Up & Up Food Storage Variety Pack Bag Organizers at Target!

Food Storage Bag Organizer

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Have you seen the new Up & Up Food storage bag variety packs in your store? These food storage bag organizers seem to be disappearing off the shelves pretty quickly, but are still available online and priced at $12.99!

I have been reorganizing (okay maybe just finally getting around to organizing :)!) my pantry, and picked up one of these variety packs, and it’s a game changer in my book.Food Storage Bag organizer

This pack contains 355 total food storage bags separated into their own sections. Forty storage bag gallon size, fifty storage bag quart size, forty quart size freezer bags, one hundred sandwich bags, and one hundred twenty-five snack size bags.

Each section is clearly labeled, and just remove the cardboard cutouts for a handy dispenser. Curious about how to refill if you go thru certain sizes faster than others?

Food Storage Bag organizer

Here’s what the food storage bag organizers look like when opened up, and as you can see, you can refill each size as needed. I would pay attention to how the bags are folded, to make dispensing them easier once refilled.

If you wash and reuse your plastic food storage bags, the box is easy to open and add back in your clean bags.

Designed for the organizer to fit in either in a drawer or pantry, it’s a nice compact way to store all your different size food storage bags! Keep in mind, if you don’t find them at your store, you can always shop online for these Up & Up Food storage bag variety packs.

PLUS if you have a Target Red card, as usual you will save an additional 5%! Don’t have a Target Redcard yet?  If you sign up between May 1 and May 28th and get approved, you will get a Coupon for $40 off your next $40 purchase at Target!

Bamboo food storage bag organizers

Looking for something sturdier? Amazon has a nice selection of bamboo food storage bag organizers too!

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