Target Cartwheel Offers are Now Target Circle Offers & More

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Today marks the start of Target Circle, a new loyalty program for those with a acct. If you already have a account and are using the app, there is nothing to do – you are already enrolled in Target Circle. In addition, Target Cartwheel offers have now become Target Circle offers in the app.

You can also still access and save these offers on a desktop as long as you are signed into your Target account. Aside from Cartwheel offers being renamed Circle offers, they basically work the same – primarily it’s just a name change and there are still hundreds of offers to choose from.

In addition to the hundreds of savings offers in Target Circle, there are additional perks for joining. Members receive exclusive offers, including a 5% off shopping trip to celebrate their birthday. In addition, if you don’t have a REDcard, you will get a 1% earnings on your purchases to redeem when you shop at Target later. If you choose to pay with your REDcard, you will get your usual 5% savings.

If you don’t see the Target Circle changes in your Target app, you will need to make sure you upgrade to the latest version of the app. And, if you have problems pulling up Target Circle on your desktop, you can try clearing your cookies/cache.

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