New Sabra Mediterranean Bean Dips at Target

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by the folks at Sabra, but any opinions expressed are 100% my own.

I am a big fan of Sabra so when I heard they had a new Mediterranean Bean Dip available in 3 different flavors, I had to try it! You can pair these delicious new dips with crackers, veggies, and more for a quick pre-dinner snack or a fun party appetizer. Check out this colorful veggie board I put together– it’s easy, yummy, and makes your table look beautiful!

You may be wondering what’s different about these dips from hummus and the answer is the beans! Plus, each dip features Mediterranean herbs and spices.

For example, the White Bean Dip is made with Tuscan-style white beans, real spinach and roasted garlic. The Black Bean Dip combines black beans, real tomatoes and smoky paprika and also happens to be my favorite. 🙂 And finally, the Red Bean Dip is a tasty trio of red beans, sundried tomatoes and basil. Each serving provides 2g of protein making it a nice, healthy addition to your diet, especially if you’re looking to live a more plant-based lifestyle.


Look for these new Mediterranean Bean Dips in the deli dip section of your local Target and try making your own veggie board. 🙂 These new Bean Dips are also included in the Sabra sale and are $2.79 each thru 4/21. Even better, if you sign up for their email list at, they have coupons. After signing up, I was able to print a coupon to save $1 on any 1 Mediterranean Bean Dip.

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