New Price Cuts at Target

Here are some new price cuts that I spotted. I did any matchups I could find- and will add them to the Price Cuts Page HERE. Keep in mind your store may not have signage up for these price-cuts- and when in doubt- check the item at one of the scanners throughout the store

Sobe Lifewater $1.00
     -B5G2 Free Peelies (found in Target on bottles)

Barilla Plus Pasta $1.84
    -$1/2 Barilla Plus 1-3-10 SS
     -.75/2 Barilla Plus Multigrain pasta MQ on Target Site
Barilla Pasta (in Blue Box) $1.20
Powerade & Powerade Zero .84
     -$1/5 Powerade Zero Singles (32 oz) Target Q PRINT
SunMaid 18-Pack Snack Size Raisins $1.37
     -$1/2 Sun-Maid Raisins or Dried Fruit Packages, any 6 oz + – 11-08-09 SS
Fiber One Pancake Mix $2.75
     -$1/1 Fiber One Complete Pancake Mix, 28.3 oz – 01-03-10 SS
     -.60/1 Fiber One Complete Pancake Mix 01-03-10 GM
     -.60/1 Fiber One Complete Pancake Mix, Any 28.3 Oz. – 11-15-09 GM (exp 1/9)
Olay Body Wash 18 oz $5.49
     -$1/1 Olay Body Wash – 12-27-09 PG

Peter Pan Peanut Butter 16.3 oz $1.69

     -B2G1 Peter Pan (16.3 oz or +) – AllYou, January 2010 – valid up to $2.00
     *ConAgra $25 in Qs wyb $10 in ConAgra MIR Eligible HERE
Hamburger & Tuna Helper $1.36
     -$.75/3; $1/2 from 1-3-10 SS

Dasani Essence Single Bottles $1.00
Rockstar Energy Drinks 16 oz $1.50
     -.75/1 Tearpad
Rockstar Coffee Drinks 15 oz $2.00
     -.75/1 Tearpad
Pringles Stix 10-Count or Pringles 100 Calorie 8-Pack $3.00
Cesar Dog Treats $2.99

     $1/1 Cesar treats MQ on Target Site PRINT
Goodlife Recipe Wholesome Bites Treats $2.99
     -$1/1; $2/1  The Goodlife Recipe Treats for Dogs, any one – 11-15-09 RP

Vitamin Water 4-Packs 16 oz Bottles $2.99

Toys- Various Prices and Brands
Way too many to get them all down for you- but I spotted the following toys marked with the Price cut until 2/6. It was select toys from each group: MegaBloks Sets, Kai-Lan Playsets, Toy Story Toys, Fisher Price Imaginext, Fisher Price Shake & Go Cars, Littlest Pet Shop & Nerf Toys.

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Join VocalPoint for Coupons and Free Samples

Vocal PointFor those of you who have not joined VocalPoint yet, you are missing out on some great Qs and samples! I have received some awesome coupons from VocalPoint over the last year. Many of the coupons they send are high value- and many times they will include a free product coupon. They have very generous samples too- often for full-size products. They have some pretty entertaining mailers at times too. It is completely free to join and you can do so HERE.

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And the Winner of the Bayer Meter Qs Is….

congratsto teamcollins@ for winning the giveaway!

There was so much interest I decided to pick 2 runners up-
each will receive 2 meter Qs. The runners up are:

SSSHARKMAN6470@  &  deannasdreams@

Congratulations & I will contact the three of you by e-mail.

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Some Good Deals w/the New Target Qs

Here are some good deals I see with the new Target Qs. Let me know if you spot any others!

Juicy Juice Brain Development Juice 33.8 oz $2.89
$1/1 /Juicy Juice Brain Development Juice 33.8 oz
     -$1/1 JJ Brain Development (manuf site must sign up) PRINT
     -$1/2 Juicy Juice Items, Any Nestle School Days Made Simple
     -$1/2 (manuf. web site- must sign up or in)
     -$1/2 Juicy Juice Products any size any flavor (MQ on Target Site) PRINT
DEAL:  Use the $1/1 TQ & the $1/1 MQ to get it for .89 cents.

Juicy Juice 64 oz. Bottle $2.00 (on price cut until 1/16)
$1/1 Juicy Juice 64 oz or larger
     -$1/2 Juicy Juice Items, Any Nestle School Days Made Simple
     -$1/2 (manuf. web site- must sign up or in)
     -$1/2 Juicy Juice Products any size any flavor (MQ on Target Site) PRINT
DEAL: Following Target’s rule of 1 Target Q per transaction:
Buy 2 Juicy Juice 64 oz bottles = $4.00 -$1/2 MQ – $1/1 TQ = $2.00 for 2 or $1.00 each.

Kellogg’s Special K Cereal $2.39 (on price cut until 1/23)
     -B1G1 (Original or Granola Flavor) Sign Up & PRINT
     -.50/1 Kellogg’s Special K Cereal 11 – 18oz Target Q PRINT
DEAL: Following Target’s rule of 1 Target Q per transaction:
Buy 2 Kellogg’s Special K Cereal (Granola or regular will have to be one of them) = $4.78 -B1G1 – .50/1 TQ = $1.89 for 2 or .95 each. I would wait on another $1/1 Kellogg’s MQ to come around though since we have some time.

Lean Cuisine Select Entrees, Paninis & Pizza $2.25 (price cut til 1/16)
$1/1 Lean Cuisine Frozen Meal
     -$1/3 Lean Cuisine MQ on Target Site  PRINT
DEAL: Following Target’s rule of 1 Target Q per transaction:
Buy 3 Lean Cuisine = $6.75 -$1/3 MQ – $1/1 TQ = $4.75 for 3 or $1.58 each.

Kashi Go Lean Cereal 2.75 (On Price Cut until 1/16)
     -$1/1; $3/2 Any Kashi Product Peelie (found on TLC Bar Boxes)
     -.75/1 Kashi Cold Cereal (excludes single-serve cups & variety packs) Target Q PRINT
DEAL: If you can find the peelies this will be a great deal. I have seen quite a few at my store.
Following Target’s rule of 1 Target Q per transaction:
Buy 2 Kashi Cereal = $5.50 -$3/2 Peelie – $.75/1 TQ = $1.75 for 2 boxes or .88 cents each.

Kashi TLC Bars Asst. Varieties $2.66
     -$1/1; $3/2 Any Kashi Product Peelie (found on TLC Bar Boxes)
     -.50/1 Kashi TLC Granola Bars
DEAL: Following Target’s rule of 1 Target Q per transaction:
Buy 2 Kashi TLC Bars = $5.32 -$3/2 Peelie – $.50/1 TQ = $1.82 for 2 boxes or .91 cents each.

Carnation Instant Breakfast $3.94
$1/1 Carnation Instant Breakfast
     -$1/2 Carnation Instant breakfast drinks MQ on Target Site PRINT (exp 1/23)
     -$3/2 Carnation Instant Breakfast Q PRINT
DEAL: Following Target’s rule of 1 Target Q per transaction:
Buy 2 Carnation Instant Breakfast = $7.98 -$3/2 IP – $1/1 TQ = $3.98 for 2 or $1.99 each.

Cascadian  Farms Cereal $2.69
$1/2 Cascadian Farms Cereal

     -$1/1 Cascadian Farms Product (manuf. site bottom right) PRINT
     -$1/1; $1/2 Peelies (spotted in Target on Granola Bars)
DEAL: Buy 2 Cascadian Farms Cereal = $5.38 -$2 ($1/1 IPs)  – $1/2 TQ = $2.38 for 2 or $1.18 each. I don’t know a price on the CF Bars- but I suspect it will be a good deal as well.


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Living in the Land of 30%

30percentOhhhh just look at all these toys… them and about 2 more aisles just full. And they are all just screaming to be marked down so we cangrab them  up! But there has been no budging in my neck of the woods at all. And very few of them are at 50% off- very, very few.  And believe me, I price checked a bunch. There are quite a few reports of a large number of toys at 50% off and more- but we just sit here… stuck.

Christmas and black dots in the dollar spot also sits at 75% off though I do expect it to go to 90% soon- hopefully by Wednesday at the very latest- but honestly your guess is as good as mine. I believe it happened on the 5th last year in my area, but I just don’t know what to expect anymore. There isn’t a ton left- but definitely enough remnants to warrant 90% to get rid of it all already!!

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Free Shipping When You Spend $50


From now until January 9t, 2010, is offering Free Shipping on qualifying purchases from the followig categories: Apparel, Shoes, Jewelry, Handbags and Accessories, Cosmetics and Fragrances & Luggage. There doesn’t  This Link HERE seems to bring up quite a few of them (101) eligible for the free shipping- but I can’t seem to find a way to bring up all of them so you will have to browse each category :).

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All 2x Ultra 150 oz for $4.04 After Qs


Kim e-mailed me a great deal she found today on the 150 oz All 2X ultra laundry detergent (96 load). She found that the bottles that had the HE (High Efficiency) circled on the front are ringing up at $6.04. It looks just like the bottle shown here in the ad for $11.99 except it has the HE circled on the front. There was a $2/1 in today’s RP making it $4.04 after the Q. You may want to price check them in your store to see if you find the same thing.

Nice deal Kim! And thanks so much for sharing!

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Good News on the Leapfrog Tag Books Sale

tagtargetFor those that didn’t make it to Target today- I have good news on the Tag Books. Their wording of “software” was sort of misleading to me in the ad- & I wanted to verify that all the books were indeed on sale for $9.99 and they are. If you did not get the $4/1 Q in your Parade Magazine today- don’t forget there are printables here:
-$4/1 Tag Book
-$2/1 Tag Jr. Book
And remember there is also a $5.00 MIR available HERE if you purchased the Tinker Bell DVD or Blu-Ray and a LeapFrog item.

I was so happy to get the last Bakugan & Star Wars Clone Wars Tag Books on the shelf today! I found a few more price cuts, and have some other things to post, and will try and get to it after dinner :).

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