Earn up to $22 an Hour Working From Home Teaching English Online with VIPKid

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If you love working with kids and want to work from home, VIPKid is hiring! All you need is a Bachelor’s degree in ANY field PLUS they preferably two years of traditional teaching, tutoring, mentoring, or alternative education.

Your lesson plans will be provided, and you can set your own schedule to work as few or as many hours as you prefer. (It is recommended you are available a minimum of 7.5 hours per week, and they do ask for a 6 month commitment). As a VIPKid teacher, you will be teaching English to Chinese students between the ages of 4 and 12 online. You can earn up to $22 per hour, and there are extra incentives available. The more you work, the more you will earn. And, in case you are wondering, you do not have to know how to speak Chinese.

To sign up with VIPKid, you will need to fill out a short form, review some materials and do a short demo lesson. Then do a mock class with a current teacher who’ll help prep you for the real thing. There’s lots of information and videos on their website if you want to know more about this fun and exciting opportunity.

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  1. I have been teaching with VIPKID for almost 3 years and love it!! It’s so much fun and the students are great. Happy to answer any questions and walk you through the process 🙂


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