Crayola Back to School Coupons to watch for at Target

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Here are a couple of nice Crayola manufacturer’s coupons to watch for at Target. First, Melissa let me know to watch for specially marked packages of Polly-O String Cheese that contain a coupon for $3 off a Crayola purchase of $10 or more. She said it was on a couple different varieties and that the coupon is actually printed on the inside of the plastic package wrapper so be careful opening it. Polly-O is on sale right now thru 7/21 for $3.75 for a 12 ct package. (Also- Allison & KM commented they have seen it on the Kraft string cheese as well- Thanks ladies!)

Another Crayola coupon was spotted by Tina on both boys’ and girls’ select AURO GoldToe Socks priced anywhere from $5.49 to $7.49. This great coupon is valid for one FREE Crayola product up to $2 OR you can choose to get $2 off any ONE Crayola product priced $2 or more. Both these coupons expire 3/31/2013.

For more Back-to-School coupons to watch for at Target you can check out my post HERE.

Happy hunting & big thanks to Melissa G & Tina for your emails & pics!

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Back to School Coupons to Watch for at Target

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I know it seems like summer just got here- and seeing all the Back-to-School items already may be a little odd, 🙂 but it will be here before you know it! I cannot believe that my little guy will be starting 2nd Grade this year! Anyway- I thought I would round up several products that are out this season in Target that contain coupons – some of which may help out with all those Back-to-School needs…

PURELL BONUS PACKS- Retail Price $2.99
Watch for these very nice bonus packs of 8 oz Purell Hand Sanitizer which come shrink wrapped along with a 2 oz sample size AND a $1/1 Purell 8 oz Manufacturer’s coupon inside. What is great about these is you can pick them up for just .99 cents right now after stacking a $1/1 Purell Hand Sanitizer 8-oz. Target Coupon x8/11 with a $1/1 Purell Product 8 oz+ Manufacturer’s Coupon. I found them on an endcap very close to the Back to School Section but take a look around as they may be elsewhere in the store.

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Inside select packages of Crayola 24 ct Twistable Crayons, you can find $12.50 worth of Scotch & Post It manufacturer’s coupons. You can look for the circular white sticker on the front indicating the coupons inside. The Scotch Coupons expire 12/31/2012 but the Post-It Coupons are valid thru 3/31/2013. They are as follows…

.75/1 Scotch Magic Greener Tape
$1/1 Scotch Restickable Shapes, Strips or Tabs
$1/1 Scotch Brand Scissors (exl Kids Scissors)
$5/1 Scotch Thermal Laminator
$1 Off Post it Cubes Purchase of $2+
$2 Off Post It Pop Up Note Dispensers Purchase of $5+
$1 Off Post-It Tabs or Flags Purchase $3+
$1 Off Post It Super Sticky Notes Puchase of $4+

These specially marked Mead Composition & Spiral Notebooks at Target contain $5 in manufacturer coupons, here’s what you will find inside…
.50/1 Five Star Filler Paper
.75/1 Puffs ETS
$1/1 Scotch Pup-Up Refillable Deskgrip Dispenser
$1/1 Scotch Precision Scissors
$1/1 Scotch Restickable Product
$1 Off Post-It Flags or Tabs Purchase

One of the best coupons in these books is that very nice high value .75/1 Puffs Tissues. Right now the Puffs Plus Lotion & Other Select Facial Tissues Single Boxes are on Price Cut for $1.33 thru 9/8, so just .58 cents after this coupon. But occasionally we also see these go on sale for $1.25 each.

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Watch for specially marked Notebooks, Binders & Printer Paper found in the Back to School Section with $5 in Target Store coupons for up & up products. You may have an endcap set up or just look for the Notebooks, Binders and Printer Paper with a round pink circle indicating $5 worth of coupons inside. There are some nice ones- most notable in my opinion is the .75/1 Up & Up Facial Tissues which does not ETS and can be used on the 4-packs of pocket pack tissues in the travel section that are .99 cents, so 24 cents after this coupon! The rest of the coupons inside the paper are as follows…

$1/2 Up & Up Single Binders $2 + Target Coupon (found in Paper, Notebooks & Binders) x11/18
.75/1 Up & Up 4-Pack Facial Tissues Target Coupon (found in Paper, Notebooks & Binders) x11/18
.50/1 Up & Up Sicky Notes Item Target Coupon (found in Paper, Notebooks & Binders) x11/18
.50/1 Up & Up Hand Sanitizer ETS Target Coupon (found in Paper, Notebooks & Binders) x11/18
.50/1 Up & Up Sandwich Bags 100 ct+ Target Coupon (found in Paper, Notebooks & Binders) x11/18
.50/1 Up & Up Highlighter Marker Target Coupon (found in Paper, Notebooks & Binders) x11/18
.50/1 Up & Up Pen Item Target Coupon (found in Paper, Notebooks & Binders) x11/18
.75/1 Up & Up Select Office Supplies Target Coupon (found in Paper, Notebooks & Binders) x11/18*
*Large Rubber Bands, Binder Clips, Paper Clips, Push Pins, Staples or Magnets

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And last of all Tilda let me know about a coupon booklet she found in the Thermos Brand Lunch Boxes that are on sale starting at $7 this week. Inside are several manufacturer’s coupons all valid thru 12/31/12…

.50/1 Z-Bar Crispy or ZFruit Bar or Rope
$1/3 Organic Valley Individual Milk Boxes
.50/1 Hidden Valley Original Dressing 16 oz
.75/2 Del Monte Fruit Cup 4-Pack Snacks
$1/1 Arm & Hammer Kids Spinbrush Toothbrush
$1/1 Orajel My Way Toothbrush
.75/1 Wet Ones Wipes Canisters or SIngles

If you have found any other Back-to-School products with coupons inside let us know!

-Thanks so much to Crystal, Tilda & to Amanda of a Few Short Cuts for help with the roundup!

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