Special K Included in Kellogg’s Free Milk Deal

So it appears that all Kellogg’s Cereal is included in the Buy 3 Get Milk Free deal at target. And I hear that some of you were offered Free Apple Juice instead- But hopefully many of you that are used to paying over $3 for a gallon of milk got the milk choice instead. Also- Melanie reminded me that we should be keeping an eye out for the specially marked boxes that contain tokens for free movie cash. Either I have not seen them in my store- or my brain is elsewhere- so Thanks Melanie The Coupon Goddess!

So anyway- if you are a fan of Special K, this becomes an even better deal since you can stack the Target Coupon with a manufacturer’s coupon. Special K prices range according to size etc. but for example:

DEAL IDEA: Buy 3 Special K  Cinnamon Pecon 12 oz Cereal ($2.99) = $8.97
-$1.50/3 Kellogg’s Special K 11.4 – 17.5 oz Cereal or 12 ct Meal Bars Target Q PRINT x8/21
-$1.50/3 Kellogg’s Cereal Any 10 oz or Larger PRINT OR 05-23-10 RP
= $5.97 for 3 Boxes of Special K and a Gallon of milk after both coupons

*I also saw Raisin Bran Extra on Clearance today for 30% Off. I really think that it is all Kellogg’s cereals- so keep an eye out for clearance. Both the $1.50/3 RP printable and the 05-23-10 RP insert coupons are for ANY cereal ANY flavor over 10 oz.

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Unadvertised Archer Farms Special Purchase Deal

This may be a regional deal and unavailable at all stores. If you don’t see signage, price check your items to be sure.

*Archer Farms Chips Asst. Flavors $2.69 & Coca Cola 6 Pack Bottles $3
Deal and Prices are Valid thru 6/12.

Qualifiers: Buy any (1) Bag of Archer Farms Chips between 8-18 oz AND (1) 6-Pack Cocal Cola. The FREE item is your choice of what looks like any flavor of the Archer Farms 16 oz dip.

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Lindt Truffles Unadvertised Special Purchase Deal

I so wish there were coupons out for this right now- if there is one and I am just missing it- please let me know. This was not in my ad or a few other ads I looked at but I saw these signs in the store yesterday under the Lindt Lindor Truffle Bags. They offer a FREE 3.5 oz Lindt Bar wyb 2 Lindt Lindor Truffle Bags 4.1-5.1 oz.  ($2.99 each). Looks like you can choose which Lindt Bar you want too.

*Note- this may be a regional deal and unavailable at all stores.

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Special Purchase Deal on Listerine & PocketPaks

There is a Special Purchase Deal available right now on Listerine Products to save $2 instantly wyb 2. The signs are a little confusing as they mention a “Gift Card at Register” along the bottom- but there is no Gift Card involved. As soon as 2 are scanned for purchase at checkout- the $2 will come off automatically at the register.

*Remember- some Special Purchase Deals may be regional. For this particular deal – you will have to ask them to price check your items at the CS desk if you do not see signage to be sure. There will be no way to tell from the self-check scanners. You can mix and match any 2 of the inclusions and still get the $2 Off.

Deal is Valid until 5/8. Known Inclusions:
Listerine Advanced Arctic Rinse or Total Care $4.39
Listerine Antiseptic Freshburst or CoolMint $3.44
Listerine 72 ct. PocketPaks CoolMint or FreshBurst $3.99
-$1/1 Listerine Antiseptic or Total Care Mouthwash 500 ml + PRINT
-$1/1 Listerine Advanced Antiseptic Mouthwash, Any 500mL + – 03-07-10 RP
-$1/1 Listerine Total Care Anticavity Mouthwash, any 500 mL+ 1-3 OR 3-7 OR 04-11-10 RP
-.50/1; $1/2 Listerine Pocketpaks (24 ct +)  04-11-10 RP x12/31
-.50/1 Listerine PocketPaks 24ct + 03-07-10 RP x12/31
-.50/1; $1/1 Listerine Pocketpaks, 24 Ct. 01-03-10 RP x1/11
-.50/1; $1/1 Listerine Antiseptic, Any 500 mL. + or PocketPaks, Any 24 Ct. + 10-18-09 RP x6/30
-.50/1; $1/1 Listerine Antiseptic, Any 500 mL. + or PocketPaks, Any 24 Ct. + 06-14-09 SS x5/31

DEAL IDEA: Buy 2 Listerine Antiseptc Mouthwash ($3.44) = $6.88
-$2.00 Instant Discount at Register
-$2.00 (use two $1/1 Insert Coupons or PRINT)
= $2.88 for 2 or $1.44 each after Q & Instant Discount

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Special Purchase Deals: Rembrandt & Reach

I found 2 new ones yesterday, and if they keep them coming, I will need to find them a home of their own. But for now you can view all current extended Special Purchase Deals HERE.

Buy a Rembrandt 2 Hour Whitening Kit 7.4 ml for $18.69
and Get a FREE Rembrandt 3 oz Stain Removal Toothpaste ($6.24)
Deal is Valid until 5/15 and here are some coupon matchups:
-$5/1 Rembrandt 2-Hour Whitening Kit (must register) HERE
-$3/1 Rembrandt Whitening Toothpaste (must register) HERE
-$3/1 Listerine Strips Or Rembrandt 2 Hour Kit 1-03-10 RP x1/31/11
-$3/1 Listerine Strips Or Rembrandt Product, Any – 10-18-09 RP x6/30
-$3/1 Listerine Strips or any Rembrandt Whitening Kit – 06-14-09 SS x5/31
=$13.69 for Kit and Toothpaste after $5/1 Q

Deal is Valid until 5/15 and here are some coupon matchups:
-$1/1 ANY REACH® Toothbrush or Floss Product (Must Register) HERE
-$1/1 Reach Dental Floss Or Reach Access Flosser, Any – 01-03-10 RP x1/31/11
-$1/1 Reach Dental Floss or Reach Access Flosser, any – 10-18-09 RP x6/30
-$1/1 Reach Toothbrush, Access Flosser, Or Reach Dental Floss, ETS 10-04-09 RP x6/30
= $9.98 for 3 or approximately 3.6¢ a yard

Not by much when you figure it out by the yard- but I did notice some of the Reach 30 yd floss on 15% off clearance yesterday so you may be able to find it even cheaper
Buy 2 Reach Total Care Floss @ $2.99 each = $5.98
-$2.99 (use B1G1 Reach Total Care Dental Floss 30 yd – 01-03-10 RP – valid up to $3.99 x1/31/11)
-$1/1 Reach Dental Floss insert Q (10/4/09 RP, 10/18/09 RP or 1/3 RP) or IP HERE
= $1.99 for 2 or 3.3¢ a yard

You can buy Regular Reach Dental Floss for around $1 & use 1 of these:
-$1/1 Reach Dental Floss insert Q (10/4/09 RP, 10/18/09 RP or 1/3 RP) or IP 
 to get it FREE!

Some Special Purchase deals may be regional and unavailable at all stores. Some stores will allow you to use a Q on the free item while others will not. It will be a ymmv. If your store allows it that’s great and it will get you more money off your total! 

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Special Purchase Deal: Free Creamer wyb Archer Farms Coffee

Buy 12 oz Archer Famrs Coffee and get a Free 16 oz International Delight Coffee. The 12 oz bags are on sale for $5.89 each, and deal is valid this week only until 4/3. If your store allows you to use a coupon on the free item- there are 2 available for International Delight:
 -.55/1 International Delight any flavor pint (manuf site) PRINT
-$1/2; .55/1 International Delight, any 2 Pints – 2-7-10 or 3-07-10 SS Both x5/31

It’s a better deal on the Starbucks even if you buy the International Delight- but wanted to report the Archer Farms just in case there are some big fans out there. 🙂 Here’s the Starbucks scenario:

Buy 1 Bag of Starbucks Coffee ($7) & a 16 oz International Delight ($1.59) = $8.59
-$1.50/1 off Starbucks® Coffee 12 or 20 oz x4/11 TARGET Q PRINT
-$1.50/1 Starbucks Coffee, 12oz+ 3-21-10 SS x5/31
 -.55/1 International Delight any flavor pint (manuf site) PRINT or  2-7-10 or 3-07-10 SS
=$5.04 for both

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New Coca-Cola Products Special Purchase Deal

I found a new Special Purchase Deal yesterday:


The Free Item can be any Bag of Archer Farms Chips 8 oz or larger. All known Coca-Cola Product inclusions are priced at 3/$10 and are as follows: Coca-Cola Classic, Coca-Cola Zero, Sprite, Sprite Zero, Diet Coke, and Caffeine Free Diet Coke. Although Coca-Cola Coupons are somewhat hard to come by- I did notice HangTags you may want to keep a lookout for. They were on some of the Diet Coke  8-packs and were Target Store Coupons for:

FREE Diet Coke 6 Or 8-Pack Bottles wyb two 8-Pack Bottles Of Coca-Cola Products (Target Q)
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A Word About Special Purchase Deals

There are a few Special FREE item purchase deals going on right now at Target that will be extended and last into April. I wanted to have these all in one place for easy reference. For now- The Gift Card Deals Tab at the top of my site has been given a little “+” sign and that is where you can find them all. I plan to keep them updated too with any new Qs as they come out.

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Special Purchase: Febreze Flameless Luminaries

I found one other Special Purchase Deal at Target yesterday. This one is for Febreze Flameless Luminaries. If you buy the Starter Kit ($13.09) you will get a 2-pack refill for free. This offer is good on the Willow Blosom, Green Tea & Honey Suckle. Possibly others, but that is the only signage I saw. This deal is valid until 4/10/10.

Buy Febreze Flameless Luminaries Starter Kit = $13.09
Buy 2 Febreze Luminary 2-Pack Refill = $4.99 (one is free with Target Special Purchase deal)
-$4.00/1 Any ONE Febreze flameless luminary starter kit 03/07/2010 P&G x4/30
-$4.99 (B1G1 FREE Febreze Luminary Refill Kit wyb starter kit 2-7-10 P&G x3/31
=$9.09 for kit & 2 refills after Qs & freebie- it’s like getting the products for 50% Off
Some stores will allow you to use a Q on the free item- if so- you can use one more coupon as there is also a $1/1 refill pack in the 2-7 PG that will take another $1 off your total.

-Thanks for the heads up on the extra Q Anna!

Also- did you know that Febreze will send you a free product Q for a 2-Pack of Shades when you send in 6 used Shades? You can read more about it and print the form HERE (manufacturer’s offer expires 4/1).

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Special Purchase: FREE Yogos wyb 4 Kellogg’s

Here is another Special Purchase Deal. I am not sure if it is regional or not buthope you find the same.

Qualifying Products along w/matchups are as follows and deal is valid until 4/3. They are all specially priced at $1.88. There is not a lot of coupons to go around right now, but there was also a Vocal Point mailer recently and hopefully you can round up enough Qs for a decent deal.

Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats 8 ct Box $1.88
Kellogg’s Yogos 6 ct Box $1.88
-$1/1 Kellogg’s Fruit Snacks (on Snack Picks- must sign in) PRINT
Kellogg’s Fruit Snacks 10 ct Box $1.88
-$1/1 Kellogg’s Fruit Snacks (on Snack Picks- must sign in) PRINT
Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts 8 ct Box $1.88
-$1/3 Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts, 8 ct Only, Any Flavor, Mix or Match – 02-07-10 RP x4/4
-$1/2 Kellogg’s® Pop-Tarts® Toaster Pastries or Nutri-Grain Bars MQ on Target Site
Kellogg’s Cinnabon Bars 6 ct Box $1.88

If you had multiple computers- you could do the following:
Buy 4 Kellogg’s Fruit Snacks & Get a Free Box of Yogos = $7.52
-$4.00 (use four -$1/1 Kellogg’s Fruit Snacks (on Snack Picks- must sign in) PRINT)
= $3.52 for all 5 Snacks or .71 cents a box

*Note- some stores may allow you to use a coupon on the Free item- though it will be a ymmv. If your store allows it- it will be an even better deal.

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