Reminder: Enter the Target Stuff Scholarships Contest

Just a reminder that if you are 16 years of age or older, you can participate in a fun (& funny :)) Scholarship Contest sponsored by Target and win great prizes for college like a Nook Tablet 8GB, $25 Nook Gift Card, Sunbeam Microwave, Xbox 4GB with Kinect Gaming Bundle, cash prizes (awarded as checks) beach towels, health & beauty products, and more!

Scholarship categories include Water Drinker Scholarship, Laptop Stuff Scholarship, Ramen Scholarship and more! The prizes are split according to the scholarship categories and a complete list can be found HERE. Just scroll down to “What are the prizes?” and click on the link. It will take you down the page to where prizes are listed.

To enter, go HERE to Facebook and register. Then select one of the 16 scholarships and apply by taking a webcam interview with their panel of 3 professors. As you can tell by the Scholarship categories, this contest is supposed to be silly and fun so be creative! You can go HERE to view other entries (just click on gallery at the top).

Once your video is approved, you’ll be notified by email and you can post it to your Facebook wall, Twitter, or send it via direct URL. Then get everyone you know to vote for you! Any Facebook user can vote for your video once per day. The 5 top-voted video submissions in each Scholarship Catergory will be deemed a “finalist.” Then, a panel of judges will review them and assign points according to number of votes received, humor, and originality. The entry with the highest overall points in each scholarship category will be named the winner!

There will be one winner per each of the 16 scholarships over 3 submission periods which equals a total of 48 scholarships to be awarded. The submission periods are as follows: Phase 1 – 7/15 thru 8/1; Phase 2 – 8/2 thru 8/22; Phase 3 – 8/23 thru 9/12. Judging will take place on 9/13. There are lots of chances to enter! Each contestant may submit 10 unique entries into each Scholarship Category per Entry Period – that’s a maximum total of 160 entries per Entry Period! For a complete list of guidelines and requirements, go HERE.

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