Great Target Deals on Cosmetics with Coupons & Clearance

If you got those nice, high-value Beauty coupons for Almay & Revlon in last weekend’s inserts, they are super nice with savings of up to $4.00 off. However, before you settle for in store prices, be sure and take a look online as many cosmetics are priced cheaper on than in stores.

Here’s just a few ideas for you for some great price match deals on Eye & Lip cosmetics…

Almay Thickening Mascara in Black $3.39 (Price Match to
-$3/1 Almay Eye Product 6-9-19 SS x7/6
= as low as .39 after price match & coupon 

Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in Black $3.69 (Price Match to
-$3/1 Revlon Eye Product 6-9-19 SS x7/6
= as low as .69 after coupon & price match

Revlon Face Cosmetics PSA $4.49 (Price Match to
-$4/1 Revlon Face Cosmetic 6-9-19 SS x7/6
= as low as .49 after coupon & price match

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick PSA $4.19 (Price Match to
-$3/1 Revlon Lip Product (excl. Kiss Balm) 6-9-19 SS x7/6
= as low as $1.19 after coupon & price match

Speaking of cosmetics, be sure and take along any coupons you have right now, since the clearance seems to be plentiful at many stores with lots of different products from several brands with sticker savings of up to 50% off. Here’s a roundup of additional savings you may want to clip and have on hand…

-Several Coupons to Save on CoverGirl Cosmetics found in the 6-2-19 SS x6/29
-Several Coupons for Almay Cosmetics found in the 6-9-19 SS x7/6
-Several Coupons to Save on Revlon Cosmetics found in the 6-9-19 SS x7/6

There are also several different rebates to earn cash back with the ibotta app for purchasing L’Oreal Face, Lip and Eye Cosmetics that are quite high-value, which will make for some nice deals if you find the clearance too!

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Target Easter Clearance 2019 Now Up to 90% Off

Some of you may now find Target Easter Clearance at 90% Off on non-perishables today! If you find your store has not dropped yet, I would watch it closely as it may go tomorrow. If you don’t see 90% Off Signs, be sure and scan a few things just in case your signs are wrong. Remember, most of holiday clearance does not get stickered, so the only way to know for sure is to scan!

Not everything was scanning at 90, so that’s another good reason to check at the scanner. Watch for items you can re-purpose for other occasions too. I love using the Sprtiz Easter grass for stuffing gift bags and boxes all year long. And, while for most of you all the Easter clearance should be in one location, you might want to check other parts of the store for any items that may have been left in the regular aisles.

All candy and food should also be at 70% Off for most of you, and take advantage of these great prices while you can. Target does not keep items on the floor at 70/90 for very long so the clock is ticking! Hope you all have some luck and are able to grab some great deals.

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Target Valentine’s Day Clearance Now Up to 90% Off

Some of you may find up to 90% Off now for Valentine’s Day clearance today. I did visit one of my Tampa stores that was at 90%, however signage was lacking and I did find a few non-perishable things still stuck at 70. I did find a lot of things that were scanning at 90% off,

Here’s a few things that I found…

Valentine’s Exchange cards that can be used next year, like these 16 count My Little Pony ones with 16 erasers that will be .40 if your store is at 90.

These super cute scented heart-shaped bath bombs will be just .39 if your store is at 90.

Quite a few Sprtiz items like these 24 count hearts that will be just .50 each if your store is at 90%.

I also found these fun Sprtiz cat-eared headband 8 count sets in pink & red that will be just .30 if your store is at 90. These could be re-purposed for all kinds of things, and would also make cute items for a Hello Kitty themed party any time of the year.

Even though my non-perishables weren’t marked at 90, my candy was clearly marked at 70%. With Easter rapidly approaching, watch for candy that could be used in Easter baskets to make for some nice savings.

Also watch for items like these Dove Hearts that would also be great for engagement parties, baby showers, or even treat bag fillers for a little girls’ birthday party.

If your store didn’t drop today, it is likely it will happen tomorrow and for a much larger percentage of stores. But always scan to be sure no matter what your signs say. It is possible for signs not to get switched out and usually it’s only a 2-3 day gap between 70 to 90 so keep a close eye on it. Once you hit 90, it will move fast and Target will be looking to clear the stuff off the floors.

Don’t forget you can still check in Bullseye’s Playground and in other departments for holiday items. While most of it will have been moved back to the holiday clearance section, you never know what may get left behind and it might be worth a quick peek around the store.

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Target Valentine’s Day Clearance Now Up to 70% Off

Valentine’s Day clearance should now be at 70% for some of you, and if you didn’t find it today there is a good chance you will find it tomorrow. It is always a good idea to check the prices at the scanner even if your signs say 50. Some stores just don’t manage to get all or any proper signage up and you will never know if you just walk away.

Most of you should find candy & food at 50% off today too. Also be sure and look for Valentine’s Day themed snacks that you can use in kids lunches.

My store had quite a bit of candy too, including Valentine’s Day themed jelly beans that could certainly be held back and used for Easter baskets.

Valentine’s Day clearance is a great way to stock up on non-perishable things you might need for next year. For example there were many class-exchange card kits this year with no candy in them that will make for cheap Valentines next year. The basic kits will be as low as .75 if your store is at 70, regularly $2.50.

You can also check the Bullseye’s Playground section for Valentine’s Day clearance too for small items to tuck away for next year or to use as Easter Basket fillers. But keep in mind some stores may have already moved these items to the holiday section.

As far as a next drop to 90% Off- it usually stays at 70 only a couple of days, so we could see it drop to 90 as early as Wednesday, February 20th. But remember, there is no set schedule and stores can differ – so keep a close eye! Happy clearance hunting folks!

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Happy Valentine’s Day & Get Ready for Clearance!


Hope you all are enjoying a Happy Valentine’s Day! Also just a reminder that tomorrow (2/15) is the day when you should see most Valentine’s Day items go to 50% Off except Candy which should be at 30% Off. Some food items typically lag at 30% Off to start with too. The Valentine’s Day items in Bullseye’s Playground should drop to 50 as well. It’s a great way to stock up on non-perishables for next year- and you may even find a couple goodies you can tuck into this year’s Easter Baskets too!

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January Target Toy Clearance Update: up to 70% Off

Every year in January, Target resets the toy section with new stock – and when this happens Target has major toy clearance. It has been going on for weeks now and while we used to see a large drop to 70 on many, many toys at once, that hasn’t been the case the last couple of seasons, but there are many toys that have dropped to 70% Off already.

This clearance is something to watch very closely on your own at your local stores and if you haven’t checked it out yet – I wouldn’t wait too much longer. The further we get in January, the slimmer it will get as Target will get rid of them soon one way or another to make room for new stuff. 🙂


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Glad Food Storage Products as low as $1.12 at Target

We have a new high-value Target cartwheel offer available to save 25% off Glad Holiday food storage valid thru 12/30. Even better, most of you should find these products on clearance for 50% off down to $1.49 to make them as low as $1.12 after cartwheel.

You can also take a look HERE on Brickseek to see if your store has any left and at what price by entering your zip code and a DPCI. Just keep in mind that Brickseek is not always accurate. The good thing is, there were so many different Glad Holiday items this year – so hopefully many of you will have some luck. Here’s a list of the DPCI #s for you…

Glad Holiday ClingWrap Plastic Wrap 300 sq ft Roll DPCI #253-01-0895
Glad Holiday Press’n Seal Wrap 70 sq ft Roll DPCI #253-01-0900
Glad Holiday Edition Big Bowl Food Storage Containers – 3ct DPCI #253-01-0898
Glad Holiday Edition Deep Dish Food Storage Containers – 3ct DPCI #253-01-0899
Glad Holiday Food Storage Containers Small Bowl 32 oz 4 ct DPCI #253-01-0894
Glad Holiday Food Storage Containers Snack Size 14 oz 5 ct DPCI #253-01-0897

There are a couple of other limited edition household items that should also be at 50% at your stores that we have additional discounts for to make for some nice deals. You can check out the following posts for more details….

Glade Air Care Products as low as 49¢ Each at Target
Target Christmas Clearance Up to 50% Off plus Nice Deals on Ziploc & Kleenex

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Target Christmas Clearance Up to 50% Off plus Nice Deals on Ziploc & Kleenex Tissues as low as 54¢

This year has a lot of online clearance with up to 50% Off thousands of items. There’s so much to choose from, including clothing, shoes, Christmas decor, holiday trees, health & beauty, and more. Here’s some quick links of the different departments for you to check out…

Save Up to 50% on Clothing, Shoes & Accessories for the Whole Family

Save Up to 50% on Clearance Toys – Barbie, Fingerlings, Games & More

Save Up to 50% on Holiday Items – Artificial Trees, Lights, Decor & More

Up to 50% Off Beauty – Tons of Gift Sets & Other Limited Edition Holiday Beauty

Shipping is FREE on orders of $35 or more, or choose FREE store pickup where available. And as always, if you have a REDcard you will get FREE shipping with no minimum and an additional 5% Off.

And if you are headed out to your local Target today – there is tons of in-store clearance to check out too. You should find lots of non-perishable Christmas items that were at 30 now up to 50% Off, including holiday décor, stockings, wrapping paper, ribbons, gift tags and more.

What is left at each store can vary greatly- but it’s worth taking a look to see what you can find. Watch for wreaths, tree stands, stocking holders, ornaments and other holiday items that you can grab now for next year.

It’s also a great time to stock up on items for next year, including string lights, outdoor decor and lighting, & even light projectors, also at 50% off today.

Remember that most holiday items do not get stickered – so if you want to know the price bring them up to a scanner. Or, if you have the Target App – give them a scan with that – as it usually does accurately reflect clearance pricing in stores. 🙂

While some of you may be waiting for a bigger drop- even at 50% Off its a great way to get a discount on things you can use for next season, like wrapping paper, gift bags & more.

Keep in mind some of these items can even be used all year long – especially solid colored bows & tissue paper.

Holiday food & candy will only drop to up to 30% Off for most of you today and will probably sit for a few days. It will then usually drop to 50 when non-perishable clearance goes to 70.

Also watch for holiday- themed limited edition household items that will be 50% Off today – like single boxes of Kleenex tissues.

There’s a .50/3 Kleenex Tissues Single boxes or ONE Multi-pack or HERE to make for additional savings.

And, lots of limited edition Glad and Ziploc holiday bags & containers at 50% off today. Even better, there are $2.00 worth of Ziploc coupons available you can use to save even more.

It also can’t hurt to check in the regular aisles too – as some items may have mistakenly been put back on the shelf or still haven’t been moved out yet – and don’t forget to scan! These items won’t be stickered, so it’s the only way to confirm.

If you are wondering when the next drop to 70% Off will be – usually most stores sit at 50% Off for around 3 or 4 days and then will drop to 70% Off. And typically 2 days after that down to 90%. But stores are different – there is no universal schedule and some stores go sooner or later and you never know when Target will speed up the rate they clearance at. So if you have things you are interested in, the clearance is something to keep a close eye on!

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Target Clearance on Harvest Decor & More Up to 70% Off

With the holidays here – a lot of the usual clearance endcaps have been taken up by other things. However, there are quite a few fall & harvest decor items being spotted up to 70% off, including bakeware, wall decor, scented candles and more.

And be sure and check at the scanners, as I found lots of stuff & signage marked at 30 -50% but ringing up at 70. You can also always check any provided DPCI #s by inputting your zipcode HERE at Brickseek to get an idea if your store has any on hand and at what discount, just keep in mind this resource is not always accurate.

These pretty Threshold white & orange ceramic 10.4 inch pie pans were up to 70% off and as low as $3.58.

Quite a few wreaths with pumpkins and autumn colors, and eve a wagon wheel shape that could be repurposed for anytime of year.

Lots of fall scented candles in pretty printed tin containers up to 70% off and as low as $3.88.

These fun pumpkin decor items were also up to 70% off.

And these small 8 count set of Harvest Pumpkins for bowl filler & more were also up to 70% off and as low as $1.80.

There’s lots more to keep an eye out for too – like these cute yard decor scarecrows and pumpkins also up to 70% off. They were just at the end of an aisle for me, so be sure and take a good look around your store for any fall clearance you can find.

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The Latest Clearance Finds This Week at Target

Here’s what else has been spotted on clearance this week along with any coupon matchups I could find. Remember- clearance can vary greatly from store to store- there is no guarantee you will find the same or for the same discount that those who contributed to this post have. Be sure and sort the blog by clearance too to see what else has been found this week!

I try & list specific varieties, prices & other details when I can, since not everything gets stickered and sometimes it’s worth a quick scan to check. I also try to provide DPCI #s when I can. If a DPCI is listed or shown in the picture, you may want to check HERE to get an idea if your store has any on hand and at what price. Some Target Cartwheel Offers do exclude clearance but it can’t hurt to browse thru to look at those offers too just in case.

APPAREL: This week we have nice in-ad Target coupons for a FREE $10 Gift Card wyb $50+ (or a FREE $25 Gift Cad wyb $100+) of Apparel, Shoes & Accessories. This coupon is valid on Men’s, Women’s, Kids’, and excludes Umbro Socks & Shoes and Fan central. It does not exclude clearance, so be sure and take a good look around for items that will count towards the required threshold.


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