Not Seeing Totally Target Posts on Facebook?

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I hear lots of you are unable to see my Facebook posts over the last few days. Apparently Facebook has made yet ANOTHER change as to how they choose what you see. 🙁 It’s frustrating and hard for me to keep up with being Facebook savvy- but I hear there are a few things you can do to improve your chances of seeing my posts. On the Totally Target Facebook Page (and any other pages you are not seeing posts for anymore)- you can check for the following things…

1. If you hover over the “Liked” button on the Facebook Banner and check off “Get Notifications”

2. Also when you hover over the “Liked” button choose “Show in News Feed” and then click on “settings” and then choose “All Updates”.

3. Be sure you are Following my page- by clicking on the “Follow” button next to the “Liked” button and it will now change to “Following”.

4. The more you interact with my page by liking posts, commenting or sharing them etc, the more likely my posts will show for you.

Hope this helps!

-Thanks for the tips & help to Haley, Jennifer, Heather, Roo, Tony, Michael & Karen!

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