1. Kara, i have a lot of enjoy life coupon 1.50 off 3 dollars, from mambo sprouts book what is your email address?? i can mail them to you

  2. HI Kara- I have noticed that the coupons USUALLY reset in 15 days- and typically they are up there for at least 30- so I would keep an eye on it. Also- I am not sure if they still do it- but my local library some time ago would usually let me get a print for I believe it was around .05 cents. might want to call your local library and see if they have something like that. hth

  3. I am so upset. My son as severe allergies and I was so excited to see Enjoy Life coupons on here. However, I did not realize that if I used print preview to see the expiration dates before I printed them, the software would see that as a print. So now I have no coupons and can’t seem to find a way to get them. Not to everyone, DO NOT use print preview. Angry.

  4. Try printing from a different browser. I couldn’t get it to work from Firefox but it worked in Chrome. Whenever I have trouble printing something I change browsers and 99% of the time it’ll work. Annoying, but whatever works!

  5. not sure what is happening but the coupons are not printing as when I click then press print it shows that it is printing but then it never does. I have never printed from this before

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