Available NOW!! The Xplora X5 Play Kids Smartwatch Cell Phone with GPS

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Have you heard about the Xplora X5 Play Kids Smartwatch Cell Phone with GPS? This premium kids smartwatch lets parents easily stay connected to their kids with safety measures in place. It’s a great way to introduce children to using a mobile device without allowing access to social media, AND keeping parents in control. 

The Xplora X5 is available Online at Target!

While not yet available in store, this Xplora X5 Play Kids Smartwatch is available to order online at Target for just $169.99!

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Compatible with most US cellular providers, you can also choose a subscription from your network provider instead! In the app, parents can limit messages and calls, plus control up to 50 contacts on the device.

We recently had the opportunity to review these smartwatches and we feel like they meet all the marks that parents are looking for when it comes to the challenge of introducing children to this type of technology. An affordable option – the Xplora X5 is also rich in features and provides parents with solutions to many of the challenges of raising kids in a digital age. 

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We had two tween experts (twin sisters) try out these new devices and we are excited to be sharing their thoughts and reviews with you in the upcoming weeks. The initial response has been pure excitement for both kids and parents.

We’ve had these two testing out these smartwatches for the past month and will have a full review coming soon! 

What’s in the Box

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Right out of the box, you’ll have everything you need to get started.

We’ll be sharing video walk throughs of these devices soon, but are really excited that parents and kids can enjoy the following features with their purchase of these Xplora devices: 

Stay Connected 

Parents can rest easy staying connected to their children without worrying about social media and unsolicited calls thanks to parental controls that are available for both Apple and Android. Designed for children aged 4-11, GPS tracking allows parents to see where their child is currently and where they’ve been.

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Stay Safe

Safe Zones can also be set, alerting parents when their child enters or leaves the designated set safe area. In addition, there is a “school mode” setting that will disable all functions except the emergency function, ensuring no distractions during classes.

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Stay Active

One of the features we really love is that the Xplora X5 measures your child’s steps and then encourages and rewards them for activity with “Xplora coins”. One thousand steps is equal to 1 Xplora coin. These coins can then be redeemed in the Goplay platform which features activities and games!

Plus, Xplora has campaigns throughout the year to motivate kids to stay active for chances to win prizes and rewards!

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Stay Curious

On top of all of the other features, with the Xplora X5 kids will be encouraged to play, explore, and record their adventures with the built-in 2MP camera.  This will allow  kids to safely take, save and share pictures.

We also love that Target carries the Xplora X5 in black, pink and blue, and it’s water resistant too! 

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Stay Secure

Most importantly, the Xplora X5 is a device that offers the security and peace of mind that most parents are looking for when it comes to kids and devices. GDPR compliance means that parents can rest assured that children will be safe and protected as they enter the digital world.

If you have a young child between the ages of 4 – 11, the Xplora X5 is an awesome way to safely get them comfortable with technology, while allowing you to stay in control. An added bonus is the motivation to stay active knowing they are getting rewarded for their effort! 

Order your Xplora X5 Play Kids Smartwatches NOW online at Target for just $169.99!

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