Showing Cashier Appreciation with Comment Cards

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I brought home 2 Target comment cards with me on Sunday to fill out and it reminded me that I have not posted this in a while, so I thought I would post again.

We couponers sometimes have to have a thick skin since some cashiers can leave us feeling sub-human for using our coupons. So if you are anything like me – having a great cashier that is friendly, and super-patient with your coupons can leave you wanting to give them a hug or go home and bake them a batch of cookies. 🙂

But to show your gratitude, one of the best things you can do is fill out a comment card. Many retailers don’t allow any kind of gifts or other shows of appreciation, but a comment card is something you can do at Target, and it won’t get anyone in any trouble.

If you are unfamiliar with them- they can be found at Guest Services and they are also kept up at the registers in many stores. If you are happy with the service you get, think about taking a moment to fill out one of these cards to show your appreciation. I am very thankful for Target employees who take the time to try and understand coupons and how they can be used as opposed to those who loathe them and make you well aware that they are hating every moment you are in line.

So if you’d like to offer up more than just a simple “Thank You” when you are done checking out- grab one of these cards and give a great review of your cashier.  You can either hand it in at the store- or drop it in the mail and they are sure to be grateful for the positive comments!

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  1. I have work at the Summerville,SC Target as a cashier for over a year. I have never seen any compliments cards at our Target. It would be really nice if Target gave us the guest’s comments on a card for us to keep! Like Allysa post mention give the name of your cashier. Wow Lauren P I never heard of a store manager doing this!

    The best way to compliment an employee is to do it online. This ensures the compliment gets to the store manager. If you go to customer service is very likely your compliments will go no further and the employee will not get recognized. Cashiering is not always easy! When we have wonderful guests who take time out of their own schedule to send a compliment online it means so much to us and it also allows the store manager to know that we are valuable employees. I am one of those cashiers who absolutely love my guests who coupon! It’s exhilarating seeing the price go down with coupons, cartwheel and then the extra 5% off with the red card!
    So let’s get online, give a compliment and brighten someones day! 

  2. Also, at our store we hang up all the positive comment cards up in our team member area for everyone to see. When I am having a frustrating day, or I’ve had a lot of bad guests it is nice to see them all and even if it is not my card up there, it is still nice to see all the good work we’ve done for them month and it really turns my attitude around. We get to take the comment cards home at the end of the month and I have some really thoughtful ones that I have kept up on my fridge even years later. They always brighten my day! The go way beyond just the instant gratification at the store.

  3. I am a current Target team member and getting guests to fill out the survey on the bottom of the receipt is a big push we are going for right now. They are really looking for comments that mention people by name, so if you can, it is more helpful to say ‘Alyssia was great today’ rather than ‘My cashier was great today.’ Also, if you have a positive experience with someone out on the floor or at the service desk, calling them out would be nice. They often don’t get as much feedback since they don’t have a survey that prints out after they assist you. Retail jobs are hard and often grueling, and guest recognition really does go a long way.

  4. Fill out the card in front of a nice cashier. You will probably get a Gigantic Smile. Also, ask the cashier where should I turn in the comment card.

  5. I love my local Target Employees in Fort Smith, Arkansas. They are always helpful and nice. Jeanette, Neikya, and Julie are always awesome. Great Customer Service, unlike Walmart. =)

  6. Most of the cashier at my target here are very nice. So I’ll definitely take one of these. I wonder if Walmart has these things too. Lol

  7. Was just thinking about this! I’ve recently filled out two of them, so I am definitely going to turn them in 😀

  8. I will do this! My local Target is a mess and very understaffed, but the cashiers are always so pleasant, even with my stacks of coupons. I’m always so impressed with the service under the circumstances!

  9. I’m a front end supervisor and we truly appreciate it when the guest leaves a positive comment card! So please do when you go shopping!!!

  10. Great post! FYI, as a Target TM, we only get credit for comments with a score of 9-10. So keep that in mind if you’ve been given great service. Thanks!

  11. I concur for filling out the survey on the receipt. A lot of weight is given to them at all levels.

  12. As a Target employee please fill out the survey. The survey is read from the corporate level to the store level. Our District leaders write cards to special employees and hand deliver them in my district. It’s wonderful to know you are appreciated. Also, as of next month, your survey score will be tied to the cashier score, so if you have a bad experience the particular cashier will be retrained if needed based on your survey.

  13. Also, online survey results are reported back to the stores. They do receive the comments people enter from them. It is all anonymous.

  14. Please do fill out comment cards for any team members in the store. I used to work at Target and getting a positive comment from a guest is a big deal.

  15. I had no idea you could do this! Wonderful (and much quicker than those lengthy receipt surveys!!)!

  16. Recently, I submitted a positive comment card at another retailer. I was stunned to receive a call from the store manager in which she thanked me for taking the time to praise her employee. The manager let me know that the employee would be recognized at their next morning meeting for her outstanding customer service. It was nice to know that fewer than 5 minutes of my time would hopefully get another person’s day off to a good start.

  17. That’s a great idea. Usually I get one of those surveys on my receipt especially if I have multiple transactions and I generally add some feedback good or bad (sadly it’s mostly negative).

  18. I love this!!! 🙂
    I’m a cashier at Target and every nice person (even just a general, pleasant person) makes up for ten rude people. Just like couponers, cashiers need to have thick skin, as we usually take the heat for frustrations people experience in other areas of the store. A smile and a pleasant interaction are great, but a line or two on a comment card can make someone’s day! 🙂

  19. I adore this post. As a senior cashier at target, just one of these from a guest, especially if you remember the cashier’s name, is like gold.
    At our store, positive comments are posted behind the scenes for us in the store to see and then given to us if our name’s on them. You can also do the surveys on the bottom of the receipts, and leave comments there and overall satisfaction with the store.
    Most of all, if you love your cashier’s, let them know! It’s a position that isn’t always remembered.

  20. Great reminder! I need to watch the name of my favorite cashier when I go next because she is so great! She is easy to work with and last time she even pulled some extra paper off the receipt printer and handed it to my 3-yr-old as if it was her receipt. She was so happy and held on to it like it was gold. LOL! (She loves to play shopping, complete with her coupons and sales!)

  21. Also, remember to fill out those surveys that sometimes print at the bottom of your receipts. I submitted positive comments for my favorite cashier and her manager ended up letting her pick out a free dvd!

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