A Very Happy Day… Our New Puppy Luna!

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willowToday is a very happy day around here as we have become the foster family to a very sweet, 3-month old puppy named Luna. We are fostering with plans to adopt and I think she is going to fit right in around here.

She loves to play- she’s very loving and good-natured. She is super-cute with very-perky ears and has entertained us quite a bit already. She is making us laugh with her antics- especially going up to the mirror and barking at her reflection.

My son Austin is so thrilled and he’s loving running around the yard playing with her. She played with him until she passed out and I’m grateful that my nine-year old has lots of energy to keep her busy and exercised!

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a dog and we are just super-happy around here today and wanted to share! 😀

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  1. Kerry,

    I admire your dedication to make life better: by helping people to make their ends meet with your posts, helping Luna! You are making a difference in life. I hope Luna brings a lot of joy and becomes a permanent member of your household. Best of luck! And thanks for sharing, Luna’s picture made me smile:).

  2. Oh I was leaving a comment because I thought you were having a puppy give a way 🙂
    Just kidding but was a cutie! Congrats!

  3. Congrats on fostering, its no doubt that this one is a keeper since your son is attached to him already.

  4. Aww, what a cutie. Enjoy her! We just recently had to put our pup down and we never realized how much he was a part of our family.

  5. She is a cute puppy and your description of her is great. She sounds like she will bring many years of joy.

  6. Adorable! Congrats! I LOVE the name as I am an Earth Science teacher and the Moon is my favorite topic to teach about! Have fun with her!

  7. From a rescuer – Thank you for going the rescue route. May it be (fairly) smooth sailing and all work out. Blessings to you and your family. P.S. We have two rescue pups. We had 3, but our oldest passed in June at almost 15. He was well loved and is so missed by our family.

  8. Thank you for going the foster/adopt route instead of going to a breeder! We have 3 dogs and a cat that are all rescues. She is a gorgeous dog!

  9. Congrats and a big THANK YOU from the wife of a Shelter Manager. Shelter dogs rock, I have six so thanks for keeping us updated on the pet supply deals!

  10. Congratulations on your new puppy. She sure is cute. And thanks so much for all the money you have helped me save. I am a dedicated Target shopper and it’s so nice to hear about others who love to save money too.

  11. Wow, exciting day indeed! Congratulations, and THANK YOU for trying to adopt her. So many of these cuties need good loving homes.

    We have 4 cats, yes 4. We had 2 for a long time, then recently attended a mega pet adoption event and brought home 2 kittens. Our 2 older ones do not like the idea. It has been a rough transition. But, we gave the 2 littles a good home and we love them dearly already. Our 4 year old loves having the new friends to play with and tell his stories to.

    Best of luck and many many years of love with her!

  12. So cute! I hope you get to keep her and it works out. We have a pet (cat) ourselves and pets just add such a great amount of love and fun to a family dynamic. Such a darling dog!

  13. Congratulations! I know Luna is going to be a very lucky dog. Now you can use all those dog food deals!

  14. Congrats to Luna:) We have a rescued Lab and she is so sweet and loyal. Enjoy Luna for many, many years:)

  15. Even looks photogenic 😉 Happy getting-back-to-having-a-pet land! Love my kitty, but this lil girl doggie is a looker!

  16. AWWWWW, what a honey bean! I LOVE the picture and am sooo excited for you and your family. Dogs bring soo much joy to a family. It’s easy to see you’re in love with her…I know I would be too.
    Enjoy your new furry addition!

  17. Kerry, It is wonderful to hear that you are fostering a doggie (and possibly adopt)! I love dogs and have adopted 2 from animal shelters. You are so awesome…for the work you do on your blog and for the help you give to animals.

  18. What a great pup! Your son and the new pooch ought to sleep very good at night after all that playing! Adorable post and pic!

  19. Hey Leecie- they don’t know for sure her breed mix. She looks to me like she has a little Shepard- they said possible retriever but we’re not really sure- but she is a cutie. 🙂

  20. Congratulations! She is one CUTE puppy! Dogs (all animals, really) are special and precious. I’m glad she has a great home and a boy to look after 😉 is she a shiba-inu?

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