What Every Couponer Needs- Just 49¢ With Coupon

I found lots of Scotch brand scissors newly on Price Cut at my store- just the thing that all us couponers need at least a pair or more of! There are several 2 packs and some more expensive Precision Scissors included in the price cut too. The least expensive pair I saw were a Home & Office Single pair on Price Cut for $1.49.

There is a $1/1 Any Scotch Scissors Manufacturer’s Coupon available to print on Target.com or a Legitimate $1/1 Manufacturer’s PDF Coupon from Scotch that you can print HERE, that will let you pick up a pair of scissors for just .49 cents. 🙂 Price Cuts can vary by region, but I hope you find it too! This Price Cut is valid thru 5/14.

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Clearance & Tidbits From my Inbox…

So I decided to take part in my community Garage sale this weekend, and although I have had many a garage sale before, I haven’t had one with a five year old Austin before. Everything was going pretty well, and seriously I was amazed that he was not complaining about letting things go and then all of a sudden- there it was, a total breakdown over a Little Tikes Picnic table that he has not been able to sit at for almost 2 years now.

Go figure. Matchbox cars, favorite shoes, and books, and trucks no problem- but the picnic table he can’t fit at- major drama. He got over it eventually though. 😉 Anyway- I should have the best deals for the upcoming week up soon, but first here’s little roundup from my inbox- mostly courtesy of Amanda. Remember- it is possible for clearance finds, sales and deals to vary greatly from store to store…

So I received several e-mails of confusion with Easter dropping from 50% to 70% off and honestly I am as confused as all of you. I don’t think I have ever seen it go to 70- the next step has always been 75% off!! Very strange and I am afraid to ask what it dropped to next? I don’t think my store will go again til tomorrow – but if any of you dropped again I am curious – so let me know if you found 90% or some other strange number.

If you plan on popping in to Target today- you may just want to print the $2/1 Philips Headphones Target Web Coupon and take it with you. For starters there has been lots of clearance headphones reported, but you may even be able to find some $3/1 Manufacturer’s coupon peelies too. Amanda reports seeing them all over the headphones at her store which are on sale for $7.99 thru today- giving you a total of $5 off if you find the same.

Market Pantry Diced Tomatoes 14.5 oz .50 (PC thru 5/21)
Pepperidge Farm Seasoned Croutons $1.25 (PC thru 5/7)

Toddler sized Juicy Juice Boxes On clearance for $1.38
Sargento Gouda Cheese Slices & Reduced Fat Cheese Sticks 30% Off
International Delight and Coffee Mate on Clearance
50% Off Red Dot Merchandise in the Dollar Spot

Amanda did a little more looking around at the Kraft/Oscar Mayer Special Purchase Deal which is offering a FREE Loaf of Market Pantry Bread wyb 2 select Oscar Mayer & Kraft Cheese products. I will eventually get all the details added to the Special Purchase Deals page as well, but I wanted to let you all know of the following additional qualifiers:
Oscar Mayer Bologna 8 oz $1.89
Oscar Mayer Carving Board Meats $3.49
Kraft Deli Deluxe 12 Oz Cheese $4.49
Kraft Deli Deluxe 16 oz (24 slices) American Cheese $5.04

-Big Thanks to Amanda of A Few Shortcuts for the clearance & tidbits Roundup!

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