Reminder: Ending Price Cuts

anniesDon’t forget- the following good deals will be ending as of 1/9.

Annie’s Organic Macaroni & Cheese $1.09 
     -.50/1 Annie Organic Product PRINT
*Q makes each package .59 cents

Dan Active 4-pk $1.89
     -$1/1 Dannon DanActive, Any 4-Pack Or 8-Pack – 12-06-09 SS
     -$1/1 Dannon DanActive, Any 4-Pack (DND 5) – 10-04-09 SS
     -$1/1 Tearpad
*Any Q makes each 4-pack .89 cents

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Great Deal on Cat Treats Starting 1/10

tempt    There will be a great deal on Whiskas Temptations Cat Treats starting on 1/10 due to a price cut and a new insert Q:  B1G1 Temptations Treats for Cats in the 1-10-10 RP coming out this Sunday. The Treats are on Price Cut at Target until 1/30:

Whiskas Temptations $1.49
     -.50/1; $1/2 Temptations Treats For Cats 12-06-09 RP (exp 1/17)
     -$1/2 Temptations Treats for Cats MQ on Target Site
     -B1G1 Temptations Treats for Cats, 2.1oz-3oz size pouches 1-10-10 RP
Whiskas Temptations Dentabites $1.49
     -.50/1; $1/2 Temptations Treats For Cats 12-06-09 RP (exp 1/17)
     -$1/2 Temptations Treats for Cats MQ on Target Site
     -B1G1 Temptations Treats for Cats, 2.1oz-3oz size pouches  1-10-10 RP

Here’s the deal:
=$2.94 (Buy 2 Temptations Cat Treats)
-$1.47 (use a B1G1 from 1-10-10 RP)
– $0.50 (use a .50/1 from 12-06-09 RP)
= .97 cents for 2 or 49 cents each

or if you only have the $1/2 Q:
=$5.88 Buy 4 Temptations Cat Treats
-$2.94 (use two B1G1 from 1-10-10 RP)
– $1.00 (use a $1/2 from 12-06-09 RP or PRINT MQ on Target Site)
= $1.94 for 4 or also .49 cents each

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Update on the Cheap All 2x Ultra 150 oz

alldI wanted to be sure you all saw this so I am going to do a post instead of an update. Kim e-mailed me a couple days ago about finding the 150 oz All 2X ultra laundry detergent (96 load) with the HE circled on the front ringing up at $6.04. Noone else had been able to find this deal until tonight. Katie was price checking the bottles in the regular laundry aisle and they were scanning at $11.99, but she then found the one that was ringing up for $6.04 back where all the bulk products were in the “seasonal” section- so be sure and take a look back there and price check it. You never know!  In case you missed the first post- you are looking for the bottle shown here, except it has the HE (high efficiency) circled on the front. There is also a $2/1 in the 1-3-09 RP which would make it $4.04 after the Q.  I really hope some more of us see this deal.

Thanks so much Katie- If you can- please post ta comment or e-mail me with the UPC code of the bottle you bought- Thanks!

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Possible Coca-Cola Sale & Other Notes

cocacolaI just got an e-mail from Julie, reporting that all Coca-Cola Products were on sale at her store- and that the 2-liters were on sale for .79 cents. Please remember folks that I can’t guarantee that you will find the same at your store- but I report these things in hopes that you do :). She also noticed several rolls of wrapping paper that were not holiday specific mixed in with the holiday wrapping paper that were on 75% clearance- so keep your eyes open & give those scanners a work out!   There were also several reports from many of you of 90% Off Holiday today – but of course NOT ME! So while you guys are jealous of my mailers- I am jealous of your sales! I am wishing we will go 90% tomorrow- but I don’t want to get my hopes up too high.       -Thanks for sharing Julie!
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All 2x Ultra 150 oz for $4.04 After Qs


Kim e-mailed me a great deal she found today on the 150 oz All 2X ultra laundry detergent (96 load). She found that the bottles that had the HE (High Efficiency) circled on the front are ringing up at $6.04. It looks just like the bottle shown here in the ad for $11.99 except it has the HE circled on the front. There was a $2/1 in today’s RP making it $4.04 after the Q. You may want to price check them in your store to see if you find the same thing.

Nice deal Kim! And thanks so much for sharing!

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Oreo Cookies .69 Cents & Even Cheaper with Qs

oreoI was thrilled to find the Oreos in the special packages today for .69 cents. Here is a pic of what you are looking for. They were in the regular cookie aisle, no signage or clearance stickers in sight and PLENTY on the shelf. Hopefully it will be like this at all stores and you will still have time to get your hands on some cheap cookies!

Oreos for .69 is a nice deal on its own, but if you have the Nabisco $55 Calendar Q Booklet- there is a $1/2 in there good for today only, and as of tomorrow there is another one to use for $1/2 in January. This would make them .19 cents a piece. If you are lucky enough to have the Publix Winter savings $1/1 Qs like I was- if you get there today your cookies will be free!

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Free Green Giant Romaine Lettuce

ggromaineAlicia found Green Giant Romaine Lettuce marked down at her store today to $1.00- making it free with the $1 Off Green Giant Romaine Lettuce Target Q  HERE. I hope you all are lucky enough to find the same!

-Thanks Alicia!

UPDATE: Colleen pointed out that the Q states $1 Off Green Giant Fresh Produce in big letters- and underneath that in smaller writing it reads “Broccoloi or Cauliflower excludes Organic” Alicia used it on the lettuce without a problem but this may not be the case for others. Sorry guys and thanks for bringing it to my attention Colleen. 

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Reminder: Cheap Finds Coming to an End

I just wanted to take a quick minute to remind you of some deals that are likely coming to an end because of expiring Qs or ending price cuts- I really need to get into the cheap finds page and clean up and add some new ones. Hopefully after the holiday craziness I can catch up a bit.

Dole Canned Mandarin Oranges .87 (PC ENDS 1/1/10)
-.55/2 (All You Magazine, January 2010)
-.35/2; $1/3 Any Canned Dole Mandarin Oranges 11-08-09 SS (exp 12/31)
FINAL COST: as low as 53 ¢ each

Dole Canned Pineapple .98 (PC ENDS 1/1/10)
-.55/2 (All You Magazine, January 2010)
-.35/2; $1/3 Any Canned Dole Pineapple 11-08-09 SS (exp 12/31)
FINAL COST: as low as 64 ¢ each

Morningstar Frozen Products – Most on Price Cut for $2.84
-$2/2 Morningstar Frozen Products TQ (exp 1/2/2010) PRINT
-.75/1 Veggie Foods or Gardenburger Product Tearpad
FINAL COST: 84¢ each

Morton’s Season All .97
     -.60/1 PRINT
FINAL COST: 37¢ each

Mott’s Apple Juice 64 oz. $1.79
-$1/1 Target Q PRINT (exp 1/2/2010)
FINAL COST: 79¢ each

Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta $1.19
-$1/2 Smart Taste PRINT 
(there is a chance this printable may be gone which is why I listed this one)
-.75/1 Smart Taste from 12-06-09 SS
FINAL COST:  44¢ to 69¢

Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa 10 Ct. $.97
-$1/1 Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa 10 Ct. (exp 1/2/2010) PRINT
-.50/2; $1/3 Any Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa from 11-15-09 SS (exp 12/31/09)

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Act II Popcorn in the Dollar Spot

popcornact2Last night I was happy to find packages of Act II Popcorn 3 ct Mini Bags in the Dollar Spot. There have been several blinkies out for Act II- including $1/2; $.55/1 & $.40/1 which would make them pretty cheap. I wish I would have had mine on me last night! They also had the plastic popcorn holders for $1. I think these 2 items in a basket along with some candy & a Blockbuster Gift Card or DVD would make a really cute gift.

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