Nov 052017


Target sure is moving Halloween clearance down fast this year in some areas. My local Tampa store had non-perishables marked down to 90% Off already today. There was surprisingly quite a bit left too – lots of decorations and costumes all 90% off.

So keep an eye out at your stores if you have interest in this clearance. If you don’t see 90 signs yet – be sure to scan a couple items just in case your signs are wrong since the bulk of Halloween clearance will not be stickered.


Candy & Food also moved down at my local store today to 70% Off. While there is not much in the way of coupons – there are a few things to look for with some nice discounts. You can check out my post HERE for some ideas of what to look for that have matchups.

Nov 042017


Many Target stores now have Halloween Clearance up to 70% Off. I heard from some of you that dropped yesterday, and for those who didn’t, many of you should have experienced the drop today. For those stores that did drop again – it will be up to 70% for non-perishables and at up to 50% off for food & candy.

If you don’t see 70 & 50 signs always be sure to scan, scan, scan as most Halloween items will NOT be stickered and sometimes signs are wrong!


Costumes were also up to 70% off and it’s a great way to get a big discount for next year or to fatten up the dress-up box for year-round fun. :)


While food & candy are only at 50 so far, there are items that we do have coupons for like these seasonal Lindt Chocolate bags down to $2.24. You can print a $0.75 OFF on any ONE (1) Lindt LINDOR item 5.1 OZ or greater coupon HERE for an even bigger discount. Also be sure and check out my post HERE for other nice deals that we have coupons & cartwheels for.

And don’t forget to check out other parts of the store too! Look in Home, Pet and even baby as you never know what you might find! Happy hunting folks and I hope lots of you found a nice selection at 70% Off!

Nov 012017

Target Halloween Clearance has begun! :) The next 3 or 4 days we will have up to 50% Off on all sorts of décor, pumpkin carving kits, costumes, accessories and more. Remember, most Halloween items will NOT be stickered, so you will need to become best friends with that scanner if you are not sure about whether or not something is marked down!


Food items will be only 30% Off for most or all of you and then drop to 50% in 3 or 4 days. Foods & snacks were 30% Off at my store today, and there were LOTS of items to choose from. We also have coupons and cartwheels for some of them too- so here’s a few items to watch for…


Annie’s Halloween Bunny Grahams down to $3.49, and there is a Save $1 off ONE select Annie’s Snacks for additional savings.


Clif Kit Organic ZBar for $2.79, and there is a 25% Off Clif Kid Halloween Z Bars Target-Cartwheel x11/4 to save even more.


Pirate’s Booty Halloween 24 packs were $4.89, so just $2.92 after stacking a 25% Off Pirate’s Brand Snacks Target-Cartwheel (x11/4) and a .75 Off when you buy ONE Pirate’s Booty Product.


Candy will only drop to 30% Off for most or all of you in the beginning. When regular Halloween drops to 70, usually we will see candy drop to 50.


There is not much in the way of coupons out there, but there are a few plus some cartwheel offers to make for some nice additional savings.

Lindt Lindor truffles in the fall bags will be just $1.60 after clearance and stacking a 25% Off Lindt Lindor Truffles 6 oz Target-Cartwheel x11/4 with a $0.75 OFF on any ONE (1) Lindt LINDOR item 5.1 OZ or greater.


Werther’s Original Pumpkin Spice soft caramels were $2.79, and you can save even more with a $1/2 Werther’s Original Caramels 9-17-17 SS x11/30.


Count’s Combo Tic Tacs down to .70, so just .20 after a .50/1 Tic Tac Single Pack 1 oz or 10-1-17 SS x1/10.


Also keep an eye out for household items like paper plates, plastic cups & more that could come in handy throughout the year. One of my favorite things to look for every year are these Hefty storage slider bags at 50% off. There is a 10% Off Hefty Slider Bags Target-Cartwheel that doesn’t exclude clearance and a $1/2 Hefty Slider Bags 12ct+ you can stack with.

Other parts of the store are worth checking out too. Sometimes stores don’t manage to wrangle everything up and move it to the seasonal clearance, so it’s worth taking a look around. Be sure and check the pet area, toys, and home & apparel for possible Halloween items hanging around.

As far as the next drop goes – November 3rd or 4th is when we will likely see most stores drop to 70% off and 2 or 3 days later down to 90%. Not all stores follow the exact same schedule though- and it’s something to watch closely. HAPPY HUNTING EVERYONE!

Oct 312017


Here’s wishing everyone an Awesome Halloween! I hope you all get lots of treats and have a great time and be safe! Tomorrow, Wednesday, 11/1 will be when all Halloween will likely go to 50% Off except for candy- which usually goes to 30%. Some food items may sit at 30% for the first few days too, but in the past some stores have dropped select items to 50% on the first as well.

November 3rd or 4th is when we will likely see most stores drop to 70% off and 2 or 3 days later down to 90%. Not all stores follow the exact same schedule though- possibly you could see 70% off earlier or later at your store.

If you plan on heading out on Wednesday morning to see what you can find- here are a few things that there are coupons or cartwheels for that I noticed that MIGHT move down with the Halloween clearance.

There are no guarantees, but they have been clearanced in past years and they are definitely something to check just in case if your store has any of these items left. Remember, the majority of Halloween clearance will NOT be stickered- so don’t forget to scan if you don’t see any signs! :)


FOOD ITEMS: Watch for Halloween snack foods that may drop from 30-50% off that you may have coupons for like these Pirate’s Booty 20 packs (DPCI#071-04-0022). There is even a 25% Off Pirate’s Brand Snacks Target-Cartwheel that does not exclude clearance (x11/4) and a .75 Off when you buy ONE Pirate’s Booty Product you can stack with to save even more.


PAPER & PLASTIC: Watch for paper plates, plastic cups and even some Halloween household items that may move down like these Hefty Limited Edition Halloween Prints, 30 ct. There is a 10% Off Hefty Slider Bags Target-Cartwheel that doesn’t exclude clearance and a $1/2 Hefty Slider Bags 12ct+ you can stack with. They have been clearanced in past years- so hopefully history repeats!


TIC TACS: I am pretty sure our seasonal Tic Tacs have moved down in the past as well- and if that is the case tomorrow – check for these Count’s Combo Tic Tacs (DPCI#055-00-3993). There is a .50/1 Tic Tac Single Pack 1 oz or 10-1-17 SS x1/10 for additional savings.

Here’s wishing everyone a Happy, safe & fun Halloween!

Jul 142017


I hope many of you are having as much fun with Target summer clearance as my family. Even my dog Luna is having a great time on her new Big Mouth hot dog float. My hubby picked it up this morning for just $1.99 (DPCI #091-11-4084) since I got an awesome surprise when I discovered one of my local stores had dropped summer clearance to 90%.

All my other stores were still at 70%, so if your store has been at 70 for a few days and didn’t drop today – there is a good chance it will drop tomorrow.

Keep in mind that most of summer clearance will not get stickered- and signage may also not reflect the full percentage off, so it is always wise to scan, scan, scan! Once your store hits 90% the clock is ticking and items will not stay in the system much longer.

And just a quick note that while Brickseek might be helpful in indicating some of the inventory levels at your stores, unfortunately it does not seem to be accurately reflecting summer clearance pricing.


In addition to Luna’s hot dog, my husband also found some other Big Mouth floats as part of the summer clearance, including this Giant pretzel-shaped pool float which will be $1.99 if your store is at 90%. Not ALL Big Mouth floats are included in the clearance, but watch for the sunglasses, hot dog, pretzel & popsicle shapes and be sure and scan though, as some designs were full price.


Poptimism was this year’s theme in the summer seasonal section, so be sure to keep a look out for this word on packaging. I would still price check at the scanner, but if it has the word Poptismism, there is a good chance it will scan at up to 90% off. These roomy Poptimism totes will be just .99 if your store is at 90% off.


Poptimism inflatable pools with canopies were as low as $1.99.


Poptimism String lights as low as $1 if your store is at 90%.


Poptimism Grill accessories including extension forks as low as .50 if your store is at 90%.


Another clue that things might be part of summer clearance are items in funky, brightly-colored retro patterns like these plastic totes for just $1.49 if your store is at 90%…


Vaseline lip therapy tins will be just .29 if your store is at 90.


This cheeseburger/ice cream pattern was also on quite a few items this year, so watch for tablecloths & disposable tableware like these bowls as low as .20 if your store is at 90%.


Disposable cups in a variety of patterns for just .10 if your store is at 90.


There was a lot of plastic beverage wear this year too including these fun cups as low as .14 if your store is at 90%.


And plastic Beverage dispensers will be as low as .99 if your store is at 90.


Another one of my favorite things to look for in summer clearance is sunscreen. I picked up a couple the other day at 70% off, but I was happy to see that my hubby found plenty left at 90% off. So we stocked up since these 3-packs were just $1.39 or .46 per sunscreen. Here’s a couple more DPCI’s for you from my receipt – SPF 30 3-packs (DPCI# 037-11-0344) and SPF503-packs (DPCI# 037-11-0436) also both $1.39 if your store is at 90.


In the end, he paid around $20 after clearance prices, tax & red card discount for all our summer goodies and we saved about $185. I know some of you may have stores that are straggling in discounting this section and may not even at 70% yet, but keep a close eye on it. Everything in this section will eventually be clearanced out to make room for new stuff.

Also – you might want to check out my post HERE for more details & other things to watch for that are part of the summer clearance.

Remember – not all stores follow the same clearance schedule- but with absent stickers, and possibly wrong signage- you will never know unless you scan some items to check! Good luck, Happy hunting and I hope many of you find some great goodies!

Apr 222017


Some of you may now find Target Easter Clearance at 90% Off today! If you find your store has not dropped yet, I would watch it closely as it may go tomorrow.


If you don’t see 90% Off Signs, be sure and scan a few things just in case your signs are wrong. The shots above are from Kelley’s holiday section this morning at the Ellicott City, MD Target and once again I am jealous as she has quite a bit of stuff left!


With the discount so deep, it’s a great time to pick up things for next year – like these Minion Easter Egg decorating kits down to .30 cents if your store is at 90.


And watch for items you can grab that are non-perishable to use for Easter basket fillers next year – like these adorable bunny cups that will be just .29 if your store is at 90.


Watch for other items you can re-purpose for other occasions too. I love using the Sprtiz Easter grass for stuffing gift bags and boxes all year long.


All her candy and food was at 70% Off and my goodness she sure had a LOT, and I just couldn’t believe how much she had left.


While there are not a lot of coupons out there to use on food & candy, if you have the  $1.50/2 Mars M&M’s Chocolate Candies 9.4 oz+ 4-2-17 RP x5/20 these will be just .20 cents each when you buy 2.

Happy hunting folks & you may also want to check out the following clearance post for other Easter finds and things to keep an eye out for…

Target Easter Clearance 2017 – Now Up to 70% Off
Target Easter Clearance Food & Candy Now up to 50% Off + Great Deals on M&M’s, Oreos & More
Target Easter Clearance Now Up to 50% Off

Apr 202017


In addition to the Non-Perishable Target Easter Clearance finds at 70% Off I posted yesterday– here’s some good news on the food & candy! Kel found another discount on candy and food today at her store and everything was now down to 50% Off. I feel like she always has SO MUCH left and I never find anything- but that’s the way clearance rolls at Target.

Anyway… if you find the candy & food dropped for you today too – there are a few items to look for that we have coupons & cartwheels for. Here’s a roundup for you…


Watch for the Nabisco Oreo Limited Edition Peeps Cookies. If your store is at 50, they will be $1.49 and there is a 5% Off Oreo Peeps & Spring Target-Cartwheel x4/22 you can use to save a little more.


Watch for the Easter Bottles of M&M’s down to $1.49 if your store is at 50. There is a printable coupon available to save $0.50 on ONE (1) M&Ms Bottle that will make them just .99 cents.


Watch for select sizes of Easter M&M candy bags that will meet the weight requirement to use the $1.50/2 Mars M&M’s Chocolate Candies 9.4 oz+ 4-2-17 RP x5/20. Some of the flavors will not be heavy enough but these M&M’s Easter Peanut bags are 11.4 oz and will be $1.59 if your store is at 50 making them just .84 cents after coupon wyb 2.


Also be sure to take a look for the Bunny Burst Tic Tacs. If your store is at 50, they will be FREE after the .50/1 Tic Tac Mints or Mixers 60 ct 3-19-17 SS x6/19!

Apr 192017


Some of you may find up to 70% Off Easter clearance at your Target stores today. Kelley headed out to check out her local Ellicott City, MD store and she found 70% off all non-perishable Easter! It may not be that way for all of you yet- but if you don’t see 70% signs- don’t forget to scan just in case the signs haven’t been switched out yet. She really has just a TON of stuff and I’m sitting here drooling over her pictures. :)

Unfortunately candy was stuck at 30 for her – but that sometimes happens and for those of you who drop to 70 too – you may luck out and find candy and food at 50%. Remember- the majority of the Easter clearance will not have stickers- so you will need to verify your prices at the scanner. If you didn’t drop today- there’s a good chance that many more stores will drop tomorrow Thursday, April 20th.

easter dye kit

Watch for anything non-perishable that you can use for the following year like Decor, gift bags, paper goods & more. It’s great to be able to save now instead of paying a higher price next year like these Easter Egg dying kits down to .45 cents from $1.50 if your store is at 70.


Apr 172017

m and m

There’s a new printable coupon available to save $0.50 on ONE (1) M&Ms Bottle. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a coupon for these, and we often see sales and cartwheel offers too.

m and m 2

But you may want to check in your Easter section for Easter-themed bottles which are on clearance for 30% Off down to $2.09. After coupon they would be just $1.59 each, regularly $2.99. Or if you have any left when Easter candy goes to 50%, it will make for an even better deal.

Apr 172017


For those of you headed out to Target today- you should find much of whatever Easter inventory your store has left up to 50% Off. Kel had just a TON of stuff left- but just a heads up that despite plenty of signage- nothing had been marked down in the system yet.

It’s early – so hopefully they will correct it soon – and it may not be a nation-wide issue – but just a heads up to watch at the registers since team members may have to manually input your discount if you find the same situation at your stores.


Easter clearance is also a great time to pick up non-perishables for next year- like decorations, dye kits, baskets, paper plates and other festive disposable party items.


Kel also had tons of plush toys that would be great for next year or the lambs may even work well in a baby shower gift basket. Watch for some of the Easter Basket stuffer toys which would also make great stocking stuffers or party favors. You may also want to check the One Spot for Easter clearance too.


Candy & food items will be at 30% Off to start, and usually they drop to 50% when non-perishables go to 70.

Be sure and take a look around the regular aisles too for items that may not have gotten moved back to the holiday section like kids & baby apparel.

As far as when the next drop to 70/50 on Easter will happen- it usually takes about 3-4 days for the next discount to happen, sometimes shorter, sometimes longer. There is no definite set schedule and what is left will vary greatly from store to store- but it’s something to keep an eye on at your store if you have interest.

Happy hunting folks!

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