Are You Missing Totally Target on Facebook?

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Many of you have been frustrated with Facebook and I don’t blame you. I am so frustrated too and I feel like as soon as I get the hang of everything they change it and I don’t know where to find anything anymore. 🙁

But I know the reason many of you are frustrated is because you have not been able to see me on your feeds and when it comes to hot deals, we can’t have that. SO… I turned to my buddy Tracie of Penny Pinchin’ Mom, who has helped me let you know a way to never miss a TT post again. Just follow these steps…

First, make sure you are logged in to your Facebook account and then go to my Facebook page HERE. If you haven’t already, go ahead and “Like” me first. 😉 Then, hover your mouse over “Liked” until you see “New List”.

Click on “New List” and the Totally Target button will show up in a new dialog box. Click on “next” at the bottom. You will then be asked to name your list and choose whether to make it public or private. Click “Done” and you’re all set.

All Totally Target posts will appear on your home page now. Your list is under “Interests” in the left-hand column. Anytime you want to see my posts at once in a list, click on the name and all my posts will show up on the right. Now you’ll never miss those hot deals!

–Thanks so much to Tracie of Penny Pinchin’ Mom for your help!

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  1. Coming from someone who is not familiar or comfortable with FB, I would like to know…what are the benefits of FB versus this website? Thank you

  2. YES as a subscriber to many deal sites and for my own deal site. Since they are a public company they need to make money and the “PROMOTE” is one way. There will be less privacy coming down the pike too!!

  3. So frustrating. I’m missing all of my “LIKES” from my FB feeds. What is the point of liking if you have to add businesses to a feed as well. 🙁

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