Listerine PocketPaks 24-Count 49¢ w/Q

I always love to scope out the Travel section to see what I can find. Yesterday I noticed these Listerine Cool Mint 24 ct. PocketPaks. If your store carries them there are several coupons that are valid on this size: 

Listerine PocketPaks $1.49 (Regular Price)
-.50/1 Listerine PocketPaks 24ct + 03-07-10 RP
-.50/1; $1/1 Listerine Pocketpaks, 24 Ct. 01-03-10 RP x1/11
-.50/1; $1/1 Listerine Pocketpaks 24 ct.+ 10-18-09 SS x6/30
-.50/1; $1/1 Listerine PocketPaks 24 Ct. + 06-14-09 SS x5/31

If you got the $1/1 in your inserts you will pay only 49¢ after Q. If you only have the .50/1 it will be .99 cents each but it is still cheaper to buy this product rather than the typical Listerine PocketPaks Product. Target carries a 3-pack 24 ct PocketPaks for $3.99. If you minus the .50/1 that makes it $3.49. Now divide that by 3 since there are three 24 ct packs and that = $1.17 each as opposed to .99 cents each.

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Free Airwick Freshmatic Ultra at Target After Qs

I was so happy to find a new Price Cut on the Airwick Freshmatic Ultra iMotion today. It is down to $6! This means FREE Airwick after coupons!

Airwick Freshmatic Ultra iMotion Starter Kit $6.00 (Price Cut until 4/10)
-$5/1 Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra i-Motion Starter Kit, any – 03-07-10 SS x4/18
-$1/1 Air Wick I Motion Starter kit Target Q PRINT x4/3
= FREE after both Qs!

The Airwick Scented Oil Starter Kit is also on Price Cut for $6 but will cost you $1 after Qs:

Airwick Freshmatic Scented Oil iMotion Starter Kit $6.00 (Price Cut until 4/10)
-$4/1 Airwick scented oil i-motion starter kit – 03-07-10 SS x4/18
-$1/1 Air Wick I Motion Starter kit Target Q PRINT x4/3
= $1 after both Qs

*Some Price Cuts do vary by region but not all stores always have signage- so price check your items to be sure.
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Special Purchase: B2G1 FREE Ore-Ida Products

There is a new Special Purchase Deal Going on at Target. I am not sure if this will be regional or not but wanted to report so you could look for the same.

The price points I found at my store were all between $2.44 and $2.50 & valid until 4/3. Anything 20 oz or over is included – the Steam n Mash, Tater Tots, Hashbrowns, and Fries. There are only a couple Qs out right now that I know of:

-$1/1 Ore-Ida Steam & Mash PRINT
-$1/2 Ore-Ida Frozen Potatoes (20 oz. or larger), Any – All You, Feb 2010 x3/31

But this can get you a nice deal on the Steam & Mash:

Buy 2 Ore-Ida Steam & Mash ($2.50 each) = $5.00 and get a 3rd Free.
-$2.00 (use two $1/1 Ore-Ida Steam & Mash PRINT)
= $3.00 for all 3 or $1 each after Qs

UPDATE: Keep your eyes open for peelies on the Ore-Ida for 50¢ Off Ground Beef wyb 2 Ore-Ida Products – Thanks Nicki!

*Note- some stores may allow you to use a coupon on the Free item- though it will be a ymmv. If your store allows it- it will be an even better deal.

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Dial Nutriskin Hand Soap for 2¢ After Qs!

Woo Hoo! I was thrilled to find the Dial NutriSkin Hand Soap selling for $1.37 at my store! After the following 2 Qs I paid 2¢ for it! Gotta Love it! 🙂

Dial NutriSkin Hand Soap $1.37 (regular price)
-$1/1 Dial Nutriskin Target Coupon PRINT x4/17
-.35/1 Dial Liquid Hand Soap 3-07-10 RP
= 2¢ After both Qs!

I was still unable to find the body wash or the bar soap- but I’ll keep my eyes open for it. If anyone sees it and has a price check for me that would be great!

There was also a $1/3 denomination for the Dial Handsoap in the 3-7 RP, but the Target Q carries the one per transaction wording- so it will be a ymmv if you can use more than 1 TQ in a transaction. Even if you did not get the MQ in your inserts- 37¢ handsoap is a good deal!

*Keep in mind some Prices may vary by region- you may find it higher or lower at your store. This item may not be available at all stores yet.
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New Lower Price on Dove Ultimate Bonus Packs

Sarah Jane just sent me this picture showing a new lower price on the Dove Ultimate Bonus Packs. They come with a 2.6 oz size Deoderant and a 1 oz Size Bonus Body Mist Spray. They are now $3.29 and there is a $2/1 Printable HERE making it $1.29 after Q. She found them on one of the racks that hang off the sides of an endcap.  -Thanks Sarah Jane!

*Some Products & Prices vary by region but I hope you find the same too! 
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Clearance Alert: Scotch Lint Rollers 50% Off

Dawn let me know that she found certain Scotch Lint Rollers on 50% clearance at her store.

There is the following Q that you may want to bring with you in case you find the same:

$1/1 Scotch Lint Roller, any – 01-24-10 SS x3/31

Dawn picked up the full-sized 30-sheet Scotch Lint Roller (on clearance for $1.08) for just 8 cents after Q!

Also- if you don’t find the clearance going on at your store- Target sells the Mini Lint Rollers shown here for $1.49 (regular Price) and there are no exclusions on the Q- so you can pick up a mini to tuck in your purse for .49 cents after Q.

-Thanks Dawn!

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Herbal Essence Hydralicious 84¢ w/Qs as of 3/14

In this Sunday’s Red Plum Insert some of you can expect to find a $1/1 Herbal Essence Shampoo, Conditioner or Styling Product. There is also a BOGO Herbal Essence Q still valid as well which will make for a nice deal on this product.

Herbal Essence Hydralicious Shampoo & Conditioner $2.68
-$1/1 Herbal Essence Shampoo, Conditioner or Styler 3-14-10 RP
-B1G1 FREE Herbal Essences styling product wyb HE shampoo, conditioner or styling product, Any – 02-07-10 PG x3/31
Buy 1 HE Hydralicious Shampoo & 1 HE Styler, use the B1G1 Q to get the Styler free and the $1/1 to pay $1.68 for both or .84 cents each.

Some of you may not find the $2.68 price but typically I believe most stores sell quite a variety of the HE Hair Care for $2.99, so worst case scenario you will pay around $1 each wyb 2 after Qs. You will have until 3/31 to do this deal- that is when the 2-7 P&G will expire.

Insert Qs do vary by region- but if you don’t receive it in your paper- you can always use a clipping service. I believe Virginia from My Coupon Hunter will have the $1/1 Qs available probably tomorrow or Saturday, and she still has the B1G1s in stock as well.

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Price Match or Good Deal at Sprouts on Cuties

This will be pretty regional- but for those of you in parts of the Southwest- if you find the $1/1 Cuties Q in your inserts on Sunday there is a nice deal to be had. You can bring in the Sprouts ad (usually found in your paper) to Target and Price Match. Sprouts has the Cuties 5lb Box on sale for $2.99 (started today), use the $1/1 Q and pay $1.99 a box. Sprouts accepts Qs as well so you can just head on over there if you’d rather!
                                       -Thanks Rachelle!

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Cheap Degree Men, Degree Girl & Suave w/Qs

 The new printable coupons HERE from Don’t Fret the Sweat make these two varieties of Degree Deoderant quite cheap! 

Buy 2 Degree Girl Just Chance Deoderant $2.34 (regular price)
-$3/2 Degree Girl Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant HERE
= 84¢ each after Q wyb 2 

Buy 2 Degree Men Invisible Stick $2.34 (regular price)
-$3/2 Degree Men Invisible Solid & Deodorant HERE
= 84¢ each after Q wyb 2

 Re. Suave- my store only sells the single Suave deoderants in the smaller size (Q is only valid for 2.6 oz size), but they and many other Target Stores sell a twin pack of two 2.6 oz size Suave Deoderants- which will make for a pretty nice deal as well:

Buy 2 Suave 24-Hour Protection 2.6 oz Twin Pack $2.94
-$3/2 Suave 24 Hour Protection Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant HERE
= $2.88 for 2 Bonus Packs or like paying 72¢ per deoderant.

If anyone finds the single 2.6 oz Suave at their store- please get a price check for me. 🙂
*Keep in mind some Prices may vary by region- you may find it higher or lower at your store.
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Gillette Shave Gel & Body Wash $1 Each after Qs

I know many of you have said you were unable to find the smaller size Gillette Body Wash that has been selling for $1.79 – $1.99. I know the following deal is not free- but it still makes for some cheap shave gel & body wash with the new price cut and coupons if you still can’t find the smaller size.

Buy 1 Gillette Fusion Hydra Gel $2.99 (PC until 3/20)
Buy 1 Gillette Body Wash Your Choice
-$1/1 Gillette Fusion Pre/Post Shave Product 3-07-10 PG x4/30 or 2-7-10 PG x3/31
-B1G1 – FREE Gillette Body Wash wyb Fusion Shave Prep, Any ETS- 02-21-10 PG x3/31
= $1.99 for both the Shave Gel & Body Wash or $1 each after Qs

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