If you aren’t familiar with catalinas- basically you are awarded a manufacturer’s coupon from the catalina printer at checkout for purchasing qualifying products. This coupon is valid on your next shopping trip, no matter what you are purchasing. Here’s a roundup of current catalina offers at Target…




  1. Most of Catalina machines at Target in Lake Elsinore CA, where I shop do not work anymore, Employees don’t seem to care.

  2. Hi ANnie, no you don’t have to sign up- a catalina is prompted at the register austomatically if you purchase the qualifying products .hth

  3. Hi,

    I’m new to this and I wanted to know do I have to sign up to received the catalina coupons too?

  4. ladies all you have to do is keep your receipt and go to catalinas website and file a claim and they will contact you by email. I always do that if my catalinas don’t print and they mail them to me.

  5. Kerry, I haven’t received mine either… I did call the number you provided above, and still waiting for a response.

  6. THANKS for the Catalina’s. I always have a hard time finding targets list.

  7. I think Target has turned off Catalina machine. I have not received my Catalina or Store coupons for the last couple months!

  8. you can try calling catalina and explaining what happened and that you bought the right products and did not get the catalina.

  9. So I bought 2 Aveeno sunscreen and I didn’t get the $3 catalina. Where do I go to get it?

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