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This is a running list of some of the more popular current Long-Term Sales at Target with coupon matchups. You can always sort the blog by long-term sales to see additional sales that may not be listed on this page. I do my best to keep the coupon matches up to date- but please report any broken links you come across, it is much appreciated. Everything is sorted by category first and expiration date second. I hope you find it to be a helpful resource..

*Please Note* If you do not see a shelf tag reflecting a Long-Term Sale- be sure and price check your items. Some price cuts may be regional- but also some stores may not have all their shelf tags up- so price check your items before you purchase to be sure.


Eight O’Clock Ground Coffee 11 or 12 oz $4.49 (Sale thru 4/8)
$1/1 Eight O’Clock Coffee 10 oz+ or in 3-5-17 SS x4/16

Keebler Fudge Stripe Cinnamon Roll & lemon $1.99 (Sale thru 4/8)
-20% Off Keebler Fudge Stripe Cinnamon Roll & Lemon Target-Cartwheel x4/8

Kraft Parmesan Cheese 8 oz $3.50 (Sale thru 4/8)

Oregon Chai Latte Mix 10 oz or Concentrate 32 oz $2.49 (Sale thru 4/8)
$1.50 off wyb ONE Oregon Chai Product

Pirate’s Booty Aged White Cheddar Gluten-Free 4 oz $1.99 (Sale thru 4/8)
.75 Off when you buy ONE Pirate’s Booty Product

Udi’s Breakfast Burrito 5 oz $2.69 (Sale thru 4/8)
-50% Off All Varieties of Udi’s Gluten-free Burritos Target-Cartwheel x4/8
$1.00 on any ONE (1) Udi’s Gluten Free Product
$1 OFF ONE (1) Udi’s Gluten Free Product

Udi’s Single Serve Entrees PSA $4.22 (Sale thru 4/8)
$1.00 on any ONE (1) Udi’s Gluten Free Product
$1.50 On ONE (1) Udi’s Gluten Free Frozen Meal

Udi’s Ravioli 8 oz $4.22 (Sale thru 4/8)
Udi’s Granola 12 oz $4.49 (Sale thru 4/8)
$1.00 on any ONE (1) Udi’s Gluten Free Product
$1 OFF ONE (1) Udi’s Gluten Free Product

Udi’s Tortillas 6 ct $4.76 (Sale thru 4/8)
-50% Off Udi’s Gluten-free Tortillas Target-Cartwheel x4/16
$1.00 on any ONE (1) Udi’s Gluten Free Product
$1/1 Udi’s Gluten Free Product

Udi’s Frozen Bread $4.76 (Sale thru 4/8)
$1.00 on any ONE (1) Udi’s Gluten Free Product
$1 OFF ONE (1) Udi’s Gluten Free Product

Udi’s Frozen Pizza $5.39 (Sale thru 4/8)
$1.00 on any ONE (1) Udi’s Gluten Free Product
$1 OFF ONE (1) Udi’s Gluten Free Product
Earn $1 Cash Back wyb Udi’s Gluten Free Pizza w/Checkout 51 x4/12

Whole Earth Sweetener 40 ct $2.99 (Sale thru 4/8)
-20% Off Whole Earth Sweetener 40 ct, 80 ct & Honey Target-Cartwheel x4/8
SAVE $1.50 on any ONE (1) Whole Earth Sweetener Co. product
Earn $1.50 Cash Back wyb Whole Earth Sweetener w/ibotta app

Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies Crackers 6 oz Bag $1.79 (Sale thru 4/15)
-20% Off Annie’s Fruit Snacks & Crackers 5 ct & 6 oz Target-Cartwheel x4/15
$1.00 ON TWO when you buy TWO PACKAGES of any Annie’s Snacks

Annie’s Mac & Cheese .99 (Sale thru 4/15)
$1.00 ON TWO when you buy TWO PACKAGES of any Annie’s Mac & Cheese
.50/1 Annie’s Mac & Cheese Manufacturers’ coupon HERE

Annie’s Fruit Snacks 5 pk or Granola Bars 6 pk $2.99 (Sale thru 4/15)
-20% Off Annie’s Fruit Snacks & Crackers 5 ct & 6 oz Target-Cartwheel x4/15
$1.00 ON TWO when you buy TWO PACKAGES of any Annie’s Fruit Snacks
-.75/1 Annie’s Snacks Manufacturers’ coupon HERE

Barilla Protein Plus Pasta 14.5 oz $1.69 (Sale thru 4/15)

Blue Diamond Bold Almonds Can 6 oz $2.99 (Sale thru 4/15)

Carr’s Crackers $2.99 (Sale thru 4/15)
$1.00 on any ONE Carr’s Crackers

College Inn Broth 32 oz $1.80 (Sale thru 4/15)
Earn .15 back wyb Chicken Broth with MobiSave
$1 Off wyb two cartons of College Inn Broth or Stock

Crunchmaster Crackers 4.5 oz $2.49 (Sale thru 4/15)
-$1/1 Crunchmaster Product 4-2-17 SS x7/2
-$1.50/2 Crunchmaster Products 1-22-17 SS x4/22
$1.00 Off when you buy Crunchmaster Crackers

Evol Single-Serve Entrees $3.50 (Sale thru 4/15)
$1.00 on any ONE (1) EVOL Single Serve Meal
$1.00 Off any Evol Item Coupon HERE

Evol Scramble Cups 2/$4 or $2 each (Sale thru 4/15)
-25% Off Evol Breakfast Scramble Cup Target-Cartwheel x4/15
$1.00 Off any Evol Item Coupon HERE

Evol Burritos 2/$4 or $2 each (Sale thru 4/15)
Evol Breakfast Sandwiches 2/$3 or $1.50 each (Sale thru 4/15)
$1.00 Off any Evol Item Coupon HERE and HERE

Evol Frozen Multi-Serve Entrees $6.99 (Sale thru 4/15)
$2.00 on Any ONE (1) EVOL Multi Serve Meal

Flatout Flatbread 2/$4 or $2 each (Sale thru 4/15)
$1 off wyb ONE Flatout Product

Frank’s Red Hot Sauce Original or Wings 12 oz $2.49 (Sale thru 4/15)
.30 OFF wyb 1 Frank’s Original RedHot Sauce
-.30 OFF wyb 1 Frank’s Wings Hot Sauce

Gold Medal Flour 5 lb bag $1.99 (Sale thru 4/15)
25¢ ON ONE when you buy ONE BAG any variety 5 LB. OR LARGER Gold Medal Flour

Good Food Made Simple Entrees 2/$7 or $3.50 each (Sale thru 4/15)
Earn $1.50 Cash back wyb Good Food Made Simple Entree Meal w/ibotta
Earn $1.50 back wyb Good Food Made Simple Product with MobiSave

Gorton’s Fish Sticks 44 ct or Beer Battered Fillets 2/$8 (Sale thru 4/15)
$1.00 Off when you buy any 2 Gorton’s products.
Earn .50 Cash Back wyb Gorton’s Fish Sticks, Select w/ibotta app
Earn .50 Cash Back wyb Gorton’s Fish Fillets, select with ibotta app

Green Giant Steamers 10 oz .99 (Sale thru 4/15)
-.50/2 Green Giant Frozen Items 4-2-17 SS x5/31

Jimmy Dean Fully-cooked Refrigerated Sausage 9.6 oz $3.29 (Sale thru 4/15)
-10% Off Jimmy Dean Sausage Roll/Fully Cooked Target-Cartwheel x4/15
-.75/1; .55/1 Jimmy Dean Fully-cooked Refrigerated Product 3-19-17 RP x4/16

Keebler Ready Crust Minis 6 pk or Large Singles $1.69 (Sale thru 4/15)
-20% Off Keebler Ready Crust Target-Cartwheel x4/8

.50/2 Keebler Ready Crust Pie Crusts or 4-2-17 RP x5/14

Ken’s Dressing 24 oz $2.85 (Sale thru 4/15)
Earn .75 back wyb (1) Ken’s Steak House Dressing 16 oz+ with MobiSave

Krusteaz Pancake or Waffle Mix $1.79 (Sale thru 4/15)
.50/1 Krusteaz Pancake Mix

Nabisco Chips Ahoy Thins Cookies 7 oz $2.50 (Sale thru 4/15)

Planters Peanuts 16 oz $2.99 (Sale thru 4/15)

Pompeian Oil Spray 5 oz $3.86 (Sale thru 4/15)
$1 OFF ONE Pompeian Cooking Spray

Pompeian EVOO 16 oz $4.40 (Sale thru 4/15)
.55 OFF ONE Pompeian EVOO

Progresso Good Natured Soup $2.50 (Sale thru 4/15)
$1 OFF ONE Progresso Good Natured Soup carton

Red Baron Pizza $2.99 (Sale thru 4/15)
-.75/1 Red Baron Pizza 7.2 oz+ 3-26-17 SS x5/21

Sister Schubert’s Rolls 12 oz $2.99 (Sale thru 4/15)
-.60/1; .50/1 Sister Schubert’s Product 4-2-17 SS x6/30
.75 OFF wyb 1 Sister Schubert’s Rolls

Truvia Nectar 3.53 oz $2.99 (Sale thru 4/15)
-15% Off Truvia Nectar 3.5 oz Target-cartwheel x4/15
$1.50/1 Truvia Natural Sweetener

Welch’s 64 oz 100% Grape Juice $2.99 (Sale thru 4/15)
.75/1 Welch’s 100% Grape Juice Coupon

Mission Tortilla Chips 13 oz $2.99 (Sale thru 4/22)
$0.55 Off (1) Mission Super Soft Tortillas OR (1) Mission Brown Bag Tortilla Chips

Palermo’s Primo Thin Pizza 2/$10 or $5 each (Sale thru 4/22)
$1 OFF wyb 1 Palermo’s Pizza (must sign up)

Welch’s Fruit & Yogurt Snacks $2.49 (Sale thru 4/22)
-20% Off Welch’s Fruit ‘n Yogurt Snacks 8 oz Target-Cartwheel x4/8
Save $1 On 2 WELCH’S® Fruit Snacks or Fruit ‘n Yogurt™ Snacks (8ct+)


Reynolds Bakeware Pans, select 2-3 ct $3.69 (Sale thru 4/15)
$1 OFF wyb ONE Reynolds Bakeware pans


Carol’s Daughter Hair Care PSA $7.20 (Sale thru 4/8)
$3.00 Off on any ONE (1) Carol’s Daughter Haircare ETS or 3-5 RP1 x4/1


Cesar Dog Food 12 ct multipacks $8.49 (Sale thru 4/8)
-15% Off Cesar Dog Food Target-Cartwheel x4/8
-watch for B1G1 FREE manufacturer coupon peelies

Purina Beyond Dry Cat Food 3 lb $8.99 (Sale thru 4/8)
-$5/1 Purina Beyond Dry Cat Food Bag 3-26-17 RP x6/30
$4.00 on one (1) bag of Purina Beyond brand dry cat food, any size, any variety.

Purina Beyond Wet Cat Food 10/$10 or $1 each (Sale thru 4/8)
-B4G1 FREE Purina Beyond Wet Cat Food Cans (up to $1.10) 3-26-17 RP x6/30
$1.00 on five (5) cans of Purina Beyond brand wet cat food, any variety.

68 Responses to “Long-Term Sales Page”

  1. Jessica says:

    Select flavors of CoffeeMate refrigerated creamers are on clearance for $0.98 in MN!

  2. Lauryn says:

    purina busy bones 3 for 8 i didn’t look at the date though

  3. IG says:

    Gas-X 18 ct. is on price cut at my Target for $3.99 for 18-ct. box. Not sure of end date but I saw it last week.

  4. Amy Watkins says:

    Kerry, I was wondering if you are aware of any Dr. Brown coupons. Seached database and didn’t have any luck. My Target in Belleville IL has the Dr. Brown Gift Set on price cut for $13.49- reg 39.99 until 5/25 (I think its an error, but there none the less). I can submit a pic if you would like to see it.

  5. Kerry says:

    HI AMy- NO Qs. that I know of- and I was told it was an error by several people and that stores were being asked to remove their signs. I know it is not in the registers,

  6. Katie H. says:

    My Target has softsoap 7.5 oz for 99 cents with a sign saying price cut. How can I find out how long it will last?

  7. Leslie Griffis says:

    Enfamil 32 oz ready to feed cans are price cut @ $6.47 and the gentlease are $6.65. If you have the $5/1 or $10/2 printables from last month, this is a great deal.

  8. Kwon says:

    Tommee Tippee 5oz 3 pack $5.39 06/16-06/22 reg $19.99

    DPCI: 030052606

    Also a couple of the anti-colic two packs are also $5.39

  9. Brenda says:

    Target in Maryland had Purex Natural Detergent on clearance for $3.81. I bought 3 with a $3.00 of TQ, $2.00MC and $1.00 off mobile coupon.

  10. Ann Wilcock says:

    found some great clearance reach toothbrush 2 pks at my target in goodyear Arizona for 2.44 ea used my 4 1.50 Q’s to score 4 of these babies for .94 ea. works for me. large bottles of nivea lotion at .69 each and those hydro razors for what 2.24 im jazzed and hooked on your blog for life. ty ann

  11. Kerry says:

    Glad you are enjoying the blog Ann! 🙂

  12. Jackie says:

    For: Zevia All Natural Soda 6 pk $3.33, the $2.00 off wyb one Zevia 6 Pack offer is expired.

  13. Kerry says:

    Thanks Jackie! 🙂 will update as soon as I get a sec.

  14. Elizabeth says:

    The Fisher Price Poppity-Pop Musical Dino is on price cut at Target.com for $18.29. Don’t know for how long but just bought one today.

  15. Elizabeth says:

    Also, monopoly is on price cut at Target.com for $7.79 and a coupon code to take off $3.00 making it $4.79 plus whatever red card perks. Purchased a few over multiple transactions since code only takes off one per checkout.

  16. Jennifer F. says:

    Went to Target today and the Lloyd’s barbecue ribs are down $2 to $7.99 plus there are two $1 off coupons making them only $5.99. Also Market Pantry pasta sauce is on sale for $1 with 5% off on cartwheel and a $1.50 off wyb 3 coupon for a total of $1.41 for all three.

  17. Katie says:

    Went to Target yesterday and Enchanted Holiday Air Wick refills (warming oil) were clearance to $3.48 each and there is a $2/2 Manufacturer’s Coupon on Air Wick website when you sign in 🙂

  18. Amy says:

    The sweet earth burritos are on sale through october.

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