Did You Get Your Target Beauty Box Yet?

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target-beautyboxI have gotten a few e-mails and comments from some of you that the $5 Target Beauty Box that was previously available at the end of April has finally shown up. This offer is no longer available and I know many of you still haven’t gotten them yet, but hopefully more of you will be getting yours soon!

Jessica sent me an e-mail with pictures of what was in her Beauty Box. She got some really nice items including a Venus & Olay Razor, Fekkai Glossing Cream 2 oz, Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips, L’Oreal Magic BB Cream, and La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo Acne Treatment. She also received a very nice $3 off $15 beauty purchase Target coupon too!

If you missed this Beauty Box, it is possible that there will be similar offers coming from Target in the future. Along with the Beauty Box was a request to take an online survey asking recipients to evaluate the products in the box, and what else they would like to see in future boxes.

If you got yours already too, let me know if the contents were the same and if you are happy with it and would do it again. I haven’t gotten mine yet, but if that’s what ends up being in mine, I would be happy with it. The $3 coupon alone makes me think of it as a $2 box full of some nice products & samples.

-Thanks so much to Jessica for your e-mail and the picture!

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  1. I ordered mine about 3 months ago (whenever I first saw them advertised) and I STILL have not received mine 🙁 I love Target, and I shop there frequently, but this is a little disappointing.

  2. I still have not recieved mine and am very disappointed. How do I get a refund?

  3. Still waiting to receive my box. The more time goes by the more pissed off I’m getting and believing someone got free money from me.

  4. i was disappointed a lit too, b/c i can buy razor with coupon cheap.Last year was much better. It was full of samples and free,and this year it was $5 and i would not buy it again.

  5. I’m in Florida, my box arrived today….same as pictured but no coupon….not sure if I would order again

  6. i was a bit disappointed in the box. i’m not fond of the razor (the olay part goes away before the razor is used up), the nail color is hideous, and the face cream is for fair skin (i’m medium). not much i could really use.

  7. Mine came yesterday. I’m happy with it overall. Since I actually do have the hair type (super-curly/frizzy in humidity) that would benefit from the creme, I’m happy that this was the larger one and not the other face stuff (I’m too old for acne and too young to have a use for that BB stuff- I’ll pass those along to my cousin & mom). Happy with the razor too! I got some Venus refills a week or two ago for practically free after coupons & sales, and it seems as though one of my kids has absconded with my handle. Now I have a new handle and a nice-smelling refill to try out! I’m a little disappointed that the coupon expires so quickly, but I would imagine that when they were packing these back in April, they probably didn’t think that far ahead to realize that we’d have less than a week to use it.

  8. I recieved mine and love the contents! Would definitely order again!
    Those of you complaining that it wasn’t worth it, the $5 more or likely covered the shipping.

  9. I am in Florida and have not received mine yet. I hope it is coming though. I love Fekkai!

  10. I got mine today and it was the same items pictured. I’m VERY happy with the contents!

  11. I received my box on Saturday & the first thing I noticed on the coupon was the very short time to use it (I guess at least I had one week), but when I go to Target it is a trip, so I don’t necessarily get a chance to go every week, also I wonder what qualifies as a beauty item. I would also say I feel so-so: I know I will use the razor. The glossing cream – I doubt I’ll use (like someone else said I would’ve preferred the full size BB Cream and this in the sample size). I think I bought some of the Sally Hansen nail strips in the same giraffe style on clearance (free after coupon or something) – I rarely wear polish, so not very useful for me. Pretty blemish free, so don’t need the acne stuff either. I may/may not purchase one in the future because part of the fun is the mystery/surprise. I would have to say much more impressed with the free beauty bags as well because of the variety and more coupons, would probably prefer to spend $5 on something like that.

  12. I liked the box, and thought it was a great deal, but the coupon inside expires 6/22/13 (at least for me) so that only gives me 4 days to use it!

  13. I was disappointed there weren’t coupons for the products included. I think if I didn’t coupon I would think it was an awesome deal, but it seems a little skimpy for $5 to me. I’m not sure I would buy it again.

  14. Yes I got the same thing that everyone else did, But I liked everything. I just wish that it came quicker and the coupon lasted longer.

  15. I was disappointed in the box. I thought there would be more full size samples or such. The nail polish strips are the ugliest things. the only thing I will use in the box is the razor.

  16. I got mine and agree with many of the comments. The box is so-so. The razor is nice but can certainly get that for free or nearly free with coupons/sales. The other items were OK. The coupon itself is nice but why such a quick expiration (6/22/13). Planning on giving most of the items to my 23 year-old niece as a little gift when she comes for summer break, so I guess for $5 its not bad. I would not do it again unless they maybe implement some kind of customization/preferences checklist you can fill out.

  17. I was actually really happy. For $5 I thought you got a great deal. I never saw the old beauty bag, so maybe that would have made me less happy. How do people get free venus razors all the time? I need that!

  18. I loved my box. My ten year old is excited about the nail strips and I’m excited about the glossing creme. Even better, the razor is awesome so I feel like I got a great deal! I miss the beauty bags too, I hope they’ll do those again too.

  19. I received my box on Saturday and the samples were the same as the ones pictured. So happy and I look forward to the next one!

  20. got mine today, and was disappointed I felt the beauty bags were a LOT better, my nail strips were a dark ugly black/brown. As a coupon gal I can get the razors for almost free on a regular basis and the coupon wasn’t anything great, the old book FULL was much more. I felt ripped off but to each their own, happy that some of you are satisfied 🙂

  21. I received mine last Saturday and the contents were the same as Jessica’s box.

  22. I got mine on Saturday received same items pictured. I tink it was a great deal for 5.00. I would definitely buy again.

  23. I got my on Saturday, same items. The coupon does expire very soon. Would love some deal ideas too! Thanks for all you do!

  24. I received mine, and it was the same as the picture, except the style of the strips. I don’t necessarily like everything, but it was worth 5 dollars for the fun of it 🙂 I do really like some of it! I would definitely do this deal again.

  25. My box featured the same things. My only comment when I took the survey was that I would rather have had a fuller sized face sample for the BB Cream as that would have allowed for more of a true trial. The sample packet just doesn’t have a lot to work with. I would rather have had a small hair are sample and a full or deluxe face sample. I think the amount of samples was comparable to that of other beauty boxes so I had no problem there. If they keep the $5 price tag, I will buy again, If they up the price, then I would like to see more full sized products and more variety.

  26. I got the exact same box today. Except my nail stripes are ugly. Pink, black and white plaid. I will never use them. And the coupon expires in less than a week — June 22nd. If the nail stripes would have been something I would wear it would be worth it. But based on this box I won’t be ordering another one. Get free razors through other deals/contests/etc, won’t wear the nail stripes and the other samples aren’t that great. The I get these types of samples free every month with some other deal. Coupon is good — if I want to spend another $12 on beauty items. Which I don’t want to do — had it been $3 off $10 maybe. I think it was a waste of my money. I won’t buy it again.

  27. It states on the Target style facebook page in the comments, that they extended the coupon and the survey until July 13,2013….hth

  28. Yes, just got mine a couple days ago. Very pleased with it. I got the exact same items. I would do it again, if they offer it.

  29. I got mine today. It took forever to get here, right? I had forgotten all about it until it showed up. I got all of the same things. A bit disappointed that the coupon expires so soon…the 22nd…not even a week to use it! But I like the items in it and I would buy it again.

  30. It was something they were offering a while back ago. I didn’t like the “or current resident thing either” I had the same thought….. I also thought the coupon should have a longer expiration date. I’d still buy it again though.

  31. i got the same stuff above as well. even if i dont use the razor or leopard print nail strips, for $5, it makes for a great gift for someone else considering you cant buy either of those items for $5 in the store. i was happy! i was also surprised that i got mine today since other people just started getting it. i usually get mine a day or two after people in bigger cities get theres, i just live in a lil ol’ town!

  32. I received mine on Saturday and I think it is great (same as pictured above, different nail strip design). I think they did a good job and I actually liked it at least as much as the Birchboxes and Ipsy boxes I’ve received.

  33. I got mine today and the contents were the same. I liked the old sample bags better, but what are you gonna do?

    I’d love to see some coupon matchups using the $3 off $15 coupon 🙂

    Thanks for all you do! You save me so much money!

  34. I think they should give us a customization option/personal survey and have a couple different boxes so they could get a sense of what we were looking for more!

  35. I got mine this afternoon, I got the same items as are photographed up there. I think maybe other people would be happy…but I won a free venus razor that was exactly the same as this one a few months ago and at Ulta I got that same Fekkai hair stuff free with the purchase of my shampoo! I am really looking forward to trying the BB creme. But I don’t have acne so, I am going to give that to someone else. And I’m a nurse, and we have a struct no nail polish policy. These items aren’t really anything I needed or will really use. I guess I just expected it to be a little different…I don’t know that I’d buy it again!!

  36. I got mine Saturday. I would definitely buy it again. At $5, you get a $10 razor, a full set of Sally Hansen strips, some trial stuff and a $3 coupon. It’s better then getting a free bag with one time use items I would never use.

  37. I got mine yesterday and I was happy with the items. On my survey I suggested they add a few more samples to the box and it would be great!

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