Target Edition Hasbro Game of Life Board Game!

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Have you seen the Hasbro Games Game of Life Target Edition at your stores? This fun game is available both in stores and online!

A unique twist on the classic Hasbro Game of Life, the Target edition has some fun differences. Players start by picking a shopping list and filling with items for a specific event such as a pet’s birthday.

Cute shopping carts serve as game pieces, which players move around the board along “store aisles” to shop for items on their list. There are impulse buy tokens (we all know about impulse buying while shopping!). 

One of the fun aspects of this game is the “text messages” designed to throw you a curveball – such as “we need bath tissue” resulting in additions to your shopping list.

Target Edition Game of Life

The game ends at checkout, and the person who saved the most (I.E. the person with the most money left) is the winner!

Designed for ages eight and older, this Target edition includes the gameboard, 4 shopping cart game pieces, 8 Target run lists, 80 cards (25 Team member, 26 Deals, 25 Phone, and 4 Reference).  

Also included are 48 item tokens, 21 energy boost tokens 17 impulse buy tokens, 12 Target Circle tokens, 4 Target RedCards, and 4 budget tracker tokens. 

This will make for such a fun addition to Family Game night and a great gift idea for any fan of Hasbro games or Target! Keep in mind if you have a Target Redcard, you will get an additional 5% off!

We often see special purchase deals or Circle offers on board games at Target, so be sure to check out the Target Ad scan each week for possible offers to make for an even better price.

Another fun game is the Target edition Monopoly, which has some super cute tokens!

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