B1G1 Single Size Skittles Facebook Coupon

Here’s a new facebook offer from the Skittles facebook page: “The Rainbow wants to scale your side and plant a flag on your tongue. Or he could just salute your taste buds with this coupon for a free pack of Skittles when you buy one. It’s limited, so hurry.”

Go HERE and Become a fan of Skittles, Fill out the form and submit. Maximum value is $1.10 and the Q will print with your name on it & and ad will print below it. x4/6

Thanks to Steph from Printable Coupons & Deals!

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$1/1 Annie Chuns & Other New Printable Qs

I am going through doing matchups for the new grocery price cuts right now and noticed a few more additions to coupons.com. There is a $1/1 Annie Chuns and some others for Old Orchard Juices, Chiiquita Smoothies and more. Nothing there for the matchups yet- but I’m still looking! 🙂 You can go HERE to print- and let me know if you find anything interesting under your zip!

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Free Nabisco Cookies Facebook Q Printing Again


If you haven’t heard- Nabisco has got this coupon live again and I was able to print one more. Go HERE to print a Q for:

Get A Free Package of Nabisco Cookies (4oz-26oz) when you buy one package of Nabisco Cookies and one gallon of milk (max. value $4.19)

The good news is that the ad is gone from coupon (Thanks for saving my ink Nabisco!) the bad news is that it still expires extremely quickly- on 3/4. Good thing I am shopping tomorrow!

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Peelie Alert: Baby Einstein DVDs & Printable Coupon

If you are thinking about purchasing some Baby Einstein DVDs- keep your eyes peeled for packages that have a manufacturer’s peelie for $10 Off when you buy 2. I saw them on quite a few at my store. The Baby Einstein DVDs typically run $14.99 at Target.

If you can’t find them- there is also a printable coupon for $5/1 Any Baby Einstein DVD HERE.

-Thank You Maria!

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New Printable DVD/Blu-Ray Movie Coupons

There are some new Twentieth Century Fox  DVD/Blu-Ray Qs on Coupons.com HERE 
(I used zip 34986)

$2.00 OFF Aquamarine on DVD PRINT
$2.00 OFF Flicka on DVD PRINT
$2.00 OFFT Dr. Dolittle: Million Dollar Mutts on DVD PRINT
$2.00 OFF Legally Blondes on DVD PRINT
$2.00 OFF  Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on DVD PRINT
$2.00 OFF The Pebble And The Penguin on DVD PRINT
$5.00 OFF Big on Blu-ray PRINT
$5.00 OFF Cheaper By The Dozen 2 on Blu-ray PRINT
$5.00 OFF Igor on Blu-rayPRINT

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New Unilever Qs = Continued Cheap Knorr Sides

When I was at Target yesterday- I noticed a price jump on the Wish Bone Dressing of about 20¢ and I started running around checking all the other Unilever Brand prices. Everything else seems to be unaffected including the Knorr Pasta & Rice Sides which are all priced $1.02 at my store. The Sav-a-Lot coupon is gone now- but to its rescue comes a new $1/3 on the Unilever site HERE that will let it continue to be a cheap find:

Knorr Rice & Pasta Sides $1.02 (regular price)
-$1/3 Knorr Rice & Pasta Sides PRINT
Makes them  .68 cents each wyb 3

There are 3 other Unilever Coupons on the site:

$1/1 Degree men or women anti-perspirant and deodorant PRINT
$1/2 Ragu Pasta Sauces PRINT
$1/1 Shedd’s Country Crock Side Dish PRINT

-Thanks to Steph of Printable Coupons & Deals for the heads up on the Qs!

*Keep in mind some Prices may vary by region- you may find it higher or lower at your store.


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