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So while the Toy deals in-store are super-hot this week- there are some super-nice buys on with codes too! Especially if you have a REDcard (credit or Debit) which makes for FREE shipping on and you will get an additional 5% Off. Plus you can get an additional 6% Cash Back if you go thru or go through EBATES to get 3%.

There are quite a few Laugh & Learn toys still available to purchase online- including some hidden toys. By “hidden”, I mean that unless you search for the specific toy- they do not come up when you do a search for Laugh & Learn since they are not listed exactly that way. Each of the toys shown in the picture above will be 50% Off the listed price when you use the code TGTHSJMK. Just search the title exactly as it is shown in the picture above to find the toy you are interested in.

There are also still great deals to be had on Fisher Price Little People toys- since we have several codes that will stack on MOST Little People items. Many items are out of stock- but there are still plenty of great sets you can grab at a huge discount like this Fisher Price Little Pople Batman Batcave which will be $11.19 after codes (regularly $32.39)! Plus if you have a REDcard (credit or Debit) shipping will be FREE on and you will get an additional 5% Off.  And you can get an additional 6% Cash Back if you go thru or go through EBATES to get 3%.

1) First Log In or sign up with or EBATES to get your Cash Back on purchases.

2) Click on “Shop Now” and once on do a search for Little People Batman and add the Batcave toy for $32.39 to your cart and proceed to check out.

3) Next Enter the code H8JNX78V to take $5 Off a Little People Purchase of $25 or More

4) Next Enter the code TGTRQCJU to take $5 Off an Infant Toy Purchase of $20 or More

5) Next Enter the code TGTHSJMK to take 50% off a Fisher Price Laugh & Learn or Little People Toy.

*NOTE* Even if the Little People Batcave sells out- you can try this stack on other Fisher Price Little People items that are priced $25 or more. It appears to be working on most Little People Toys with the exception of the Airport.

For Little People Toys Priced $20 or more, you can still stack 2 of the codes:
Enter the code TGTRQCJU to take $5 Off an Infant Toy Purchase of $20 or More
Enter the code TGTHSJMK to take 50% off a Fisher Price Laugh & Learn or Little People Toy.

And in addition to your Cash Back- if you are new to you will earn a $5 bonus for signing up and if you go through EBATES, you also get a $10 Gift Card bonus for signing up once you spend $25 and Target is one of the Choices.

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  1. I believe that neither $5 off code will work for the any of the top row of toys b/c they are not a Little People toy and possibly not considered an infant toy (I think they should be though). It says underneath them that only the 50% off will work.

  2. I am so glad I saw this the other day. I ordered several things for my son for his b-day/Christmas. I also ordered a couple things for the Angel Tree. My husband and I usually allot a specific amount for each child we pick, this year I have spent significantly less money for more presents!!

    Oh, and the trick to getting more than one item is to not log into your account (you still have to place each order separately). You can use your Target cc for every order 🙂

  3. Try the mower at toys r us.. $10 free store pick up! I got two. It more outdoor one but
    Makes bubbles!

  4. @Kt- I tried the 10% off code and it told me the batcave wasn’t applicable for the code. :/

  5. I see a few people are trying to get the mower….one word of caution – that thing is LOUD! We banned it as an outdoor only toy in our house as it is just so much louder than any other toy we have (even on the softer volume setting).

  6. Got the Batman Batcave just as you described. My boys will be thrilled. Thanks so much!

  7. I was able to get the Little People Batcave – YAY!!! I just picked up the Batmobile in the store yesterday! These will make AWESOME Birthday gifts!!! Thanks!

  8. The $5 off code doesn’t work on the mower. If anyone knows how to get it work let me know.

  9. U can still use the 10% off code too. Tgthtt5z . With redcard and California taxes $10.58!

  10. @Coupon Mommie – the site gave me the same response when I tried to place a second order signing in with my account but once I signed out and then went in as a guest, it accepted all the codes. I still used my Target CC, I just had to type in all the information instead of having it already filled out using my account. Including the free shipping I saved 72%. Hope that helps.

  11. I tried placing a 2nd order for Little People, using the codes, but it rejected the order, saying codes were already used. Did anyone else find they could only use the codes once?

  12. I am trying to use both codes but once I put in the $5 and then the 50%. But it then it redices the price by $5 and only takes 50% of that reduced price. I have tried it both ways and the result is same.

  13. The $5 off code doesn’t work on the mower. If anyone knows how to get it work let me know.

  14. Just saved $34 on the little people value pack house set. Thanks for the tip!! My little girl will be VERY happy.

  15. Of course is not working well for me today. It won’t let me add the toy to my cart giving me an error message. It also won’t let me edit my cart to remove items……I wonder if it’s a glitch with the site.

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