P&G BrandSampler New FREE Samples & Coupons

It’s a new quarter- and that means you should be able to request a new round of P&G samples & coupons. Just visit the P&G Every Day Solutions Page HERE and look toward the left side down just a bit under the heading P&G BrandSampler. Now click “request your samples”. Be sure and check off ALL the samples and coupons you want before you submit your request. Once you submit a request you cannot go back in and see what else they have to offer and you can only request samples once per quarter. What is available to request canvary from person to person. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

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Synovate: Try New Products & Earn Extra Money

Synovate is taking new applications into their Global Opinion Panels HERE. As a panelist you will help companies improve everyday services, products, and household items and be among the first to test new consumer goods.

Being a Panel member is easy and you’ll earn rewards just by filling out surveys. Many panelists are also sent samples of products to try out and review, and in some cases these are full-size samples. You are also entered into their monthly prize drawings. Every survey invitation will clearly tell you how many points you can earn. Once you sign up HERE you’ll start off with 500 points!

You’ll need to fill out 2 simple forms to sign up with your basic information. They’ll send you a confirmation e-mail, just be sure to confirm your participation in that e-mail and that’s it. If you are interested in being a Synovate panel member, just go HERE to apply.

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