Don’t Water Your Plants Without Your Glasses…

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I am not the best with plants, in fact- I have unfortunately probably been the sole reason for the demise of around 100 plants in my lifetime, but I do have one success story- a Pineapple Plant that I have been growing for about 3 years now. It may as well be a cactus, because despite neglecting it from time to time- it still continues to grow. Since it has been 3 years, I am anxious for the pineapple to finally start growing out of the top of it.

In the past 6 months, it has really started to get BIG, so I watch it closely- and keep glancing into the middle of the leaves, just waiting for that little pineapple to make an appearance. Anyway- this morning I filled up my watering can and went outside to water it. As always, I peeked over the top of the plant but was shocked when I saw a little green bump in the middle! Gosh, I was so excited I started jumping upย and down.

I stuck my finger in there to feel it and check out what I thought was the beginning of the pineapple. It was very soft and not what I expected it to feel like. “Hmmm, why is it so soft and mushy?” I thought to myself.ย But I just figured that’s what baby pineapples felt like & took the watering can and gave it a good dose- so pleased with myself that I was finally seeing the start of a pineapple!

My sister Kelley is visiting right now- so I yelled to her- “Hey Kelley! Guess What?!” and she came out on the porch and I proceeded to tell her about my new pineapple bud that was finally starting to grow. I said “feel it Kel- it’s very soft!” So she peeks over into the middle of the pineapple plant and yelps and jumps back about 3 feet. I say “what’s the matter?!” She says- “Kerry, that’s no pineapple in there-ย  go get your glasses!” SO I get my glasses and I peek into the middle of the plant and this is what I see….

So the moral of the story is- don’t water your plants without your glasses or you might end up petting a frog! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. My daughter thought that was so funny, she went and put on her glasses (8 yrs old)

  2. The frog doesn’t look very happy. Maybe he didn’t want a shower this morning.

  3. Hahaha! That’s awesome! He definitely doesn’t look happy about being mistaken for a pineapple!

  4. Ok so it wasn’t just me that thought the frog looked angry for being mistaken for a pinapple and then poked!

  5. Awe I grew up around wild frogs and toads. We use to catch them. Now I live in the AZ desert and haven’t seen a wild frog in a long time. He’s cute!

  6. How funny! We have tried to grow several pineapple plants. They get so huge and one has finally put out a pineapple after about 3 years. It’s probably half the size of a normal pineapple, but it’s so cute!! It hasn’t been growing much in the past couple of weeks so it may be done. I had given up hope of ever being able to grow one, but the patience pays off.

  7. Oh my Gosh taht is to funny! I can’t see anything without my glasses!!! Thanks for the laugh…

  8. very funny, and true to life, as I wear glasses also and know what it can be like.
    Thanks for sharing this funny tidbit!

  9. How Cute! I want to pet a frog. ๐Ÿ™‚ He makes me want to get my vernal pools going for our little frog and salamander friends.

  10. What a cute little frog! You should be happy having him there, he will eat any pests that may be trying to eat at your plant.

  11. I needed the laugh today…and the price cut on the juice..thanks…oh and the green sticky frog thanks you for the watering too (he’s probably tired of the heat)

  12. That is too funny, Kerry! I’m sure my co-workers were wondering why I was randomly laughing at my desk. At least the frog was a good sport! LOL.

  13. I learned a long time ago that no plants survive at my house. Yes, I’ve killed a cactus…many times.

    The frog is cute! If it was a bug, I think I may have had a panic attack!

    My dog was going NUTS one day on our lanai and it turns out she was going crazy for some huge bug! Pretty colors but OHMYGOD IT WAS HUGE. Panic ensued. I may or may not have screamed loud enough for my neighbor to come running over because he thought someone was killing me…

  14. Bahahahahhahahah….that’s hilarious! Thanks for the laugh!!! I bet that frog is just what you need to jumpstart a pineapple…happy growing!

  15. HA! Hillarious! Thanks for sharing your funny story! Just imagine what the frog was thinking! Especially with you jumping up and down! ;0)

  16. Ha! I literally laughed out loud (at work) when I read that. The little frog is cute.

  17. this was so funny that i shared it with my husband, who also thought it was hysterical. thanks for the morning boost!!

    try giving your plant a pinch of fertilizer.

  18. Aww it’s cute. My mom had a hanging basket in her yard hanging from a shepherd’s hook and she saw what she thought was a greying leaf. She went to pluck it out and realized it was a frog. It stayed for a couple of days and then was gone. Have no idea how it got in there.

  19. OMW!! That was so funny…I have a pineapple plant so I will have to beware of frogs.

  20. LOFLMAO ! I grew a pinapple plant a few years ago and it actually fruited. I was so excited. Unfortunately it yellowed when it was about the size of a large apple and then the plant died so it wasn’t really edible. I hope you have better luck than I did! I started a new one but its been years and no fruit, lol.

  21. Too funny! Thanks for the laugh ๐Ÿ™‚

    PS I’m also growing a pineapple plant! I LOVE pineapple so I’m hopeful it will work out, although I also frequently kill plants accidentally. I’m only about a year into it though, so we’ll see.

  22. ROFL that is funny! I have to put my glasses on. I can’t see anything without glasses or contacts.

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