Credit Sesame: Free ID Protection, Credit Score +More

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Credit Sesame makes getting your credit score simple and completely FREE. You never pay a cent. Credit Sesame lets you check your credit score and report anytime you want, plus you’ll get free personalized advice based on your credit.

Knowing your credit score is really important when it comes to financing a home or car, and it’s definitely good to know when it comes to managing or applying for credit. PLUS, you can monitor your score with free credit and fraud alerts. It only takes a few minutes and the results are displayed in a concise format. The analysis will also show ways to save money on your loans and credit cards. Checking your credit score with Credit Sesame will never affect your credit score.

You can sign up for Credit Sesame HERE and have your credit score within minutes, plus get FREE monthly updates. You can also choose to get email alerts for various items including when your credit score is higher or lower than the number you specify. So, sign up today and have a great tool on hand to keep track of your credit worthiness!

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