Target REDCard Deals

One of the easiest ways to save money at Target is with a REDcard. This loyalty program is tied to your payment method at Target, and allows you to save and additional 5% off most of your purchases at Target both in stores and online! I love all the benefits of the Target Redcard program too!

The debit card links to your checking account and works the same way as your regular banking debit card. It is the most popular Target REDcard among shoppers since there is no fee. Both the credit and debit Target REDcards are Chip-and-PIN enabled. In addition, the Target Redcard program now offers a third option in the form of a reloadable Redcard  – allowing you to put a set amount on the card in advance!

Having a  REDcard, allows for personalized promotions and advertising. For example, as a card holder Target will sometimes send out special discounts and offers tailored to your personal purchase history. These offers can sometimes be super nice!

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If you don’t have one yet – Red card holders enjoy many benefits.

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REDcard FAQ’s

Do I need a REDcard, what are the advantages?

If you don’t have one yet – Target card holders enjoy many benefits, including saving 5% on every purchase, FREE Shipping on, no annual fee and more. Plus, your 5% off can be stacked with Target Circle offers, manufacturer’s coupons, and rebates, saving you even more money!

Can a Card Help with Black Friday?

Yes! Keep in mind the 5% everyday savings Target card holders receive is ON TOP OF any sales and discounts and AFTER any coupons or Target Circle offers. 

How Can I Get a REDcard?

You can get a REDcard by applying online by filling out a form. You may be approved to shop online immediately, or you may have to wait for a few days.

Can You Be Denied for a Target Debit Card?

Yes, just like with any debit/credit card, you can be denied.

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