FREE 30-Minute Walk for your Pup with the Wag! App

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Right now you can download the Wag! app and get a FREE 30 minute walk for your fur baby. To register. just grab your phone, download the app and set up your account. Your first 30 minute walk will be FREE and automatically added to your account. You will need to redeem your FREE walk within 7 days.

dog 1

Once signed up, you can book walks on a regular schedule, or just as needed. You can also arrange for a pet sitter too! Plus, you will be offered a FREE lock box to put your house key in. This way your dog walker can have access to get your pooch if you are out and about.

dog 2

Wag! has live GPS tracking so that you can see just where your dog has been walked, and you will also be able to contact the dog walker. In addition, at the end of the walk you will receive a photo with details about the time, distance, and other pertinent details. And, if you schedule recurring walks, you can arrange to meet your walker ahead of time too. To get started, just go HERE to sign up for the Wag! App.

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