Feb 182015

We have a new Target cartwheel offer to save 25% Off Mucinex Allergy. There are manufacturer coupons to stack, and there is no size restriction. Target sells the 5 count boxes for $7.49 regular price to make for some nice savings after stack…

Mucinex Allergy 5 count $7.49 (Regular Price)
-$1.87 (use 25% Off Mucinex Allergy Target Cartwheel x2/28
-$2/1 Mucinex Product 1-11 SS2 x2/22, 2-1 SS x3/15 or PRINT HERE
= $3.62 after coupon and cartwheel or over 50% off!

NOT FAMILIAR WITH TARGET CARTWHEEL? This savings program introduced by Target allows you to save even more when shopping in-store. Even better- these offers can be used with Target Coupons AND Manufacturer coupons for up to a triple stack! You can see my post HERE to help get you started.

Feb 172015

Here is this week’s Sneak Peek at Checkout 51’s new offers which will go live Thursday, February 19th and expire on Wednesday, February 25th. There are many returning from last week but if you enjoyed these offers you can do them again with a new receipt! We also have some new ones that will come in handy for our current B3G1 FREE Deal on Windex & Scrubbing Bubbles Deal!


The following Checkout 51 list represents offers that the majority of members will see but keep in mind, some offers may vary per user. If you are not familiar with Checkout 51, this FREE app is a fast and easy way to earn cash back on in-store purchases and you do not need to have a smartphone to take advantage. Just go here and sign up and go HERE to read more about how it works.

Checkout 51 is also offering up an extra rebate with a “Pick Your Own Offer” special. To get yours, just tap on “Pick Your Own Offer” in the app and choose only one from the list. It will automatically be added.

Here’s a list of next week’s “Pick Your Own Offers” starting 2/19…

-Earn $0.25 Cash Back wyb Onions with Checkout 51 x2/25
-Earn $0.25 Cash Back wyb Apples, Any Variety with Checkout 51 x2/25
-Earn $0.25 Cash Back wyb Bananas with Checkout 51 x2/25
-Earn $0.25 Cash Back wyb Grapefruit with Checkout 51 x2/25
-Earn $0.25 Cash Back wyb Kale with Checkout 51 x2/25

And here’s the rest of next week’s Checkout 51 Offers starting 2/19….

-Earn $1 Cash Back wyb Shout (excl. Shout Free & Shout Advanced) w/Checkout 51 x2/25
-Earn $1 Cash Back wyb Windex (excl. Foaming Glass & Electronics wipes) w/Checkout 51 x2/25
-Earn $1 Cash Back wyb Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom (excl toilet) with Checkout 51 x2/25
-Earn $1 Cash Back wyb Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Products with Checkout 51 x2/25
-Earn $1 Cash Back wyb Soy Vay® Marinades & Dressings with Checkout 51 x2/25

-Earn $0.75 Cash Back wyb Suavitel® Fabric Conditioners 50 oz+ with Checkout 51 x2/25
-Earn $0.75 Cash Back wyb Suavitel® Dryer Sheets 40 ct+ with Checkout 51 x2/25
-Earn $1.00 Cash Back wyb Nature Valley Protein Granola with Checkout 51 x2/25
-Earn $0.75 Cash Back wyb Fabuloso Cleaners 32 oz+ with Checkout 51 x2/25
-Earn $1.00 Cash Back wyb 2 Mrs. Renfro’s Salsa with Checkout 51 x2/25
-Earn $0.50 Cash Back wyb Clabber Girl Non-GMO Corn Starch 6.5 oz w/Checkout 51 x2/25
-Earn $1.00 Cash Back wyb Pledge any variety w/Checkout 51 x2/25
-Earn $1.00 Cash Back wyb GoGargle!™ 10 ct with Checkout 51 x2/25
-Earn $1.00 Cash Back wyb Imagine Chunky Style Soups with Checkout 51 x2/25
-Earn $1.00 Cash Back wyb Urban Accents Spice Blends with Checkout 51 x2/25
-Earn $1.00 Cash back wyb Urban Accents® DryGlaze Grilling Rubs with Checkout 51 x2/25
-Earn $.50 Cash Back wyb Rumford Reduced Sodium Baking Powder 4 & 8.1oz w/Checkout51 x2/25
-Earn $.50 Cash Back wyb Blue Dragon Products with Checkout 51 x2/25
-Earn $1.00 Cash back wyb any 3 McCormick Grill Mates Products with Checkout 51 x2/25
-Earn $1.00 Cash Back wyb Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil 17 oz+ with Checkout 51 x2/25

-Earn $0.50 Cash Back wyb 2 Nongshim Meal Noodles (excl. Bowl & Cup) w/Checkout 51 x2/25

Key points to remember: A quantity of (1) of each offer is eligible for cash back per member • Each receipt can only be used once • Offers are available in limited quantities so check your offer list before you go to see if it’s still available, and upload the receipt immediately after purchase to avoid disappointment • You are permitted to use Checkout 51 cash back offers with any other coupon or discount unless otherwise stated • Members must buy the products in the United States and submit the receipts while the offers are live. For more details, you can read my post HERE.

Feb 172015


Here’s a few more unadvertised short-term Sales & deals I saw at my store on Sunday. Please remember sales can vary by region and deals listed below are thru 2/21 only. For more on this weeks sales and deals- you can always check the Weekly Ad Page at the top of my site. This page always contains links to the complete current ad with a full matchup and my Best Deals of the week post.

International Delight Coffee Creamer 16 oz $1.70 (Sale thru 2/21)
-$1/1 International Delight Coffee Creamer for new members when they Sign Up
= .70 each after coupon & sale
Uncle Ben’s Long Grain & Wild Rice Fast Cook $1.79 (Sale thru 2/21)
-$1 off FOUR Uncle Ben’s Rice Products
-$1/4 Uncle Ben’s Rice Products 1-11-15 RP x3/8
= $1.54 each after coupon wyb 4, regularly $1.99
Bigelow Tea Bags 20 -24 ct $2.10 (Sale thru 2/21)
-.55/1 box of Bigelow Tea Products
-.55/1 Bigelow Tea 12-14-14 RP x3/31 (REGIONAL COUPON)
= $1.55 after coupon, regularly $2.34


Feb 172015


Keep an eye out at your stores for a sale on Dannon Light & Fit regular and Greek Yogurt 32 oz containers for 2/$4 or $2 each. The Greek varieties are regularly priced at $5.09, so that’s a nice big savings if you find the same sale price at your store as I did at mine.

While there are no main-stream coupons that I know of, after sale the Greek varieties are like saving 60% off regular price. There is a $1.00 earning opportunity wyb Dannon on the Jingit App though that could save you even more.


Feb 172015

Valentine’s Day clearance should now be at 70% for some of you if your store has anything left. Mine was pretty sparse even as of Sunday- I think everything they had left could have fit in 4 carts :( so I did not make a trip today, but Kelley has just a ton left this morning at her Elicott City, MD store. I can’t believe how many pillows, small toys, infant clothing, baking trays & more that she had! If your store has not dropped to 70% yet, it is likely many of you will have the drop to 70% tomorrow.


So if your store looks anything like hers, you may want to dig around and see what you can find. Despite her signs being a little mish-mash – some saying 70 and some saying 50, all non-candy and non-food was 70% Off for her when she checked at the scanner. It is ALWAYS a good idea to check the price at the scanner. Some stores just don’t manage to get to their proper signage, and you will never know if you just walk away.


For example, her Friskies Love Packs were signed at 50, but ringing up 70% Off. Unfortunately the Friskies Cartwheel does not work on these treats, however- it still makes for an awesome deal if you have any left…

Buy 2 Friskies Party Mix Cat Valentine 3pk Treats (total wt 6.3 oz) 70% Off at $1.19 = $2.38
-$1/2 Friskies Party Mix Cat Treats Valentine’s Love 3-Pk Mobile TQ (txt OFFERS 827438) x2/18
-$2.00 (use two $1/1 Purina Friskies Cat Treats 6 oz+ 1-25-15 RP1 x4/25
= as low as FREE for two 3pks after stack


I am super-shocked at how much candy she has! It is just crazy- and again some of her signs still said 30% off, but all candy and snack foods were at 50% Off for her when she checked at the scanner.


The Valentine’s M&Ms and Dove and other Mars candy were all down to 50% Off for her with as low as $1.59 for M&Ms if your store is at 70/50. If you’ve got lots of candy left too, here’s the coupons out there to help sweeten the clearance deals…

$1.50/2 Dove or M&Ms Chocolate Candies 6 oz+ Target Coupon Valentines Booklet x3/1
$1 off two M&M’s candy items 9.9-oz. or larger Target Coupon (no longer available) x2/21
-$1.00 OFF Any (TWO) bags of M&M’s Brand Chocolate Candies, 9.9oz+
-$1/2 Mars Snickers, M&M’s, Twix, Milky Way or Minis Mix 8 oz+ 1-11-15 RP x2/22


What can be found will vary from store to store, but definitely worth taking a good look around for anything you might want to stock up on for next year. And be sure to scope out other areas of the store. Check in home & housewares, and check in the regular grocery aisles too just in case- and also  check out the clothing departments and baby too. While many items that are holiday get moved to the holiday clearance section- sometimes things get left behind.

For example Kelley found a whole rack of these cute Toddler Tees down to $1.80 if your store is at 70. Sometimes things are obviously Valentine’s but others are quite subtle- so look around for other possibilities you may want to scan just in case.


Also to check – there are 2 certain LEGO sets that are part of the Valentine’s Day clearance. These were originally back in the holiday section, however Kelley found quite a few up at the front registers mixed in. SO if you don’t find any in the back- it can’t hurt to check up front just in case. If your store is at 70% Off- they will be as low as $1.04.


In the regular kids drink ware aisles Kelley found these cute tumblers mixed in with the others. There was a couple different kinds mixed in and they will be scanning as low as .44 if your store is at 70.


She also found a BUNCH of kids plates and bowls mixed in with others in the regular aisle. Not all are ringing up 70, but above are the ones she found at 70% off down to as low as .44 and there may be more.

heart-symbolOne thing you can take a look for is the price sticker on the undersides of products. Just watch for the little white heart in a black circle like shown to the right which will usually indicate that it is part of the holiday clearance.

As far as a next drop to 90% Off- if history repeats we should see it as early as February 19th, but remember, there is no set schedule and stores can differ, so keep a close eye! Happy clearance hunting folks and let us know if you find anything good or anything hidden that we should be looking for this year!

Feb 162015


There’s a new B3G1 FREE Hormel chili thru 3/7 to watch for at your stores. I found several varieties priced at $1.79, and we have a printable coupon to use to save even more…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 4 Hormel Chili ($1.79) = $7.16
-$1.79 (one will be FREE with B3G1 thru 3/7
-55¢ on the purchase of any two (2) HORMEL Chili products (68130)*
= $4.82 for all 4. If your store allows a coupon on a sale freebie, use 1 more
-55¢ on the purchase of any two (2) HORMEL Chili products (68130)*
= $4.27 for all 4 or $1.06 each after coupons and freebie

*Some of you may have gotten this same coupon in your 1-4-15 SS2 insert.

Feb 162015


We got some new printable coupons for Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts yesterday, but even better we now have a new price cut thru 3/7 for 3/$5 or $1.66 each. After coupons and price cut, it makes for some nice savings…

Kellogg’s Gone Nutty PB&J Strawberry Toaster Pastries 6 count 3/$5 or $1.66 each
-40¢ on any ONE Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts Gone Nutty PB&J Strawberry Toaster Pastries
= $1.26 after coupon, regularly $1.99

Buy 3 Kellogg’s Pop Tarts, Assorted Varieties 6 ct 3/$5
-$1.00 on any THREE Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts Toaster Pastries
= $4 for 3 or $1.33 each, regularly $1.99

Feb 162015


Here’s a nice deal – even with no coupons! Thru 3/7, Target is offering a FREE $5 Gift Card wyb 5 select Pepperidge Farm Goldfish items thru 3/7. While prices can vary by region, I found the Goldfish Puffs 7 oz included and priced at just $1.99 at my store. If you find the same price I did, they would be just .99 cents each after Gift card.

If you have interest, also included in the offer were the 11 oz bags of baked Pepperidge Farm Gold fish priced at $3.99 at my store.

Feb 162015

cracker barrel
Hurry and print these nice new coupons for Cracker Barrel cheese while they last!…

$1/1 CRACKER BARREL Cheese 6-8 oz. (Block, Cheese Snacks or Cracker Cuts) (90210)
$1/2 CRACKER BARREL Cheese 6-8 oz. (Block, Cheese Snacks or Cracker Cuts) (12345)

I am so excited to see these since we have an awesome high-value Target Cartwheel offer to stack with and save even more!..

Cracker Barrel Cheese Blocks $3.44 (Regular Price)
-25% Off Cracker Barrel Cheese Target Cartwheel x2/21
-$1/1 Cracker Barrel Cheese 6-8 oz. (Block, Cheese Snacks or Cracker Cuts) (90210)
= as low as $1.58 after stack

Feb 152015


UPDATE: Looks like this was a pricing error folks and I hear it has now been fixed.

Wow! Denise let me know that the 50 ct boxes are included in the Sale this week at Target thru 2/21 for the same price as the 10 ct at $1.69! No signs for Kelley, but upon scanning the 50 ct- she found the same sale price at her store too. Plus you can use a mobile coupon and cartwheel to get an awesome deal!

Market Pantry Fruit Snacks 50 ct $1.69
-$1/3 Market Pantry Items excl items under $1 Target Mobile Q (txt OFFERS 827438) x2/18
-5% Off Market Pantry Fruit Snacks/Soakers/Rolls Target Cartwheel x3/28
= $3.87 or $1.29 each after coupon & cartwheel, regularly $6.99
or like paying around 2.5 cents per fruit snack!

-Thanks so much for the heads up to Denise!

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