Special Gift Card Deals & Special Purchase Offers


Some unadvertised and extended deals may have product inclusions that can vary from store to store or may be regional deals and unavailable at your store. Here’s a roundup of some of the more popular current gift card & special purchase deals at Target. You can also sort the blog by gift card deals or special purchase deals too.

FREE $5 Gift Card wyb $20+ Select Sun, Skin & Hair Care
Deal and prices valid 5/17 – 5/25. Deal and prices may be regional.

FREE $5 Gift Card wyb $25+ Select Household Products
Deal and prices valid 5/24– 5/30. Deal and prices may be regional.
(Laundry Detergent, Fabric Care, Dish Care, Air Care & Swiffer)

$1.50/1 Glade 3-Wick Candles, Twin Pk 3.4oz Candles, Scented Oil Refill Pk, or Large Automatic Refills
Save $0.50 on any ONE (1) Shout® product (excludes travel and trial size)
Save $2.50 any ONE (1) Botanica by Air Wick® Scented Oils Refill

FREE $5 Gift Card wyb 4 Select Unilever Personal Care
Deal and prices valid 5/17 – 5/25. Deal and prices may be regional.
(Degree, Dove, Love Beauty & Planet, Q-Tips, Secret, St. Ives, TRESemme)

FREE $5 Gift Card wyb $25 Select Mars Pet Food
Deal and prices valid 5/17 – 5/25. Deal and prices may be regional.
(Cesar, Iams, Nutro, Pedigree, Sheba)
-FREE $5 Gift Card wyb $25+ Mars Pet Food Target Coupon 5-24 RMNE x7/18
Save $5.00 on (1) NUTRO™ WHOLESOME ESSENTIALS™ Dry Cat Food
$4./1 SHEBA® PERFECT PORTIONS™ Cat Food 12 count


Some Special Purchase Deals offer an additional free item when you purchase a qualifying item or items. Some stores will allow you to use a Q on the free item while others will not. It will be a ymmv. If you do not see signage in your store for the following deals- scan your items to be sure they are included in the special purchase promotions listed below. Some deals may be regional deals and unavailable at your store.

special-purchase2 SPECIAL PURCHASE: B3G1 FREE all Pet Treats, Toys & Rawhide
Deal and prices valid 5/24 – 5/30. Deal and prices may be regional

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  1. So earlier in the week I found the Pampers prPnts box of diaper on clearance at 15% off and today when I went they were down to 30% off (13.85!), used 2- $2.00 off manufacture coupons, the Target insert for the $5 GC when buy any 2 PLUS received the $5 GC for this weeks deal making for an awesome deal 🙂

  2. I was wondering if that gift card was going to work with the printed Pampers. I saw them marked down at my Target too, but not the gift card deal. Maybe it will happen this week!

  3. Inside the wristlet is also a $1 Target coupon, so if you have the UKotex coupons, you can use this new one (three coupons total on this purchase deal) on a second purchase. Making it 10.98 for 72 tampons plus another wristlet/tin. My girls liked this little bonus gift, nice cute trendy bag for keeping personal items inside a locker.

  4. Sorry no Picture but this deal was to good to let go unpublished if you Printed up the Target web coupon for $5 dollars off any denim pant then you can possibly get a pair of Merona Pants free here’s how…

    Merona Pants

    Original Price- $19.99

    Clearance to- $13.98

    Then again to- $9.98

    Then to- $4.98

    Use your $5 dollar off Denim Pant they become free but remember there is tax, But if you get a good cashier they will just make them free.

    I didn’t pay a cent this is a really good deal to get if you have the coupon I hope it works out for all of you.

  5. Target today the cashier made me endure 9 transactions even though none of my coupons had limits. She said that the Target policy states that if you buy more than 1 like item using coupons they have to be rung up in different transactions. I was buying the airwick and firstaid, and wanted to buy the cookies, B3G1 free, and she said that if I want the free one then I can’t use coupons, otherwise she has to ring them each in their own transaction. So I asked what if I want to earn the gift card by buying say three of the same items w/coupon, she said it cant happen cause if you want to save with coupons you don’t get the deals. I wrote Corp. when I got home.

  6. Found a pretty good deal on Enfamil today at my target. Buy 2 tubs get a $5 dollar gift card.

    2 $24.99 Enfamil tub
    -2 $5 Enfamil coupon from Target baby booklet
    -2 $5 Enfamil manufacturer coupon

    Total: $29.98 – $5gift card: $24.98 for two tubs

  7. I used the $2 off Baby Denim Target coupon today on clearance denim shorts (excludes Circo) and got the shorts for free!!! The shorts were on clearance for $2.00 and the coupon rang up without any problems . My husband and I went back to Target after he got home from work with another $2 off coupon and we got another pair of denim shorts for FREE!!

  8. Are the gift card deals advertised? Wandering how the store knows to give a gift card if you purchase something offering one…?

  9. I just did a Walmart price match on the Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Cleaner Starter Kit (which was advertised for $3.97 at Walmart). I bought 2 kits and 2 refills. Used 2 $4/1 kit coupons and 1 B1G1 refill coupon. Paid 3.99 (plus tax) and got back 2 $5 gift cards!

  10. jen – The register prompts the cashier to give you the GC. If you want to verify that you’re getting the correct items, you can scan at the little red price checker and it will tell you if there are any special promotions attached. I always do that, just to make sure I won’t have any “issues” at the check out…lol!

  11. Thanks a ton! Our local Target had the Crest Whitestrips Professional Effects for 43.99, just as stated here. There was no sign about a $5 gift card but I went to Guest Services and they confirmed the existence of the deal. We got ours for $30 out of pocket, after coupons, plus $5 GC. =D

  12. My Target had special packages of Nivea lip balm $2.49 (2 in the pack for the price of one) so after purchasing 2 packages (which got me 4 tubes) and using the Nivea coupon $3.00/2 Nivea Lip Care Products from RP 10/2 – final price per tube was .50!

  13. Thank you Kerry for all of your hard work! I use your site all the time and greatly appreciate the effort you put into it!

    I don’t know how often you check these comments but, i thought i’d let you know of a deal i found tonight at my target in SC. The HP ink cartridges are buy 1 and get a $5 gc. Most of them were included except the multi-packs I think. And, they are regular price, no sale. Just thought I’d let you know!

  14. @Carrie, thast awesome. I hope my target in iowa is doing that. I keep meaning to see how much ink cartridges are at target and always forget. I know at my local walmart they are $14.50, which is $1 more than the super walmart 23 miles away, which is close to target. So even if they were $13.50 at target and i was able to get the 5% off with my target debit card, that would make me happy too, but if theres a gc on them also… sweet! thanks for posting!

  15. @ Yanny, it means that when you use the coupon at a place that doubles or triples coupons that specific coupon will not double or triple. i hope this helps..

  16. @ Yanny
    A coupon may say “Do Not double”, however, if the bar code starts with “5”, it automatically doubles at the register if your store doubles unless a cashier manually delete doubling. Some stores may do so if the coupon states “No doubling”. All of stores with double coupons by my house automatically double coupons although the coupons say “Do Not double”. If the coupon’s bar code starts with “9”, it will NOT double automatically.

  17. there is a target coupon for $5 giftcard wyb $25 Kimberly Clark product. It was in RP this past sunday (I am in Iowa)

  18. Wasn’t sure where to post this…the $2.00 target huggies slip on coupon is back up to print @ http://www.squirmybabychallenge.com/ and I believe there are some huggies coupons in the 11/20 insert this week.. these average between 9.49-9.99 at my target..stacked w/ the $3.00 huggies coupon is about 4.49-4.99 for a pack..

  19. there’s a $1.00 MQ on for Vaseline (24.5 oz or larger) on RP 11/13/11 to pair up with vaseline deal. it would cost only $1.50 each after Q’s and GC. some of the bottles come with bonus lotions/body wash attached. even better! 😛

  20. On this deal you forgot the $3/2 John Freida Sheer Blond or Brilliant Brunette to stack with the MQ, so it would look like this (which I did)

    DEAL IDEA #2: Buy 3 John Freida Sheer Blonde or Brilliant Brunette ($4.99) = $14.97
    -$6.00 (use three -$2/1 John Frieda Product, any full size (ETS & Precision Foam) 10-9-11 SS x12/3
    -$3.00 John Frieda Sheer Blonde or Brilliant Brunette (Target online coupon during Nov, if you printed)
    = $5.97 – $5 Gift Card back for buying 3
    = $.97 for 3 or $.32 each after coupons and Gift Card !!!
    Now THAT’S a deal!!!!

  21. My Target has a special purchase deal on the John Frieda Precision Foam Colour, “Buy 1, get a $5 dollar gift card’. I have a couple of $10 stacks ($5 Man Q & $5 Target Q) to go w/this, plus the free product coupon I received from the John Frieda website. Is this even allowed? Lol. Spend only $1.98 for an $11.98 product and get a $5 gift card back, also w/the free coupon where I would pay nothing and also get a $5 gift card? Seems too good to be true. Lol.

  22. Help I can’t find the target $5.00 gift card coupon on Kimberly Clark products…..help…where can I find them

  23. Kerry, where can I find the ad about the palmolive dish liquid deal?. I bought 10 of them yesterday and didn’t get anything, I called the store and told them about deal going on in other Target stores, they told me that if I bring a copy of the ad or anything from Target where the deal shows they will adjust my receipt.

  24. That’s what I got! I got 5 for me and 5 for my mom, thinking it was a good deal after the gift cards and coupons. The store I went just opened a few weeks ago, they are really nice people, the manager said it wouldn’t be fair that some Target stores have such good deals and we don’t. She said she will look for that promotion, but she asked me to get her anything that I can to help her honor me the deals. I was looking for old Target ads online to print it, but not sure where to look. Does anyone know what I can do other then take them back? 🙂

  25. Hello, i am new to all of this but had my best day at target last Friday. It’s real exciting and i got my fiance’ to come with me and she got excited too lol. I ended up getting around $80 worth of stuff and paid $18 and some change, but i got a $5 gift card and used that coupon for the $10 gift card if you spend $50 or more so it actually only cost me $3 and some change. Man that was fun. We are on a tight budget and i have been trying to learn how to do all this and found that it is quite enjoyable. My fiance got herself 2 sleepwear shirts and a sweater, i also got the curel, visine, sparkling water,maybelline baby lips,and a few other things that i can’t remember right now lol but man i had a blast. It’s sites like this one that help me soo much and i thank you for all you do.


  26. Christine thank you so much! I didn’t know when was the first time the palmolive deal was posted, I printed what you told me and it worked, I got a gift certificate for $15.00, since I bought 2 of the palmolive deal and 1 for the gift sets. I really appreciate your info 😉

  27. FYI- my store in Brighton, MI has blue and green Glade holiday spray clearanced to $2.06 on endcaps. Will save you a little more on the Glade deal.

  28. @Fatima, so glad it worked for you. Every store is different and some probably would not have allowed a print out from a website that just posts about target deals and is not actually affiliated with target. It just goes to show what a great job Kerry does on this site. Glad you got to partake in the gc deals. And your welcome for looking for the info. I try to help if and when I can.

  29. Help please. these deals say may be regional and some of you post that you price checked items on a scanner and there were deals although not advertised. My ad only has an ad for the 5.00 gift card with glade items. So does this mean I miss all the other deals mentioned above or do I have to price check through the store? I have many target q and mq I wanted to get deals on. In WA state. Thank you!

  30. Just got my curel $2/1 coupons from the clipping service, time to go get some gift cards! Man i love this! Also got two more maybelline target coupons $2/1 and got two more maybelline $1/1 lip care, i hope there are some more baby lips left because i will get those for free!! My fiance and her daughter loves those lol. Hope everyone is haveing a grreat weekend!!

  31. I just noticed in our Save A Lot ad that hillshire smoked sausage or kielbasa 12oz are $1.99! nice PM for the free $5 gift card deal wyb 5 hillshire products

  32. Went to target over lunch to pick up some vitamins for my son. All the buy 3 get $5 gc signes were out. I had the TG coupon and three MF coupons. Got through the check out, coupons weren’t a problem, but no GC was prompted. I said I should get one and the cashier said “it would have prompted one” so I went to CS and they looked thru their ad and said “that isn’t in the ad” I said the signs are all over the vitamins. Then they tried to suggest that perhaps I purchased the wrong ones. The end result was they said the deal must have ended and they sent someon back to take down the signs ASAP and logged it as a “missed coupon” and gave me a $5 bill. All in all a win, but i wanted to let everyone know…

  33. @Lila- It’s a Target coupon that can be found in the regional Target Johnson & Johnson coupon insert that was in some 1-8 newspapers expires 1/14. hth

  34. Can someone help me with the Desitin deal? I use this stuff daily for my son and would love to stock up, but when i go to Target the bonus pack rings up for $4.84 and they look it up and say there is no gift card deal. ;-( if anyone has any advice on how I can find a Target in my area that is doing the deal I would LOVE to know. I am willing to drive a little bit to get it.

  35. Karrie says:
    January 20, 2012 at 9:38 am
    Great deal on arm and hammer kitty litter right now. Get a $5 gift card when you buy two boxes plus there is a $1 manufacturer coupon and a $2 target coupon. Then save your receipt and mail in for a rebate for $8.99. The rebate firm is easy to find online. This applied to the arm and hammer ultra last only. Totally awesome new litter. I am loving it!

  36. FYI – The flintstones chewables was not part of the sale and I have already check with the store manager… 🙁

  37. Does anyone know if they are doing the tide deal right now for gift cards. Just realized I have the wrong laundry soap for the Washer I had delivered yesterday would love to score a gift card if I can lol

  38. Great deal on Norelco HS85 Replacement Heads if your store has them on clearance, this is what I got *prices are close but not accurate*.
    Norelco HS85 Replacement head $32 msrp – Clearance 50% off to 15 – Target coupon $5 off Norelco replacement heads $10 each.
    Also found the matching unit for 50% off so came out to around $60 for unit plus two extra replacement heads.

  39. Just wanted to add that I bought the toliet cleaning gels and there were coupons printed inside the box for
    the cleaning gel and -.55 on the Fanstick Scrubing Bubbles.

  40. somebody answer me a question- I plan on making a run to Target-if you have a target coupon and it states off of (2) and you have (2) manufacturer coupons -state off of (1) will the 2nd coupon “beep me”

  41. Does anyone know if Target has been doing an unadvertised deal for a $5 giftcard with a $50 purchase? I have two friends who reported getting $5 GC’s but didn’t purchase any of the things listed. Neither even had more than one of any item so no idea how they got the GC’s.

  42. Anybody 100% sure that the Loreal Preference hair color qualifies for the $5 gift card my targets signs have been extremely inacurate in that section.

  43. If you are going to do the playtex tampon deal there is a promo going on to where you can receive a free cosmetics bag designed by Stephanie Johnson completely. Here is the link to the pdf form http://www.playtexpromo.com/order_form.pdf You need to by only 2 playtex items but as you kno to get the gift cards from target you must buy 3 playtex tampons

    Happy Couponing

  44. On this gc promotion “FREE $5 Gift Card wyb 3 Select Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Refills $3.99” can you use the target q that states “$1 off with purchase of two Scrubbing Bubbles cleaning items”? Not sure if the refills are considered a cleaning item.

  45. My store had the scrubbing bubbles deal going on early in the week and I ordered coupons thinking I had until the 12th. I got them today and was excited to get my items when by my surprise the deal was over! ::So bummed::

  46. My Target has all of the Huggies and Pampers 15%off right now. The manager told me they will continue to mark them down until the “new” ones come in. The new ones for both companies will have fewer diapers at a higher price. So, if you are in need of diapers you should check your store to see if they have been put on clearance yet.

  47. DEAL IDEA: Buy 2 Schick Hydro Razors ($9.49) = $18.98
    -$2/1 Schick Hydro Silk Razor or 5 ct Cartridge Target Web Coupon x7/14
    -$8.00 (use two $4/1 Schick Hydro Silk Razor or Refill 5-13-12 SS x6/24
    =$8.98 – $5 Gift Card Back wyb 2
    = $3.98 for 2 or $1.99 each after coupons & Gift Card

    Can you not use (2) of the $2/1 target coupons since you’re buying 2?
    This would make your total coupons = 12.00 which would make your total before tax 6.98 for 2!
    Then you get 5.00 back so you would have 1.98 for 2 which makes them $0.99 each!

  48. Today only if you get the early edition papers, you can add a $10.00 off coupon to the Nicorette deal!

  49. Thank you for the great deals. I have a question as to how Target handles deals if they are the same
    as a manufacturer coupon for BOGO free deals. Example
    I have a coupon for this scenario located in Better Homes in Garden Oct editon.
    Where the coupon reads Buy a Glade Expression Starter kit ($3.99) and get the refill free.
    Target deal is:
    SPECIAL PURCHASE: FREE Glade Expressions Mist Refill ($1.99) wyb StarterKit ($2.99)
    Deal & prices valid through 10/13. Deal & Prices may be regional.
    -$1/1 Glade air care item ETS & 8 oz Aerosol Target Coupon x10/5
    -$2/2 Glade Products excluding 8 oz Spray & Solid Air Fresheners
    -$2 off any Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist Starter Kit

    Would I buy 1 Glade Expression Starter kit and get 2 refills free?

    Thank you.

  50. Yes, if you use the BOGO coupon on this scenario both refills will be Free, but you can also use one target coupon, because you are only purchasing one item. Out of pocket no more than $1.99+tax.

  51. dr. scholls has a new coupons same values that came out SS 10/13 so you can use them on that deal but today is the last chance to get womens and a the massaging gel insoles free. both are $3 coupons there is also a $3 pain relief one but not sure if that will be free or just fairly cheap.

  52. I found a deal on the hot pockets/lean pockets. If you buy 5, you get a free 2 liter Pepsi product.
    Deal ends 11/24, I believe.

  53. I found coupons for the playtex tampons, Buy 1 Get 1 free. They were priced at 6.99 at my store, so if a person has enough coupons they could get all 6 boxes for 10.97 after the gift cards or 1.82 a box!

  54. A few days ago I received in the mail (Ithink) a flyer with a $10.00 coupon off a $75.00 purchase on the back. Anyone know where I can get another one?? It said “Gifts for you” on the front.

  55. Hi, I’m just wondering where you saw the Hebrew National 2/$7 deal with free mustard. I don’t see it in the ad in Chicago. Thanks! Kyle

  56. FYI, I was in a Richmond, VA store on Sunday and the Hormel pepperoni packs were NOT included in the B10G1 $5 gift card (select Mexican, Italian & Pizza items)

  57. Hey Marie- make sure you are looking by the shelf stable pizza items- NOT the refrigerated ones. look by the pizza crust, pizza sauces and grated parmesan cheese on all on a regular shel. hth- have it notes as the shelf stable ones above

  58. Hey Kyle was in Tampa & Colmbia MD- you can always bring them up to register and ask them to look it up in the system. deals can be regional- but sometimes just missing the sign.

  59. Has anyone else had problems with items not ringing up as part of the deal? This happens to me almost every time I try to take advantage of the specials to get the Target gift cards. For instance the ad clearly stated that you get a $5 gift card when you buy selected All, Cottonelle and Glad products. I had the Cottonelle toilet paper, Glad trash bags, and Puffs tissues (each one of them had the description underneath them saying they were included in this offer, but when I went to the cashier I didn’t get the gift card and the cashier was not helpful. The same thing happened with the Colgate toothpaste. I purchased 2 Optic White Toothpastes and a pack of toothbrushes that all said they were included in the offer and there was no gift card ??? Lastly, I tried to buy 3 Neutrogena face soaps and the same thing happened. There is no way that all of these items were in the wrong place!! I am so frustrated with Target because of this! Is this happening to anyone else?

  60. Hey Christine, if it is printed in the ad and in print under the item on the shelf, you are in the right. It can be intimidating/embarrassing/etc and certainly a hassle since you are doing things right and they just don’t have it in their computer, but ASK for a manager when the cashier just looks at you like sorry there’s nothing I can do. If the shelves have been pretty well emptied I find shoppers or workers sometimes put other things near/in the wrong place. So be sure to check the size and other descriptions that are on the sale tag and the item tag underneath. It is actually illegal for a business to have it marked on the shelf for a deal/price and not give it to you, so a manager should be able to fix any issues with your purchases.

  61. I work at Target,right now there is so many deals for free gift cards that you do have to read the fine print.You can not put together a item from one deal with another item from another deal and get the gift card.Guest’s are getting this confused.Rachel is right that sometimes the computer is not promgramed right.That makes it just as hard for the frontend as the Guests.

  62. Just a heads up. My target has some Dove Men care on clearance because they have the bonus deodorant samples. They are $2.82. I combined them with my $2.00 off coupons making them only $.82 each. And bonus they are in the $5 gift card deal making them a $2.54 money maker when you buy 3!!!!! You get 3 body washes, 3 travel sized deodorants and they pay you to take them out of the store. Look in your binders and in those clearance isles.

    Also, Bic razors are on clearance for $2.54. I had BOGO coupons for a max value of $7.99 off. Target rang my coupons through at the $7.99 max. Every time I bought 2 it was a $2.91 MM. Happy shopping everyone.

  63. lately the words on my target coupons havent been printing neither the barcode numbers. the barcode still print and so does the expiration date and target web coupon. anyone else have this problem?

  64. I was just at Target and they had Caress Body Wash on clearance for $3.38 for the large bottle with a small travel bonus size. It is normally $3.99 each. What a great deal!! Each large bottle is $3.99 and the travel is $0.97 each. I rec’d $14.88 in product for $5.25 after my $5 gift card.

  65. Just came from Target…spent way too much. The Chef Boyardee are 1.09 at my store but I still got the 6 and the Ore Ida was as stated but the Stouffers was 7.99 not 5.99 and the only veggie that they had was sugar snap peas. My store is in the East and it is a regular Target not a Super so maybe that is why.
    I also forgot to use 2 coupons, does anyone know if I take my receipt and coupons if guest services will reimburse me?

  66. I haven’t seen anyone mention the diaper genie gift card deal that is going on right now. I purchased tow diaper genie refill 2-packs and got a $5GC. Awesome for those using the diaper genie!

  67. Yes if you forget to use a coupon you can take in your receipt to guest service and they can apply it and give you the cash for the coupon. I believe it has to be within 7 days of the purchase. Just tell them you have a “missed coupon”. Happens at least 20 times a day at my Target.

  68. I just my coupons in the paper the free paper and they had several Target Store $5.00 of two shick razors mens and womens dispoables and well as on the refillable razors which combined with the gift card deal would be a better deal , but I think the Shick deal ends today.

  69. Target in Hunters Creek, FL always clears items off the shelf so you can’t use retailer coupon along with manufacturer coupon PMO !!!

  70. Hi I was just looking online at Target and they had the Simple face creams on price cut for $5.99 I am not sure if it is also for instore too, but I thought I would post it anyways.

  71. Just scored an awesome deal today on a BRITA water bottle! On price cut at my store for $8.89, I used a Target coupon for $3 off Brita water bottle filter system along with another $3 manufacturer’s coupon that I got for signing up on BRITA.com and taking the pledge!) The Manufacturer coupon says it can be used on any BRITA pitcher OR filter system! Both coupons scanned nicely and I got my water bottle for a little less than $3! (**ALSO when my receipt printed up I got a coupon for $5 off a BRITA waterbottle!**) I for sure will be going back to get a water bottle for even less!!! Just thought I would share, since I have learned so much and gotten so many deals from this site and by reading the comments!!

  72. Does anyone know if the right guard spray deodorant is included in the gift card deal? It is all the my dh will use…

  73. How do you get the $5 gift card coupon for the Scott and Viva paper products. There is a scissors but no link.

  74. Just read In Style Magazine which said Target is offereing Free Select Pantene Styling item when you purchase one select 29.2 oz Pantene Shampoo and one 29.2 oz conditioner. No coupon needed, offere valid 5/12-7/6.

  75. Hey I just wanted to tell u that when u buy the John Frieda color u get a Catalina for 7$ off next purchase that is a target coupon. Added to 2 5$/1 from the website u end up paying less than 2$ for deal! I’ve done it twice and it prints with each purchase

  76. Our Targets here in MN has Head and Shoulder special deal. Buy 3 get $5 gift card. Only the bigger size that sells for $6.24 is a part of the buy 3 deal.

  77. Anyone know if you have to buy Coppertone for the Free Coke beach tote? Can you buy 2 packs of coke only? Deal only says wyb 2 Summer Essentials

  78. At our targets in the northwest they are selling the fresh and sexy wipes (5.99 or 6.29) but 2 and get a free $5 gc. We had a great 4$ off that made this a money maker but it expired yesterday. Still a good deal if it’s an item you use.

  79. The Vidal $2/1 peelies that I have don’t expire until 12/31/13. I got them on the bottles. In my town, Dollar General sells a smaller bottle than the big stores and they are only $2.49 reg price. So after coupon, only $0.49 each 🙂

  80. If I buy several of the frozen deals will my $1 off frozen items mobile coupon give me a dollar off each deal? O do I need to choose the deal I want the most?

  81. Last week I printed a manufacturer coupon for $1.00 off Tone body wash on coupons.com, but on the coupon, it says “Redeemable at Walmart”. Would I be able to use this coupon at Target? It’s a manufacturer coupon though.

  82. Hi Yana- as long a the coupon does not say “only at walmart” (which it doesn’t) and is a regular manufacturer’s coupon (which it is) you should be able to redeem it elsewhere. Any store has the right to refuse any coupon, however- typically most stores will accept it. hth

  83. Most of them say “May be regional”. What region is Totally Target promoting. I am in Michigan and see none of these.

  84. My target has the Kleenex that was in the school supplies section (4 packs) on clearance for $4.66. I had target coupons for $2 off 2 multipacks, and manufacturer coupons for $0.75 off off any Kleenex. Cartwheel saved me $0.65 off of the purchase. total price was $5.17 for a total of 8 boxes of Kleenex. Every time I bought Kleenex this week, I got a coupon at the register for $2 off of 3 4-packs of Kleenex. At one store, they had $0.50 coupons on the new multipacks, and I think Kleenex is still on cartwheel. Not *quite* as good of a deal, but still not too bad either! I wish I had someone to trade coupons with because I don’t think I have enough room to store any more Kleenex! I have 10 4 packs already! At least I’m ready for the next school year when I have to send 2-3 boxes per child with their school supplies! 🙂

  85. I noticed that some of the Centrum Flavor Burst bottles had coupons attached to the neck of the bottle for $2/1 and they don’t expire until 8/25/15, but it would be best to use them while the above deal is still on. It says one coupon per purchase, FOUR like coupons in same shopping trip. Does that mean I need to do 4 separate transactions, or can they be on the same receipt? Target has refused more than one like Target coupon on the same receipt, so I have had to buy deals like that separately before.

  86. Hi Ann- 1 coupon per purchase means 1 per item- and you can buy up to 4 in one transaction using 4 identical MQs
    if you are talking about your store refusing more than one identical printable target coupon – those state a limit of one offer per guest- so that’s probably why. hth

  87. Yes To items are a special deal at my store. Buy 3 get $5 gift card. I had 2 printable $3 off of $5 or more. I bought the facial wipes for $5.99 a piece. After the coupons and Gift card it’s like paying $2.99 each!

  88. Hi Kimberly- all deals have potential to be regional- I am in Tampa and Kelley is in Maryland- all but the Flatout bread/Tuna and Ghirardelli deals were in both our stores in both our states. Remember even though deals can be regional- just because your signage is missing does not mean your store is not participating. If you have interest in a deal and do not see a sign- you can always take a product up to a register or GS and ask them to look it up in the system. hth

  89. The Kraft deals are marked at my store but they don’t ring up the sale price ($0.94). The cashier said it was only if you had a Target card but she gave me the sale price anyway. It is definitely not marked as a cardholder only price on the signs though.

  90. Just saw a new gift card deal for Capri Sun 2 pks. Buy 3 get a $5 Target Gift Card. Priced at $3.99. So, 3 of them is 11.97-5.00 =6.97, 2.32 a 2 pk, which is only 1.16 a box! Very good price where I am.

  91. Hi I had a question for the Tide deal. Would I be able to buy 6 bottles and use 2 of the $3/3 target MQ with 3 of the $3/2 PG MQ and get back 3 Target gift cards making the deal $5 per bottle? TIA for answering.

  92. I just wanted to let you know the IBOTTA app has .75 cents off any aveeno product that is 8 oz. It should also work with the baby aveeno deal. Making it an even lower price

  93. In NC Charlotte there is a pretty good deal with the Hormel Party Pack 28 oz. 10.99 plus free 2L soda (A&W, 7up, Sunkist) There should be a $2 target printable coupon + $2 MQ coupon found in the Hormel Party Pack from last year. Still not a bad deal for $6.99 plus free soda.

  94. Just wanted to share that I bought 2 Seventh Generation Diaper packs @9.99 each and they were only prompted to give me a $5 gift card. I had to go to Customer Service Dept to get the other $5. Watch your receipt.

    This is the 2nd time in 2 weeks I’ve had trouble getting Target Gift Cards w/ purchases.

  95. I’m a little confused about the children’s Advil. The header said you get a $10.00 gift card with the purchase of 3 but then in the deal idea it says you get a $5.00 gift card. do you know which one it is? Tia

  96. FREE $5 Gift Card wyb 2 Clairol Nice’n Easy Color Blend Foam $6.99-7.99 was not posted with signs in Yorkvillle, IL Target store. Good news is that when scanned at the register 2 boxes did prompt for a gift card! Watch for clearance as both boxes marked at $5.86!

  97. Just a heads-up, I got the 800-ct unscented up&up wipes (blue box) today. They prompted for the $5 GC but rang up reg price (14.49) instead of sale price (10.99). I was about to cancel the order but the cashier just price adjusted to 10.99 and said they were aware some of the wipes weren’t ringing up correctly. I wanted to go back to make sure my UPC matched the 10.99 sign so I could report on here, but I needed to leave. I do remember the 10.99 sign said “800 count”, so they should have been 10.99 unless the sign was old or unless 1 scent was on sale and another wasn’t. Just watch out if you’re buying wipes. DH and I each used our mobile $1 off up&up coupon so we got 2400 wipes at 1.1c a wipe!! Baby #4 is 10 days old so we will use them!

  98. Don’t forget the Pfizer $6 rebate that can in the paper! It makes the centrum and Advil moneymaker deal! Children’s liquid Advil in my store in Ca was even coming up with a $5 gift card with 2 instead of 3.

  99. I am new to totally target thanks to Ann Eckhart’s Ebook and am looking forward to saving money onmy next shopping trip to Target. I also hope to win the $50 gift card.

  100. I hate the fact that the target in Swansea is at least one dollar more than here.also hate the fact that I bought4 of the kids dial body wash at 2.99 and no gc. They said it wasnt part of it.

  101. My target at Covina,CA had the Starbucks Costa Rica Tarazzu 12oz on clearance for $4.88 (end cap)I asked the worker there if it’s part of the $5 GC DEAL and she said no. I took a chance at the register anyway coz they are the same size as the $6.99 that are included in the offer. Well what do you know, they rang up as part of the sale. With my 2 coupons $2/1 and $4/2 and the gift card, I scored a really good deal!

  102. First I want to say thank you Kerry for all that you do, I am in love with this site and saved it to my homepage on my phone so I can check it daily! I’m curious if you list when something is at a “stock-up” price because I have a horrible memory and don’t remember if a current sale is better than a previous one. When you give a “deal idea” option does that mean you would recommend buying at that price? Again, thanks for all the help!

  103. the policy states 1 item for online price match not for the printed ad which does not state a limit

  104. Is there a limit of how many gift cards you can get back? The Luvs diapers if you buy three you get $10 gift card back, can i buy six and get $20 in gift cards back?

  105. My target in texas was showing a $5 giftcard when you buy 3 family sized stouffer’s. Anyone know about it? It said good until 4/5, haven’t seen any info or advertisement.

  106. Hi Kaitlin I have heard about sparse signage then removed signage and that the deal is not prompting at the register- so I kind of left that one alone. If you have signs though and it does not prompt – you can always ask someone at your store to look at the signs and honor the deal. hth

  107. My store had the Cheetos that are on sale this week for $3 as a special purchase, buy 2 and get $1 off instantly. No signs up though, even for sale price, so maybe it’s new? I dont see it listed. I only caught it since I price checked.

  108. Went to buy the Lego Disney Princess $3.99 Rapunzel at the market set and saw that if you purchase any of the larger Princess Lego sets (starting around$12.99) the Rapunzel set is free.

  109. The 2.50 softsoap premium hand soaps are included not only as the free item, but also as the items you can purchase 3 of to get one free at all the targets in my area. There are also coupons. A printable tq for $1/2 and $1/1 in the 4/27 ss. I bought 4 and after coupons paid $2.50.

  110. From the 4/27 paper there was a coupon for $4 off (1) One A Day Adult Multivitamin. This makes the buy 2 get a $5 GC deal even better!

  111. I saw a $5 gift are offer at my target a few nights ago on organix shampoo and conditioners. I think it was for buying 3, but I can remember and I don’t see it anywhere on this site. Anyone have any info on that?

  112. can anyone tell me why I can’t find the coupon -$6 (use three $2/1 Colgate Total, Optic White, or Max Fresh/Sensitive Toothpaste Twin Pack I clicked on the link but that coupon isn’t there.

  113. So frustrating. They pulled the Target coupon, but I only realized it a day later, when I was in the shampoo aisle going through my Target coupons and it wasn’t there (I KNOW I checked the box!). The graphic must have still been up at the time, but not working. What a tease. Sometimes Target doesn’t play nice.

  114. Rembrandt 2-hour whitening has a peelie where when you spend $15 in Rembrandt products you can get a free product either by text or mail-in rebate. So I got two whitening treatments, the $5 gift card, and they’ll give me a free product!

  115. I cannot find the Target coupon 6/29 SS for the $2/1 Lysol no touch dispenser, is this a regional coupon?

  116. I love your site. My friend and I go out 2?times a week loaded with coupons and our lists. Our target is limiting the number of like coupons used now. It is still fun and we are getting the best deals in town.

  117. I used the Gerber deal $5 gift card on qty 15 with the coupons.com Gerber coupons. I was pleasantly surprised when I also got a $4 OYNO Catalina!!

  118. I was not sure where to post this but I was in target this evening and the 25 oz bag of beggin stripes have an offer for a $5 gift card when you buy 2 as well the coupon for the $10 gc that was in the paper works as well. So actually getting $15 in gift cards for buying 2 of the 25 oz bags.. Great Deal!!!

  119. AZO coupon not working 3/4/15. Page loads, lets you complete info, then directs to hopster. Called Hopster and they said the deals are no longer valid.

  120. I have signed up to receive coupon books in the mail twice over the past six months. In addition, I have called target’s toll free number several times in the past three days only to remain on hold without speaking to anyone. I am frustrated beyond belief now. Any advice?


  121. Q-tips 750 count are also an unadvertised deal. Buy 4 $4.79/each, get a $5 GC. I just did that deal. We go through q-tips like crazy lol.

  122. I bought the ADVIL BUY 2 GET $5 GIFT CARD in store, my question is what do I need to receive the gift card??? Some promos have a text code, cartwheel offers can be via text or print the UPS and bring to store?? Does it require payment with my redcard?? The cashier really didn’t know?? I have purchased gift card promos via online and they mailed me my gift card in that case. HELP??

  123. Hi Kristina- you should have gotten the gioft card at the register automatically. If it did not prompt – I would make sure you bought the right size. While deals can be regional- if you bought the right size and your store had signs and the gift card still didn’t prompt- you need to show a team member the signs in yourstore so they can honor the gift card. If you did not see signs in your store- there is a chance your store may not be participating. hth

  124. Southern Oregon Target has buy 3 Always (can’t remember the rest) , get $5 gift card.

  125. I went to Target 10/2/16 and tried to buy one Tresemme Shampoo and one Tresemme Container and
    two hairspray. They would not accept the $5.00/2 Tresemme Shampoo and Container coupon that
    I just got and expires 10/09. And was using 2 $1.00 coupons for hairspary trying to get the 5.00 Gift Card
    for spending $15.00 Any one else???

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