1. I’m trying to leave a comment for the Target gift card giveaway! #TGTfeelbeautiful for my two kids! I shared on FB & Twitter

  2. I want to win the $50paddle ball gift card!! Pick me please 😉 I just found you and am in love with your site and info. You have the MOST info on Target I have ever seen.

  3. I was shopping at Target on 7/24/2010 and found out the hard way that they only take one computer print out coupon per type of product. THEY ALSO TOLD ME THEY HAD A MFG COUPON LIMIT!!! I had already been rung up and was handed back my coupons AFTER I had paid. Needless to say I am upset, I would have had them rung up the items seperately if I had know this.
    This is a new policy, I don’t know if all Target’s are doing it this way now.

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