IMG_21012014_181203We were all new to using coupons at one time or another and I can remember just feeling overwhelmed in the beginning. I hope this FAQ page helps to explain things a bit more about couponing at Target, and gets you started on the road to keeping more of your hard-earned money in your pocket.

Saving money by couponing goes way beyond simply clipping a coupon and using it on something you need. The best way to maximize your savings is to wait to use your coupons against a sale or a special deal and to buy several of the item if the price is right.

While I do maintain a stockpile, I don’t believe in letting my stockpile overtake my house. Sales usually cycle around every 3 months, so purchasing enough to last you through to the next sale is a good bet, especially if you are short on space. Be patient- building a stockpile takes time, it does not happen overnight, but little by little you will find yourself being able to grab something from your stockpile when you normally would have to run out for something.


coupon-insertsNEWSPAPER COUPONS: One of the most popular resources are the coupon inserts that can be found in the Sunday Newspaper. There are 4 main types- the PG- usually put out once a month by Proctor & Gamble, the SAVE insert and the SS or Smart Source Insert both usually found in most papers every Sunday, and the GM or General Mills which can usually be found every 4-5 weeks.

PRINTABLE COUPONS: Another popular way to get coupons is to print them. The most popular place to get the most printables is Coupons.com. This site gets updated randomly during the day, but we typically see the most new coupons on Sundays and on the first day of each month. So you might want to check this site often.

OTHER COUPONS: Coupons come from many many sources. Many manufacturer’s place Hangtag Coupons or Peelie coupons found on products on the shelves or Tearpads usually located on a display or shelf near the item.You may even spot coupons in magazines or at the office of your doctor, dentist, pediatrician, vet and more. Once you start looking for these valuable little pieces of paper, you will be surprised at just how many places they turn up!


We couponers use lots of abbreviations and terms, and you will catch on soon enough, but if you are just getting started- here’s a few terms to familiarize yourself with…

$1/2 etc: One dollar off two items. (1st # = Discount/2nd # = Quantity required to buy for discount)
B1G1: Buy 1 Get 1 FREE, or B2G1: Buy 2 Get 1 FREE and so on
PSA: Prices Starting at
GC: Gift Card (Target offers Gift Cards as a reward for buying specific items, see some of the more popular current ones on my Special Deals Page)
ETS: Excludes Trial/travel Size or , or ESS: Excludes Single Serving
MIR: Mail In Rebate (You can check my Rebates Page to see current offers available)
TMF-Try Me Free. Another form of a rebate or sometimes a satisfaction Guarantee
OOP: Out of Pocket. The amount you actually spend.
Q: Coupon, MQ: manufacturer coupon, TQ: Target Coupon
WYB: when you buy
YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary-this means that it may or may not be the case in all instances.
x: Expiration Date of a coupon


There are several different ways to keep your coupons organized so you can easily find them. Many people use a binder method- where you can split up your coupons into pages with pockets and organize how it works best for you. Sometimes people organize by item type- ie Frozen, Snacks, Canned, etc, or some prefer to alphabetize. You have to do what works best for you. Some people like to just grab baseball card type album sleeves fitted into a binder to keep them organized. A binder is very nice in that it’s a way to have your coupons with you at all times which comes in handy for Target Clearance- it can be a time-consuming method- but wonderful if you can keep it up.

You can also use a filing system for your inserts. You can use either drawers or a filing box meant to hold the complete insert and file them by date. Since I and other sites you may start to follow usually list where you can find a coupon- it is just as easy to go find what you need and cut when you are ready to shop. So for example – if I list the following coupon as a matchup-

-$1/3; .50/2 Campbell’s Microwaveable Bowls or Soup At Hand 1-8-12 SS x3/15

it means it can be found in the Smart Source Insert in the January 8th newspaper. The different amounts in the front mean that some areas will have a $1 Off 3 and some areas will have gotten a .50 cents off 2. The x followed by the date is when the coupon expires. But finding the best way to organize is a process – and you may go through several different ways before you figure out what method works best for you. Also keep in mind that insert coupons vary by region, so you may not find some of them in your newspaper coupon insert.


multi_coupon_nobleedTarget can be a great place to save money in several different ways. For starters- Target allows you to stack coupons- this means allowing the use of one manufacturer’s coupon AND one Target Store Coupon AND one Circle Offer on EACH item. This means couponing at Target can save you big! Target Coupons can be found in a variety of places….

TARGET INSERT COUPONS: Target store coupons can sometimes be found in the regular Sunday inserts on occasion. Target Insert coupons are always regional though and not everyone will get them. I do maintain a Target Coupon Page with a list of the available Target Coupons with matching manufacturer’s coupons and Target Circle offers you can stack.

TARGET CIRCLE OFFERS: There’s also a savings program called Target Circle offering even more opportunities to get great deals! You can get as much as an additional 50% off, occasionally even higher, on items at Target including grocery, health & beauty, baby, clothing and much more. You can redeem all offers on your Circle in one transaction and an identical offer can be applied up to a maximum of four times in a single transaction. You are allowed one Circle offer with one manufacturer’s coupon and one Target coupon for triple the savings!

If you already have the Target app, Circle offers can be found and added within the app. Once you have added the offers, and head to check out, just pull up your bar code found in the wallet and all the discounts will come off at once. You can also choose to access Target Circle from your desktop and once you add the offers, you can print a barcode to take with you to the store. Just keep in mind to benefit from Target Circle offers you must have or create a Target.com account.

IMG_21012014_181327OTHER TARGET COUPONS: Target also sends out various mailers with coupons – home mailers are random AND RARE – there is no 100% fool-proof way to get one. Sometimes having created a baby or wedding registry may help, or spending on a REDcard helps, or filling a prescription, and the list of theories goes on. But none of these things are a 100% guarantee you will start receiving them and unfortunately there is no definite mailing list to get on.

You can always see a complete list of ALL Types of current Target coupons on my Target Coupon Page.


cash-rewardsThere are a couple of great savings apps out there for both iPhone and Android users to earn cash back for shopping in-store. The first one, ibotta, is a fun & easy way to earn extra money while shopping for buying products that most likely you were going to buy anyway. Plus, the Ibotta app offers lucrative Bonuses. The second one, Checkout 51, is also a fast and easy way to earn cash back on the brands you love, yet it also has some unique features and… you do not need to have a smartphone to take advantage of this great app! Watch the blog for new offers and matchups to be posted, plus you can read about each of them in more detail as follows…. for more info on ibotta, go HERE and for more info on Checkout 51, you can go HERE.


IMG_21012014_180857Another way to save at Target is by taking advantage of their Gift Card Deals where a Target Gift Card is awarded at checkout in return for buying a specified product or products. Gift Cards cannot be used in the same transaction you earned them, however they can be rolled into the next transaction. If you do more than one Gift Card Deal in a transaction you WILL receive both Gift Cards. There are usually several Gift Card Deals in the Target Ad every week, that usually only last that week. However sometimes quite a few Gift Card deals remain unadvertised and extend for longer periods of time. Most Target stores will combine the amount of all gift cards earned in a transaction and put them on ONE physical card.

Target also offers Special Purchase Deals. These are usually a B1G1 Free type of deal or instant savings when purchasing 2 or more of a specific product. Again several of these are advertised each week, but some are not and last for 2 or more weeks. I do my best to keep track of as many unadvertised longer-term Gift Card & Special Purchase Deals as possible on the Special Deals Page. On that page you can find the details, coupon matchups and some Deal Ideas so be sure to check it out.


Target has a price matching policy which they refer to as a Low Price Promise. This can be another way to save Gas, money & time, since Target will honor local competitor’s ads, however there are quite a few rules and restrictions. You can view Target’s official price matching policy HERE.


You can find the official Target Coupon Policy HERE. It’s always a good idea to print it out and keep with you when you shop.

387211_10151581781563120_690736138_nTarget will accept printable coupons with a scannable bar code except one that is for a FREE item when no purchase is required. Competitor’s coupon and expired coupons are not accepted at Target.

Target does not give cash back – if the coupon is for more than the value of an item, the coupon amount may be reduced to meet the cost of the item. Plus, Target also has specific rules about using B1G1 coupons so be sure and check out the Target coupon policy for up to date information.


  1. Just had an upsetting trip…I was going to use my $5/2 Benadryl q and get the sticks. I was happy to see I got the last 2…I also picked up a couple of Crystal Lights and planned to use my remaining Vocal Point q’s which were about to expire. Also got a trial size ibuprofin, which really wasn’t trial sized, but whatever. Anyway, the $2 Crystal Light q’s came off as $1.97…which was fine, I was still getting them free. But, he $5 Benadryl one only came off as $2.29, the price of one stick. When I questioned the cashier, I got sent to Customer Service. She then said they couldn’t do anything since that’s how it scanned, and I couldn’t get 2 for free. Even when I asked if they could manually enter $4.60…the answer was no. I almost called corporate, but the lady was nice, and I wasn’t sure it was worth the bother. I know this has been happening all over the place, but I wasn’t even sure what to say to the lady after trying to explain the situation, and I wasn’t cheating the system. Thoughts?

  2. Thank you for all the work you do on this website, and best wishes for a speedy recovery for your dad.

    Unfortunately, last night I had the same problem using manf. coupons as others are having.
    I was buying 4 boxes of the Arm & Hammer cat litter that has the giftcard when you buy two.
    I had four $3 off Manf. Q’s. Only two came off. When I questioned the cashier she said it was one coupon per purchase. I went to the service desk where the guy there even had trouble reading their awful receipts.

    He said the same thing about only one Manufacturers coupon per purchase. He grudgingly gave me the money for the other two coupons which BTW the cashier had kept even though they didn’t get taken off.

    People need to be careful as they could end up losing their coupons and also not getting the money off.
    I realize that you can split up an order, but this really stinks when trying to use coupons for giftcard deals where you have to buy more than one item.

  3. I’m new to this way of couponing & would get a bit miffed when cashiers didn’t honor all my coupons, but I’ve come to realize most cashiers pretty much handle things the way they choose. If I find one who sees things my way, I feel lucky, if not, oh well. The one thing I did learn was not to use too many coupons at once. I usually only get to Target once a week so I was bringing 30 plus coupons but it completely overwhelms the cashier so I’m not doing that any longer.

  4. I just got off the phone with Target Corporate and they said a BOGO mc coupon cannot be used with ANY other coupon, even a Target coupon! They consider it attached to the first item!

  5. Does Target post new coupons on there web site every week. If so, what day do they post.

  6. Shay,

    Then it was worse when I received the response from Corporate, they just copied the internet coupon policy to me, which didn’t answer my question in the first place!

  7. “The way you itemize your receipts is extremely difficult for those of us who use coupons, especially when trying to see if all the coupons were properly taken off. ”
    Amen to that

  8. Hi everyone,

    Just started reading this site, love it! I noticed alot of people are having the same problem I am re: BOGO and $ off coupons, so for your reading pleasure, please enjoy the email I just sent to Target:

    First of all, I want to say I truly love Target! I never shop at Walmart, but would like to ask a question, and bring something to your attention.

    I am an avid coupon shopper, and always look to save money while staying within the rules for coupons. The past 2 or 3 trips I have noticed the cashiers are not taking off the coupons properly, my last trip almost $14 worth! The way you itemize your receipts is extremely difficult for those of us who use coupons, especially when trying to see if all the coupons were properly taken off. Just some feedback.

    My question is this: I went tonight and wanted to use 2 coupons for 2 body wash items. One was a BOGO and the other was for $2 off. They were both manufacturers coupons, however the store associate said I could not because I was “getting one free” I read your policy, and it states “1 sc and 1 mc for each item, unless the other coupon prohibits it”. What would the coupon say that would prohibit it?

    I just want to do my shopping and legitimately save money. In my opinion your store lost money tonight, because you are reimbursed from the manufacturer +.08 and I walked out embarrassed. A lose-lose for everyone.

    Please advise in writing what the policy is so I may carry it with me in the event of a problem.

    Thank you for your help.

  9. i just want to say how much i enjoy reading this site. it has been more helpful than any so far for Target. i have been able to organize better an the fact that you put the needed links for each coupon on there to match up is just awesome. thank you so much for your hard work

  10. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this site – I scored some major deals on Kashi today! however, the cashier had terrible news for me -she said I did so good, but it was a shame that target was not going to be doing the internet coupons anymore. 🙁 she couldn’t really clarify, but she made it sound like at the end of the month they were only going to take regular coupons and no more target.com coupons.

  11. Hi Kerry; I like your website very much, at least 5 times a day I check it out. You are doing great job, and thank you for helping us to know more about Target’s deals. Today I went to Target, and the cashier didn’t know what he was doing. The manager , it seemed to me that manager made his own rule for my situation,which is this: I had 3 coupons each for two Benadryl, the ones that says save $5 off on any two Benadryl. So I bought six Benadryl itch sticks, the ones that offered 2 free first aid bags when you buy three Benadryls. He rang them up and everything went ok, until it was coupon time. When I gave him one of the coupons, he scanned it and it came up with only $2.29 off, instead of $4.58 . When I brought to his attention, he called the manager, and after a long conversation, I was told that I can only use one manufacturer’s coupon and one target coupon for each item, in one transaction. Is this something you are aware of? I had the coupon policy with me too, which said I can use one manufacturer’s coupon, and one target coupon for each ITEM . Do you think because it said ITEM, they are not excepting coupons that has deals on any TWO? I would appreciated if you can help me with this matter. Thank you.

  12. Kerry- what is the difference between a target web coupon and a coupon printed from target.com that has the bullseye logo but says manufactures coupon….Is this a true target coupon and can I stack them?

  13. I just signed up today, but when I tried to print the coupons it said I had reached my printing limits. I had not printed any of these at all. This was the first day I had even signed up.Can you tell me what I need to do?

  14. Hey Shay- I try and alert readers to this on my posts often. Sometimes stores/cashiers/managers will not allow this and consider the B1G1 as covering both items. Like you said- you have done it in the past- so it just comes down to your store/cashier/manager on wether or not they will be accepted. I do need to edit the FAQ page to reflect this though and have plans on expanding on this page soon.

  15. I adore your site. I read it religiously & have learned so much. Tonight I ran into my first roadblock, maybe you can help me with this. Went to Target, coupons in hand, first purchase to come into question was the Scrubbing Bubbles buy a toilet gel get a toilet brush starter kit free. The manager refused to honor my $1 off gel coupon saying I had already used a coupon for that item. No amount of explaining would sway her so 2 $1 coups went back into my pouch. Same exact argument for the Cover Girl buy a mascara get an eye treatment free, Once again she refused to honor my $1 off mascara coup. 2 more $1 coups back in the pouch. So, what do I do? Do I even bother to call corporate? I’ve done these deals many times before with no problem & although the manager was polite as can be, it’s bugging me. Took me about 20 minutes to find more than 20 items & nearly 30 minutes to check out. I even loaded the items so the ‘buy this get that’ items were right next to each other.

  16. Can anybody help me? Im alittle confused. I went to target to get scrubbing bubbles. I bought 2 toliet cleaning gel, 1 12 pack refills of fresh brush, and 1 2in1 fresh brush starter kit. I had 2/$1 off toilet gel, 1 buy toliet cleaning gel get free 2in1 kit, 1 buy toilet gel get free 12 pk refill free, and buy 4 scrub bub products get $5 GC. First the cashier told me Icant use the $5 GC coupon because the 2 free items dont count. I was surprised cuz I’ve done that before. She asked the manager who was at the next register and they said she was correct. I was bummed, but oh well, what can I do? but when my total was $4 more than I expected I questioned that. I watched my coupons come off when they scanned.(i dont like the fact that not all coupons show how much is taken off when they scan it either)So I asked if both the free items came off and she said yes they were both for the 12 pk refills. I said no one was for the 2in1 kit. She wouldnt pull out the coupons again because she said the drawer they slide the coupons into was locked, and the 2 free refills were subtracted.( I only bought one refill) There was a really long line behind me that i didnt want to hold up anymore, so I paid and left. On my reciept it took $1 off the 2in1 kit instead of the gel.Gave me a free gel instead of the kit. I did the free refill like I was supposed to tho. So what happened? Was it a register goof? Or the cashier?

    Many of you reported disaster at the registers yesterday with the unadvertised Schick Disposable Deal I posted about yesterday HERE. While one may expect that it is a coupon/Gift Card Deal issue, I am not convinced yet and think it is more likely a coupon specific problem. I heard from Mitchell yesterday, whose coupons actually made the register crash at his Target store yesterday, and more than once. Others report the coupon taking off wacky amounts. But just a heads up that this deal may cause problems- and possibly due to the printable coupon. I would be unterested to hear if anyone using the insert coupons on this deal had the same troubles and it would definitely give a clue to wether or not the issue is related to the printable coupons.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> i tried the schick $2 manuf cpn and they came off as zero. i then tried a $4 manuf peelie from years ago (NED) and it also rang up as zero. CSR had to manually enter coupon amounts in, HTH

  18. How do I get on the list to receive the Target home mailers? My neighbor gets them, but I don’t and I shop more often and spend more money at Target than she does.

  19. I have a question i am new to this.If i have a target web Q and print 2 of them and have 2 mfg.Q for the same items do i have to check out 2 separate times ?. Thanks Dave

  20. I was trying to do the Olay body wash deal…buy 1 body wash at $4.79, use a $4 coupon for the body wash and have one that ia a B1G1;buy one olay body wah and get one Ivory body wash, or soap free. so I bought 1 wanting to use 1 B1G1, and the cashier said sorry you can only use one of the coupons, see it says limit one coupon per purchase on the coupon. I told her i didn’t wanted it. Is she right?

  21. Hi Kerry…I tried the Purina $2. Off and the register automatically adjusted down to $1.. no beeps and no hassle
    Thank You for your wonderful site.


  22. One of the local Targets here in the Mobile area has the patio items @ 75% off! Wooo Whooo!

  23. thank you for your response I was frustrated after leaving the store thinking that I really don’t want to spend my time having to translate english to english for a dollar fifty, now I’m laughing at how silly it is. Anyway I love your site and happy 4th July!

  24. imo it is fine for baby powder. – you should have asked him what category baby powder was if it was not considered a toiletry! very silly imo and unfortunate that they gave you so much trouble. when coupons beep unfortunately though you are at the mercy of the store- but you can always call corp about the matter- because baby posder IS a toiletry

  25. I printed 2 Target web cpn for the $0.75 off 2 J&J baby toiletry or Destin item. So I bought 4 J&J baby powder that was on sale used 2 clip manucpn and 2 peel from the bottle and plan to use the 2 TQ. but somehow every single manucpn kept showing up invalid, but the cashier was nice enough to push it through because it was obviously valid. But she said that the TQ was only valid for the products with the picture shown on the TQ which were some kind of Desitin and a J&J body wash. I wanted to avoid holding up the line so I paid for the price without the TQs and went to talk to the person at service desk. What ended up happen was that she said the TQs weren’t valid for babypowder. Now on the TQ itself clearly stated that it can be used for J&J’s baby toiletry excludes trial size & Johnson’s Buddies item. So shouldn’t the baby powder 15 oz be valid for the TQ? If the babypowder was excluded from the deal couldn’t they have stated that on the cpn?

    this had happened before with the $3 off shoes TQ a way back that I used to buy a clearence item and the manager said it was only for the regular price item but looking at the cpn nothing states that clearence items were prohibit. Does this kind of thing happened to anybody?

  26. Sorry, I meant to ask about the Target Coupon Baby Mailer as well. How would I go about requesting them?

  27. I love your site and thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! I was wondering where I might find the Proctor and Gamble Proud Sponsors of Mom that I saw referenced for next weeks ad. Thanks again!

  28. I had a problem with using a BOGO coupon and a $ off coupon with two of the same items. Target store said the BOGO coupon is attached to both items (they were body washes) and so I couldnt use the $ off coupon on the item that I was paying for. I also called corporate and they agreed with the store, and said I couldnt use both coupons. Is this correct? Is this targets policy? If they were wrong, what can I do to fix this?

  29. If you use a mobile coupon can they scan it once to apply to all items? Example the SOBE water that’s 10/$10 this week with the $5 gift card if you buy 10. If I use the 50 cent mobile coupon will it automatically deduct $5 (50 cents for each bottle of water I buy)? Or will it only deduct 50 cents once? Thanks

  30. Does anyone know how to get the Target at home mailers? Like the new Summer Savings are Heating Up?

  31. no – unfortunately it is your store’s view. if cashier says no- ask for manager, if manager says no- call corpoorate. one coupon per purchase means one coupon per item, not transaction

  32. I was trying to do the Old Spice deal…buy 3 get the $5 Gift Card, so I bought 6 wanting to use 3 B1G1, and the cashier said sorry you can only use one of the coupons, see it says limit one coupon per purchase on the coupon. I’ve never had this issue before, is this Target’s view?

  33. Baglady and Katie Drawdry-

    I had this same problem happen to me today. There was a “special purchases section” on my receipt and within those it listed the coupons I had used but didn’t actually subtract them out. My receipt also listed some of the target coupons as MFs coupons, which really confused CS when I spoke to them. I don’t know if it’s only the target coupons it’s not taking off or if it’s the MF coupons. I didn’t get it fully worked out because I couldn’t get CS to understand that it wasn’t taking off for my coupons. Any thoughts Kerry?


  35. WHEN ALL ELSE FELL CALL CORPORATE OFFICE. I HAD TOO. WRONG PRICE ALL ENDCAP SIGN BUG MANAGER DID NOT WANT TO GIVE ME $1.50 SINCE THAT WHAT THE SIGN SAYS. ITEM ORGINALLY COST $2.18 . I CALL CORPORATE WHILE IN THE STORE. i got all 15 crystal light for $1.50 then i had a $1 off coupon for each and got them for .50 cents.



  36. Hi Angela,
    I did buy the shout and the glade all in one transactions. that totally makes sense 🙂 i wonder why that happens.
    Thank you so much

  37. Amber, maybe a silly question…But did you buy shout and Glade?

    On two of my receipts, it looks like the glade and shout got confused, and degree and dove coupons attached themselves to the wrong products. The correct amount of $$ did come off of the total receipt, it’s just listed on the wrong products, it just made the receipt a little harder to figure out, but I saved the right amount of money.

  38. Hi totally target,
    I am fairly new to the coupon world but I have a question regarding some coupons that I have used at Target…..

    Do you know why some MFR coupons ring up less that what it states??

    For example…..
    I bought a bottle of glade. Regular price is $3.49 – $2.00 target coupn = $1.49 I used a $1.00 MFR coupon, so I should have only paid $.49 right?? well I got $2.00 target coupon but when I used my MFR coupon it only took off $.55. Don’t get me wrong, paying $.94 for a bottle of glad is great, but I cut coupons for a reason to save money…. every penny counts 🙂 Do you know why the registers took $.55 instead of the the $1.00?? It did it twice because I had 2 transactions.

    another example….
    I bought the oil of olay body wash for $3.54 had a $4.00 MFR coupon but the register only took off $2.00 instead of $4.00…. so I paid $1.54 o.o.p. I wouldn’t have bought it if I had know that i was going to pay $1.54 oop.

    I am kind of a little leary of the shopping at Target because of the issue..
    I appreciate any suggestions that you may have.

    o… I have also tried scanning the MFR coupon first before the Target coupon and it does the same thing.

    Thank you in advance

  39. “Baglady” I am having the same issue. Happened again to day actually! I am getting really confesed with the way they do some of the items with coupons as “special coupon”. It looks to me like they didnt take off the actual Target Q even though its listed. The numbers just arent adding up! Any help would be appreciated!!

  40. Hi, a lot of time my Targets accept all of my coupons but the Target coupons from their own site never seem to come off the total even when they scan them. A lot of times I have to go back and they will manually give me the discount. Is there a way to avoid this?

  41. Gift Card Deal Question: When there is a coupon for a Target Gift Card (i.e. $5 for Scrubbing Bubbles), is that considered a manufacture coupon on the item purchased or on the gift card? I had a clerk tell me that she was a “coupon queen” and understood all of these things. I had a $5/1 MQ off the price of the item and a Target coupon also. She did not want to take the MQ, but the machine did. BTW – the whole transaction took over 20 minutes – 2 clerks and 2 managers. Arghhh!!!!

  42. I was at a target store tonight, and I had 3 Pampers Baby wipes, and 4 J.fred shampoo, and 4 conditioners. and I had a coupon for EACH item. when i got to the checkout, the guy would not honor my coupons, He stated that target is now only excepting 1 coupon per the same items regardless if the coupon states on each item. SO he was only going to let me use 1 pampers coupon and 1 j.fred coupon. Needless to say after the manager came over actually 2 of them, I walked away a frustrated customer and empty handed..grrr. anyone else having similiar problems at their local targets? I read the coupon policy and I dont see where it states this clearly. Im so bummed

  43. margret- on mobile coupons bring up the txt/site with the barcode for the mobile coupon(s) show it to the cashier and they will/can scan it. if it does not scan there is a #underneath the barcode that they can type in that you can read to them, we are not supposed to handle a guests cell phone

  44. I’m in Az., and I’m having a difficult time at a few of our Targets accepting coupons. They make comments like” lets see how many of these will scan” before even scanning any Q’s. Also one store says they can’t adjust the amount of Q to match price ie.- item is .97 cents and Q is for 1$ I was told their store was different and their registers won’t allow them to do this. Even though their store would be the one making the .03 cents. Do you have any suggestions ? At this point I’d really like to complain to a store manager . The people have been so rude!

  45. is there any site I could ask to find a products I have been trying to find which target store kraft homestyle dinner, the one with the TQ coupon for free.

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