Growing Pineapples is Better than Petting Frogs…

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For those of you who have followed the blog for a while, you may remember a post I did over the summer about watering my plants without my glasses on and  mistaking a frog for a budding pineapple. 🙂 And, yes I felt super silly about being so clueless about what a baby pineapple plant looks and feels like, but the good news is now I finally know! After over THREE LONG YEARS I am finally starting to see the beginning of a pineapple!

On my previous post, Catherine & Jen had actually suggested putting a spoiling apple in with the plant and covering it with a trash bag for a week, and I did do that, so maybe it helped (-Thank you ladies!). I have been watching it closely (with my glasses on) and trying to keep it watered and cared for. And now I am just so excited, I am finally growing a pineapple so I thought I would share! 😉

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  1. I remember as well.. Too funny! Have you ever watered it since without your glasses? LOL. Please continue to share your progress as I, too, would like to see a pineapple in the process.

  2. Kerry, that is awesome. You know after you harvest that pineapple, you can replant the top. AND your plant you harvested the pineapple from will continue to grow more. It won’t take three years again for you to see another pineapple on that plant – that is generally the length of time to get your first one. They are so much sweeter than store bought! I have a nifty pineapple peeler/corer that I would not live without. Your friends and neighbors will be so jealous! Not only do frogs enjoy the home of a pineapple plant, squirrels LOVE to eat pineapple… just as they are turning yellow. So, pluck that thing at the first sign and put it in your window seal to ripen to the color you desire. I enjoyed your post this time, I would like to read the previous post you spoke of.

  3. Hey Tammy, LOL! So I actually cut an apple open and left it out for a while until it started to spoil then put both halves of it in the plant. didn’t really know what i was doing but i put one half in the soil and one half in the center of the plant- then took a big black trash bag and covered the whole entire plant for a week. That was back in august and I JUST got my bud, but it may have helped- worht a shot anyway! good luck & hope you get a bud too!

  4. I think of that little frog every time I water my pineapple. Never stick my finger in without my glasses…LOL How does the apple and bag work? Do you bag the whole plant? Thanks for all you do!

  5. That’s great! My brother has been lucky with growing pineapples – he has grown several successfully! I am sure this is your first of many!

  6. Wow I didn’t realize it had been that long! I loved the frog pic when you posted it back then. Thanks for helping me love target even more for all these years!

  7. Cool! I love the ‘pineapple’ theme in home decor. The pineapple plant, not necessarily the fruit

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