do you have any suggestions ? At this point I’d really like to complain to a store manager . The people have been so rude!

  82. margret- on mobile coupons bring up the txt/site with the barcode for the mobile coupon(s) show it to the cashier and they will/can scan it. if it does not scan there is a #underneath the barcode that they can type in that you can read to them, we are not supposed to handle a guests cell phone

  83. I was at a target store tonight, and I had 3 Pampers Baby wipes, and 4 J.fred shampoo, and 4 conditioners. and I had a coupon for EACH item. when i got to the checkout, the guy would not honor my coupons, He stated that target is now only excepting 1 coupon per the same items regardless if the coupon states on each item. SO he was only going to let me use 1 pampers coupon and 1 j.fred coupon. Needless to say after the manager came over actually 2 of them, I walked away a frustrated customer and empty handed..grrr. anyone else having similiar problems at their local targets? I read the coupon policy and I dont see where it states this clearly. Im so bummed

  84. Gift Card Deal Question: When there is a coupon for a Target Gift Card (i.e. $5 for Scrubbing Bubbles), is that considered a manufacture coupon on the item purchased or on the gift card? I had a clerk tell me that she was a “coupon queen” and understood all of these things. I had a $5/1 MQ off the price of the item and a Target coupon also. She did not want to take the MQ, but the machine did. BTW – the whole transaction took over 20 minutes – 2 clerks and 2 managers. Arghhh!!!!

  85. Hi, a lot of time my Targets accept all of my coupons but the Target coupons from their own site never seem to come off the total even when they scan them. A lot of times I have to go back and they will manually give me the discount. Is there a way to avoid this?

  86. “Baglady” I am having the same issue. Happened again to day actually! I am getting really confesed with the way they do some of the items with coupons as “special coupon”. It looks to me like they didnt take off the actual Target Q even though its listed. The numbers just arent adding up! Any help would be appreciated!!

  87. Hi totally target,
    I am fairly new to the coupon world but I have a question regarding some coupons that I have used at Target…..

    Do you know why some MFR coupons ring up less that what it states??

    For example…..
    I bought a bottle of glade. Regular price is $3.49 – $2.00 target coupn = $1.49 I used a $1.00 MFR coupon, so I should have only paid $.49 right?? well I got $2.00 target coupon but when I used my MFR coupon it only took off $.55. Don’t get me wrong, paying $.94 for a bottle of glad is great, but I cut coupons for a reason to save money…. every penny counts 🙂 Do you know why the registers took $.55 instead of the the $1.00?? It did it twice because I had 2 transactions.

    another example….
    I bought the oil of olay body wash for $3.54 had a $4.00 MFR coupon but the register only took off $2.00 instead of $4.00…. so I paid $1.54 o.o.p. I wouldn’t have bought it if I had know that i was going to pay $1.54 oop.

    I am kind of a little leary of the shopping at Target because of the issue..
    I appreciate any suggestions that you may have.

    o… I have also tried scanning the MFR coupon first before the Target coupon and it does the same thing.

    Thank you in advance

  88. Amber, maybe a silly question…But did you buy shout and Glade?

    On two of my receipts, it looks like the glade and shout got confused, and degree and dove coupons attached themselves to the wrong products. The correct amount of $$ did come off of the total receipt, it’s just listed on the wrong products, it just made the receipt a little harder to figure out, but I saved the right amount of money.

  89. Hi Angela,
    I did buy the shout and the glade all in one transactions. that totally makes sense 🙂 i wonder why that happens.
    Thank you so much

  90. WHEN ALL ELSE FELL CALL CORPORATE OFFICE. I HAD TOO. WRONG PRICE ALL ENDCAP SIGN BUG MANAGER DID NOT WANT TO GIVE ME $1.50 SINCE THAT WHAT THE SIGN SAYS. ITEM ORGINALLY COST $2.18 . I CALL CORPORATE WHILE IN THE STORE. i got all 15 crystal light for $1.50 then i had a $1 off coupon for each and got them for .50 cents.




  92. Baglady and Katie Drawdry-

    I had this same problem happen to me today. There was a “special purchases section” on my receipt and within those it listed the coupons I had used but didn’t actually subtract them out. My receipt also listed some of the target coupons as MFs coupons, which really confused CS when I spoke to them. I don’t know if it’s only the target coupons it’s not taking off or if it’s the MF coupons. I didn’t get it fully worked out because I couldn’t get CS to understand that it wasn’t taking off for my coupons. Any thoughts Kerry?

  93. I was trying to do the Old Spice deal…buy 3 get the $5 Gift Card, so I bought 6 wanting to use 3 B1G1, and the cashier said sorry you can only use one of the coupons, see it says limit one coupon per purchase on the coupon. I’ve never had this issue before, is this Target’s view?

  94. no – unfortunately it is your store’s view. if cashier says no- ask for manager, if manager says no- call corpoorate. one coupon per purchase means one coupon per item, not transaction

  95. Does anyone know how to get the Target at home mailers? Like the new Summer Savings are Heating Up?

  96. If you use a mobile coupon can they scan it once to apply to all items? Example the SOBE water that’s 10/$10 this week with the $5 gift card if you buy 10. If I use the 50 cent mobile coupon will it automatically deduct $5 (50 cents for each bottle of water I buy)? Or will it only deduct 50 cents once? Thanks

  97. I had a problem with using a BOGO coupon and a $ off coupon with two of the same items. Target store said the BOGO coupon is attached to both items (they were body washes) and so I couldnt use the $ off coupon on the item that I was paying for. I also called corporate and they agreed with the store, and said I couldnt use both coupons. Is this correct? Is this targets policy? If they were wrong, what can I do to fix this?

  98. I love your site and thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! I was wondering where I might find the Proctor and Gamble Proud Sponsors of Mom that I saw referenced for next weeks ad. Thanks again!

  99. Sorry, I meant to ask about the Target Coupon Baby Mailer as well. How would I go about requesting them?

  100. I printed 2 Target web cpn for the $0.75 off 2 J&J baby toiletry or Destin item. So I bought 4 J&J baby powder that was on sale used 2 clip manucpn and 2 peel from the bottle and plan to use the 2 TQ. but somehow every single manucpn kept showing up invalid, but the cashier was nice enough to push it through because it was obviously valid. But she said that the TQ was only valid for the products with the picture shown on the TQ which were some kind of Desitin and a J&J body wash. I wanted to avoid holding up the line so I paid for the price without the TQs and went to talk to the person at service desk. What ended up happen was that she said the TQs weren’t valid for babypowder. Now on the TQ itself clearly stated that it can be used for J&J’s baby toiletry excludes trial size & Johnson’s Buddies item. So shouldn’t the baby powder 15 oz be valid for the TQ? If the babypowder was excluded from the deal couldn’t they have stated that on the cpn?

    this had happened before with the $3 off shoes TQ a way back that I used to buy a clearence item and the manager said it was only for the regular price item but looking at the cpn nothing states that clearence items were prohibit. Does this kind of thing happened to anybody?

  101. imo it is fine for baby powder. – you should have asked him what category baby powder was if it was not considered a toiletry! very silly imo and unfortunate that they gave you so much trouble. when coupons beep unfortunately though you are at the mercy of the store- but you can always call corp about the matter- because baby posder IS a toiletry

  102. thank you for your response I was frustrated after leaving the store thinking that I really don’t want to spend my time having to translate english to english for a dollar fifty, now I’m laughing at how silly it is. Anyway I love your site and happy 4th July!

  103. One of the local Targets here in the Mobile area has the patio items @ 75% off! Wooo Whooo!

  104. Hi Kerry…I tried the Purina $2. Off and the register automatically adjusted down to $1.. no beeps and no hassle
    Thank You for your wonderful site.


  105. I was trying to do the Olay body wash deal…buy 1 body wash at $4.79, use a $4 coupon for the body wash and have one that ia a B1G1;buy one olay body wah and get one Ivory body wash, or soap free. so I bought 1 wanting to use 1 B1G1, and the cashier said sorry you can only use one of the coupons, see it says limit one coupon per purchase on the coupon. I told her i didn’t wanted it. Is she right?

  106. I have a question i am new to this.If i have a target web Q and print 2 of them and have 2 mfg.Q for the same items do i have to check out 2 separate times ?. Thanks Dave

  107. How do I get on the list to receive the Target home mailers? My neighbor gets them, but I don’t and I shop more often and spend more money at Target than she does.

    Many of you reported disaster at the registers yesterday with the unadvertised Schick Disposable Deal I posted about yesterday HERE. While one may expect that it is a coupon/Gift Card Deal issue, I am not convinced yet and think it is more likely a coupon specific problem. I heard from Mitchell yesterday, whose coupons actually made the register crash at his Target store yesterday, and more than once. Others report the coupon taking off wacky amounts. But just a heads up that this deal may cause problems- and possibly due to the printable coupon. I would be unterested to hear if anyone using the insert coupons on this deal had the same troubles and it would definitely give a clue to wether or not the issue is related to the printable coupons.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> i tried the schick $2 manuf cpn and they came off as zero. i then tried a $4 manuf peelie from years ago (NED) and it also rang up as zero. CSR had to manually enter coupon amounts in, HTH

  109. Can anybody help me? Im alittle confused. I went to target to get scrubbing bubbles. I bought 2 toliet cleaning gel, 1 12 pack refills of fresh brush, and 1 2in1 fresh brush starter kit. I had 2/$1 off toilet gel, 1 buy toliet cleaning gel get free 2in1 kit, 1 buy toilet gel get free 12 pk refill free, and buy 4 scrub bub products get $5 GC. First the cashier told me Icant use the $5 GC coupon because the 2 free items dont count. I was surprised cuz I’ve done that before. She asked the manager who was at the next register and they said she was correct. I was bummed, but oh well, what can I do? but when my total was $4 more than I expected I questioned that. I watched my coupons come off when they scanned.(i dont like the fact that not all coupons show how much is taken off when they scan it either)So I asked if both the free items came off and she said yes they were both for the 12 pk refills. I said no one was for the 2in1 kit. She wouldnt pull out the coupons again because she said the drawer they slide the coupons into was locked, and the 2 free refills were subtracted.( I only bought one refill) There was a really long line behind me that i didnt want to hold up anymore, so I paid and left. On my reciept it took $1 off the 2in1 kit instead of the gel.Gave me a free gel instead of the kit. I did the free refill like I was supposed to tho. So what happened? Was it a register goof? Or the cashier?

  110. I adore your site. I read it religiously & have learned so much. Tonight I ran into my first roadblock, maybe you can help me with this. Went to Target, coupons in hand, first purchase to come into question was the Scrubbing Bubbles buy a toilet gel get a toilet brush starter kit free. The manager refused to honor my $1 off gel coupon saying I had already used a coupon for that item. No amount of explaining would sway her so 2 $1 coups went back into my pouch. Same exact argument for the Cover Girl buy a mascara get an eye treatment free, Once again she refused to honor my $1 off mascara coup. 2 more $1 coups back in the pouch. So, what do I do? Do I even bother to call corporate? I’ve done these deals many times before with no problem & although the manager was polite as can be, it’s bugging me. Took me about 20 minutes to find more than 20 items & nearly 30 minutes to check out. I even loaded the items so the ‘buy this get that’ items were right next to each other.

  111. Hey Shay- I try and alert readers to this on my posts often. Sometimes stores/cashiers/managers will not allow this and consider the B1G1 as covering both items. Like you said- you have done it in the past- so it just comes down to your store/cashier/manager on wether or not they will be accepted. I do need to edit the FAQ page to reflect this though and have plans on expanding on this page soon.

  112. I just signed up today, but when I tried to print the coupons it said I had reached my printing limits. I had not printed any of these at all. This was the first day I had even signed up.Can you tell me what I need to do?

  113. Kerry- what is the difference between a target web coupon and a coupon printed from target.com that has the bullseye logo but says manufactures coupon….Is this a true target coupon and can I stack them?

  114. Hi Kerry; I like your website very much, at least 5 times a day I check it out. You are doing great job, and thank you for helping us to know more about Target’s deals. Today I went to Target, and the cashier didn’t know what he was doing. The manager , it seemed to me that manager made his own rule for my situation,which is this: I had 3 coupons each for two Benadryl, the ones that says save $5 off on any two Benadryl. So I bought six Benadryl itch sticks, the ones that offered 2 free first aid bags when you buy three Benadryls. He rang them up and everything went ok, until it was coupon time. When I gave him one of the coupons, he scanned it and it came up with only $2.29 off, instead of $4.58 . When I brought to his attention, he called the manager, and after a long conversation, I was told that I can only use one manufacturer’s coupon and one target coupon for each item, in one transaction. Is this something you are aware of? I had the coupon policy with me too, which said I can use one manufacturer’s coupon, and one target coupon for each ITEM . Do you think because it said ITEM, they are not excepting coupons that has deals on any TWO? I would appreciated if you can help me with this matter. Thank you.

  115. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this site – I scored some major deals on Kashi today! however, the cashier had terrible news for me -she said I did so good, but it was a shame that target was not going to be doing the internet coupons anymore. 🙁 she couldn’t really clarify, but she made it sound like at the end of the month they were only going to take regular coupons and no more target.com coupons.

  116. i just want to say how much i enjoy reading this site. it has been more helpful than any so far for Target. i have been able to organize better an the fact that you put the needed links for each coupon on there to match up is just awesome. thank you so much for your hard work

  117. Hi everyone,

    Just started reading this site, love it! I noticed alot of people are having the same problem I am re: BOGO and $ off coupons, so for your reading pleasure, please enjoy the email I just sent to Target:

    First of all, I want to say I truly love Target! I never shop at Walmart, but would like to ask a question, and bring something to your attention.

    I am an avid coupon shopper, and always look to save money while staying within the rules for coupons. The past 2 or 3 trips I have noticed the cashiers are not taking off the coupons properly, my last trip almost $14 worth! The way you itemize your receipts is extremely difficult for those of us who use coupons, especially when trying to see if all the coupons were properly taken off. Just some feedback.

    My question is this: I went tonight and wanted to use 2 coupons for 2 body wash items. One was a BOGO and the other was for $2 off. They were both manufacturers coupons, however the store associate said I could not because I was “getting one free” I read your policy, and it states “1 sc and 1 mc for each item, unless the other coupon prohibits it”. What would the coupon say that would prohibit it?

    I just want to do my shopping and legitimately save money. In my opinion your store lost money tonight, because you are reimbursed from the manufacturer +.08 and I walked out embarrassed. A lose-lose for everyone.

    Please advise in writing what the policy is so I may carry it with me in the event of a problem.

    Thank you for your help.

  118. “The way you itemize your receipts is extremely difficult for those of us who use coupons, especially when trying to see if all the coupons were properly taken off. ”
    Amen to that

  119. Shay,

    Then it was worse when I received the response from Corporate, they just copied the internet coupon policy to me, which didn’t answer my question in the first place!

  120. I just got off the phone with Target Corporate and they said a BOGO mc coupon cannot be used with ANY other coupon, even a Target coupon! They consider it attached to the first item!

  121. I’m new to this way of couponing & would get a bit miffed when cashiers didn’t honor all my coupons, but I’ve come to realize most cashiers pretty much handle things the way they choose. If I find one who sees things my way, I feel lucky, if not, oh well. The one thing I did learn was not to use too many coupons at once. I usually only get to Target once a week so I was bringing 30 plus coupons but it completely overwhelms the cashier so I’m not doing that any longer.

  122. Thank you for all the work you do on this website, and best wishes for a speedy recovery for your dad.

    Unfortunately, last night I had the same problem using manf. coupons as others are having.
    I was buying 4 boxes of the Arm & Hammer cat litter that has the giftcard when you buy two.
    I had four $3 off Manf. Q’s. Only two came off. When I questioned the cashier she said it was one coupon per purchase. I went to the service desk where the guy there even had trouble reading their awful receipts.

    He said the same thing about only one Manufacturers coupon per purchase. He grudgingly gave me the money for the other two coupons which BTW the cashier had kept even though they didn’t get taken off.

    People need to be careful as they could end up losing their coupons and also not getting the money off.
    I realize that you can split up an order, but this really stinks when trying to use coupons for giftcard deals where you have to buy more than one item.

  123. Just had an upsetting trip…I was going to use my $5/2 Benadryl q and get the sticks. I was happy to see I got the last 2…I also picked up a couple of Crystal Lights and planned to use my remaining Vocal Point q’s which were about to expire. Also got a trial size ibuprofin, which really wasn’t trial sized, but whatever. Anyway, the $2 Crystal Light q’s came off as $1.97…which was fine, I was still getting them free. But, he $5 Benadryl one only came off as $2.29, the price of one stick. When I questioned the cashier, I got sent to Customer Service. She then said they couldn’t do anything since that’s how it scanned, and I couldn’t get 2 for free. Even when I asked if they could manually enter $4.60…the answer was no. I almost called corporate, but the lady was nice, and I wasn’t sure it was worth the bother. I know this has been happening all over the place, but I wasn’t even sure what to say to the lady after trying to explain the situation, and I wasn’t cheating the system. Thoughts?

  124. Jessica, I was about to post the same question. I went to target to get the itch sticks and the first aid bag. My store hasn’t had any first aid bags for 2 weeks (I’ve been calling practically everyday) so I finally went in to custoer service to ask if I could buy the itch sticks today and bring back my receipt if they ever got more of the bags in to get those for free as well. The woman said that should work. When I went to check out the 5/2 coupons scanned as 2.29. The manager got called over, started the whole thing over and it still scanned as 2.29. I asked her if she could just scan them twice, since it should have been taking off twice as much. I showed her a printout of their coupon policy where it says they will adjust coupons down. So she tried scanning the coupons twice but after a few, the register blocked her out with “not enough items.” Even though she tried scanned the coupons twice the whole time she was telling me that target wouldn’t get reimbursed for the second scanning so basically they were loosing money. She made me feel awful. I told her to forget it and take the itch sticks off my order. Then I went across the street to walmart and got the itch sticks there. The coupons worked fine there, taking off $5. This was probably the worst experience I’ve had at target.

  125. Thank you for the coupon policy. I’m printing it out today – I had a HORRIBLE experience at Target this morning. I had all these $1 off coupons and found the items in the sample size bins but since they were priced at $.97 the store wouldn’t accepted any of my coupons. So I brought my receipt to the information desk, manager was called over, and he accused me of trying to rip the store off since I was buying things priced lower than the coupon. I’ve done this before with the Tide $1 off coupons so I just assumed it was okay and the register had always adjusted the price. I was so embarrassed when he said I was trying to basically scam the store, all these people looked at me. I ended up returning my entire bag, getting my coupons back, and left. It was so embarrassing and frustrating!

  126. @ Rachel,

    I have had problems with them too – It’s getting to the point Totally Target is going to be totally NOT. Does anyone know how to contact Kerri? I am new to this website, but can’t seem to find information/email for her?

  127. Hey DP- you can contact me at kerry @ totally target .com (remove spaces). While I sypathize with those of you who have issues at their stores, and you can feel free to contact me, I have no control over how the stores handle coupons. I do not work for Target and I am just a busy mom who also tries to help people save money. If you cannot work out the issues with your store manager, you may want to give Target corp a call and see what they can do to help you. Explain to them what’s going on at your store and see if they can offer a solution. 1.800.440.0680. hth- Kerry

  128. Kerry,

    I know you can’t control Target. I wanted to send you an email to tell you how much I enjoy this site and appreciate all the good information. That being said, do you have problems or hear about problems with the coupon rules being inconsistent? Have you also heard they won’t take another coupon when you are using a BOGO?

    Thanks for all the valuable information, being a mom myself, I don’t know how you do it~:)

  129. TY for the compliments. And yes, unfortunately there are absolutely variations from store to store inhow coupons are handled. There are really only a few things the coupon policy addresses, and then the rest is left to your store’s discretion (using $ off w/B1G1, using a TQ or MQ on a free item in a sale, etc.)

    but the 2 things that should always be consistent are that your store should allow 1 TQ AND 1 MQ per item unless coupon prohibits, and an MQ legitimately used should be adjusted down to meet the price of an item. One more variation that I frequently get asked about is using multiple identical TQs in a transaction. While some stores do accept more than 1 identical TQ in a transaction, most TQ printables state right on them that it is one identical TQ per transaction, and that wording should be respected if your store chooses to enforce it. (ie Pick your winnable battles 😉

    Unlike TQ printables, most TQ insert coupons do not have this wording and you can use more than one in a transaction. My best advice- if you find a store, cashier, manager etc that you like and seems to be more coupon friendly, try and stick with them. hth.

  130. Have you ever been to the website: http://www.thebreakroom.org? It’s a site for Target employees to basically vent on matters. Check out the one called “Pet Peeves” most of it is so true in the eyes of a cashier. Customers should read these and get an idea what a cashier can go through. We always hear the negative things that cashiers do, so as a cashier myself, it’s also nice to let the customers know that they are not always perfect, either! 🙂

  131. I love your site! I check it every day from my Ipod.

    However, since the Ipod screen is very small, it is hard for me to go between pages. And your website does not have a “next page” and “previous page” buttons on the bottom of the blog page. If you had these buttons, it would be much easier to navigate between the different pages of your blog.


  132. I am new to the site and I can’t believe what I was missing! I love TARGET, so this site is on the top of my favorite list. Great job! Thanks for the savings

  133. I love Target, I really, really do but sometimes I get so frustrated with their cashiers and/or managers I just want to scream. I had to leave a Target tonight (same one I ALWAYS have problems with so my own bad) when they wouldn’t take four of my coupons because the item I was purchasing did not look like the photo on the coupon. She called the manager over who agree with her. I just took all my coupons back & left, drove to another Target 15 minutes away. The only problem I had was with the $2.99 Colgate with the coups inside. The manager told me I couldn’t use a TQ cause it was a double tube. Has anyone had to deal with that?
    I don’t know what I keep doing wrong, I swear I follow the rules but I always seem to get the oddest denials on my coups.
    Love your site, Kerry, sorry about all the whining & bitchin’ tonight. Thanks for all your hard work & help. You’ve saved me tons already, over $60 tonight alone.

  134. Iam in Colorado and I love your site! I always go to Target, my two around here are actually great with my coupons. I might have a grouchy cashier every once in a while, but they still put my coupons through. I was just wondering how to get the mailer, I signed up for Targets emails, so maybe some will come. Did you have to do anything seperate? Thanks for everything you do, I think Target is such a cool store anyway, (much better then walmart) and to have savings on top of it is super sweet.

  135. Ok, I like the rest of you have been having a problem @ Target. I feel like they should fingerprint me and take a mug shot before I am done. Today, I went in, grabbed a cart and a basket, and put everything I was getting free in the basket. I kept track of the few items in the cart and when I was ready to check out, put the free stuff up in the basket first. I then handed the cashier the goup of coupons by price “these are not $1, they are .97” and “these are not $2 they are $1.94” ect, whilw they beeped and he just maunualy put in the price, I then made him subtotal and finished my order with no problems. As someone has stated, smaller orders do seem better, and he seemed to appreciate the help. Don’t know if he was naturally nice, but it seemed good to walk out without a problem for once. HTH.

  136. Sorry if I missed this elsewhere but is there any way to tell on the Target coupon page whether the coupon that prints out will be an actual Target Web coupon or just a manufacturer’s coupon? Several times I’ve “clipped” a coupon on Targets site hoping to stack with an manufacturer’s coupon but when it prints it is a manufacturer’s coupon. Not a huge deal but I’m trying to conserve paper and printer ink.

  137. I have a question, if I need a few Target coupons which are no longer available such as Cesar dog treats, where would I look? I know I have to buy them but, where?

  138. I went to Target Germantown (MD) last night and the cashier made me feel like I was ripping the store off, being really snide, sighing and accusing me of mismatching coupons and trying to shortchange the store by using TQ+MQ on the same items.The cashier actually told the older gentleman in front of me only buying one item with one coupon that TQ from the website aren’t real, but that she would let it go this time. The manager actually backed up the rude cashier too! So I called Target corporate this morning and the lady said that they would pass on my complaint but that guests really shouldn’t be using more than about 9 coupons so while rude, the cashier was right- I never saw that in their corporate policy. She didn’t really say anything about not letting me stack coupons, other than I was using too many then. (BTW I had maybe 25 coupons in 2 transactions). Has anyone else had this happen? Also, if a cashier scans the coupon once, but I end up returning the item during the transaction (because it was a BIG price difference when she wouldn’t let me stack Q) are those coupons once again valid? Or are they no longer good? Thanks!

  139. i need help. has anyone else tried to print target coupons and they print out fine except there is no dollar amount on there. i know i haven’t exceeded the print limit so i don’t know what else to do. it is frustrating cause i want to use them. any ideas

  140. I getTarget e-mails and some baby mailers but I don’t get the other home mailers with coupons. Where do I sign up to get home mailers???
    Thanks Melissa

  141. Hello Everyone, I just had the worst day ever at Target and yes now they make you feel like a criminal when using coupons. I’m always stuck in line from 30-40 min. And now with the “new computer system” it will not accept a lot of valid coupons. Today I had Crest 3D toothpaste and the system would not accept, get this, the Target coupon. The manager just would not accept so I went to the service desk and ask her to call the Cus Care and after explaining (both the emp and myself), they did nothing, explained how sorry they were and that they could not accept the Target coupon. Everything was according to the coupon. Now, it everytime I go to my Target and unfortunately its the only one in my area. The Empl and Mgrs are constantly misinterpeting the coupons. Now if you have 2 Q and the 2 Items you have to ring them up separately. The system will only let you get one, they say. I’ve been a Target shopper a long time but now it is getting to were it’s not fun anymore. I do agree that we all should be calling customer care and lodging our complaint but is there something else we could do to get them to hear us loud and clear.

  142. Kerry,
    I gotta a question for you. Where in the Target coupon policy does it state about Target excepting coupons for trial sizes as long as the Q does not state otherwise?

  143. Today at Target I was told by three different people that they would only accept one of my $1/1 Friskies coupons because they are changing the policy so we can only use one per transaction. They also said it was because “couponing people” are “out of control.” PLEASE tell me they are lying. It was a bad experience at a store I normally love. I was very polite but I cannot believe this is really going to be a policy!

  144. Did you see the article on yahoo finance on what to buy @ Target & what not to buy @ Target? I was just wondering what you thought. I enjoy reading your blog for matchup’s, etc.

  145. This may already be a question someone asked, but how do you get Target coupons mailed to you? Is there a place to sign up?

  146. I have one of those catalina coupons from Target that is $5 off a $50 purchase. My question is, does the $50 have to be before or after coupons? there is not any print that indicates.

  147. Can someone out there explain the mfr Q with the Target symbol on it. Can you not stack those with another Target Q. Can you use mrf Q with the Target symbol anywhere? Love the site. Thanks.

  148. HI Kerry, Just want to tell you I had a horrible shopping experience today at my Target in Milltown, NJ..Just about everyone of my Internet Manufac Coupons beeped. I was then told by the cashier and the manager Amy that if an internet coupon beeps then they could not accept it. Also, they wouldn’t price down my tide coupons(coupon was for $1 and trial size is only .97cents) which I know they could price down according to there coupon policy. The manager says that since the coupon says in fine print “redeem only by purchasing the brand size and quantities indicated, the manager says since the picture is a big bottle that she would not allow me to use it even though the coupon says on any ONE tide.) So needless to say, I had to put back most of my order and did not have a great trip today. My father was so embarresed he walked out, so I figured I could vent to you! Thanks for your sight! Its great

  149. Not sure if I missed this somewhere, but I’m wondering if Target does adjustments on its own prices. For example, I bought a bunch of toddler clothes last week at full price and many are on sale this week (go figure!) If I take my receipt in, will they credit me the difference? I have this week’s Target ad showing the sale items.

  150. How do I go about getting Target HOME mailers? I have looked everywhere and do not see a place to sign up on any kind of mailing list…thank you for your help!

  151. So I’ve had 2 terrible Target experiences within the last 4 days…went to the Chambersburg, PA store–the only one anywhere near me–and none of my $4 game coupons wanted to scan. The manager was very rude and huffy; she came over when she heard me inform the teenage cashier that my coupons weren’t scanning and she was just beeping away not paying attention. After the manager rang them in, I checked the receipt in the parking lot and she missed one. I went back to CS to get my money back ans she was so rude! She gave me my cash back but treated me like a thief. I emailed corporate on that one.

    Today, went back to get just a couple of the sale deals and they argued with me over the $5 Kraft coupon. The manager finally keyed it in, buy while checking my receipt in the lobby, I noticed one of the Target Q’s for the Reveal light bulbs didn’t show. Do back to CS, and the lady was very nice–she went to pull the coupons and saw that i had 2, then told me I couldn’t use both coupons at the same transaction per the coupon. I told her I always use 2 since that’s what prins. She shrugged and said that’s policy, so I told her to deduct one pack off my bill. Then I asked if she could do a new transaction so I could buy the bulbs using the coupon right then and there. I didn’t want to argue so just let it go. I have to go back later this week so I’ll buy them then. But annoying!

  152. Hi, i am new to couponing and heard from someone before that u need to had the target coupons tothe cashier first and then the manu. coupons is that right? Thanks!

  153. Jamie…
    They will adjust the price and credit you the difference at Customer Service. I believe there is a time limit of one or two weeks though.

  154. I’m a Mac user & I’m having more problems after the “fix”. I now have intermittent problems with pages loading as an unformatted RSS but with red backgrounds. And finally, I registered, but still haven’t received my password.

  155. Do you have to have fillers w/ coupons at Target? I have both a Target coupon and a MQ for the Colgate that is on sale this week…do I have to get another item so they will go through? Thanks in advance!

  156. Not sure how to contact you on here but I got a mailer from pampers today with a new code (for me anyway) worth 50 points 2beginearning50.

  157. This is the second time I went to print coupons from the target website that I received a message stating that I reached my coupon print limit. I got the message after I choose the coupons I wanted and clicked on print. I only printed 5 coupons in the past 2 weeks. Does anyone know anything about this?

  158. I was wondering what I needed to do in order to get the targe coupon books in the mail.I even have a target card and never once have I recieved any coupons from them.Why is that? and what can i do to recieve them in the future?

  159. What is Target’s policy regarding overcharging for products. I have been overcharged on several occassions and I only receive the price difference – not the product free. I hate that as a consumer I am left to check my receipt and that Target isn’t held accountable for their errors – or are they???


  160. Kerry, are you planning to do a Black Friday section with some of the advertised sales and coupons? I’m just trying to plan my black friday shopping and was wondering if you’d be doing that . . . Thanks!

  161. Hello
    My question is if you ever have to complain about rude cashiers or even rude managers, who refuse to take your coupons, who do you get in contact with? is there a hotline?

  162. There are several websites (including Target & was just trying to print off CouponNetwork) that won’t let me print coupons. I have a fax/copy/printer & it always says “please make sure that “Print” is set as the default function on your computer.”

    Anyone have any ideas? I have looked everywhere & know how to set the printer I want to default but to set it to default to print… nowhere to be found. I’m hoping I am not the only one who’s been through this. Thanks so much!

  163. Kerry-
    I just love following your posts and deals – it is awesome!!! I also feel bad that I never share anything. So I wanted to share something with you. I work in the library at our elementary school and yesterday one of our volunteers shared a site with me that is definitely worth checking out. It is called http://www.1saleaday.com and they offer new deals everyday that are steals. I don’t know if you would be interested or even some of your readers but it is definitely worth checking out on a daily basis! I just found out about it yesterday and have already taken advantage of one deal each of the two days!

    Thanks for all you do to help us keep money in our wallets!

  164. Was denied price matching on the recent Crayola Pop-Art Pixies kits because it was on a promotion. Got several managers involved but they all agreed that I shouldn’t get the price match AND the gc. They pulled a guide book to look up this info and says that it stated price matching wouldn’t work when things were on promo.. but when asked if I could see it in writing, they said it was “secret” and that they weren’t allowed to show consumers this info. Of course I am taking it up with target relations online.. but even they say that my purchase wasn’t entitled to price matching.

  165. Had a problem at target today, I bought 3 Tide and had 3 1.00 off coupons. The cashier said they are only allowed to take one coupon now and not mulitples of the same in a transaction. I doesn’t say that in there policy. They coupon itself said limit 4 of the same coupon in a transaction. Got home called the manager, he was rude, said as long as it doesn’t say one per transaction then its ok. But he said i have the right to not accept any or a certain number, which is fine I guess if you want to lose business. The thing that really got me was he said if it say limit on per transaction then you can only use one and your not allowed to do multiple transaction at all???? I shop there alot and never had a problem but no I don’t know what to do or how to even use coupons there now???

  166. not sure if the is the spot where I am to enter for the giveaway of yhe pixps and paperoni…..but this is a I could find
    Like you I had a good day of 75% buying…….Toys and shoes. I was so excited……I am on Social Security and when I can buy for my grandchildren like this it and I love it.

  167. Hello,

    I just have a question. What do you mean when you say “target coupon mailer”. I’ve been to the target stores and I can’t seem to find the target coupon books. How can I get those?…

    Thanks for your help!

  168. I have printed out several online Target coupons in the past with no problems. Lately when I have tried to print some new ones, they are not printing with the dollar/cents off amount. All that shows is the picture and name of the item. Also there are no numbers underneath the scan code. Can you tell me what the problem might be, because I am wasting both paper and ink and I hate to waste anything.

  169. Quick Question: You mention a printable TargetQ for $1.50/1 Finish Quantum 10 ct. but when I click the link it’s not there. Is it already gone? Are they region specific? Could you please explain the Target coupon specific thing, I’m new to them and don’t quite get it yet. THanks

  170. The Finish Quantum Coupon disappeared from the Target site a few days ago… they aren’t region specific, but Target takes them down without any pattern. Sometimes they will come back or “reset”, but so far that coupon hasn’t. Hope this helps!

  171. just got home from Target:
    register beeped with almost every coupon (4 of 5)
    all were items on sale but nothing else unusual about my purchases…
    except for the Solo “bare” disposable items … manager said coupon could not be used on a clearance item
    I disagreed and he let it go thru as a ‘courtesy’ but I am pretty sure he was wrong.

    Is there an official policy on this??


  172. Not sure where the best place for this question would be, BUT any idea when snow pants are going to go on sale! Coats have been put on sale, but for some reason they seem to be waiting on the pants..

  173. I had one manufacture coupon and one target coupon per item. And I also had a peelie from the item, they would not let me use the peelie .Is this right? I thought that they also took the peelie.

  174. they were right – using the peelie would be using a 2nd MQ or 2nd TQ on the same item. goes against their policy of 1 TQ and 1 MQ per item

  175. I have a Target coupon for a free $5 Target Gift Card with a grocery purchase of $50 or more. Does this mean the $50 spent has to be on items they list on the receipt as “grocery” (i.e. no bathroom cleaner which they classify as “cleaning supplies” or shampoo which is they classify as “health/beauty”) or could these other categories be included as well?

  176. Hi Kerry – just got back from Target. My items deemed “grocery” even with tax were under $50, but the “health/beauty” and “household” items pushed my total over $50, and the gift card voucher was scanned with no problem. Woohoo!

  177. Hi!
    Question about target coupons. If a target coupon states “$2 off with purchase of 2 degree deodorants”, can I use 2 manufacturers coupons with the target coupon, if I purchase 2 of the products indicated?

  178. Hi, I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! Ive always liked Target over other stores, but felt that there everyday prices were a little bit higher than others, but with the “stacking” of coupons and other deals it ends up being sooo much cheaper! So thank you for all of your advice and help! Now…my question 🙂 When I print a Target web coupon Ive noticed if I print more than 1 they have the SAME bar code number! Am I supposed to only print 1? I know Ive read on here somewhere that once you’ve reached your limit it will not appear anymore, but I’m still hesitate to take multiple coupons that look identical. I just want them to think that I copied it…Thank you again for everything! P.S. I hope your lil man is feeling better!

  179. Quick question does Target accept other store catalinas like walgreens or Jewels??? can anyone answer me that question i read all the info here but I didnt see the answer to my question in specific….Thank you!!!

  180. I’ve just experienced something trying to print Target coupons that I haven’t in the past. When I tried to print the coupons it told me “you have exceeded your household limit”. Do you have any idea what this household limit is or when it resets? Thanks

  181. I really hate the Target receipt. It is very difficult for me to tell if my coupons are there and just hard for me to decipher altogether. I used 38 man Qs on the frozen food deal and it only shows 35 on the receipt. I saw each one beep at the register so I thought they all went through fine. Any suggestions?

  182. How do I know which coupons are Target and which are manufacture before I print them from the website?

  183. I just came back from target and am pretty annoyed. I tried to use the $5 off jeans coupon on a pair of clearanced jeans that were 4.98. The cashier looked at the coupon and said it couldn’t be used because it’s more than value of the jeans. I told her it was a target coupon and she still refused to even scan it. Is this right?? I didn’t have time to get a manager involved but if what she said goes against policy then I’m going back there today! Anyone have any info?

  184. according to their publshed on line policy a coupon for more than the value of an item can be adjusted down to meet the cost of the item. From th ePolicy: “Coupon amount may be reduced if it exceeds the value of the item after other discounts or coupons are applied.” I always reccomend printing the policy and bringing with you to the store. it can be found here: http://www.target.com/b/?node=2223357011

  185. I went to target today and was very annoyed. I was told they will only accept 4 target and 4 manufacturer coupons a day for the same item. I emailed corporate before because I had the same problem and showed it to the manager. The manager looked at the email and said that they limit the coupons, gave me his card and told me I can email them with his information. I am going to do this becuse it is annoying. Do they expect me to go to the store every day for a good deal? So annoyed that I really don’t want to shop there right now.

  186. Hi Kerry! I couldn’t find a “contact me” link or anything. I have no idea how to email you. BUT, I noticed at Target today that Cheerios has a $1.50 Pampers Diaper coupon on the back of the box. It doesn’t expire until 2013. I thought you and your readers would like to know! Love your blog! Thanks for all your hard work! 🙂


  187. Hi Kerry,

    this is just a quick note to say that i look at your site multiple times a day and wanted to thank you so much for all that you do! I live in NYC and there are 2 target locations that i frequent and both take about 1/2 to an hour to get to by subway. My income is limited so i depend on TOTALLY TARGET tips, matchups and other readers imput to get the most bang for the buck. I also have noticed that both my Target’s prices are slightly higher so even though I may have to shell out a little more than most, it still makes a HUGE difference in the end. It is with great satisfaction that i can check out at the register and have an amazed audience of the cashier, other shoppers and sometimes even a security guard who ask me how I just did that.. “TOTALLY TARGET – check it out” is what i say… thank you again!!!!

  188. I went to target today. I handed over my manufactories coupon first. Then she told me she could not accept my target coupons or the other coupons I printed online. I asked why she and she called the manager. The manager told me I copied the coupons. I pointed out the number were different in the upper right hand corner and she continued to say the ones across the bottom were the same. Then she left to and called over the security guard who noticed the coupons all had different numbers. He asked if they scan through and she told him she had not tried. All the coupons scanned because I never copy them. Please advise what I should do in this situation. Should I call the corporate office or how should I handle a situation like this? I didn’t appreciate the manager telling me I copied coupons when I never do that.

  189. Cindy that is just crazy that the security guard handled the situation and the manager did not. It is sad that team members are not taught the simple way to tell when a manufacturer’s coupon is copied. Call corporate and report the store. I can’t promise you anything will be done about it, but if you have the energy to pursue it- I say call. You can also call the store first if you choose to ask to speak to another member of management. Let them know that you plan on calling corporate but that you thought you would check with them first and express your concerns about returning to the store. jmo of course- pursuing this is up to you.

  190. Kerry, I have a photo to send you from my recent shopping trip for the Knorr Report. How can I get it to you?

  191. I got those ‘ Free” Jeggings when there was the $5.00 off any denim purchase, and the jeggings were on clearance for $4.98…..well, I’m not really a jeggings wear-er but I repurposed them into a scarf/vest and skirt outfit. I really was fairly simple…especially the scarf part. If anyone was interested.

  192. Great $10 coupon in today’s SS for Chef Michael’s dog food to go along with the gift card deal.

  193. Can I print and use more than one Target coupon in the same purchase( example, 3 TQ for 3 of the same items)?

  194. Hi- thanks for all of the updates, and the hard work you do!

    I have a question- If there is an in store deal for a gift card (buy 2- get a $5 GC), can you use a TQ that says buy 2 get a $5 GC and still get both? TIA!

  195. in my opinion yes- a coupon should be it’s own deal unless it says that it can not be combined with in store offers or some such verbiage- if it coincides with a store sale imo- so be it. In some stores’ opinions no. unfortunately it will be a ymmv.

  196. HI, I went to target to use a price match on some oranges. The oranges at target were sold for .54 cents each and the add was 7 lbs for .99 cents. The customer service told me they could not do this because they were not the same item since they sold the oranges by each instead of by lbs. Do you know if this is true or if there is a policy on this?

  197. I need to know what to do in order to get signed up for Target mailers (not email). How do I go about this?

  198. We all want to know that Beth. 😉 There is no sirefire way to get a mailer – lots of hypotheticals no 100% proven method though unfortunately

  199. Hi Kerry,
    I wondered if you could tell me what the Taget coupon policy is in relation to B1G1 free items. Tonight, I tried to purchase to Axe shower gels at $3.26 each and they woudn’t allow me to use the B1G1 with the a $1 off manufacturer’s coupon. I thought Target allowed one MC per item. Also, I asked if Target was offering a B1G1 deal and I had a coupon for the same item for B1G1 would both items be free and the manager said no.
    I see nothing in the policy relating to these situations. Any info you could give me would be appreciated.

  200. Hey Aimee- there is no statement in their coupon policy addressing this issue so unfortunately you are at thhe mercy of the store on whether they will accept it or not. I always try to note it since many Target stores feel a B1G1 applies to 2 items not just the 1 you are buying. hth Oh and you will have the same situaation on the B1G1 againstt a B11 sale or using a coupon on an in-store freebiee from a sale or deal- again nothing is addressed in their policy so it is luck of the draw. Some stores are fine with it some are not.

  201. Hey Kerry, Went to Target today and the cashier told me that they do not get paid for P&G coupons. I got the olay, she was very nice and took the coupon. LOVE YOUR SITE

  202. I am wondering where you are located? I have noticed price cuts vary by area and was curious where you are located and if you know how far a radius the cuts would cover? Thank you very much.

  203. ok kerry i hope this is the right place to ask a question. Today I when to the pharmacy to get 2 NEW prescriptions filled. I know target throws the $10 GC every so often. Of course, I has not prepared for this trip since it was emergency rm trip. In all the trip went well the l asked the lady when i dropped it off if the still honor the $10 GC with prescrips and said yes as long as I have the coupon. I told nope I dont have one but dont the store have one this week in the ad. She said that i could check at the GS. I went there and the guy let me see this weeks ad. Nope there was no coupon. But ask them if they have one back there. so my prescripe is done and I ask her and she said no there wasnt one in this week ad but she has one back there. so as she went to the back to get one another lady asked if it was military and the lady said yes. so the other lady said that military are not allowed to get a GC becuase they have tricare for medical insurance. The 2nd lady told her to go ahead and do it this time but i cant get the deal next time. I told her that is weird what does insurance have to do with it. and she said it say it right on the coupon, but of course she didnt let me see. BUT i got the 2 $10 GC and still had to pay a co pay of 5.37 for the prescripes. My question to you is from your knowledge are military exempt from getting the prescription GC ? just so i know for next time when i am prepared and do show up with the coupon(s)

  204. @Jennifer I am in St. Lucie County- sort of south-mid-east FL. PCs can vary within 10 miles, but once you have been following the blog a while- you will probably notice an amount or percentage yours may be cheaper or more expensive which will help you start to learn what to expect in your own area when using my site. hth

  205. How or where can I sign up to receive the target coupon books? Asked in the store – they didn’t know. Thanks so much.

  206. LOVE your blog! I had something happen today that was new to me, but thought you might have some insight. I went to print my Target coupons before going to do errands today, and it only let me print 6 coupons *total*. I printed 2 once each, then 2 twice each… and then it wouldn’t let me print any other coupons, even though I hadn’t printed them at all. This is the first time that I’ve hit a “total coupon” ceiling rather than a “you have printed the maximum times allowed” ceiling… but 6 seems really, really low!

    Any thoughts/ideas?

  207. Kerry,
    I have a question about the diaper GC deal this week. I also have the $5.00 GC when you buy 2 Huggies diaper coupons. Can I use this coupon with the store advertised GC deal and get 2 gift cards? Just wondering! Thanks!

  208. I went to Target yesterday and spent more then I normally do to prepare for our camping trip. When I handed the lady my coupons she had to look and read almost every one and questioned a lot of them. (I had an item for every coupon I used) She seemed to scatter them around her also. Which was very annoying. Well when I got home and looked over my receipt I noticed a few big value coupons missing off the receipt, which I am VERY annoyed about because then I wouldn’t have bought the product without a coupon. What do you do in this case, How can i prove if I go back in with my receipt that I had a coupon for that item? I can’t figure out which $1 coupons are missing as well, I know I had more then what was rung up on the receipt.
    I just keep thinking of how much more I should have saved and it’s frustrating me.
    Please help on what I should do in this case. Thanks 🙂

  209. I have a question about Target Mobile coupons. Can each mobile coupon only be used once? And is it once per person/once per transaction/once per item? I use and refer your site all the time! Thanks!

  210. @sonnet pichardo: with regard to using the Target GC coupons for prescriptions, all government supported health plans, including military, medicare, medicaid, etc., are excluded from receiving a GC when filling a scrip on the plan, per the language on the coupon. There was a pharm c/o in this week’s flyer so maybe you can read the fine print this week. This isn’t a Target policy but a government policy. I used to work for a health plan that processed a lot of federal health claims, and my understanding was that it was meant to keep the playing field level so that Target wasn’t “bribing” people to get their prescriptions filled at their pharmacies instead of somewhere else. I have a friend on medicaid, and she can’t get the GC’s when she fills her scrips either. Hope that helps.

  211. I took advantage of the $1/1 Sally Hansen printable combined with the $1/1 Sally Hansen Target coupon. I had two of each coupon and got two bottles of nail polish. The register took the first two coupons and then had trouble on the last two. The checker questioned them and finally took them. Is is okay for me to buy two? Will it always have trouble with either buying two of one item or using 2 coupons for one item?

    Then….I found some Revlon mascara on clearance for $3.74. I had the $1/1 Target coupon and then a $2/1 manuf. coupon. It wouldn’t take the manuf coupon because it says “Revlon Color Cosmetic”. How do you know what they consider “color cosmetic”…or did it just kick it back because it was a second coupon for one item?


  212. I am wondering how to get on the mailing lists for various coupon mailers from Target–I know my mom just got a booklet and I see some mentioned here but I don’t know how to arrange to get these. Any ideas?

  213. I have been following your blog for some time now and I have to say I love it! I am really upset at the Target on Bay Area Blvd in Houston. Yesterday, I went to grab a couple things I needed and printed my Target coupons, along with clipping my manufacture coupons. I get to the register where the cashier has started to scan my items, she sees my coupons in my hand and very rude asked me ” Are those coupons” I said “yes” she stops scanning and tells me to give them to her without any explanation, I gave them to her, she started to take things out of the bag and looking for them for each individual coupon I had without having scanned the rest of my items, the lady behind my was really nice and I felt so bad because she only had one item (by this point the cashier is looking for each item I have a coupon for before she scans it) the lady behind me tells me she doesnt think the coupons are being taken off, thats when my cashier decided to explain what she was doing to her not me, she tells her this is our new policy I have to do this now. I didn’t have a problem with what she was doing, had she explained it I would’ve helped her arrange the items accordingly. She was incredibly rude about the entire thing and when I got home I realized she didn’t scan a couple of my coupons $16 worth to be exact!!! The worst part is most of the coupons she did not scan were Target coupons! I am just so upset and I could not find a complaint email/ number on their website. I think if this is going to be their new POLICY as she said, everyone should know to avoid the surprise at the register. It added an extra 30 minutes to my transaction where I had only about 15 items. I didn’t notice the total because I purchased some ink that was $60 and since I started couponing recently I haven’t really mastered the price thing. I can assure you that I wont be going up to the register without knowing my total.

  214. Have always preferred Target. Now, imagine my surprise today to realize their ad matching does NOT apply to produce, the bakery and meats. I was surprised and disappointed. Corporate confirmed…even if the competitor ad states Chicken breast .89 /lb and no brand stated, you cannot get the chicken breast at Target for that price because Target “brands” the chicken as market pantry. Seems like a little shady there. Same goes for a loaf of french bread or even a watermelon (the example the guest svcs person gave). So, keep this in mind if you plan to ad match – try just going to the original store or another store that ad matches. I was so disappointed…

  215. I love your site! I was wondering if there’s a way of knowing a coupon on the Target site is a Target or a Manufacturer’s coupon? I hate when I print off a coupon thinking I can stack it with a Manufacturers only to print it and find it IS a manufacturers. 🙁 any suggestions?

  216. @ Cheryl – If you go under the tab “Target Qs”, Kerry lists out all the coupons available on the Target site and whether it is a Target Q or a Maunfacturer Q…HTH!

  217. I am very new to couponing and got a bit excited last week and reached my max print limit on the Target site. I figured it would reset on Sunday. I was able to print two coupons after Sunday, but since then, have been getting the “reached your limit” message. Does anyone know what the limits are per household or when they reset them?

  218. I have the same question as April. I didn’t know there was a coupon print limit (other than 2 prints per coupon per computer), but I have gotten the following message just now on the Target coupon website: “We’re sorry. You’ve reached the limit of coupons you’re currently eligible to receive.” There are some coupons on the Target site that I would love to get before they disappear, but the website will not allow me to print on either of my computers tonight. Kerry, can you explain this policy to us? Has anyone else out there had this happen before? I’ll make sure to only print the coupons I really want if this is going to be a recurring problem. Thanks to any one who can offer help or an explanation!!! 🙂

  219. Kerry- I have never had a problem at Target with my coupons, except the print limits. I miss great ones frequently because I didn’t print them off fast enough, and everyone else snatches them 🙂
    I was wondering, do you know exactly when Target posts the new coupons for that week? Midnight? 4am? I will set my alarm!
    P.S.- at Walgreens today the cashier accused me of stealing because of using coupons. “You are getting that for free! That is just wrong! I bet you don’t even use it!” When I explained that some of the items would be going to Joplin MO, she said “yeah right”. I was using some MQ, but paid for some of my stuff with catalina’s from WG that were from previous transactions (perfectly legal).
    I am just surprised by some of the attitudes that we are encountering now that TLC airs “extreme couponing”.
    This lady really believed that I was wrong to get $$ off.

  220. Hey SHeila- they usually reset around 3am EST on Sunday, sometimes a bit later. Re cashier behavior- couponing sometimes requires a thick skin but as long as you are using your coupons properly, there is nothing to fear or defend. But if I were you in the instance you describe- I would have asked to see a manager.

  221. Hi, I went to my local target this morning in Louisiana and found that the Banana Boat lip balm had a tag for a price cut making it $1.79 and it was, according to the sign which specified “Banana Boat lip Balm”, supposed to be by 2 get a $5 gift card. I asked one store manager if what I was reading was correct and he said yes and there was no limit to my purchase there were just no rainchecks. When I got to the check out the computer wasn’t prompting my $5 gift card. Long story eventually the manager was called and said it was a misprint on the sign and would only allow me to purchase but 2 lip balms. What are your thoughts and what would you have done in this situation??

    Thanks Erica

  222. Hi Kerry, I’ve been following your blog and have learned so much, thank you! I had a question: you showed a pic of Zyrtec on sale for $4.76. I just came back from my Target where I paid $5.48 for the same package (minus my $4.00 coupon). Do individual stores have different sale prices? Thanks! Debbie

  223. Hey Debbie- absolutely- different regions of the country can have different prices. I am in S Central Florida. I try and warn about it often that sale prices can vary by region but it is hard to put that on each and every single post but I do try. Even my 2 local stores can differ from one another.

  224. Hi Kerry,

    Do you know which insert had the Target coupon for Downey, Tide and Bounce. I cut these out of one of my inserts and wanted to do a deal again and I have extra inserts that I was going to go through to find them. They were all together, on one page of some insert.

  225. Hi Kerry I wanted to know if you or anyone else was having problems with the type of printer and not being able to print off the target coupons. I used to be able print the coupons and now I get a message saying they do not allow me to print from my type of printer I have a cannon print fax and scanner all in one. I am super frustrated since I always would try to print off coupons I could use but now it is not allowing me to since I apparently have the “wrong type of printer?” Any thoughts or suggestions from your followers would be helpful!

  226. Hi Kerry I love love your blog! I just have a question about the target coupons you print at the Target website. How many of the Target coupons can you use? I printed two of the Magnum ice cream and combined with two manufacturer coupons, but the cashier said I was only able to use ONE Target coupon because the bar code numbers were identical?? He even accused me of photo copying the coupons! What can I do about this? The Target coupons all has the same bar code numbers for each item, but then why are we able to print two? Thanks!

  227. Hey Maggie- printable TQs carry the wording of 1 identical target coupon per transaction. Some stores are strict about this- others may let you use 2 identical in one transaction. But if your store chooses to uphold the wording, I would have just done a second transaction and would have asked for a manager if they refused. Nicely explaining to management that T.com allowed you 2 prints and all it says is one per transaction, and you would prefer not to make 2 trips for ice cream, hopefully they will see the reasoning. Overwhelm them with kindness & smiles- like they say- you catch more bees with honey. 🙂

  228. My Target Qs say limit one coupon or offer per transaction. I know the policy says they will accept 1 TQ and 1 MQ per item but this is confusing to me. I am really new to couponing and just want to make sure I know what to say if I have a problem in the store. Thanks!

  229. Hey Melissa- only printable Target coupons usually say that. if you are using a printable your store may only allow you to use 1 identical TQ per TRANSACTION. if you are using a Target insert coupon they do not say that, and you may use 1 target coupon and 1 manufacturers coupon per item in your transaction- so if you have 4 items in your transaction, you can use 1 TQ & 1 MQ for each item. If a coupon is for $1/2 then that coupon covers 2 items. hth

  230. Wow that was fast! Just to clarify, if I try to use a printable TQ then I can only use that and not stack with a MQ also?

  231. Hey Melissa- no you can always use 1 TQ & 1 MQ per item, but if it is a printable- then your store may only allow you to use 1 set of coupons in a transaction. hth

  232. Okay. Thanks. I tried to use a printable TQ the other day and stack it with a MQ but it didn’t go through. Since I wasn’t confident I really understood their policy I didn’t question it. Thanks for your explanation.

  233. Just a heads up on how the coupons show up on Target’s receipts. Target coupons subtract the amount off the item so they do not always show as a coupon used. Also if a mq does not scan it goes in as a mismatch and will only show as a misc coupon at the end. if you want to know if all went through you need to keep track of what you began with. Ask them to help you match up the coupons on the receipt as well. As for how many coupons can be used, target web coupons state one per transaction so most will follow that statement. Quantities can be limited per store and it is based on household quantities and stock in store. The actual numbers are determined by the location itself not Target corporation. Hope this helps.

  234. Hi Kerry. I love your website! Thanks for all the great deals! I haven’t had ANY problems with couponing at Target. It has been wonderful. But I mistakenly misunderstood the coupon policy (as I am so used to how it works with Walgreens and in a hurry, didn’t review the policy). An example: I bought Suave Lotion yesterday. I bought (4) of them at $2.69 each. I used two B1G1 Free MQ. I then used (2) $1/1 MQ. I also used two $0.75 TQ. It said on the B1G1 Free coupon that it would be free up to $3.00 and the guy didn’t price adjust it down – just deducted $3.00 even though it was $2.69 (I didn’t see this until I got home). I had four other Nexcare coupons which caused overages of $0.13 each but nothing was price adjusted down for the Q – just gave me overages. So basically I didn’t realize you are not allowed to use a B1G1 Free Q and then also a MQ on the free item. I have always done this at Walgreens without a problem. I definitely wouldn’t have done it if I had known. Does your store allow “overages” or do they adjust the coupon down? If yo have any insight or advice I really appreciate it. Thanks Kerry!

  235. PS- I just read another comment from a month ago where you told the commenter it was up to the store or the cashier and their discretion regarding the B1G1 and the MQ. Thanks!

  236. Hey Holly- glad you foud your answer and yes it is a ymmv. T’s Q policy does not cover the issue- therefore it is up to the store.

  237. @Kerry, I just noticed that you live in St Lucie. I do too and was wondering which store you prefer for ease of couponing and better deals….Traditions or Jensen beach?

  238. Hi,
    I was just wondering if you knew whether I would be able to use a manufacturer coupon for a free box of John Frieda hair color and a target store coupon for $5 off a box of John Frieda hair color? And if so, is there a trick as to which coupon to use first? Thanks for any help on this.

  239. Hi Kerry,

    Just wanted to let you know about a deal I came across. There is a Oscar Meyer Angus hot dog coupon on target.com and a brinks coupon here http://bricks.coupons.com/Start.asp?tqnm=yffibin68244465&bt=vi&o=87345&c=SV&p=J8UVIcAv If this link does not work let me know and I can forward you the email I recieved from my local grocery store that is a mf coupon, so I was thinking its a buy 3 get 1 and the mf coupon is for a dollar of 2 so couldn’t you use 2 of the mf with the store one?

  240. Is there now a print limit for the Target Web coupons? I can only print 2 of the same and the coupon “disappers”. I had to get on our other computer to print a couple more of the ibuprofen & foil coupons.

  241. Hi Kerry,

    I had a question about your post related to the Crystal Light drink mix earlier this week and the Neutrogena Men Razor Defense shave gel. I know you stated you can stack a target and mgf coupon but once you print the target coupon, it states that you can only use one coupon or offer per transaction. Does that mean you can not combine the target coupon and mfg coupon? how did this work for you?


  242. I have a question regarding using more than one of the same target coupon per transaction. For instance, if I print the .50 off I “Can’t believe its not butter spread” Target coupon two times to match with another coupon for 1.00 off one Manufacturers coupon – can I use both Target coupons in one check-out or do I need to go twice and check out twice?

  243. Kerry–
    I just got home from a Target trip and looked at my receipt. On items where I used both a TQ and a MQ, the receipt shows that a MQ was scanned, but it does not subtract from the price. Underneath the item, it says “refund value” and gives another price. For example, I tried to use a $2/2 TQ for 2 Dove Men’s Deoderant and 2 $2/1 MQs for the same deoderant. The receipt looks like this:
    Dove Men $3.99
    MFR Coupon $2.00-
    Refund Value 2.99 T
    Dove Men $3.99
    MFR Coupon $2.00-
    Refund Value $2.99 T
    Package Subtotal $7.98
    Target Coupon $2.00-
    Package Total $5.98

    With MQs this deal should only be $1.98!! Why did this happen?? This scenario happened for a few other items as well!! I’m going to go up to the store and talk to customer service, but I wanted to see what your take on this is. THANK YOU!

  244. @Nicole- Target receipts can be hard to decipher but if you do your math and check your total after coupons against your receipt it will likely match up. It does minus the coupon- (seeing the -$2 right under the item is the indication) but the reason you still see a package total with only $2 in Target coupons deducted is because they are calculating what you would get back for a refund should you need to return your items, not what these items actually cost you after coupons.

    Because Target submits manufacturer coupons for reimbursement to manufacturers, they don’t minus your manufacturer coupon from the money they would give back to you. BUT the Target coupons they are not reimbursed for- therefore you DO see those deducted from the package total since you can’t get back money for using a Target coupon. So your package total of $5.98 is just what the refund value of the items you bought, not what you actually paid. And like I said if you add up what you bought on a calculateor, and minused all your coupons, you will probably see that the totals match. hth and makes sense.

  245. I went today to my local Target and according with them they are no longer accepting Target coupons printed from their web site. Because of a lot of problems with people making copies and using other illegal ways to produce Target coupons the only ones they will accept for now on are manufacturer coupons and Target coupons printed from the Target machines at checkout or the ones you can find at the Sunday paper or food boxes.
    So bummed, all my Target printed coupons are not valid any more.
    Did anybody else have the same response?

  246. oh my goodness MD you need to call corporate. That is just pure silliness- they are not going to take their own coupons? I would call corporate and tell them what your store said.

  247. In an attempt to NOT shelf-clear one store, I decided to visit two different Target stores Sunday for a purchase. The first store accepted 10 manufacturer’s coupons for the same item, with no problem. The second store’s cashier would only accept 4. I went to customer service afterwards, and she told me that their store’s policy is only 3 like coupons per transaction. When I asked my cashier to split my order, she refused, saying the limit was 4 per day.

    I was in a hurry and didn’t have time or patience to try to sort them out, but I was quite frustrated!

  248. I’ve seen online at many coupon sites that those coupons that say Manufacturer’s Coupon at the top, but say available or redeemable at X Store (such as Walmart, Acme, Shop Rite, Walgreens, etc.) SHOULD be accepted at any store, because they are MANUFACTURERS coupons, not technically a store coupon. However, after trying to use a Q that had Shoprite’s logo on it at my local Target, I was told they won’t accept it, and they aren’t even allowed to try to scan it to see if it accepts. I tried to explain to the cashier that it says MANUFACTURER’S on the top, but she insisted she wasn’t allowed to scan it. I proceeded over to the Customer Service desk and was told the same thing. I explained it is NOT a store coupon, it doesn’t say store coupon anywhere, just manufacturers, and I was again shot down. 🙁 Anyone else been shot down like this before at their Target? Or have success? Now, I used a manufacturer’s coupon from the ACME coupon book, which didn’t have their logo on it, but the “Sizzling Summer Bonus” graphic, and they took it. Which cracks me up, because it’s basically the same idea! Just didn’t have the store logo on it. Any thoughts?

  249. There isn’t a Target close to my home, but there is one within 40 miles. On the rare occasion that I get to go there, I always try and snag some of the best deals for that week by stacking the TQ’s with MQ’s. Today I got on the website to print out some of the printable TQ’s, and got a message that said that I had printed all of the coupons that I was allowed. It wouldn’t let me print ANY of them. I think the last time I printed anything out was in April or early May, so there’s no way that can be right! Even then, it was only for 4 or 5 Q’s. Trying to find the appropriate contact on their help page is next to impossible. Any idea why this happened? Has something changed since the last time I printed TQ’s?

  250. Do you know how the savings at the bottom of the receipt is calculated? Is it sale savings? Sale savings + Target coupon savings? Does it include gift cards received as part of the gift card deals? I just want to know how much I saved total (sales, Target coupons, Manufacturer Coupons, and gift cards included) and I didn’t know what they’ve already calculated for me. Any idea?

  251. Today I went to Target and tried using 4 $1/1 any shout product, I was buying the 4 pack shout wipes. They are $0.97 at my store, I was told by one csm and the store manager that they could not and would not change the value of the coupon or the item. I showed the store manager the coupon policy right on the target website. He said he knew the policy but there was nothing he could do. What do you do in that case. I am so discouraged with target now. To make matters worse I have spent ten minutes trying to find out how to email them to ask what the heck and I can not find an email address. Does anyone have an email for this case? Thanks, Holly

  252. I have been coming to this site for about 6 months and I love it. I can’t find the place to report news to the site. I signed up at My Coupon Hunter about 6 months ago and used her a couple of times. For the past month I have tried to order coupons and after I log in and click on any category, they are all blank. There are no coupons on the site anymore, does anyone know why? did she close down? and where do I go to report news such as this in the future? do I open a forum? but then maybe no one will read it and I wanted to tell the writer of Totally Target this because I noticed you still recommend her, and you need to check if she is closed first. Thanks, Susan

  253. I’m sure this has been covered, but am wondering if anyone can help me. I’m new to this and I am very confused about the wording on the Target Web Coupons. They all say “limit one coupon or offer per transaction”. I know the policy says that you can use 1 Target and 1 Mfr per item. Does this mean only 1 “like” Target Coupon, as in if I buy 2 up & up bottles of shampoo, I can only use one of the Target Coupons? Also I noticed that the wording is more user friendly on the Target Coupons from the Sunday paper. Thanks for any help!

  254. I’m kinda new to all of this and have a question about the Target store coupons. It states on the coupon Limit one coupon or offer per transaction. Does this mean that I can only use one Target coupon to purchase an item, pay for it and then do a separate transaction with another Target coupon and pay for it? Thanks!

  255. I printed some target web coupons and they say “Limit one coupon or offer per transaction.” Does this mean I can’t stack it with a manufacturer’s coupon? Thanks, Katie.

  256. This afternoon I went to Target; had my coupons matched up with Store & manufacturer.. Lady at checkout said I couldn’t use 2 like coupons in a purchase (ie.. I had 6 boxes of pop tarts.. (2)sTarget coupons for $1/3 and 2 mfg coupons $2/3. She did this also on another product I had. She said it was now Target policy. I said ok, lets’ ring them up seperately. Nope we cannont do that. Now I came home and went on their site and I don’t see any thing like what she said. I understand the new b1g1 but this wasn’t anything like that. I finally just paid for all the items as she did this after all was rang up and there was now 4 people behind me. I just have never seen a checkout lady take my stack; spread them out and match up if there are multiple target coupons and say. Nope cna’t use them. Has anyone else had this happen? thanks, Tia.

  257. @ Tia, I just got back from Target and they told me the same thing! I was only allowed to use one coupon per item (not 2 like coupons) PER DAY! just right now about 30 minutes ago!!! it was so frustrating!

  258. I also had a problem tonight with using multiple like coupons in a purchase. My cashier also spread out my Q stack and carefully read each one before even attempting to scan any. I tried to buy 2 Wet Ones 15ct packs with 2 $0.50/1 TQs but was told by the cashier that I could only use one of the two TQs for the same item per transaction. What was weird was that this same cashier then let me use two TQs to get the free Sharpies and three TQs to use on the Neutrogena gift card offer. When I got home and compared the Wet Ones TQ to my other TQs, I didn’t see any difference. Not really sure what happened there. I also tried to purchase 3 Pop Tarts 12ct boxes tonight using $1/3 TQ and $2/3 MQ — however, the cashier couldn’t get the MQ to scan and was unsuccessful in manually punching in the numbers under the barcode. Finally, she asked someone for help and that person said I couldn’t use the MQ (from the Kellogg’s website no less!) because it was missing a bar code on the lower left hand corner?? Can anyone help explain this?

  259. @Jennifer- some stores are strict and will only allow 1 target coupon per transaction, others are a bit more lenient and will allow you to use more than 1

  260. @Susan- Virginia at Mycoupon Hunter has now become subscription only. That is why you cant see the coupons. you must have asubscription first. You can view the subscription packages on her site though which start as low as $5. hth

  261. Dawn,
    Now why would you even use 10 of the same coupon, that is outrageous. This is WHY target and other stores are changing their policies.
    Where did you get 10 of the same coupon when you can only print 2 .

    You should NEVER use more then 3 coupons at a time. O me this is uncalled for and you are one of the people that is making it harder for others to use coupons.

    If you have to have 10 of the same item why not go to 2 different stores instead of causing issues where target and all the other stores are making their policies worse for us.

  262. I just went to Targets sample spot this morning, and they are giving samples of Huggies diapers. They usually send coupons with the samples. I am sure this one will go fast. Thanks Sarah

  263. Hi Kerry! I’m not sure where to post this but I just wanted to let you know that I was at Target today and they had select Plum Organics baby food on clearance which made for a nice deal with the .25 off Plum Organics printable Target coupon.

  264. Question,
    I had a catalina coupon that printed from Target that had Manufacturer Coupon by date at the top, and on the side above UPC bars states Redeem at Target.
    Is this a Manufacturer Coupon that can be used anywhere, such as Walgreens, or a Target Store Coupon that should only be used at Target?
    I had a Manager today at Walgreens that allowed it to go through this time, but wanted to call the Target Manager to make sure her Walgreens will be paid back for the coupon.
    I am under the assumption that if the coupon states Manufacturer Coupon, any store that accepts Manufacturer Coupons should accept it whether it came from Target or not, or whether it states Redeem at Target on the side.

  265. I tried last week’s L’Oreal gift card deal, but I picked items that were already on clearance. I didn’t get a gift card, and the manager on duty said you never get gift cards on clearance items. Is that accurate in your experience?

    PS – LOVE this blog, thanks! 🙂

  266. @Sarah- no it is not accurate. I bought 3 clearanced cleansers and got the gift card just fine. Unfortunately some team members tend to just pull out a reason for a gift card not prompting out of thin air- instead of trying to figure out what the problem is. Perhaps you had one product whose bar code just wasn’t plugged into the system. There could be a number of reasons, but clearance has nothing to do with it.

  267. This questions is in reference to Target’s ad 7/31/11. I understand if I purchase 4 P&G products, ie Pantene (shampoo/conditioner) I will receive a $5 gift card. If I use my coupon for 1 FREE bottle of Pantene, does that disqualify the purchase for the gift card? Thank you.


  269. I just noticed that the printable target coupons say “limit one coupon or offer per transaction”. Is this new? I looked in the coupon policy online and it doesn’t say anything about it..I am assuming they don’t want someone using a bunch of the same target coupons at once? But they why do they let you print two if you can’t use two?

  270. I bought a XBOX 360 4 GB, on 8/17 for $299 with a $50 gift card. Today (8/21) it is on sale for $199 with a $25 gift card. Do they give partial refunds for sale prices since I just bought it 5 days ago? I’m tempted to pack it up and buy it again.

  271. Does anyone know what happened to the Cheap deals or Cheap finds section? It was there as of last night and now today it’s not. ???

  272. Hey Danielle- it’s there- sorry having acouple issues- it never left- but my navigation link at top of site was gone- it’s back now.

  273. OMG!!! I’ve been couponing for 5 months now, and I have for the first time, run into the dreaded 1 per purchase vs 1 per transaction at Target. Mind you, this is a target I have been using multiple MQ’s at since I started couponing. They were willing to do multiple transactions I had 2 of one and 5 of another. I understand many stores don’t do multiple Target Q’s in the same transaction, but never MQ’s. I didn’t think that was part of their policy. Can someone clarify if Target considers Purchase and transaction as the same thing? I have NEVER run across this so far, and I don’t believe it’s part of their new policy as far as I can tell. I was so frustrated, I just told her to void the transaction and walked out. Sad thing was I had lots of non coupon items in the cart I wanted. 🙁

  274. I went to Target this morning and purchased a package of Avent baby bottles. I gave the cashier a Target Q for $2 off and a CRT that says MANUFACTURER at the top for $3 off. She told me I could not do this since they are both Target Q’s. I thought the CRT was a manufacturer Q since it says it up top? She told me it was a Target Manufacturer Q? Was I wrong or right? Kind of new at this.

  275. @Sue- if that cat said Manufacturer’s coupon on it- then you were right- you just needed to point out to her that catalina coupons can be a target coupon OR a manufacturer’s coupon and show her where it says manuf. coupon. You can always ask for a manager if the cashier is confused.

  276. Is there a way to email Target about store experiences? I tried the “contact us” link, but it say my comment/question was “invalid” and would not let me submit. Also, do you have a new link to the coupon policy? I can’t find it on the new site.

  277. @Mary LaB,

    I shop for my parents and my grandmother, that’s why I used 10 of the same coupon. It was an item that all 3 of our households use. I’m a working mom, so I can’t do 8 transactions in a week at different stores. It was also an item that they had over 100 in stock. The Target near my home is very friendly and welcomes couponers. I make it my policy to never shelf clear, and to be respectful of others wanting deals. It wasn’t a printable coupon – it was from a newspaper insert. I had exchanged coupons with friends to get multiples, since among our 3 households we get 4 Sunday papers.

    I rarely purchase more than 1 or 2 of any item, but when it is one that my entire family uses, I’m going to save us all the money.

    Please don’t make assumptions about people’s intent and habits. One shopping trip doesn’t mean that it is representative of my typical habits.

  278. Hi – Is there a policy where Target does not price match another Target store. Yesterday I went to a Target and bought Axe shower gel clearanced for 2.50. I needed more and the store was out, so I checked another Target store. They had the exact same item for 5.00 ..twice the price. When I inquired about price match, they said they could not price match another Target store. Has anyone had any experience with this. Kelly, maybe you can help/advise with what I can do ..if anything at all?


  279. What about BOGO? I was at Target today and the Manager was…lets not a very n ice person. I had a BOGO on Old Spice BodyWash and Deoderant. I also had a $1.00 off any Old Spice. She embarrassed me in front of many people and said next time read the policy. GEEZ lady. Thanks 🙂 So…what is your view on this? Bogo is so confusing!

  280. I was at target today and was told that they will not adjust down a MQ because they are not allowed to do so by the manufacturer. I had my TQ policy with me and argued politely that this is not what their Q policy states. They would not budge but they pushed them through all the while telling me they could not because they couldn’t give me the overage (which I wasn’t asking for in the first place). I am so confused I have never had this problem at Target before. And why did they push them through as they were telling me they couldn’t? Did I miss something? Am I right in assuming that they can in fact according to their own policy adjust down a coupon?

  281. I was at Target today and when I checked out they refused to take my $1 off any size Cascade Complete coupon for a .97 Cents cascade package. When I asked why they stated the item has to match the picture on the coupon which was a 16 count package. I showed them it said any Cascade product with no size specification. I told them many coupons show more expensive flavors or sizes hoping you’ll buy the more expensive one.

    The cashier called over the manager who stated it’s new for Target to take coupons only if they match the picture, not the wording. I asked her if this was going to be for all products as I didn’t want to waste shopping time at Target if the coupon picture isn’t going to match the flavor or size written on the coupon. I then asked her to explain the new policy so when I talked to corporate I had a better understanding of changes. She couldn’t tell me if this was just certain products or all products.

    Any suggestions on how to handle this?

  282. Does it matter how you stack your coupons? I mean, when we are handing over the coupons should I seperate the TQ from the MQ and hand over the MQ first then the TQ? I’ve been having trouble with coupons not be able to scan even though I clearly have the right product.


  283. Question regarding Target Mobile coupons: Can you only use 1 from the list per transaction? I bought 3 items, items pictured exactly as on my phone, and the register would only take off the discount for 1 of the items. I spent 20 minutes at the service desk trying to get it worked out. I did not ever use any of the mobil coupons before, having just received them this morning. I tried to email Target on their website to get clarification, but the form was rejected saying “ask a valid question or comment” ..go figure. I am not familiar with these mobil coupons, and could not find where it said you can only use one of the offers. Just wondering if anyone else has had issues using these, or have tips for me. By the way, the service desk did not have answers either. I was able finally, after 20 minutes, to get them to give me the $6 credit for the coupons that did not ring in…but it was a real effort.

  284. @Ande- the mobile coupons can only be used once per item- (ie if you bought 3 transformers the discount is only applied to one of them). But when mobiles are scanned it SHOULD take off the discount for one of all the items purchased. ie if you bought 1 regenerist, 1 transformers, and 1 m&Ms- the register should have automatically deducted the discount amount for all 3. but I am getting comments though that some of them are not working this time around 🙁

  285. @ Ande H- I had the exact same problem yesterday. The “manager” said you can only use one from the list, but she seemed to be making it up.

  286. Another question regarding the mobile coupons. If I use one of the coupons in one transaction, will I be able to use the coupon again if I can back later in the week? It states each coupon can only be used once, but I’m confused by that. Has anyone had any experience using the mobile coupons more than once? Was it a success or failure?

  287. I went to Target tonight to buy bayer since tonight was the last night to get it at $2.99. Well I had a bad experience. I had put a total of 5 on the counter and the lady asked for my coupons. I gave her both the manu and Target, making it $3 in coupons and it being FREE. Well she had asked another employee if I can use these coupons, etc… long story short, the other lady said I was only able to purchase four(4). I kindly asked why and she said it’s 4 per household. I was already running late for an event, so I wasn’t having it. Nowhere on the coupon does it state limit 4, I also looked online into seeing if there is some kind of requirement to only buying 4 aspirin per household. I wanted to call the store and speak to a manager, but I wasn’t sure if the person who said I could only purchase 4 was a manager…. it all happened to quick, I had a fussy toddler, and was running late as I said. I tried to call the CS# but their closed @ this time. Considering you often go to Target, have you ever came across this? Thank you!

  288. I tried to price match today and they told me since it was a Dominicks ad and it said “Card Price” since you would need your dominicks card to get the price they wouldnt take it. I am so confused…I understood it as a club card like Sams Club or Costco.If anyone can clarify that would be great!

  289. @Lisa- no it’s any store where if you did not use your card you would not get the price- CVS, winn dixie etc all cannot be PMd unfortunately

  290. Kerry
    Have information on a $5 Target GiftCard in Real Simple Magazine November 2011 issue. How do I get it out to your readers? It is a Mail-in proof of purchase. Spend $15 or more on the featured products at target and get a $5 Target GiftCard by mail from Real Simple Magazine. I’m new to your website. Love target and shop there weekly. Love the insider info…..

  291. @Ethan’s Mom – Target reserves the right to limit quantities as they see fit. I hear many stores are limiting to 3 or 4 items now. hth

  292. Not sure where to post this-couldn’t find an email address. I went to Target and got a blouse for $.74!! I used the $3/1 Target coupon!!! Thank you so much!! http://marniescouponarama.blogspot.com/2011/10/my-shopping-trip-this-week-total-289.html-to see the picture!! Thank you it is because of your site. I know you get tons of people writing, but because of your site I learned about using coupons at Target. I have told all my friends and they didn’t know you could do this. We appreciate the education!!!!!!

  293. I recently did a transaction for Q-tips and was told (checking out at customer service–long story) that I could not use my Target coupons for the product on a deal involving receiving a Target gift card in return. Is this true?

  294. I went to my supertarget today with one manufacturer coupon of buy one get one free and a Target coupon of $1 off. I was told they couldnt accept both it had to be one or the other. Is this policy?

  295. Hi Kerry,
    I am new to couponing and love your site. But I am having problems leaving comments. I tried tonight in reply to your Curel giveaway. It states my comment is awaiting moderation. Why aren’t my comments going through?

  296. @Mom of 3
    Per the Target policy ‘If a Manufacturer BOGO coupon is used, one additional Target coupon may be used on the first item’ If you search for “Can’t Find the Target Coupon policy” on Totally Target, the post will direct you to the Target coupon policy. I would read it, learn it and lastly, always carry it with you. There are times we have to teach cs and cashiers what their policies are 🙂

    My copy & paste isn’t working or I’d post the link for you. HTH

  297. My target now carries fresh groceries and b/c of this they sent me target coupons $off meat/apples/salad. Last time I shopped @target I received a $3 off $25 or more on grocery purchases. Can I combine these together? If I can combine these will the $3 off $25 have to be after coupons? or before coupons? Thanks!

  298. I have a question. How many times can you print out coupons from target.com and or coupons.com.
    Like could i print 3 out for phila creme cooking cheese and buy 3 in one transaction? Thanks so much!!!

  299. I am planning a trip to my Target on this Friday. I want to buy some Up & Up products ie the ibuprofen. Can I buy two in the same transaction with two Target coupons? I know this is ok with MQ’s but not sure if that works with target web coupons.

  300. This will be my first Christmas season shopping with coupons. Will Target web coupons be honored on Black Friday?

  301. Kerry,

    Yesterday I checked the clearance in the baby section and found Banana Boat Kids 50+ marked down to $1.86. I still had my coupon for $4/1 Banana Boat item exp 11/20, it made the sunscreen free, plus Target’s computer didn’t change the value of my coupon, it took the whole $4.00 off times 2 since I had 2 coupons.

    Also, they had 1 load (.97) and 6 load (2.99) tide in the travel section. The coupons from this months P&G dont exclude trial sizes, and again, the register didn’t change the value of my coupon, so using the $2.00/1 coupon on the 1 load made it free plus overage.

  302. I went to Target today to buy some Hungry Jack pancake mixes ($0.99). I had about 5 to 8 of each of the three flavors. The cashier began checking me out and the front end supervisor comes along and explains, quite rudely and in a demeaning tone, that I can only buy 4 of each item. Feeling uncomfortable, I didn’t argue the issue, and let them return the extra amount. She stated that the coupon policy changed in September to reflect a family quantity amount. Now, I had the coupon policy with me, that I had printed out on November 17th and it makes no mention of this at all. I guess I’m having two issues: the first being her demeaning attitude (even the cashier apologized to me), and the other being this phantom coupon policy she was mentioning. Should I have pointed out that I had a copy of the policy with me (and risk further embarrassment)? Or was she right, and each Target store has their own policy regarding coupons? This is the first time I’ve ever run into this issue at a Target store. I know that I will not be returning to her store, ever. I will just travel to a different location (where I had no problem buying the pancake mixes previously). I hope you can clarify for me.

  303. @Ann – Things thatt are not covered in the policy are left to the stores discretion. Target does reserve the right to set limits and states so in their ad- since the policy does not mention limits- it is up to each store to set the limit as they see fit. More and more stores are setting limits like these to prevent a bare shelf. hth

  304. Are you allowed to use a manufacturer’s coupon that was printed at walgreens and has their logo at Target? Thanks!

  305. Got a coupon for a $10 target gift card with any transferred prescription in the mail on Saturday. I just signed up for the target check card and a few days after the card came in the mail, I got the coupon! Since my prescriptions are on the $4 generic list, I will make $6! WHOOHOO!

  306. Not sure where to put this but I went to Target last night and they have lots of Tyson Anytizer wings, Chicken patties, chicken nuggets ect. marked down to 1.99. I came home and found 1.00 off anytizer wing coupons and .75 chicken strips. (I think the strips were 2.99) still a good deal after coupn. Also Jimmy dean cooked sausage links and patties are a 1.00 and there is a printable .75 off coupon. Great deal. I couldnt believe all the mark downs. Tyson meals are 1.99 too and even biggest loser dinners (some of them) 1.99.

  307. I don’t know if this is part of the Target coupon policy. Today I tried using my print out Target coupon for a clearance item and the cashier at Target told me I couldn’t use the coupon since my item is a clearance item. Is that true?

  308. Do you know if there is a way to print out coupons from the target website using an iPad? I do have an eprint printer. I have tried everything, however no luck. I even called target’s web tec and that individual was clueless. Thanks.

  309. I went to Target today and used the $1/1 oral-B floss coupon on floss that was .97. I had no problem with my cashier except she didn’t know how to mark down the price of the coupon to match the price of the floss so her manager showed her how. My mom was with me and was trying to do the same thing at another register but the guy said he couldn’t use the coupon since it was more than the price of the floss. My mom then went through a different line and that cashier had no problem doing it. My mom decided to go back to the guy and try it with one more coupon but he wouldn’t budge. She asked him to get the manager and she told him he could do it but then he said their policy changed while she was on vacation. I came home and looked at their policy online and it says that they can mark down the coupon price to match the price of the item. It seems other people are having the same problem. Doesn’t every store have to follow the policy that is on their website? I am confused as to how he was aware of the so-called policy change but the other cashiers were not and let us get the floss for free. I think this is poor management skills on Target’s part. I was able to get 10 free floss and have one coupon left to try. I hesitate to try it though because others have said they printed off the policy and showed it to cashiers and they just ignore it. At least now I know who’s line to avoid if I want anything free!

  310. Why do some of the coupons from the target coupon website say manufacturer coupon? Can i still use it with another manufacturer coupon?

  311. Betsy, you can’t stack 2 Manufacturer coupons.. if you look at the Target Coupon page on Totally Target you will see how Kerry has them all listed out : ). hope this helps!

  312. I just noticed that the fine print on some of the Target coupons read, “Limit one coupon or offer per guest.” or “Limit one coupon per transaction.”. Is this a new policy? I’ve been in some stores that allow four “like” coupons per transaction. Should we go by what the coupon says or what the store allows? All this is very confusing, and I just want to do the right thing about it.

  313. I wanted to know what state you are located? Just wondering for clearance items etc. I love Target and also your site! Thanks so much for all the information that you provide!

  314. @Alicia I am on the West Coast of FL outside Tampa- Kelley is outside Baltimore MD- but readers from all over the country submit clearance finds- they don’t always tell me where they are from. hth

  315. I don’t shop Target, too far to travel. But recently I made a list with all my coupons to match the Target printables online. I took my time to match all items together. Well, the cashier was so confused and made me feel terrible holding up a line, etc. After I was done, I had the hardest time reading and understanding the receipt. I later was told by the front manger Target only accepts one coupon, either theirs or the manufactured. It was pointless to argue, so I left defeated. Ex: got 2 milo w/mq and tq. wouldn’t accept mq, jello b3g1free, only used the mq and not the tq. What gives here? I am so hating Target but always read of everyone’s super deals!

  316. When I went to Target today, the cashier said their new policy was that each coupon needs to be presented with the item it is being used on. It was a bit of pain trying to match the coupons with the items on the belt, and caused quite a back up. Has anyone else experienced this? If it is just my store (Bellingham, WA), I will drive another 25 miles to the next store. Already drive 25 miles, what is another 25?

  317. Thank you soooo much!!!! This is so helpful to me as I’m new at this and know nothing!!!! 🙂

  318. @Krista- I have gotten that at my store, then I will go back again and another person does not request that. It is a pain, one time it took the person like 20 mins to check me out because of having to match the coupon to the items and on top of that she was on the phone with someone, it freaked me out, started thinking do they think I am doing something wrong. I went back in and asked and she told me no, that AP(Assets Protection) told them they have to do it this way. I still have it happen here and there but not all the time.

  319. I am wondering about the coupons that are printed off the Target website. The coupons all state ” Limit one offer per guest.” Even though I can print 2 can I only use 1 per visit? So confused! Thank you.

  320. Just curious, where are you located? It seems the prices at your Target are often much lower than mine.

  321. I am not able to print the target coupons from the printer due to something on my computer blocking the site… but I signed up for the coupons to be texted to me.. anybody use it does it work the same?
    Do you load it like the Kroger Card?

  322. Can I use black and white target coupons ???I ran out of color ink and I want to print my coupons before they’re gone???Help

  323. I recently bought a swimsuit that was a daily deal. I need to exchange it for a different size. Is there any way of doing this if it’s an item that is not carried in stores?

  324. I just purchased the Keurig 2 days ago.Tomorrow it will be offered with a $25.00 gift card. If I take in my receipt, will Target offer me the gift card? I know that many times they will honor a sale price if item is purchased within the last 7 days, but not sure if that applies to gift card offers

  325. I tried using a Target web coupon for $1 off “L’Oreal cosmetic item.” The picture on the coupon showed a bottle of foundation and a mascara. I wanted to use the coupon for a L’Oreal pressed powder that was in a compact. The cashier would not accept it as it was not in the picture. She then called a manager (?) who told me the coupon was only for what was pictured.

    I stressed it said, “L’Oreal cosmetic item” and that pressed powder was indeed a cosmetic item.
    The manager(?) told the cashier to “just accept it this once,” then turned to me and said, “Starting next month you won’t be able to do this anymore.”

    Do you know what she was talking about? Do the purchases have to match the pictures exactly?

  326. Hi
    I noticed on the Target coupons that I printed from the Target website states ” limit one coupon or offer per guest”. I was able to print more than one…. am I able to use them in one transaction or will they allow me to do more than one transaction.



  327. No – the wording on coupons is what they should be going by. Frustrating I am sure- esppecially with the manager basically agreeing. 🙁

  328. Hey Kerry, my name is Melissa..I have been a huge fan of your site for almost 2 years now. I am unsure how to contact you other than here. I have 2 YouTube channels, a beauty one (30plussome) and I have recently started a household channel (30plussomemore). I just finished my first video on “how to coupon”. I am doing a series for the household channel. I am writing to ask your permission to show your site on one of my videos so that I may walk my viewers through how to read the match-ups. I would not dare do this without your permission. I just want to teach them what you have taught me….and send them your way. If not, I will respect that decision. Thank you for your consideration. Melissa Pinkelton mnv645@yahoo.com

  329. How do you get on Targets mailing list to get coupons mailed to your home. Like Back to School booklets etc…

  330. I don’t know if this is the right place to leave a comment about the Rfizer rebate form, but I am hoping it is. I acutally had the form, purchased the products and was going to fill it out and mail in, but I can’t find it anywhere. Since finding this sight, it has literally changed my life. I am spending more time researching and working on saving $$. I have one kid in college and another will be there next year. Your sight has helped me so much, I can’t even tell you. Again, I hope this is the correct place for the comment. If not, can you tell me where I might get a copy of the rebate form?

  331. Last night I was at Target and was told by the cashier that every Target coupon states “Limit one coupon or offer per guest”….so I wasn’t able to get two of the same item using Target coupons. From all of the coupons I printed out from Target…it does seem to say that it is ‘one coupon or offer per guest.’ But the coupon policy states there is a limit of 4 identical coupons per household, per day unless otherwise noted on the coupon. Can you help explain this since this sounds confusing….

  332. The Digornio coupons don’t work and I tried all of them…can you help? You click on the link and it doesn’t bring you to the coupon.

  333. Hey guys- I am trying to verify whether DiGiorno are gone- but it’s not letting me change the zip at the moment. I’ll keep trying and update the post

  334. I don’t know where to post this. I was at Target today. Men’s Degree Dry Protection Deodorant (2 pack) was on sale for $3.80 (only the sport scent). It had a 1$ off peelie on the 2 pack making the each $1.40.

  335. I was wondering if anyone else was having the problem of printing off target coupons and there not being an expiration date? Also my coupons never want to print! 🙁

  336. i also noticed that some target coupons are not printing their expiration dates. cashiers won’t take them either.
    i think this is a glitch on targets end. hopefully they will realize it and fix it.

  337. Anybody Reporting getting TEXT messages to their phone stating their entry from last month has WON and to go to TargetWinner.com and enter a winning code? My internet search on this shows that it appears to be a scam. I don’t know if this is something you might want to alert your followers about? Just thought I’d pass it on as I received one of these text messages about 15 mins ago.

  338. I had a question about the Target coupons. If the coupon says “$2 off Tidy Cats Litter”, with a picture of a jug of tiday cats litter, does the coupon have to be used on the jug, or on any tidy cats litter product? The coupon doesn’t say a specific size, just the picture.
    Please help and thank you!

  339. Hey Jillian- to me wording ALWAYS trumps picture – ie they cannot possibly provide pictures of all different products in some brand families- so you follow the wording on the coupon. if there is no type, size, weight, specifics etc- it shoul dbe valid for ANY Purina Tidy Cats Litter. hth

  340. Hi, I’m a big fan of the site. It’s been really helpful to me since I’m a new couponer. I have a question, which is probably something obvious, but I’m not sure what. I was looking for Starbucks k-cup coupons in the data base and found some that have (IE) on them. What does that mean? I printed one and it just looks like a regular coupon to me, but I want to make sure I’m not missing something. Thanks for all you do!

  341. I posted this on the A Look at Target’s Low Price Promise page, but it doesn’t appear you may have seen it over there, so thought I’d bring my question over here instead. Thanks!

    Went to one of my local Target’s a few days ago to price match the sale that HT was running on Capri Sun, plus I had a Target Q for the item as well (which still would have made it more expensive than the HT sale price.) Anyway, CS at this particular store said they weren’t allowed to price match an item from a store that you had to use a “rewards” card to get that sale price. I didn’t know any better, so thanked her and went on my way. Went I got home, I looked up their policy, and the exclusion actually refers to “Paid membership club or paid loyalty programs (e.g. prices that require a club or loyalty card that is associated with a membership fee,)” like BJs or Sams, I’m assuming – we don’t pay for our rewards cards at HT, FL, Kroger, etc.

    I printed out their policy and went to a different Target to see what would happen, policy in hand, but this time CS honored it (plus their Target Q) no problem. Their policy doesn’t appear to include exclusions for places like HT, FL, Kroger, etc. in respect to free loyalty/rewards cards, so not sure where that came from.

    Kerry, have you run into this yet?

  342. I was at Target the other day and was wondering if anyone else had a similar situation with target lately.

    I went into target i had 2 $3/2 right guard body wash mfr coupons and 4 $1.50/1 right guard body wash target coupons. The lady at the register said “sorry we can only accept 4 coupons in one transaction for the same product” Then i said “but their not the same coupons 4 are target and 2 are manufacture they’re different im not exceeding my 4 coupon limit” so she called the manager over. manager says “actually you can use any of these coupons they are all counterfeit” I THOUGHT MY HEAD WAS GOING TO EXPLODE, THESE WERE NOT COUNTERFEIT! so i asked “why do you think these are counterfeit?!” she said “because coupons are like money the barcodes are all different and all of these barcodes are the same” so i said “the barcodes are supposed to be the same, its the QR codes that are different (which they were) and i pointed them out to her (except target coupons do not have QR codes)” she proceeded to call me a fraud and told me to leave. I believed this was completely uncalled for. I was only buying 4 items LEGALLY i am a good person. I called managment right when i got home and he didnt seem to care at all; he (word for word) said “well, what do you want me to do about it”. I will NEVER NEVER NEVER shop at target again. Being treated like a criminal for using a coupon is UN CALLED FOR.

  343. Over the past couple of months only part of my target coupons print an expiration date. This will happen on the same page too (2 coupons print with expiration date and 1 will not.) Anyone else have this issue and know a fix for it? I have a MAC and thought that it might be an issue even though I have updated everything. Frustrating when you have a great coupon and need to throw it out because they won’t take them.

  344. Kerry, i was wondering if it was possible (and if so, how) to use a target gift card on target MOBILE. This is the extension of target centered around cell phones.

  345. Hi there, Just started looking at your site and love it. Was just wondering what area you’re in. I’m in the San Diego area and went to 2 different Targets today, but they did not have the price cut for the Rogaine you have posted. From what the salesperson said, it sounds like the price cuts are a YMMV type of thing. Thanks in advance!

  346. Hey Leah- Thanks! I am in Tampa Florida. Sometimes PCs can vary by region yes most seem to be nationwide- althogh sometimes price cut prices & regular prices can vary too. But I am cusrious if you or the associate scanned to be sure? Althogh it is possible your area is not participating- sometimes it can just be a missing sign. hth!

  347. Thanks for responding so quickly! Yes, I scanned it. I’ve learned to scan everything at Target, I’ve often been pleasantly surprised 🙂 I plan to check another one tomorrow.

  348. Hey Leah- no they won’t do another store- only target.com & Ive already checked for you and it is not sold online (that particular product). However-Target stores will also price match certain online competitors including amazon. The price can fluctuate rather quickly- but right now amazon has same pack listed for $39.97 – so not too bad- only $2.xx more than the PC- heres the link to the product on amazon


    if you aren’t familiar with PMing at Target- can see my post here..
    hth & good luck!!

  349. HI Kerry-

    Question, do you know Target’s policy when you forget coupons? In the past, I’ve been able to go back up to (within a few days or so) with my receipt and the coupons I forgot, and they give me cash for the amount of coupons. I tried this the other day and was told I have to return within 24hrs of the original transaction.

    Aso, I haven’t been able to find clarification on the mobile coupons. They are NOT the same coupons as the printable coupons, correct? Target makes it seem like they are (instead of printing just bring your phone), but only 4 items come up on my phone which made me think they are not all the same coupons.

    Thank you for your hard work!

  350. Do all the printable Target coupons show up as mobile coupons? I am unable to print the target coupons and I installed the target app and signed up for mobile coupons but only a handful showed up. I need the other ones too. Any ideas?

  351. Do all clearance items drop down to 70% off? I know toys and clothes do, but what about baby items and cleaning supplies?

  352. Hello 🙂 i’m not sure if this is where I would ask a question or not but here it goes. I’m new to couponing and printed some target coupons out. one says “limit one coupon or offer per guest” does that mean I can’t join it with a manufacturer coupon?

  353. I have a seemingly silly question. if a coupon says it expires on, say, March 8th…does that mean it can be used on the 8th or only thru the 7th? I have adjusted my shopping days in the past to be sure I can use my coupon. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  354. Hey Debra a coupon is good up til the end of the day that it expires on. So if your coupon expires March 8th, then you have thru 11:59 pm on March 8th to use that coupon. hth. PS not silly ? at all imo 🙂

  355. So I know in previous trips to Target, I’ve used my Target coupons for 2 of the same (like 2 body washes). But when getting ready for this Target trip, I noticed they say “limit 1 coupon per guest”. Are they not supposed to be accepting the extra coupon then? Or are they following the “up to 4 identical coupons” that’s stated in their policy? Maybe this is a silly question, but I feel confused.

  356. Hey Monica- target printables have actually always said some sort of version of that statement. YOu may just not have noticed. That is why you see me only use scenarios with 1 target coupon. Re policy- the policy actually states limit of 4 unless otherwise stated. so if your coupons dont have a limit oyou can use up to 4, but if they do- the wording on the coupon trumps policy. hth

  357. Is anyone else having difficulties downloading the new coupon savings printer exe? It keeps saying my security settings won’t let me download it. I have read their recommendations to try to change my settings and it still won’t let me download the new upgraded version. Anyone have any recommendations?

  358. Hi Kerry, I need your help please or anyone that knows. How does returning a product at Target work if I bought the item with a coupon? I recently returned an item but only got back the amount that was taken off after the coupon. I figured I would have gotten back the amount of the coupon also, since Target would be getting reimbursed for the coupon. Am I right? Please help, thanks so much.

  359. Hi Allison- if it was a Target coupon- then you will not get that coupon value back since store coupons are not reimbursed to the store. If it was a manufacturer’s coupon then yes you are supposed to get the coupon value back because Target will be reimbursed that coupon value. hth

  360. Hi Kerry, I’m a big fan of the site and have been viewing for about 2+ years. I have a question, I have the bounce coupons to stack in order to get the sheets for free but all of the Target stores in my area are out? Is there another way to use these coupons to get the bounce fabric sheets for free? Please advise and Thanks for all you do!

  361. Hi Kerry – In regards to the Biotene gift card deal that you posted, I noticed on the Biotene.com site that there are 2 coupons – one for $2.50 off of 2 and another for $1.00 off of 1. I was able to print both of them 2x

  362. Does Kerry answer questions on this page? I left a question on March 14th and did not get a reply…unless I am looking in the wrong place. Someone please advise.

  363. I attempted to print about 12 coupons last week the process was taking so long I gave up. The next day I noticed 1 page had printed with 3 coupons. I attempted to print the remaining coupons but that are all marked “coupon already printed”. Is there a way to fix this. Also why is the expiration date not provided before you print?

  364. I was told today that some cashiers will not accept two Target coupons in one transaction – for separate items. (This was when I bought two pairs of flip-flops and used the two $2 off sandal TQs). Have you heard of this?

  365. Unable to load new Catalina printer that is required to print coupons. very upset about this. Have tried on multiple computers by multiple people. What’s up with this? Would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

  366. Hi,
    I have a question I just downloaded target mobile app and signed up for mobile coupons , i want to know do all the printable Target coupons are available on mobile too as mobile coupons as i can see only few of them on mobile?

  367. where can i get the catalina coupons? i searched for it but it always led me to some other website?

  368. i was wondering is the motts apple juice still 1.99 at target, can someone tell me!!

  369. Kerry, have you changed your email format? The last two days your email updates are different. I prefer the ones that give me the links and deal ideas rather than having to click through to your page. Thanks…

  370. when I get my Target mobile coupons on my phone – it says add to passbook – where is the passbook – where are my coupons going and where can is this mysterious passbook I can retrieve them from?

  371. So target mobile coupons can only be used once period?? I’ve been waiting for mines to reset or something but its been about 2 months

  372. Passbook is on your iPhone, should be on the 1st page. I find its helpful to keep all the Target mobile coupons in the same place

  373. I just got an android tablet (Nexus 2) but only have a simple “dumb” cell phone. Is there a way I can get Target mobile coupons on my tablet?

  374. I have a question on this target policy regarding coupons
    Limit of 4 identical coupons per household, per day (unless otherwise noted on coupon).

    So can I essentially use 4 of the same target coupon, on one item?

  375. Hi Candra- yes unless a coupon states otherwise in the terms. h=for example- all unilever coupons limit you to 2 per transaction. if there are no limits stated on the coupon you can use up to . hth!

  376. Hi, thanks for this basic guide on couponing at Target. There is a $1 off Loreal Paris Ever hair care item labelled Target Coupon on Red Plum 10/13. and Target Web coupon has $1 off Loreal Paries Ever hair care item. Does this means that both coupon are redeemable only at Target? Can I stack this coupons and get $2/1 ? Thanks for answering,

  377. Hi Bella- these are both target store coupons so you cannot stack them together- however you can stack one of the target coupons with a manufacturer’s coupon. you can find matchups listed on the Target COupon Page of my site. hth

  378. Do you know how many Target MOBILE coupons you can use in a single transaction? Not all of mine are coming off, and I contacted customer service and got conflicting answers. One person said that you can only use 4 mobile coupons in a single transaction, but I couldn’t find this anywhere on their website, and the other customer service rep said something completely different.

  379. if Target is having a gift card deal, can I also use coupons? Like if they have a buy two items of a product and get a $5 gift card. Can I also use the Target printable coupon? so, I would save with the coupon, plus get the $5 gift card?

  380. I received a message that the other day that Target was no longer doing the Daily Deals. Does anyone know if they are going to continue sending out the Target mobile coupons via text? Thanks!

  381. On the Aveeno Lotion Deal, you only list the deal scenario as using one Target Q, Could you use three Target Q to make it a better deal? Thanks in advance (newbie)

  382. Targets couponing website must of changed their format. When you right click the photo and look at properties, they are all the same. So how do you now figure out which are Target q’s and which are Manu q’s? (other than the wording)

  383. Hi Kerry!
    Not sure if anyone has asked this yet and hopefully I won’t ask in a too confusing way. I’m planning my shopping trip to purchase some clothing. I have a $5 off $25 Women’s apparel purchase (Xhilaration, Mossimo, Mossimo Supply Co.), a $5 off $20 Women’s apparel purchase, and a Target Mobile coupon for $3 off $15 Women’s apparel purchase. I know their policy is that your items have to match the description on the coupon and that if you are using more than one category/department coupon you have to meet minimum requirements for each coupon individually. It also states that you can only use one Target coupon per item. So, I’m wondering if you might know if I could use all three of those (I plan on spending at least $30 on the clothing), since it almost seems to contradict itself. Thanks and sorry for the lengthy question!

  384. Hi Amanda- it’s one Target coupon per item- so imo you would need to spend $60 on the items speciified within each coupon to use all 3. hth!

  385. HI EJ- yes ocasionally they come out with a few high ones but they are few and far between and WOOHOO on winning the HGTV contest! That’s awesome- congrats and thanks for the mention too! 🙂

  386. For the cartwheel deals, I notice that you don’t subtract paper coupons first. I read on the bottom of the printed cartwheel, % savings is taken AFTER all paper coupons are deducted.

    Gevalia Café Cups 30% off, in your senerio you took the 30% off the 10.99 price, but it should be taken off AFTER the coupons are deducted.

    at my store, they are sticklers for waiting on Cartwheel until AFTER all coupons are scanned, including phone coupons.

    Just checking on this. You can reply to my email address as I probably won’t see it here.

  387. Hi kerry- just quick question I tried to price match blu ray/dvd Planes this morning ang guest service told me I had to have the walmart ad stating the price but walmart doesn’t have an ad that I know of, and their online price is high. What can i do? TIA

  388. In search of a toy for Christmas…no Target stores around me have it in stock and I can’t order online. Would Target be willing to ship from one store to another? I want to be able to use coupons and gift cards I have….so I hate to go elsewhere.

  389. I have a question about the ” If you do more than one Gift Card Deal in a transaction you WILL receive both Gift Cards. ” does this mean like the Nexxus deal. I have 2-$5.00 coupons that I will use for the buy 2 get a gift card and also 2-$4.00 coupons to use. If I buy 4 of these products in the same transaction, will I get 2 of the $5.00 gift cards?

  390. I ran into this problem today… I go to Target about once every other week for deals! Made a $50.00 list (for $107.00 worth of stuff no less) then was told by a cashier that NONE of my internet printable coupons would be accepted. I told her to grab a manager and she walked a few lanes down and a group of people stared at my coupons for about 5 minutes… When she and the cashier came back the manager tossed 5 of my coupons ($5.15 off 1 purina cat food bag and $1.50 off 24 cans fancy feast) back at me and told me that they would take the rest except these… I told her I was confused as I went two weeks ago and used them… The fancy feast one even came from THEIR WEBSITE. She said they changed their policy. I pulled the policy up on my phone and read it to them and they still told me no! I have already sent an e-mail to their corporate office (waiting for a response)– I have never had an issue here before and I find it hard to believe that they would want to turn away money. I was embarrassed- and told them to take the dry cat food off my order as I did not want to pay full price for them- that is why we coupon… I’m hoping that a nice response from Target will come from the rather long e-mail I just sent them…

  391. I have a question… Sorry if you have answered it already!
    Can you get more than just 2 gift card deals in one transaction? I want to get the 5$ gift card on 4 of the gillette fusion razors, and another 4 on the venus razors with the 3.00 off coupons that I have… Can I do that or do I need to separate these into several different transactions?

  392. Kerry-Do you know much about the return policy without a receipt? I wanted to know if you hit the $70 limit if that is based on calendar year or one year after the first return without a receipt?

  393. i was wondering if there is a sale stating 2/$12. And i have a man. and a target coupon, that both say $1/1. can u i use 4 coupons?
    2- $1/1 target coupons + 2- $1/1 man. coupons.
    is this allowed?

  394. I have a quick question: Is there a way to tell at the price checker if an item is included in a gift card deal? It’s not always easy to hunt down an employee to check for me, and I like knowing before I get to the register. Thanks!

  395. Hi!
    I’m new to couponing and this is a great site! thanks for all the hard work u put in 🙂
    i had a question, pls help me out. Can I use a target gift card to pay for stuff that gives me a gift card again. Like the fiber one cereal deal giving 5$ gift card..can i do that using a target gift card of 5$ that i have from a previous day transaction?
    Thanks a ton!

  396. Hi Kerry,
    Question about the gift deal where you buy some many products you get a $5 gift card. I noticed that I went and bought for example 3 products for $10 each and I was charged $35. I was given a $5 gift card and paid $35 dollars. Is this right??? If I do still want the three products but don’t want to pay for the card can I decline it so I don’t get charged?? Thanks for your time in advance.

  397. Hi Kerry-

    I know you don’t get 5% off target gift cards or prepaid cards with your Target debit card, but do you know if you get 5% off if you buy the other gift cards such as Disny, itunes, or Olive Garden?

  398. If I purchase a giftcard product and get that card can I then immediately use it on another transaction or do I have to wait a certain amount of time?

  399. HI Katie- you can use it in the very next transaction. The only thing you can’t do is use a gift card in the same transaction you earned it in. hth

  400. Can you use a coupon on a free item? For example a buy 2 get 1 free sale, can I use 3 coupons or only 2?

  401. HI CHristina- against a sale item is a ymmv. usually the register will accept MQs- whether or not the cashier does or will is a ymmv. hth

  402. Do you know if Target would allow me to use a coupon along with a rebate check? The rebate check was issued for Purina Dog Chow, and is treated as a check at the register. Any advice would be great. Thanks!

  403. FYI, I did use the rebate check with coupons, and it was not a problem. The rebate check is handled at the end like a check, so it doesn’t affect coupon usage. That was awesome! 🙂

  404. Hello I am SO excited to find your site, it is so helpful. I have a question about the catalina coupon printer. I have gone through the process of trying to download it about 7 times for 3 days straight. I even tried on two different computers. It will say its installed successful. Once I try to print it will just prompt me to repeat the whole process. Does anyone have any suggestions? I’m so excited to start printing but just cant get it to work 🙁

    Thanks for any advice you can offer!

  405. Hi Teneya- unfortunately it is tricky for some people. I have not had an issue- but I can say that you may want to try completely deleting it first before you try reinstalling. You may also want to try using a different browser to print- so if you are trying thru IE try thru firefox & vice versa- hth & you get it worked out!

  406. Is Target now accepting competitor’s catalina coupons? I used a Shoprite one today by mistake and the cashier took it. I don’t know if she took it by mistake or because it is allowed now.

  407. How many times can you print the target coupons from their site. It only allowed me one before it said I had met my max.. i’m sure I have been able to pront before at least 3 times

  408. Hi, I have a quick question. Is there a limit of 2,on each specific gift card deal? For Example I want to do the Unilever Gift Card Deal. I was going to purchase (6) of the Clear and (6) of the Simple Facial Wipes. In this example would I get 2 Gift Cards? or 4?

    Thank you very much in Advance!

  409. HI Beverly- there is no set limit for gift cards earned in a transaction- but any store does have the right to limit what you purchase. That being said- the limitations fall on the coupons themselvves. Target has a limit of four identical coupons per visit- unless otherwise stated- and in this instance unilver brands have a limit of 2 identical coupons per person. so as long as you mix and match your coupons and products you should be ok. hth & makes sense

  410. I had a question regarding the handing over of coupons to cashier. So in the past I have always given the cashier my coupons at the end and last week I paid at customer service and the lady said I had to give her the coupons as she scanned each item. She said that was in their policy. So this is how she had me do it….. she would scan candy bag and then have me give her the coupons i had for that item, she would scan coupons and then move on to scanning my next purchase. I hope this makes sense. Is there a certain order for example, cartwheel, then manf. coupons, then target printable or mobile. I would greatly appreciate your thoughts. Thanks

  411. Is there a way to sign up for emails or blog updates to be sent through email? I see the feed option but didn’t know if that’s right. Thank you for all you do!

  412. In regards to the Target Mobile Coupons… like the current -1.25/1 Palmolive 25oz, if I purchased (4) bottles… Will the Target Mobile Coupon apply to all (4) items?

  413. Hello I have a question: can 2 target coupons be use at the same time? I have a $20/$50 target coupon and a $5/$25 Clorox products can I use both in the same transaction?

  414. Hi, I was at my Target today and they would NOT take my “MANUFACTURES COUPON” Stated right across the TOP of Coupon, that I printed out, BECAUSE it had in small print….(redeemable at Walgreens) on it. I asked “Since When?” They said they changed the coupon policy about a month ago, if it has another stores name on it they will Not accept it. I totally understood when it read…”Redeem at ______ Only”
    WELL, this is NEW to me! Is it just my cashier…(ahgrrrrrr!!) or it is a new thing now? HELP!!

  415. Hi, I have a question. I have a target red card and three coupons printed out. 15$ off 35$ purchase, 50% off laundry detergent, and 50% off paper item. Can I use them all together?

  416. Target seems to have multiple mobile coupons. I don’t always receive all texts. I was wondering if you could create a section with the key words to text to receive additional texts from target? Thanks so much for all toy do!

  417. New to doing gift card deals. Can the purchases be split over multiple transactions or does it have to be in same transaction? I purchased 2 Playtex Sport boxes yesterday and thought it was buy 2 get $5gc but was informed by cashier that it was purchase 3 for $5gc. Just wondering if I go purchase a 3rd on a different trans, would it trigger the gc. Thanks so much for any insight.

  418. HI Lisa- unfortunately it won’t keep track of your tansactions like that- you could try bringing your receipt up to GS with another box and explain the situation and perhaps they would do something for you. hth

  419. Hello!
    I am new to price matching at Target. I would like to price match 3 Tides (from CVS) using coupons. My question is will I still be eligible for the gift card that are advertised in the Target ad if I price match? I read the policy and that particular question doesn’t seem fully addressed. Thanks!

  420. Say I have two Target mobile coupons each with discounts on products I want; however, they both have the same product listed but for different discounts, one has $1/1 of the item the other has $.75/1 for the same item. Does it automatically use the higher value one? Does it matter the order I have the mobile coupons scanned? Can I buy two of the product and use both discounts? For example this week both SPRING and THANKS have wheat thins but they are different values. How does that exactly work when you scan the code? Hope my question makes sense!! Thanks

  421. Hi Sarah- the mobiles only apply to one item- so if you are only buying one- use the barcode for the value you want 1st
    if you buy 2 items it will take off one from each set.
    I am thinking you are talking about Wheat Thins coupons
    so if I am right & you buy 2 boxes of wheat thins
    and use both mobile bar codes- it will take a total of $1.75 off both- hth & makes sense.

  422. Hi my question is if i price match and item that is part of the gift card deal can i do both??


    Pantene shampoo priced match to online price
    part of but 3 get a $5 gift card

  423. I bought two Sunday papers for the inserts. However, I noticed that the inserts in both papers have the same barcode! Do you know if WA Target stores will allow me to use these coupons each on individual items in the same transaction?

  424. This will be my first Target shopping trip but am very familar with couponing but I wanted to ask…you say “If you do more than one Gift Card Deal in a transaction you WILL receive both Gift Cards” Does that mean if you do “x” deal and “Y” deal, you will get both cards or does it mean if you do 2 of “x” deals I’ll get both cards. For instance, one of the deals right now is a $5 GC WYB 3 Starbucks Kcups. If I bought 6 boxes, would I get a $10 GC? (Or 2 $5 GC?)

  425. My Target has told me that I have to scan my cartwheel LAST, after all Manufacturer and Target coupons. This is different than what you say above. I have looked for this information in Target’s online coupon policy so that I can print it out and take it to the store with me to show the associate. Can you help point me in the right direction? When Cartwheel is used last, I’m barely saving anything!

  426. Hi Carol- cartwheel is scanned last but it is calculated AFTER TQs and BEFORE Mqs. It doesn’t matter when they decide to scan it- the calculation stays the same. it always calculates the % after TQ & before MQ. hth

  427. HI beverly- yes you can get more than one GC and they come up separately- so for example- you buy 6 starbucks- after the 1st 3 go over the belt- the register will stop the cashier and prompt them to hand you a $5 GC. then the next 3 will gover the belt and once again the register will stop and prompt the cashier to hand you a second $5 GC and so on. you are awarded the GCs throughout the transaction as soon as the qualifying items have been scanned. hth & makes sense

  428. HI GIng- Target allows up to 4 identical coupons in a shopping trip unless they say otherwise. All insert coupons have the same bar code.

  429. Hi, I am newbie to couponing. reading the faq page has helped me a lot so far. I was wondering if anyone could explain how the badges work on cartwheel. how do you get them to unlock ?? isn’t there a way to share with your friends ??

    thanks in advance for any help :))

  430. Hi, just wondering what the little boxes are that can be checked on your site as you list the deals for the week. How does that work? can a list be made by somehow checking the deals I want to do? Thank you Rebecca

  431. Becca – yes! Just check the ones you want and then go to the bottom of the post and click on print my list – hth!

  432. I was wondering if anyone knew the typical cycle for sales on baby furniture. Need to buy nursery furniture, but don’t want to jump the gun if Target has a “known” cycle for good sales. Thanks for any input!

  433. Kerry, I have a question in regards to these purchase off specific dept. total qs ex. $50 off baby dept purchase. Its no clear on Target’s coupon policy, but would i be allowed to use a purchase $ off target q, plus target q for specific items plus mq?

  434. Hi! Smiths mailed me some coupons with Smiths logo at the bottom but says manufacturer coupon. I was wondering if you know if I can use it at Target. Thanks alot.

  435. Hi Gena- as long as they do not say redeem “only” at Smith’s you should be able to redeem elsewhere, including Target. Ultimately it’s a ymmv- but most stores will accept. hth

  436. Hello,
    I was wondering if you could help me with a problem. I recently upgraded to windows 8 and I cannot get the Catalina coupon printer to install. Do you have any ideas on how I can fix this? troubleshooting just says it is not compatible.
    Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

  437. Hey Ashley- have you tried installing using firefox? I have windows 8 on my laptop and use FF to print TQs. If you’ve tried using FFto install- then try IE. hth

  438. Is it true that when target offers a gift card u can only use on coupon with the offer. I bought the kids aqua fresh toothpaste which was buy 3 get a 5.00 gift card. I tried to use 3 coupons and was told because I was getting a gift card I couldn’t use my other coupons. I could only use one.

  439. Hi Ryan- not true- you should be able to use three. there is nothing in the terms or conditions that prohibits the use of coupons on a gift card deal. hth

  440. Thanks a lot Kerry! One thing I am still confused with the “maximum of 2 identical coupons” limit. Does that mean I can use 2 internet printouts and 1 newspaper insert?

  441. Hi Gena – yes- you could use 2 of printable & 1 of insert- you just cant use 3 insert or 3 printable if they have a limit of 2

  442. I love getting Target mobile coupons, but am not sure how to see which ones I have used. Can you tell me how I refresh the page or whatever I need to do? Thanks!

  443. Did the target gift card and coupon policy change? I was told that I can’t do both coupons and get the gift card when there is a gift card deal. I was told that I can either use the coupon to lower the amount or receive the gift card for that deal but that I couldn’t use coupons and then get the gift card as well. Was pretty bummed out since today was the first time I’ve heard of that at target.

  444. How can I figure out if my Target allows a MQ on a free item?

    DEAL IDEA: Buy 3 Tone Body Wash 18 oz PSA $2.99 = $8.97
    -$2.99 (one will be FREE with deal thru 6/14
    -$2 (use two $1/1 Tone Body Wash 18 oz+ or Bath Bar 6-pack+)
    = $3.98. ******If your store allows an MQ on the freebie,****** use 1 more
    -$1/1 Tone Body Wash 18oz+ or Bath Bar 6-bar pack+
    = $2.98 for 3 or .99 cents each after coupons and freebie

    Thank you for all that you do… This site is amazing and helpful.
    I have always loved Target but you guys make me love it more 🙂

  445. HI Kim- tysm – glad you enjoy the site. re your ?. You can ask ahead of time- or you can just hand the coupon over at the register and see if they will accept it. hth

  446. Hi All, buying a crib from target for over $200 for a friend on her registry, any tips on how I could get a coupon for it?

  447. HI Jessie- I would have asked for a team lead. What you were told s not described anywhere in the coupon policy.

  448. Could you please tell me the reviews about paypal account ?so that I get my cash in ibotta using paypal.

  449. Could you please tell me reviews about paypal account ?so that I get my cash in ibotta using paypal.

  450. Hi Suba- I have been using paypal for over 10 years- its basically a way of paying and receiving money without having to use a credit card. You need to sign up for an account and then link it to your bank account by identifying 2 small deposits they will make into your bank. Paypal does not draw funds from your bank though unless you actually transfer the funds yourself. You can only spend what you have in paypal. Once you get paid by ibotta into your paypal account- you can then transfer the funds to your bank account thru paypal. hth

  451. If the ad says buy 3 personal care items and receive a $5.00 gift card, is there a limit? Can I buy 6 and get two $5.00 gift cards?

  452. @Melissa- yes you can
    Target has the right to reserve quantity- but the register will allow it if they do
    just keep in mind T has a limit of 4 identical coupons per shopping trip. hth

  453. How does totally target know the preview for Target weekly ad? How do you get to know the inside info so early?

  454. I was told at my local Target store today they they do not accept coupons.com coupons because they have trouble getting reimbursed. The cashier took the coupons but said in the future they won’t. I’ve used then there all the time so I asked her when that changed and she said it’s always been that way just a lot of cashiers didn’t know so they took them. I don’t see this in the coupon policy but do see they have the right to refuse any coupons. They were legitimate not copies our anything like that. Anyone else had this trouble? I don’t want to go back because I’m afraid I’ll have to abandon a cart of groceries if they refuse my coupons.

  455. I went to target today and used 2 Dove B1G1 coupon, and gave the cashier the $5 off $15, and he said I can’t use the target coupon with the 2 coupons, but I’ve used MQ and TQ together before with no problem.

  456. I am looking to price match a stroller from Amazon.com at Target. Do you know if I can PM even though the Amazon and Target don’t carry the same colors? The product is the exact same, the color choices are just different. Thanks!

  457. Does anyone know if target will accept a $5 off $30 coupon if the item purchased is $29.99?

  458. Hi Casey – the register needs to see $30 if you are going to use the coupon- add in a pack of gum or something small to use it. hth

  459. Hi me and my wife use coupons and combine them with gift card deals to save more. Been doing more than one transaction for months and out of nowhere today we were told that the gift card cannot be used on the same day or next transaction and that it is store policy. I need help in showing in black and white that there is no such policy or is there? Pls help thank you in advance…

  460. Hi Ray- it is nowhere in black and white and the register will allow it- so prevention is purely human intervention. The only thing the register won’t do is allow you to use a GC in the same transaction you earned it in but it doesn’t sound like that is what you are trying to do. If you have already discussed this with the store manager and he/she has put this policy into effect- you can inquire as to why and call corporate. But even then I cannot guarantee they will be able to change your situation. hth

  461. Does anyone know if the mobile coupons or even cartwheel will allow you to buy 2 like items and receive the discount on both items? For example if i have a deoderant mobile coupon for .25 and cartwheel has 5% off, can i use those both if i buy 2 deoderants? Thanks for clearing it up for me?

  462. Hi Jadi – mobile coupons only apply to one item, most cartwheels will apply to up to 4 of the same item in one transaction. So the mobile would apply to one and the Cartwheel would apply to both unless the cartwheel states a lower limit. hth!

  463. In what order should you use stacks? Does it matter if you use man q’s first or should you use mobile or cartwheel?

  464. I noticed you stack printable Target coupons that are no longer available in this week’s weekly ad matchups (Market Pantry lunchmeat, for example). How do you figure out what to print ahead of time? Do you just print them all? How do you know when new ones come out so you can get those but not reprint all the others?

  465. Hello,
    I was wondering if Target would be doing a B3G1 on up & up like they had last summer? I started doing Target bargains last year and am hoping this is a yearly deal.

    Thank you,

  466. Hi Stacey- unfortunately I have no idea what will disappear and what won’t – but I include in my matchups for those who printed. I do print them all – but only for the sake of being able to list details for readers. But personally I always print the ones I know I may use for things I like. For example we love the market pantry string cheese around here- and I always print my max. Ibide my time – hoping for a sale while they are still valid. hth

  467. I was wondering in order to get gift card with $30 purchase can I get it if total is $29.98 before tax & coupons or does it have to be = or > $30.00 thanks!

  468. Wasn’t sure where to post this, but my store had small piles (5-10ish) of coupon booklets at open registers this morning. Store was the Columbia Heights store in DC.

    All q’s expire 8/9:

    $1 off fresh vegetable purchase of $1 of more

    $1 off fresh fruit purchase of $1 of more

    $2 off fresh meat purchase of $20 of more

    $1 off Archer Farms or Market Pantry purchase of $2 or more (excludes dairy items)

    $1 off Simply Balanced purchase of $2.99 or more

  469. Hello. I have a question… I don’t know if I completely understand the coupon policy. I know that one Target coupon, one manufacturer’s coupon, and one Cartwheel offer can be combined per item. What if I have a mobile coupon? Does that count as my Target coupon, or can I use it with a paper TQ, MQ, and Cartwheel? Thank you!

  470. Q: I have an online code for Target pharmacy rewards. Can I use it multiple times in the same day. I know the instore card can be used multiple times on the same day.


  471. I’m trying to get the tide deal right now and they’re out of tide 75oz so I’m wondering if anyone knows when they restock or get more in store by??

  472. I’m wondering if it’s possible to stack Target printable coupons and mobile coupons, or are they both just considered Target coupons?
    The scenario I’m hoping for is like this –
    Buy a bunch of crayola products to be able to use the $2/$10 printable coupon twice
    Buy a couple of other school supplies products to bring total up to $25 (including a couple of manufacturer coupons and carthwheel offers, but I’m not worried about those)
    Use the Spend $25 on school supplies, get a $5 gift card mobile coupon.
    Do you think this would work?

  473. HI Rachel- they are both threshold coupons and cannot be combined that way- you would have to spend $35 to use both coupons. hth

  474. Hi I was wondering how many target coupons combined with manufactured coupons could you use per transaction

  475. HI Sarah- if you are talking about identical coupons- there is a limit of 4 unless the coupon states otherwise. many TQs limit you to one identical per guest- so in that case you would be limited to one. hth.

  476. hello i wanted to ask on how to use my coupon.
    i have a coupon that is buy two and save $2 and the store has a deal of buy one get one free i want to know how many items do i get to make my coupon count?

  477. Hi Nancy- it will be a ymmv- meaning there is no set rule in black and white- so as long as it is an MQ – your store may allow you to just buy 2 and use the Q, some stores may make you buy 3- so if they do you are better off buying 4, getting 2 free and using the Q on the 2 you have to pay for. hth & makes sense.

  478. can you tell me if i have a target mobile coupon that says $2/1 product and I want to purchase 4 of those will it deduct $8 ($2 for each product) or will it only allow me to use the $2/1 coupon once?

  479. Hi, I understand most Target q’s are only allowed to be used once. Does that mean once per transaction, once per day or something else?

  480. I work for Target. We get trucks Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Sometimes we get Saturday trucks, but not every week, until Christmas time anyways. I can’t remember what day the food trucks get in though. I think it’s the beginning of the week, maybe Sunday or Tuesday but I’m not positive and that may be different store to store.

  481. Hi, I was wondering if you know when Target usually starts to put their back to school items on clearance? Thanks?

  482. I bought some bounce sheets and I forgot to use my target mobile coupons. Can I go to customer service ans get it adjusted? Thank you

  483. Hi AImee- many stores will let you do what’s called a missed coupon if you bring you receipt and the coupon up to guest services. But most will only do if it is within 3 days. hth

  484. Hi Kerry, I printed the Cartwheel barcode that can be used to purchase 4 Room Essential lamps but only purchased 2 lamps today. The cashier gave me back my barcode printout. Can I purchase 2 more lamps tomorrow with the same Cartwheel barcode?

  485. To clarify, I meant Cartwheel discount of 20% off Room Essential lamps. I want to buy 2 more lamps to get another 20% off tomorrow if the Cartwheel discount is still there.

  486. Hi Lela- you can use the same cartwheel up to 4 times in one transaction up to 6 times a day, every day. So let’s just say for ridiculous example you want to buy 96 lamps. You can buy 4 lamps in one transaction and use your cartwheel. you can then buy 20 more lamps that same day, doing 5 more transactions buying 4 lamps in each transaction. You can then repeat this same scenario every day for the next 3 days until you have purchased 96 lamps total. hth & make sense

  487. Hi Erin- look for the little print icon- looks like a tiny green computer- it will bring up a list that you can just delete what you don’t want off of it. hth

  488. Hi. If I redeemed a mobile coupon, will it keep track? I thought I used one before and it said redeemed, but I think there is a coupon I’ve used, but it’s not showing as redeemed. Thanks!

  489. Looking at the tidy cats deal. Where do I get the $10.00/$40and $5.00/2 coupons. I looked in my inserts. I am confused.

  490. Hello all,
    I was wondering if someone could help me.
    I wanted to buy herbal essences shampoo yesterday morning with the bogo coupon that expired yesterday, but the shelf was already cleared by the time I got there.
    And I keep hearing rumors that although target corporate policy states that they do not accept expired coupons, some stores have begun to accept them within a reasonable time frame (usually 7 days). Does anyone know if there is any truth to this?
    Could I still use the coupons today if they have more shampoo in stock? Is this a ymmv?
    Thanks in advance from San Antonio, TX.

  491. Hello,

    Which coupons should be scanned first, the target or the manufacturers? I’ve been given a hard time about certain coupons because after using the manufacturers my total didn’t meet the required amount for the target coupon. My understanding is that it has be the correct total before any coupons are scanned and that target coupons should be scanned first because store discounts are applied first. Just need clarification.

    Thank you.

  492. How can I print my shopping list? I usually have to print the Target list from pocketyourdollars.com because they have a box to check after each deal and then prints just the deals I want. I use your site everyday and would like to print it from your site. TIA

  493. Hi Sally- look for a print friendly icon (looks like a little green computer) icon in the very bottom right corner of each post. You can click on that and then just click on the things you want to get rid of to print any post. hth

  494. hi i have a coupon that says limit 1 per purchase and max of 2 identical. so would that mean i can use 2 identical coupons for 1 item.

  495. Hi. I’m new to couponing so this may have been answered. How many identical MQs can I use at target? Is it up to 4?

  496. Hello I’m new at couponing and I’ve been printing coupons and this is new to me, are the coupons unique that you print? The reason I ask is bc I use the right amount of coupons, but ink is expensive… Thanks for all that you do…

  497. HI LIsa – yes the coupons are unique- and should never be copied.
    Ink is expensive- however you may want to make sure you are not printing at best quality. ie some printer’s draft settings are clear enough that a coupon will scan and uses a lot less ink/. try printing one coupon you are going to use- using your printer’s draft setting. if it scans- then that’s how I would print all your coupons as it uses a lot less ink. hth

  498. Hi Kerry,
    I have a question about Target’s price match policy that I hoped you could answer. I just had one of the worst couponing experiences of my life at Target. I wanted to price match a Nivea lotion to Walmart and was told I could only do that at guest services. I got to guest services, and the cashier told me that she couldn’t price match and give the gift card. I told her it was my understanding that she could price match only one item if the other items were identical but it had nothing to do with receiving the gift card. She insisted that I was wrong, I said fine I wouldn’t do it at all and turned to cash out at in the aisle next to guest services.
    She then told me I could ring up my other items with her, but I said no thanks, I’d rather go to the other cashier. I completed my check out, and realized that the 2 nivea coupons and the 2 gift cards I’d been planning on using were gone. The sweet cashier offered to check with the girl at guest services (who by the way was literally less than 2 feet from me), and the guest services cashier told her she ripped up the coupons and threw the gift cards away! To make a long story short, I pretty much lost it. It was completely obvious that she did this because she was angry I didn’t agree with her. It was so petty and malicious. I rarely lose my temper, if a deal doesn’t work out I move on, but this really did me in. I was in tears by the time I left I was so angry and I’m pretty sure I’m not letting this go until I get an apology.
    I have scoured Target’s price match policy myself and I am not finding anything that validates her claim that I can’t price match AND get a gc. Any insight you have would help:)

  499. I have a question. I have a mfq that is b1g1 free for any Pedigree Dog Treats . I also have a b1g1 free Target coupon for the same items. Can I use both coupons the mfq and the Target coupons and get them for free?????

  500. I’ve browsed a bit but can’t seem to find this already being asked. Can I get more than 1 gift card for the same deal. Ex: buy 10 meal essentials, get $5gc. Can I buy 20 and get 1$10gc?

  501. Hi! When you try to price match with Amazon, I understand that it has to be fulfilled by amazon and not a third party. However, if it says amazon prime but it is still fulfilled by amazon, will they not price match? I have price matched before and it said prime but they wouldn’t today. It wasn’t a daily deal or anything. Amazon prime is just for the 2 day shipping. Just curious! Thanks!

  502. Hi Kerry, First let me say “Thanks for all you do to help all of us save money” I’m sure this has been asked many times already, my question is if I order from the service desk and have the items delivered to someone, can I use coupons, cartwheel and get the gift card? Thanks again, Cheryl

  503. Hi Cheryl,
    I am not positive what you are asking but if you are asking about completing an online transaction you will not be able to use coupons and cartwheels. If I am not understanding what you are asking please feel free to leave another comment.

  504. Hi Kerry,

    For the $10 gc on the $40 purchase coupon, can I use the one in the ad and then the mobile one on a separate transaction? I didn’t know if they would honor both since I would be doing one transaction after another. Thanks!

  505. Does anyone have the Target Debit card? Pros/cons? I am thinking of getting one and wondered if it is worth it.

  506. I use the target cartwheel all the time. I have unlocked 8 badges. I have not been able to unlock the social saver despite reviewing every one of my friends cartwheels. Is there a step I am missing?

  507. I saw that there are two cartwheel deals available that overlap. One for 25% off all C9 outerwear and one for 25% off mens outerwear. Can I use both if I buy a men’s C9 jacket (or something similar) ?

  508. Hi Miranda- I am not quite sure how that would work- but my guess would be that it would take off one or the other. but lmk if you discover differently!

  509. I just got my Target sales paper for 1/31 to 2/6, while almost everything in it is exactly as is listed on the website, there are a couple items (just so happens to be the ones I wanted to buy) where the price you have is not what is in my sales paper. For instance, my paper has sodas on sale for 4/$11, while the online version has 4/$10. Is this a regional thing?

  510. For the current coupons of $25 GC with $150 in baby how does the $150 in baby sales add up? Is it $150 prior to manufacturing coupons but after cartwheel and target coupons? or $150 prior to manufacturing, cartwheel and target coupons?

  511. HI Beth – $150 before any cartwheels MQs or TQs. JUst have to meet the $150 and then the $25 GC TQ comes off first. hth

  512. this is my first time on your page and actually my first time trying to use coupons and on the page with the target special of free $15 gift card with the purchase of diapers/wipes $75 or more I looked at the links for the coupons that could be used with this promotion and saw a $3 off pampers coupon and clicked on the link but not able to find it. Could you please tell me how I could get that coupon.

  513. Hi Kobe- unfortunately printable coupons can disappear quickly – especially at the first of the month. There are some $3/1 coupons in this week’s 4-3 P&G, but there are also some $1.50 off printables at the same link as you tried earlier. Not as good of a deal but still a nice savings aftr stack. hth

  514. What is going on with catalinas or lack thereof in the DFW area? I recently realized that I haven’t got any of them in several weeks when I cleaned out my coupons. Last night I asked the cashier about them and she says when she thought about it she hasn’t seen any print out for awhile. I did see your note on some deals where a catalina wasn’t available in several cities, DFW being one of them.

  515. Hi Carrie- I know that DFW has been excluded recentyl and I believe they are trying to get DFW back into the fold. HOpefully it will be sooner than later. SOrry that it’s been excluded I am surre it must be a bummer

  516. Will Target allow more than one threshold coupon in the same transaction? For example, the $5 off $30 coupon combined with the $1 off $5 market pantry mobile coupon.

  517. I have two Catina’s both $2.00 off (15) cans of wet “Purina Beyond” dog food.
    Do have to buy 30 cans to use both at same time or will it take off $4.00 for
    15 cans?

  518. Cashier declined coupon on clearance item a Target. She told me Target does not accept coupons on clearance items. I do not see anything in their policy about this Ay answers?

  519. Hope someone can help me! This week’s sale is buy $50 in groceries and get $10 GC. There is also a deal on Tysons Chicken for buy (2) get $5 GC. If I purchase (4) Tyson’s plus a few other items to make it to the $50 threshold can I still get a $5 GC for every (2) bags of Tyson’s purchased and the $10 GC for purchasing $50?

    Just want to add that I love your site!! I have save so much and I’m recreating a new stockpile thanks to the previews on this site.

  520. Thanks for responding Kerri :=) Well, I went to target today and my total was $52. After coupons, cartwheel and gift cards from last a previous purchase my out of pocket was $34.83. My total gift card received were, $10 for meeting the $50 for the grocery deal and (3) $5 GCs for the purchasing 6 Tyson’s.

    All was well and the cashier was impressed!

  521. Do you know what the OCT Target Beauty Box looks like? And when exactly does it come out? I seem to always be too late.

  522. The Target on South Regal in Spokane will not accept printed manufacturer’s coupons, even if they are manufacturer’s coupons printed from the target web site. I spoke with the customer service desk at the store and the customer service rep spoke with her manager via a radio. He said this is a new target policy. I checked with Target on line and the person I chatted with said that was not a Target policy but the individual stores can set their own policy and Target will back up the store. I will not be shopping at that Target anymore which is too bad since it is the closest location to my house

  523. Kerry, is there such a thing as “regional” cartwheel offers?? The No Yolks offer you posted today does not exist on my cartwheel.

  524. Hi IG – yes sometimes they are only available in certain regions. They changed most of them to show up as exclusives for individual users – however every now and then there will be a cw not marked as sucjh but not everyone will be able to see it. Sorry you can’t see this one.

  525. Hi Kerry. I have a stack of the target gift cards ($5 and $10 dollar ones from buying certain items in store). Can I use them all at once on a large purchase?


  526. HI Kimberley – in stores I bbelieve there is no limit – however I do think there is a limit of 4 gift cards as payment online. hth!

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