Clearance: 90% Off Finds Today

Untitled - 2Margie has been at it again & I am so jealous. I was really tempted to run out tonight once my hubby got home- but I just have way too much to do and a TON of laundry calling my name! But she did report several clearance finds at 90% that you may want to look for. You never know what you might be able to find- especially if it is not all properly signed:

Here is what Margie found today:
Bounty 2pk paper towels, winter design w/ red mitten on front left side @.29 each
lucky bamboo w/ red netting @ $1.29 each
mini euro pine in silver gift bag w/silver tissue paper @ $1.09
Girls carter’s night gowns blue w/ penguins @ .89 each
Girls nick & nora pj’s w/ Christmas kittens and puppies  @ $1.49 each
Oreo’s regular wrapper w/ O R E O in white ornaments @ .27 each
Ritz crackers w/ “snowflake” written on box and snowflake design left side of box
disney princess lipgloss/watch sets @ .49 each
elf 3pkg lip gloss sets @ .30 each
ladies cozy socks black/red w/snowman @ .50 each
girls snowman/santa slipper socks @ .40 each
ladies 2pk socks (one pair has a light up snow globe, other pair  red/black polka dots)@ .40 each
scotch tape purple pkg ($1.99 printed on pkg) @ .19 each
mens holiday themed boxers @.79 each
dominos gift box sets made out of bamboo w/ leather case @ $1each
gift box light up screw driver @ .50 each
gift box 2pk electric mug set @ $1 each
Cookie tray w/ sugar & cinnamon cookies (my kids love these) @ .59 each
twin jersey sheet sets @$1.99
Mens GIJoe shirts @ .95 each

She has got lots of pictures up on her blog from her trip today HERE if you would like to take a look at what she found. Wow- you have been one busy girl Margie, Thanks for sharing your finds!

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New Glade Fresh Start Giftpack

I got an e-mail for the new Giftpack offer from Right at Home.

Giftpacks are available until January 29, 2010, or while supplies last. Only 3,000 available. & only the first 3,000- people to respond will get a giftpack containing a Glade Sense & Spray so you may want to hurry. Go HERE to get yours.

If you have received a gift pack from Right@Home™ in the last 180 days, you are not eligible for this month’s offer.

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Tag Books Reported on Clearance at Some Stores

leapfrogSome Tag Books are reportedly on clearance at Target- making for super cheap books with the $4/1 Qs. I heard Cat in the Hat is ringing up at some stores for $7.79. Also, Target has been accepting the $4/1 Tag Book for the Tag Junior books as well but it will be a ymmv.

And I know we all love Target, but I hear there is also clearance on the Tag Books at some Walmart stores- for $5 each- and after a Q they would be $1. I wouldn’t make a special trip- as I can’t guarantee you will find them- but if you have a WalMart close by- you may want to take a peek in and look. If you don’t have a Parade Q, the $4/1 is still available HERE.

UPDATE: Q is gone now 🙁

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Got my 50 Free Prints from CVS Today!

austinWell I had to beg my husband to stop and pick them up- but he did – so I got my free prints from CVS in my hand! Yay! If you did not see my post on how to get 50 free prints from CVS on line – take a look HERE. If you follow my instructions- you will not be asked for a credit card or anything and your total will be ZERO! I was especially happy since I misplaced this photo of my son in mid-air on my hard drive from this summer, and I finally found it so I got a few copies of it to send to friends and family. I think it came out awesome if I do say so myself. I left a bigger picture on-line so if you want to click on it to see a larger picture you can.

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Target’s New Bulk Packaging Area

I don’t know if you have noticed- or if they are doing it at your stores- but they were starting to unload and stock shelves yesterday at my store with bulk packages of trash bags, granola bars, paper towels and many other things. I was busy looking around elsewhere and doing my thing and not paying much attention to it- but I just found this article about what they are doing HERE.

It seems as if they are planning on offering little mini Costco & BJ’s type sections in their areas that usually contain seasonal items. I am not really a big fan of buying bulk packaging. I would much rather get 10 separate items and use a coupon on each one than buy a huge box of something and only be able to use 1 Q. I always find it just doesn’t work out in a couponer’s favor to buy in bulk. I will have to take a closer look when I am in next time to see what they are up to…. I don’t think I like this though, and I hope they just keep it confined to one small area and don’t plan on becoming a full-fledged discount warehouse! I will just die!

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The Elusive Target Home Mailers

targetredcardMy giveaway for my extra Target Home Mailer +Qs has sparked a flurry of e-mails and there have been some comments asking “How do I get them?”. I am going to do a quick post since I can’t possibly get to all the e-mails and I can’t reply to the comments on that post otherwise I will be entered into my own giveawy ;). 

Unfortunately, there is no clear-cut way to get put on their mailing list. You do increase your chances by having a Red Card (Target Credit Card), but that is NO guarantee! I can testify to that because I have one, and I have seen PLENTY of mailers pass me by. But if you are interested in getting a Red Card – you can download the application and mail it to Target HERE or do yourself a favor and save your stamp and some ink and apply in the store! There are several benefits and rewards to having a Red Card and you can read the full list HERE.

I know that people who don’t have Red Cards get them as well, possibly through creating a registry at Target. But on the other hand- my neighbor, who I just called to confirm that she never signed up for anything, nor has she ever set foot in the store, got one, so there is no rhyme or reason to it and I am not sure where they get their mailing lists from. Wish I had a better answer for you folks!

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Freebies: Bally’s Free Pass & Free Slimfast Bar

ballysBally’s is offering a a free 7-day membership Guest pass. First be sure to check and see if there is one in your area- they have a map of all their locations right on the main page. Just click on their logo to the left to see if they have a location near you and to sign up.


Also- you can request your Free Slimfast Bar HERE– this one is from Sam’s Club, but you do NOT need to be a member to request a sample.

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Home Depot Special Savings

 Rhomedepot2ight now- you can sign up for free at the Home Depot to receive access to special savings via their email newsletter. Just click on their logo to get started. While signing up for special alerts can flood your inbox- you can always create a separate e-mail to receive all your promotional reading to so you don’t miss any of the deals.

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