Up & Up Target Q Popping UP in Many Mags


Remember the Up& Up Q that Traci found in Family Circle last week? Well that same $1 off a $3 purchase or more of Target’s Up and Up brand products is popping up elsewhere too. Today I got my new February Issue of Parents and it was in there in the middle of a 2-page Target spread about their “new” brand. And Margie emailed me to say she found one in Essence too. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is found in the other big name mags too. BTW- NO mailer in my mailbox! Has anyone seen it? I am starting to think it does not exist :).


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New Playskool Qs? Where are They?

playsavingsI don’t know if any of you have been looking, but I am getting tired of seeing this same logo up advertising $75 in savings on the Playskool site HERE with no coupons! No coupons mean 0$ savings, not $75! Anyway- I heard the Mr. Potato Head Valentine’s Day Spud Bud is ringing up at $5.99 and I am hoping for another $5 Q or any toy Q for that matter! :). I called Playskool and asked about the issue and they said the company is due to put more Qs up in a few days. Can I guarantee that will happen? No. But it’s worth keeping an eye on!


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Clearance Clearance & More Clearance

Lots of chatter today on forums about what’s on clearance. Lots of reports of baby clearance, women’s clothing, housewares and toys at 75% off. Some finding 75% markdowns in more than one area of the store- some finding markdowns in specific areas only. But many reports too of toys and baby stuff still stuck at 30 or 50%. It’s obviously a gamble to make the trip and possibly be met with disappointment— but I’m just letting you know what I am hearing.

So hmmm…. do I go put my shoes on and head out the door? Tough call as my husband might strangle me if I do! LOL. What about you folks? Anybody find anything good today?

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New Giveaway: Coupons Galore!

QsBeing a new Blog and all, and only 5 weeks in- I have still had a lot of set up work to do as well as post- and I am falling behind on my other tasks- one of them being keeping my coupons organized! I have really not had time to trade- and I have decided I just have too many to use and would like to offer 2 nice big, coupon-packed flat rate envelopes as prizes to 2 of my readers. 

I don’t know what it is about the area of Florida I live in- but we are spoiled! There are always lots of coupons in all the stores. So many in fact, that I can’t tell you how many times I have walked up to a CS desk to hand them a bunch of tearpads and booklets that have expired! I know it is not like that for everyone- so it is time to share the wealth! There will be 2 winners. Each winner will receive a total of 11 inserts- including 2 complete sets of inserts from 1/3/10: (4 SS, 4 RP & 2 GM), as well as 1 P&G from 12-27. Also- the envelopes will be full of all the Tearpad & booklet Qs you see in the pic (you can click to see a larger view). Most of the Qs have a pretty far out expiration date- but there are a few that will expire on 1/31.

How to Enter: Each reader can gain 2 entries by doing the following:

1. Comment on this post (I will not be able to count any e-mail entries- so please be sure to comment on this post.)

2. Become a fan on facebook HERE AND come back and leave a comment that you became a fan. Although I enjoy reading your comments on facebook- to get your 2nd entry- you must comment on this post as well :). If you are already a fan- just leave a comment here that you already are.

All your comments are numbered, so I will use Random.org to choose 2 winners on Tuesday, January 19th at 10pm.  I will be mailing them via USPS Priority Flat Rate so they will arrive quickly.


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Target Wii Fit Event: Free $15 GC Select Locations

wiifitIn select Locations- Target will be offering a Free $15 Gift Card (while supplies last) to those who try out the Wii Fit Plus with an expert who will show you how you can get active with the Wii™ console.  The following stores will be participating:

Thousand Oaks Target, Jan 16-17
Burbank Target  January 23rd & 24th
Valencia Target January 30th & 31st

Frisco SuperTarget January 16th & 17th
Plano West SuperTarget January 23rd & 24th
Cypress Target January 30th & 31st

Atlanta Perimeter SuperTarget January 30th & 31st
Cumming SuperTarget January 16th & 17th

Kendall Target January 23rd & 24th

Must be 18 years of age or older to receive a GiftCard. Limit one GiftCard per guest. I believe all events are from 10am to 5pm but obviously you would want to get there early since it is “while supplies last”. You can read the full details and terms HERE but if your store is participating, you may want to call and get any additional details you can.

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Duncan Hines Q & Cake Recipe Contest

Submit your best birthday cake idea, and you could win a Grand Prize of 1 Wii™ Console, a Birthday Party Bash Wii™ game, 4 confetti cupcake mixes, 4 classic vanilla frostings and a check for $250 for birthday party decorations.  There are 100 additional prizes of a Birthday Party Bash Wii games. You can go HERE to enter. You can also print a $1 Off Q for Duncan Hines Carrot Cake AND 1 Cream Cheese Frosting HERE. Be ready- link goes straight to printing.
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A Few More Price Cuts

Here’s the last of the price cuts I had for you:

Gas-X Thin Strips or Chewables 18 ct. $3.50
     -$1/1 Gas-X Thin Strips, any – 10-18-09 or 12-06-09 SS
     -$1/1 Gas-X Product, any – 10-18-09 or 12-06-09 SS
     -$1/1 Gas-X Product, any
Maalox 90 ct Tablets or 12 oz Liquid $4.08
     -$1.50/1; $3/2 Maalox Product, Any – 12-06-09 SS

Phazyme $11.92
    -$2/1 Phazyme PRINT
     -$2/1 Phazyme manuf. site (mist sign up) PRINT
Campbell’s Healthy Request Condensed Soup Select Varieties $1.14
      -.40/2; $1/4 Campbell’s Healthy Request Condensed Soups 01-03-10 SS
     -.55/1 any Healthy Request condensed soups Peelie

Folgers Classic Decaf Instant Coffee 8 oz. $5.07

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New Target Home Mailer

Word is there is a new Target Mailer out that includes 10 pages of coupons that are not specific manufacturer’s Qs, rather they are $ off categories- ie $.75/1 cosmetic product, $1/1 any pet food, and so on. If anyone receives it and would like to e-mail me a pic and/or a list of Qs in it, I’d appreciate it.  I am not sure I would be lucky enough  to receive 2 in a row!

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Anyone Need a Haircut?

haircutIf anyone is in need of a haircut and would like to save a little money- Kai over at Smart Couponing has put together quite a few savings you may want to take advantage of at Supercuts, Mastercuts, Hair cuttery, Cartoon cuts, Lemon Tree and Cost Cutters. You can take a look at all the details HERE.    -Thanks Kai!

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