May 252017


Right now you can print a nice coupon to save .55 when you buy ONE box of Little Debbie Mini Muffins. My store recently started carrying these and they were regularly priced at $1.99 for a nice deal after coupon…

Little Debbie Mini Muffins $1.99 (Regular Price)
.55 when you buy ONE box of Little Debbie Mini Muffins
= $1.44 per box after coupon

There is also an offer to Save $4.00 when you spend $16.00 on any Little Debbie® Little Muffins products w/SavingStar x6/20.

May 252017

We have new Checkout 51 and ibotta rebates to save on Crunchmaster Crackers. There’s a coupon to use too that makes for a great deal…

Crunchmaster Crackers 4.5 oz $3.09 (Reg. Price)
$1 OFF wyb ONE Crunchmaster Crackers or  4-2-17 SS x7/2
Earn $1.50 Cash Back wyb 2 Crunchmaster Crackers w/Checkout 51 x5/31
Earn $1.50 wyb 2 Crunchmaster Crackers with the ibotta App
= .59 each after 2 coupons & both rebates

May 252017

tablespoonSign up for Tablespoon’s free email and score up to $250 per year in coupon savings.

Plus, stay on top of your food game with free recipes for doable dinners, delish desserts, party snacks and more!

Once you create your account and are signed up with Tablespoon you can grab the following high-value coupons while they last to save on General Mills Products…

.75 off ONE Totino’s Pizza Rolls or Pizza Snacks
$1.00 Off wyb any ONE Nature Valley Cereal or Granola
.75/1 Cocoa Puffs, Cookie Crisp or Twix Cereal


Target has Totino’s Pizza Rols & Snacks on sale this week to make for some nice savings with the new coupon…

Totino’s Pizza Rolls 40 ct, Stuffed Nachos or Pizza Sticks $2.99 (Sale thru 5/27)
.75 off ONE Totino’s Pizza Rolls or Pizza Snacks
= $2.24 after coupon & sale, reg. $3.49


Also be sure and watch for Nature Valley granola bites being spotted on clearance for 15% off and as low as $3.39. If you find the clearance too, they will be $2.39 after a $1.00 Off wyb any ONE Nature Valley Cereal or Granola., or even better if you find a bigger drop.

This post is sponsored by the folks at General Mills

May 252017


We have a new super high-value Target Cartwheel offer available to save on BelVita Breakfast Biscuits. There’s a checkout 51 offer available to use as well to make for a nice deal….

BelVita Breakfast Biscuits 5 ct $2.99 (Reg. Price)
-40% Off BelVita Breakfast Biscuits 5 ct Target Cartwheel x5/27
Earn .50 Cash Back wyb Belvita Breakfast Biscuits w/Checkout 51 x5/31
= $1.29 after cartwheel & rebate

May 252017


This week thru 5/27, Target has both the Quaker Breakfast Flats & Breakfast Squares on sale for $2.50 each. We have coupons and rebates to make for some nice deals….

Quaker Breakfast Squares $2.50 (Sale thru 5/27)
-$1/1 Quaker Breakfast Squares 4-30-17 RP1 x6/11
Earn $1 Cash Back wyb Quaker Breakfast Squares w/Checkout 51 x5/31 (limit 1)
= as low as .50 after coupon, sale & rebate, reg. $2.99

Quaker Breakfast Flats $2.50 (Sale thru 5/27)
-$1/2 Quaker Breakfast Flats 4-30-17 RP1 x6/11
Earn $1 Cash Back wyb Quaker Breakfast Flats w/Checkout 51 x5/31 (limit 1)
= $1.50 each after coupon, sale and rebate, reg. $2.99

May 252017


Here’s what else has been spotted on clearance this week along with any coupon matchups I could find. Remember- clearance can vary greatly from store to store- there is no guarantee you will find the same or for the same discount that those who contributed to this post have. Be sure and sort the blog by clearance too to see what else has been found this week!

I try & list specific varieties, prices & other details when I can, since not everything gets stickered and sometimes it’s worth a quick scan to check. I also try to provide DPCI #s when I can. If a DPCI is listed or shown in the picture, you may want to check HERE to get an idea if your store has any on hand and at what price. Some Target Cartwheel Offers do exclude clearance but it can’t hurt to browse thru to look at those offers too just in case.

HOME: Still quite a bit of clearance going on in home- including several different storage solutions. If you are looking to get organized be sure and take a look in the storage aisles and endcaps nearby for all kinds of baskets, catchalls, and bins up to 30% off and as low as $6.98.


May 242017


Here are some more new long-term sales I found at Target this week in grocery. Please keep in mind when viewing the following that it is possible for sales to vary by region, and some products may not be carried at all Target store locations.

For the latest Long-Term Sales & Deals, be sure and sort the Blog by this category for even more deals….

Arnold Hot Dog Buns $2.50 (Sale thru 6/24)
-15% Off Arnold/Brownberry/Oroweat Buns Target-Cartwheel x5/27
-.55/1 Arnold Buns 5-21-17 SS x8/21
= $1.57 after stack & sale, reg. $2.97
Eight O’Clock Ground or Whole Bean Coffee 11 or 12 oz $4.49 (Sale thru 6/1)
$1/1 Eight O’Clock Coffee 10 oz or larger (sign up)
= $3.49 after coupon & sale, reg. $5.29


Voss Artesian Water 800 ml Glass $2.50 or 850 ml PET Bottle $2 (Sale thru 6/3)
-30% Off Voss Water Target-cartwheel x5/28
= as low as $1.40 after cartwheel & sale

Biena Chickpea Snacks $3.29 (Sale thru 6/3)
-25% Off Biena Chickpea Snacks Target-Cartwheel x5/29
= $2.46 after cartwheel & sale, reg. $3.99


Betty Crocker Suddenly Pasta Salad $1 (Sale thru 6/3)
~no coupons that I know of, but reg. $2.12
Snyder’s Pretzels 16 oz 2/$5 (Sale thru 6/24)
-$1/2 Snyder’s of Hanover Product 5 oz+ 3-12-17 SS x5/31 or 4-23 SS x6/30
= $2 each after coupon & sale wyb 2, reg. $3.09


Frank’s Red Hot Sauce 12 oz $2.49 (Sale thru 6/3)
-.75/1 Frank’s RedHot Bottle 12 oz 5-7-17 SS2 x7/1
-.50 OFF when you buy 1 Frank’s RedHot Original
= as low as $1.74 after a .75/1 & sale, reg. $2.84
Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce 28 oz $1.99 (Sale thru 7/8)
-$1/2; $1/3 Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce 5-21-17 SS x6/30
= as low as $1.49 each after a $1/2 wyb 2, reg. $2.64


Kraft Miracle Whip 30 oz $3.49 (Sale thru 6/3)
-25% Kraft Miracle Whip 22 or 30 oz Target-Cartwheel x5/27
-$1/2 Kraft Miracle Whip 22 oz+ 5-7-17 SS2 x6/4
= $2.11 each after stack & sale wyb 2, reg. $4.19
Kraft Real Mayo 30 oz $2.99 (Sale thru 6/3) reg. $3.59
-$1/2 Kraft Mayo 22 oz+ or Aioli 12 oz 5-14-17 SS x6/11
= $2.49 each after coupon and sale wyb 2, reg. $3.59


Izze Fusions Single Cans $1 (Sale thru 6/10)
Earn .50 Cash Back wyb Izze Fusions Single Can w/Checkout 51 x5/24
= .50 after checkout & sale
Soy Vay Simmer Sauce $2.99 (Sale thru 6/17)
-10% Off Soy Vay Marinades, Sauces & Sides Target-Cartwheel x7/8
= $2.70 after cartwheel & sale, reg. $3.49


Juicy Juice Bottles 64 oz or Splashers 10 ct 3/$6 or $2 each (Sale thru 6/24)
-.55/1 Juicy Juice Product (excl. Boxes 4 pk) 5-21-17 SS x7/3
= $1.45 after coupon & sale, reg. $2.79 
Welch’s Fruit Snacks 10 ct 3/$6 or $2 each (Sale thru 6/24)
$1 OFF wyb 2 Welch’s Fruit Snacks
= $1.50 each after coupon & sale wyb 2, reg. $2.12

May 242017


We have a new coupon available to save $1.00 When you buy TWO (2) bags of M&M’s Brand Chocolate Candies (8 oz.+). Some of you have been noticing a lot of clearance in the candy aisles lately, including the larger 9 – 11 oz bags of M&M’s. I could not believe the amount of M&M’s on clearance at mine – Regular, Peanut, Mint, Pretzel, Crispy and more!


Mine were all 30% Off down to $2.08, so just $1.58 after this $1/2 M&M’s Coupon if you find the same discount at your stores. But also check your inserts from Sunday- as there was a $1.50/2 M&M’s 8 oz+ in the 5-21-17 RP that will make them as low as $1.33 each.


If you don’t find this clearance at your stores- we do have a nice short-term stack on the Red, White & Blue Bags that still makes for some nice savings…

M&M’s Target Exclusive Red, White & Blue Bags $2.79 (Sale thru 5/27)
-10% Off Mars M&M’s Chocolate Red, White & Blue 10.2 to 11.4 oz Target-Cartwheel x5/27
-$1.50/2 Mars M&M’s Chocolate Candies 8 oz+ 5-21-17 RP x7/2
 $1.00 When you buy TWO (2) bags of M&M’s Brand Chocolate Candies (8 oz.+).
= as low as $1.76 after stacking with a $1.50/2, reg $2.99

May 242017


We have a new coupon available to print and save .50 Off when you buy any ONE Moonshine Tea. Just look for “Moonshine” under the brand drop down menu to find this coupon  fast. This coupon goes great with a super-high value cartwheel to save 50%! This item is new on the shelves at some Target locations and you can check for them in the coolers up by the checkout lane or near the concession area. After stack it makes for a great deal …

Moonshine Tea $1.99 (Regular Price)
-50% Off Moonshine Tea Target-Cartwheel x6/3
.50 Off when you buy any ONE Moonshine Tea
= .49 after stack

May 242017


Right now you can visit the Galbani site and fill out a short form to print a coupon to save $1.00 when you buy any Galbani Cheese item 8 oz or larger. Even better – there is a nice sale at Target this week on the 8 oz fresh mozzarella balls to make for a savings of 50%…

Galbani Fresh Mozzarella Ball 8 oz $2.99 (Sale thru 5/27)
$1.00 when you buy any Galbani Cheese item 8 oz or larger
= as low as $1.99 after coupon & sale, or like saving 50%, reg. $3.99

Also e sure to check your inserts for some high-value coupons on snack cheeses which will also make a nice deal with a sale this week only…

Galbani Mozzarella Snack Cheese 7 oz Bag $2.99 (Sale thru 5/27)
-$2/1; $1/1 Galbani Snack Cheese 6 oz+ 5-7-17 SS2 x6/30
= as low as .99 after coupon & sale, reg. $3.49

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with or Target, nor am I employed by them or compensated by them to publish content found on this site.
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