Scotch Magic Tape 17¢ After Coupon Thru 8/14

So sometimes I have a hard time believing a coupon unless I see it. But I was happy when I opened my Smart Source Insert this morning that the $1/3 Scotch Magic Tape, was in fact off individual rolls, and not the boxed 3-pack tape it usually is. There was also not one, but two $1/3 coupons, which will let you pick up Scotch Magic tape for .17 cents a roll after coupon thru 8/14.

Scotch Magic Tape .50 (Sale thru 8/14)
-$1/3 Any Rolls of Scotch Magic Tape 8-8-10 SS x11/19
= .50 cents for 3 after coupon or .17 cents each wyb 3

UPDATE: Watch how your coupon scans for these. I just heard from Leanne, whose coupon scanned at .50 cents when she bought 3. This seems to be a recurrent problem that happens at many stores, and not just on this coupon. At times, the register CANNOT seem to differentiate between a coupon that is off multiples anda coupon that is off 1 item. If the items you are buying are individually less than the total coupon amount, it will only take the price for 1 item off and you will need for them to manually correct it. 🙁

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Super Coupon Stack on Cesar Treats Starting 8/8

There will be an awesome coupon stack on Cesar Treats starting tomorrow with a new Q set to appear in the 8-8 Red Plum. There will be a BIG $2/1 Cesar softies Treats and there is a $1/1 Target Coupon still valid to stack it with. Prices can vary by region, but these treats were lowered in price about a month ago in some stores, including mine, down to $2.99 making them free after coupon. 😉 

Cesar Softies Treats $2.99 (Regular Price)
-$1/1 Cesar Treats Target Coupon 5-23-10 RP x8/30
-$2/1 Cesar softies Treats 8-8-10 RP
= FREE after coupon

*If you don’t get the $2/1 coupons, or you are missing the Target Q, there are other options. Virginia at My Coupon Hunter has both of these coupons in her inventory right now, and you can also search for coupons on eBay as I see many auctions for the TQs and for the MQs.

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New Campbell’s Chunky Soup Printable Coupons

Campbell’s has finally added some new coupons up on their site HERE. Now you have a new stack that will get you $1 off each Soup.

The Campbell’s Chunky Soups are about $1.89 at my store, so .89 cents after coupon.

Here is a list of the new Qs on the Campbell’s site:
.50/1 Can, Microwaveable bowl or Healthy Request Campbell’s Chunky Soup HERE
$1/2 Cans, Microwaveable bowls or Healthy Request Varieties of Campbell’s Chunky Soup HERE
$1.50/3 Cans, Microwaveable bowls or Healthy Request Varieties of Campbell’s Chunky Soup HERE
$2/4 Cans, Microwaveable bowls or Healthy Request Varieties of Campbell’s Chunky Soup HERE

You can stack them with the following Target coupons:
.50/1 Campbell’s Soup (Select Harvest or Chunky) Target Store Q PRINT x8/28
.50/1 Campbell’s Soup (Select Harvest or Chunky) Target Coupon Back to School Mailer x8/28

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New $1/2 Bic Stationary Products Printable Coupon

If you are lacking the insert coupon found in a recent Smart Source, you are in luck as there is a new Bic Printable up on I see it at zip 90210 inc case you don’t: -$1/2 Bic Stationary Products PRINT

-Thanks Coupon Katarina!

This can be stacked with a $1/2 Bic Target coupon that is still available to print if you haven’t yet. (I believe the $1/1 is now gone off the Target Site). With a stack, you can pick up free pens right now and super cheap Wite Out.

Bic Stic Grip 7 ct Easy Glide Ball Point Pens .99 (Regular Price)
Bic Cristal Easy Glide 10 ct Ball Point Pens .99 (Back to School Running Sale)
Bic Wite Out Correction Fluid $1.27 (Regular Price)
-$1/2 BIC stationery items Target Store Coupon PRINT x9/11
-$1/2 Bic Stationary Products PRINT
-$1/2 Bic Stationary products 8-1-10 SS x9/30
-$1/2 Bic Stationary Products from the 8-09-09 SS x9/30
=  FREE Pens or cheap Wite Out with an MQ & TQ stack

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New Target Insert Coupons & Deals Coming for 8/8

There are 2 more Target Insert Coupons coming in the 8-8-10 SS, one of which is a Gift Card Coupon. So far, these are the only new Target Qs that I know of for 8/8. If any of you find additional Target coupons in your 8-8 inserts I always appreciate the information in order to keep the Target Coupon Page an accurate reference tool as possible. TY! 🙂

Here are the new TQs, with deal ideas for both. Keep in mind, Target coupons are regional, so not everyone will get them, and regular prices may vary by region. The deals below use prices found at my store, you may find it higher or lower at yours. Also, unlike the Target Printables these coupons do not state 1 per transaction, so you should be able to use more than one in your deals without issue.

$2/3 Shout Laundry Care Items (ETS) Target Coupon 8-8-10 SS x8/29
-$2/2 Shout Laundry Products 8-8-10 SS x9/25
-.55/1 Shout Laundry Product 8-8-10 SS x9/25
-.55/1 Shout Color Catcher 8-8-10 SS x9/25

DEAL IDEA: Buy 6 Shout Stain Remover Trigger ($1.97) = $11.82
-$4.00 (use two $2/3 Shout Laundry Care Items (ETS) Target Coupon 8-8-10 SS x8/29
-$6.00 (use three $2/2 Shout Laundry Products 8-8-10 SS x9/25
= $1.82 for 6 Shout or .30 cents each after coupons.

 FREE $5 Target Gift Card wyb Multiple Pledge Products 8-8-10 SS x8/29
 (1) Pledge Fabric Sweeper and (2) Household Cleaners
-B1G1 FREE Pledge multi surface aerosol product (valid up to $4.99) 08-01-10 SS x9/12

DEAL IDEA: Buy 1 Pledge Fabric Sweeper ($4.64) and 2 MultiSurface Spray ($3.89) = $12.42
-$3.89 (use B1G1 FREE Pledge multi surface aerosol product 08-01-10 SS x9/12
= $8.53 -$5 (use FREE $5 Target Gift Card wyb Multiple Pledge Products 8-1-10 SS x8/29
= $3.53 for all 3 products after manuf. coupon and Target Gift Card Coupon

Big thanks to Amy of Student Saving Bucks  for letting me know about the new Target Coupons!

*Although Target insert coupons are regional- unlike the home mailer coupons- you have more options to obtain them. If you don’t get them in your inserts, you can always try a clipping service (I recommend My Coupon Hunter or The Coupon Clippers and see what’s available. You can also search for coupons on eBay

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Thursday Bragging Spot: 8/5 Edition

Welcome to the Thursday Bragging Spot! A place where you can show off your Target Shops and Clearance Finds. If you have a blog feel free to link up to your Target Shop below or even if you don’t- feel free to comment and let us know how you did this week. You can always upload your photo to a free service like photobucket too and put the link to the photo in a comment describing your shop.

I really enjoyed peeking in on all those who posted a link last week. Since I was sort of emotionaly drained last week from my Dad having surgery (BTW he’s doing great and home now :)), I did not get to take full advantage of the toy clearance. Which was fine as I lived vicariously through all those who commented and posted. And, Austin & I did go together on Saturday and found a few stray leftovers at a great price, including a Playmobil Knight Set at 75% Off that I was thrilled he had interest in. We immediately went home an played with it. I just love Playmobil & Legos, and think these are the 2 best toys ever invented! 🙂

So anyway, this week’s photo is from Erica, whose blog is Just Call Me Cheap. Now that’s a name that is direct and to the point and leaves no room for guessing! 😉 Erica spent $16.93 on the above trip and managed to get 2 of the great deals on Play-Doh from Tuesday. You can see the details of her transaction HERE-Thanks for sharing Erica!

-Here’s the linky folks- let me know how y’all did this week! 

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Heads Up for Those Buying Notebooks at Target

UPDATE: These have been added to the Target Coupon Page along with a matchup! 😉

Karen in El Paso, TX let me know that in the one-subject notebook she bought at Target today for .15 cents, she found a whole page of Target Store coupons. What a deal! .15 cents for 7 Target coupons and a notebook to boot! I like it! 😉 Apparently the coupons vary, but keep your eyes peeled for the ones that have the round sticker on the front indicating the coupons inside. Here’s what she found in hers:

$1/1 Frito-Lay Multipack Product 20-22 ct x10/31
.75/1 Quaker Instant Oatmeal (excl. single serve) x10/31
$1/1 Tide Laundry Detergent (excl. trial size) x10/31
.50/1 Quaker Chewy Granola Product Bites or Bars x10/31
$1/2 Kellogg’s Breakfast Products (Kid’s Cereal or Pop Tarts) x10/31 
$1/1 Dannon Danimals Yogurt 4pk+ x10/31
.50/1 Tropicana Orange Juice 59 oz+, Pure Premium or Trop 50 x10/31

-Thanks so much Karen!

UPDATE: Here is a list of the variations of coupon pages being found. There are four that I know of and all expire 10/31. Let me know if you all found something different in your books! TY 😉

$1/1 Frito-Lay Multi Pack 20-22 ct
$1/1 Tide Stain Release (excl trial size)
$1   Energizer purchase of $5 or more (Flashlight or Batteries)
$1/2 Nature Valley Granola Snack Products (clusters or bars)
$.50/1 Pillsbury Refrigerated Cookie Dough
$.75/1 Life Cereal 18.4-21oz
$1/1 Frito-Lay Multi Pack 20-22 ct
$1 Energizer Purchase of $5 or more (Flashlight or Batteries)
$2.50/1 Gillette Razor (Fusion ProGlide, Venus Embrace or Venus Breeze excl trial size)
$.75/1 Secret Deodorant excl Trial Size (Secret Clinical Strength Pictured)
$2/1 Swiffer Starter Kit (Sweeper Vac, Sweeper, or Wet Jet) 
$.75/1 Quaker Instant Oatmeal (excl single serve)
$.50/1 Market Pantry Cheese Snack 9-24 oz
$1/2 Yoplait Yogurt Products (Kids Drink Pack, Kids Cup Pack, Go-Gurt or Trix)
$.50/1 Annie’s Fruit Snack 4oz
$.50/1 Quaker Chewy Granola Product (Bites or Bars) excl. single bar
$1/1 Frito  Lay Multi Pack 20-22 ct
$.75/1 Quaker Instant Oatmeal (excl single serve)
$1/1 Tide Laundry Detergent (excl trial size)
$.50/1 Quaker Chewy Granola Product (Bites or Bars) excl single bar
$1/2 Kellogg’s Breakfast Products (Kid’s Cereal or Pop Tarts)
$1/1 Dannon Danimals Yogurt 4pk +
$.50/1 Tropicana Orange Juice 59 oz+ Pure Premium or Trop 50

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Clearance Finds & Other TidBits from My Inbox

Clearance can vary greatly from store to store, you may or may not find the same things, but I hope that you do, or be on the lookout for them to possibly come down the pipe!

There has been lots of buzz about all the air freshener products and sometimes when you get to the scanner you find a lower surprise! Amanda B. found Febreeze noticables plug in warmers yesterday with a clearance sticker for $4.69. But upon scanning them they ended up being $3.12! There was a $3/1 Febreze Noticeables in the P&G, so clip those coupons and bring them with you just in case you find the same! The clearance seems to cover lots of brands including Glade, Oust, Febreze, Renuzit and more.  -Thanks Amanda! 

Here’s a few other things I noticed on clearance at my store. Most items were still at 15-30% off, but want to mention them in case you want to keep your eyes out. I know many of your stores clearance quicker than mine- so these items that I spotted for only 15-30% off, you may find even lower: Method Laundry Detergent 25 load, Downy 40 load, Vaseline Sheer Infusion Body Lotion 6.8 oz (Vitamin Burst Only) 30% off, Bounce Dryer Bars (2 month only) 30% off, Nicole “OPI” Nail Polish 30% off, Gain Liquid Laundry Detergent – (Spring Lavender Only) 30% Off.

If you are looking for a coupon for something mentioned – try checking the Coupon Database. It will tell you what insert or magazine you can find it in, or if there is a printable, there will be a link to the Q.


Just wanted to let you all know that my Dad is Home!! He wrote me an e-mail so this really is a tidbit from my inbox! 😉 He is doing much better, is happy to be home and has absolutely promised to take it easy while he gets his strength back. He saw all your comments and he really appreciated it. Said it made him feel important. 😉 Thanks so much guys for all your well-wishes that went his way!

Karen let me know that she saw the following Play-Doh inclusions at her store aside from what was in the ad and the Play Doh Magic Swirl Ice Cream Shop: Play Doh Puppy Playtime $8, and Super Rainbow Value Pack $8. SHe was able to print a $3/1 Play-Doh Poppin Movie Snacks coupon from the game today, but Kristen had let me know that it is not included in the deal and priced around $10. If anyone finds other Play-Doh inclusions let us know so we can watch the Play-Doh Game for a possible coupon. (See Post HERE.)  -Thanks Karen & Kristen!

On Sunday, I noticed a very large price drop in the 20 lb bags of Feline Pine Cat Litter. They were $11.79 and now have a new lower price of $8.34. This will likely be quite random, but something to look for if you favor this brand of litter.

I did not post about the ConAgra Booklet rebate (found HERE) because I was under the impression this was for Walmart only, and it could be. But I am not 100% postive, and was left on hold for a long time trying to find out so I gave up. But the most you would be out would be a stamp, so in case you are interested in trying, and aren’t aware of it, here goes…  😉

When you purchase $10 worth of Select ConAg products between 5/6 and 8/15 you will get a $25 coupon booklet. Products include Healthy Choice, Chef Boyardee, Pam, Hunt’s and more. Submit your receipt(s) and the form you can print HERE by mail to get your booklet. Limit of one request per address.  The form is what states “Supercenter cash register receipt” so I am not positive it will work with Target receipts – but again- you will only be out a stamp for trying! – Thanks Kristin W.!

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Nice Deal on Snyder’s Pretzel Tray Packs

Heather let me know that when she picked up a 10 ct. Tray Pack of Snyder’s Pretzel mini bags, there were several with stickers on the outside indicating a coupon booklet was included inside the package. The tray weight is a total of 9 oz and sells for $3.49, so the Target stack will apply and you can get a nice deal if you have the right coupons and hopefully find one with a booklet too:

Snyder’s 10 ct. Mini Pretzels Tray Pack $3.49 (Regular Price)
-$1/1 Snyder’s of Hanover pretzels 8 oz+ Target Coupon Back to School Mailer x8/28
-$1/1 Synder’s of Hanover pretzels 8-oz. or larger Target Store
PRINT x8/28
-$1/1 Snyder’s of Hanover Pretzel Sandwiches 7-25-10 SS x10/31
-.75/1; $1/2 Snyder’s Flavored Pretzel Pieces or Nibblers, any 8oz. or + – 05-23-10 SS x8/30
-$1/1; $1/2 Snyder’s of Hanover Pretzels, any 8oz + – 05-23-10 SS x8/30
-$1/1 Snyder’s of Hanover Pretzels, Any 8 Oz. Or Larger – 06-27-10 SS x8/31
= as low as $1.49 depending on your coupons after a stack.

And in case you are wondering, Heather found the following MQs & Deals inside the booklet:
$1/1 Snyder’s of Hanover tray pack (8-10 ct) or variety sack (22 ct)-expires 12/31/10
$1/2 Snyder’s of Hanover Pounders, Tortillas or Flavored Pieces-expires 12/31/10
.55/1 Hormel Compleats microwave meals-expires 12/31/10
$1 Off wyb (1) 12oz 12-pack or (2) 2-liter bottles of Sprite or Sprite-Zero-expires 9/15/10
$1/1 Minute Maid Juice Box 10-pack {any variety}-expires 9/15/10
.50/1 New York Brand Frozen Product – expires 7/15/11
.50/1 Eggland’s Best Eggs-expires 12/31/10
.50/1 Eggland’s Best Cage Free or Organic Eggs-expires 12/31/10
*New UPromise Members can get $3 added to their account (instructions included)
*Get a one year subscription to Sports Illustrated for Kids for $10

-Thanks to Heather of My Sweet Savings!

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