SeniorLiving: Medicare Enrollment Information and FREE Consultation!

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Hey folks! This is Karen, long-time writer over here at TotallyTarget and I wanted to share some information with you that I personally found very helpful! At some point, whether it be for yourself or a parent, you will most likely need to start looking at Medicare plans. Finding Medicare enrollment information can be time consuming, and the deadline for signing up is only a few weeks away!

Annual enrollment for 2022 starts October 15th and runs thru December 7th. During this time period you can enroll, drop or switch plans. I’ve had to deal with Medicare plans for multiple family members, and it can be a bit overwhelming!

The first time I dealt with signing a family member I spent so much time trying to compare plans and benefits. I was in a time crunch and missed out on important information. For example, Original Medicare does NOT have a limit for out-of-pocket costs, and, prescription drugs are not covered. I wound up enrolling the family member in a Medicare Advantage plan and have learned a LOT about all the options out there. 

Looking back, I really wish there had been a reliable source to help me navigate thru all of the different plans and options. Even now, I’ve learned that Medicare plans change EVERY year, so it’s important to check and see how a current plan is going to be affected before you automatically renew.

Enrolling and comparing plans can be stressful and time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be! If you are needing to enroll or check on changes on a current plan, is an awesome resource! All the Medicare enrollment information you need is in one spot and once you’ve gotten your questions answered, it’s easy to enroll. 

They can even assist you with questions about Medicaid, getting dental supplement plans and so much more. Have an elderly person you are caring for? can also give you answers to important questions about respite care, home care coverage, and more for your loved one. There are online guides that condense all the information down for you too, so you can easily find answers to your specific questions.

If you want to talk to someone in person to help guide your through the process, you can call and speak to an advisor who will answer your questions and explain your options. Having an expert on hand makes the process so easy! Just call the number at the top of the page to reach an expert for FREE Medicare Enrollment Information and a FREE consultation to help find the right Medicare plan for your needs (855-943-2826). There’s absolutely NO obligation, and it’s completely FREE! 

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