FREE Netipot for Facebook Fans


Become a fan HERE of NetiPot or “Like” them (I still can’t get used to that!) and get a FREE NeilMed NasaFlo Neti Pot with two packets. After you “Like” them, click on the “Free Neti Pot” tab and then the Free NetiPot link to be redirected to a page where you’ll have to fill out a form to request it. You can also click on the Neti Pot tab and get $4 mail in rebate or $3 instant rebate coupon.

-Thanks to Kai at SmartCouponing!

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Free Pet & Habitat for Teachers

critters*Note: offer valid only in South Carolina, Arizona & Wisconsin

In my quest for Kaytee Coupons, I came across a cool site called that is devoted to small animals as pets. They have a program called Critters in the Classroom where teachers can sign up to receive a free habitat sent to them. Then teachers may purchase a gerbil or hamster at PetSmart, and complete an online rebate form for up to a $19.99 value. Supplies are limited- and those interested can go HERE.

Also on Petfundango there are quite a few resources available for parents teachers and children regarding small pets. A really neat site with a lot of information. You can also request coupons by e-mail while you are there for Kaytee & SuperPet Products.

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Free Tag Jr. ABC Book from Leapfrog

leap2Carrie just gave me the heads up on how to receive a Free Tag Junior ABC book from Leapfrog. If you go HERE to link up your child’s Leapfrog toy to the Learning Path they will send you the book! Simple as that. If you have all your toys already linked to the Learning Path, just pick one- you do not have to purchase or physically connect a toy to the computer- the offer just requires you to select a toy.  

For those not familiar- the Learning Path is a free, online resource. There is plenty of ideas and tips, and more. I love that when I log in and connect my son’s Tag reader to load another book- I can see how many times he has read his books- and how well he did on answering any of the learning games in each book, etc. It is really quite fascinating. The free book offer is valid through 3/1/10 or while supplies last.

Thanks so much Carrie!

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