Fisher Price & Hasbro Toys R Us Coupon Booklets & List of New Hasbro Printable Toy Coupons

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FISHER PRICE COUPONS: I know some of you were super bummed to miss out on the printable Fisher Price coupons I posted last night that are no longer available. 🙁

BUT… if you plan on stopping by a Toys R  Us sometime soon- be sure and keep an eye out while shopping for 2 great manufacturer’s coupon booklets for Hasbro & Fisher Price that have been spotted at Toys R Us stores. The Fisher Price booklet contains $80 worth of manufacturer’s coupons that can actually be used anywhere and will go great with our upcoming in-ad Target Coupons coming Sunday 3/25.

One of our in-ad Target Coupons will be for 50% Off a Fisher Price Little People or Laugh & Learn Toy and one of the manufacturer’s coupons in the booklet found in Toys R Us is for $5/1 Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Puppy. This toy is in the ad for $17, so this stack would make it just $3.50- which is an amazing deal! There are a bunch of other great coupons in this manufacturer’s booklet too.

-Thanks so much to Dana for the heads up and the picture to Jenna!

HASBRO COUPONS: The other manufacturer’s booklet to watch for in Toys R Us contains over $80 in savings on Hasbro Toys.  But the good news is- if you don’t find it- there are a ton of new printables available ton the Hasbro Playsaver Site:

$4 off Transformers Toy Purchase $10 or more
-$5/1 Baby Alive Baby’s New Teeth, Beautiful Now Baby, OR Baby All Better
-$5/1 Nerf N-Strike Rayven OR Vortex Lumitron Blaster
-$2/1 Furreal Friends Snuggimals Pet
-$5/1 Chuck & Friends Tower Racin’ Speedway Playset
-$5 off KRE-O Construction Set Purchase $20 or more
-$5/1 Chuck & Friends Race Along Chuck Toy
-$2/1 Furreal Friends Dizzy Dancers Pet
-$2/1 Littlest Pet Shop Walkables Pet
-$3/1 Playskool Heroes Toy
-$5/1 Connect 4 Launchers, Bop It!XT, or Monopoly Electronic Banking
-$3/1 Candy Land, Chutes & Ladders, Cootie or Memory Game
-$5/1 Littlest Pet Shop Slide’n Dive Lagoon or Shop Speedy Tails RC
-$3/1 Play-Doh Swirling Shake Shoppe Playset or 24 pack
-$3 off Playskool Poppin’ Park Toy Purchase of $15+
-$3/1 Operation, Battleship or Twister Game
-$5/1 Gator Golf Game
-$5/1 My Little Pony Friendship Express Train Toy or RC Vehicle
-$5/1 Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Fire Station Prime
-$5/1 Playskool Poppin’ Park Bounce ‘n Ride
-$5/1 Playskool Poppin’ Park Elefun Busy Ball Popper
-$2 off Star Wars Fighter Pods Purchase of $5+
-B2G1 FREE Chuck & Friends Die Cast Vehicles
-FREE 9′ Sesame Street Mini Plush wyb Sesame Street Plush Item $15+
-$5/1 Scrabble Flash, Simon Flash or Yahtzee Flash

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  1. I had the same problem with the $10 coupon as everyone else. The cashier pushed it threw somehow since the other ones worked. I was getting it for a baby shower gift for next month so I was very appreciative. I have another friend who is expecting later in the year, so I am going to try to get one of the booklets from TRU if they have it so I can snag her one too for her gift. $22ish dollars for $92ish worth of gifts makes me one happy camper! 🙂

  2. ~~For those having trouble with the Musical Table coupon~~

    I had the same problem, the coupon made the screen go red and say “Invalid coupon” or some nonsense. The manager came over, blocked all the barcodes with her hands except for the topmost center barcode, and had the gal scan it again. Lo and behold, it worked! For some reason, the normal leftmost barcode will not scan at Target.

  3. I tried using the $10 off coupon on the learning musical table and it would not scan either. I had two different ones that I got from the booklets @ toys r us and neither one was working! The manager told me that I had to contact Fisher Price to find out why. I was so upset cause they are closed for the weekend but I did send them an email, hopefully they respond! I also got to use the Love to Play Puppy and Puppy’s Playhouse coupons fine so I don’t know why the Musical Table did not work! I was wondering how (Maria V). you got to use the $5 coupon, wasn’t it a Target coupon also??

  4. I had the same problem with the $10 activity table so after going home and looking thoroughly at my receipt and going to to check my coupon i found I had a valid coupon and that if you bought the puppy as well just as i did for some reason on my receipt it took the $5 puppy coupon off of my table instead of for the puppy so when they scanned the $10 coupon it threw it out. So i went back to customer service showed them that the coupon was valid (showed them where the website said it was valid) and how it took the $5 off of the table she scanned my receipt and then scanned the coupon and she had no problem and I got my money back! Good luck!

  5. My local target didn’t have any ads. The store manager stated that since I only had 1 ad (that came in Sunday’s paper) that I had to get more ads in order to use multiple coupons. I disputed that since they didn’t have ads, they should allow me to honor more than one coupon. He stated that since the coupon states 1 per item I had to get multiple coupons to use multiple ones. So, I guess buying more papers without him saying so

  6. melissa did you try having them scan just the manufacturer coupon without the target coupons to confirm that was the issue? I didn’t think about it when I got mine. It seems strange all the other coupons worked and that one didn’t.

  7. Got my son the puppy! I also had problems with the 10$ table coupon this morning saying it was invalid. I kept it and plan on contacting Fisher Price about it. I also got a great deal on Puppy’s Playhouse $4.37 after coupons normally 19.46 and Little People Farm on sale for 38.94 …got it for 14.47 after coupons :o)

  8. I also had the same problem with the Fisher Price table, and it is not because of other offers, because I went to customer service and they scanned the table and tried to scan the coupon and it still said invalid. I think Fisher Price realized they were gonna get royally screwed with this deal and deactivated the coupon. That is why the coupons disappeared online as well. I am trying to think of ways to get it applied to my purchase. Target should be able to put it through manually, they can tell it is real, I had the one from the booklet mailed a month ago. I am kinda mad about this, I was really looking forward to getting this table for $11.84! I know I am being cheap, but toys are always over priced.

  9. Melanie– when toys are put on hold, they are on hold for 24 hrs as long as you go pick it up, next day, it will still be there

  10. Thanks, for the info Maria! I called and had them set me one aside for the morning so i didn’t miss out. Hope it is still there when i go to pick it up at 8am!!

  11. @melanie- I got my coupon from the early Sunday edition of my local newspaper (Miami Herald), however they may have the ad at the customer service desk. The coupon definitely works today 😀

  12. Maria – are the coupons already out in the stores? i thought the 50% off coupon began tomorrow. Do they have them in stores now?
    thank you – have had my eye on the table for a few weeks – would be perfect for my son’s first b-day in a few weeks! Was planning on getting to the store at 8am tomorrow but will go there now if its good today!

  13. Hi. I tried to use the coupon for $10 off the laugh and learn music table, but every time the cashier scanned the coupon the screen would state that it was invalid and I should contact the coupon issuer (this happened to the printable coupon and the coupon from the booklet). I was just wondering if this happened to anyone else or is it just me.

    On a side note, I used the $5 off coupon and the 50% off Target In-Ad coupon for the laugh and learn puppy with no problems. 😀

  14. If you click on the Hasbro link, there are coupons for fur real friends dizzy dancers (not completely sure what they are) for $2.00 off one. Target currently has a BOGO coupon on their website so paired together would make for some cheap little gifts. 🙂

  15. I just realized that I received one of these booklets by mail several weeks ago. I know I am signed up with fisher price & I guess that’s how I received them. Check your coupon stack if you may just have one laying around & you didn’t realize it.

  16. They were all gone at our Toys. I checked with my sister who works there and she said they were gone when she got in today for work. Toledo, Oh

  17. I just went to our local Toys R Us and there were plenty of these booklets at the customer service counter. Good Luck!

  18. Ashley, yes I think the Fisher Price booklet has a coupon for $10 off the laugh and learn music table.

  19. Does anybody know if the fisher price coupon book has a $10 laugh and learn music table?

  20. Hey Kathryn- I am pretty sure they will come with all ads. I say this because throughout the toy section in the ad it is repeatedly mentioned on different toys about what the price would be “with coupon”. I don’t see why they would do that if the wraparound wasn’t going to be on all ads. hth

  21. With the in-ad target coupon, do you think that would be something they will have at the register when you check out, or is it something I will have to buy a paper to get? thanks

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