Jul 172016


Several of you reported finding 90% Off Summer clearance at your stores today. If you are stopping in today you may just want to take a look to see if you have anything left and if it has dropped for you. Keep in mind this section will not get stickered- and signage may also not reflect the full percentage Off, so it is always wise to scan, scan, scan! Once your store hits 90% the clock is ticking and items will not stay in the system much longer.

Kelley is actually up in Massachusetts this weekend and checked out the local Leominster store. Pickings were kind of slim but she did still find quite a few goodies.

Untitled - 7

Stringlights for just $1.20…

    Untitled - 9

Sidwalk chalk in red, white and blue for only .09 cents….

Untitled - 8

Tablecloths as low as $1.29…

Untitled - 13

and still quite a few summer cups left- which will be down to .39 cents if your store is at 90.

Untitled - 11

Lenticular placemats as low a .29 cents….

Untitled - 10

And grilling aprons as low as $1.50 each and more! You can also see my post HERE for more details & other things to watch for that are part of the summer clearance. Keep in mind you will definitely have to have luck on your side since these finds will probably be quite scarce and the gift card deal on the sunscreen is now over.

Remember- not all stores follow the same clearance schedule- but with absent stickers, and possibly wrong signage- you will never know unless you scan some items to check! Good luck, Happy hunting and I hope some of you find some great goodies!

Apr 022016


Some of you should find Easter at 90% Off today- but if your store has not dropped yet, I would watch it close as it may go tomorrow.

If you don’t see 90% Off Signs, be sure and Scan a few things just in case your signs are wrong. The shot above is from Kelley’s holiday section this morning at the Elicott City, MD Target and once again I am jealous as she has quite a bit of stuff left!


All her candy and food was at 70% Off and my goodness she sure had a LOT.


While there are not a lot of coupons out there- if you have the .75/1 Mars M&M’s Chocolate Candies 3.5 oz+ 3-20-16 RP x5/1 – these will be just .20 cents.


She found lots of these cute bowls in the Easter section too – which will be just .39 cents each if your store is at 90.


And she picked me up this cute cookie pan – down to just .99 cents if your store is at 90.


There was so much DIY Spritz stuff this year- and Kelley found lots of cute adhesive ribbon and fabric tape down to as low as .20 cents.


And while her store seems to be lacking in any hidden finds- she did find this cute little My Little Pony accidentally put back in toys with other larger My Little Pony Plush. It’s always just worth a look around to see what you can find that either didn’t make its way back to the clearance section- or may have gotten put back in the wrong section by mistake!

Happy hunting folks & you may also want to check out the following clearance post for other Easter finds…

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Mar 302016


I was surprised when Eboni let me know that she found 70% Off at her Texas store but I asked Kelley to head out to check out her local Ellicott City, MD store and she also found 70% off all non-perishable Easter! It may not be that way for all of you yet- but if you don’t see 70% signs- don’t forget to scan just in case the signs haven’t been switched out yet.

Remember- the majority of the Easter clearance will not have stickers- so you will need to verify your prices at the scanner. If you didn’t drop today- there’s a good chance that many more stores will drop tomorrow Thursday, March 31st.


Mar 282016


For those of you headed out to Target today- you should find much of whatever Easter inventory your store has left up to 50% Off. Easter clearance is also a great time to pick up non-perishables for next year- like decorations, dye kits, baskets, plush toys and more.


Watch for some of the Easter Basket stuffer toys which would be great for stocking stuffers or party favors, or plastic utensils & other disposable table top items that can be used for birthday parties or other celebrations. You may also want to check the One Spot for Easter clearance too.


While you may find some specialty candy & food items at 50% Off, most of the candy will sit at 30% Off, and other select food items may sit at 30% Off too. We also have an M&M’s coupon that you may want to keep on hand to save .75/1 Mars M&M’s Chocolate Candies 3.5 oz+ 3-20-16 RP x5/1. When Easter non-perishables drop to 70, then food & candy should drop to 50.


Be sure and take a look around the regular aisles too for items that may not have gotten moved back to the holiday section like pet toys & kids & baby apparel.

As far as when the next drop to 70/50 on Easter will happen- it usually takes about 3-4 days for the next discount to happen, sometimes longer for other stores since it can vary as far as when they drop to 70% Off. There is no definite set schedule and what is left will vary greatly from store to store- but it’s something to keep an eye on at your store if you have interest.

Mar 272016


Here’s wishing you all a very Happy Easter and I hope everyone has an awesome day! Tomorrow, Monday, March 28th will be when all Easter should go 50% Off except for candy & food items- which usually goes to 30% for the first drop.

Typically we see stores drop again 3-4 days after that with up to 70% Off and then 2 or 3 days later up to 90% Off. Not all stores follow the exact same schedule – and nothing is set in stone, but I’ll be posting updates as the clearance starts to happen.

Feb 172016


Valentine’s Day clearance should now be at 70% for some of you, and if you didn’t find it today there is a good chance you will find it tomorrow. It is always a good idea to check the prices at the scanner even if your signs say 50.


Kelley’s 70% Off signs were very scarce- but everything non-perishable was scanning at 70 – so some stores just don’t manage to get all or any proper signage up and you will never know if you just walk away.


Kelley’s candy & food dropped down to 50 which included lunchbox snacks, baking mixes & more.


She found M&M’s down to just $1.59 a bag- which is a nice deal after the a $1.00 on any TWO (2) M&M’s bags or in the 1-10-16 RP2 x2/21. What can be found will vary from store to store, but definitely worth taking a good look around for anything you might want to stock up on for next year.


And be sure to scope out other areas of the store. Check in home & housewares, apparel & pet just in case. While many items that are holiday get moved to the holiday clearance section- sometimes things get left behind.

You can also check out my post HERE for some other tips and things to look for this year.

As far as a next drop to 90% Off- if history repeats we should see it as early as February 19th, but remember, there is no set schedule and stores can differ, so keep a close eye! Happy clearance hunting folks and let us know if you find anything good or anything hidden that we should be looking for this year!

Feb 152016


So if you’re headed to Target today you should find Valentine’s Day items up to 50% Off. Decorative items, craft kits, party supplies, clothing and most other non-perishables should be at 50% Off. Remember – the majority of the Valentine’s clearance will not be stickered- so become best friends with that price check scanner and scan scan scan!


Be sure and scan items that you may not think would be included and put with holiday by mistake. For example – these stoneware travel mugs are very non-valentine themed but are ringing up 50% Off. A good indicator you will have a successful find is the heart on the bottom. Things marked with this white heart in a black circle have a good chance of scanning at 50%.


Bagged candy & most food will likely be 30% off for most of you to start. They will move down as the other items move down too though. We have a $1.00 on any TWO (2) M&M’s bags plus there is an insert coupon for $1/2 Mars Chocolate in the 1-10-16 RP2 x2/21. But even with no coupons – if they survive to 50% or more – it usually makes for some nice deals on food & candy – especially if you can find any of the Valentine’s lunchbox snacks left!  valentines-target-clearance64

It’s always a good idea to hunt for clearance in other parts of the store too. If you just stop after looking in the holiday section- you may be missing some great goodies- so it may be worth a look. Not everything gets moved to the back of the store right away – so for example – check the pet department for toys down to 50% Off.


The tags are easy to spot and many of them were priced $4.99 this year- so as low as $2.49 with 50% off. valentines-target-clearance2

Take a look in Bullseye’s Playground too for 50% clearance on Valentine’s day goodies which will be anywhere from .50 cents to $1.50 with 50% Off.


Kelley didn’t have much and had no signs, but sure enough Valentine’s Day items were scanning at 50% off for her.

valentines-target-clearance6 And take a cruise down the Home baking aisle and other home aisles for other items that may have gotten lost along their way back to holiday like this cake pan Kelley found in the bakeware aisle. While a little luck will be needed and it may be hit or miss- you never know what you may find.


Another good place to look is with the kids plastic drinkware – sometimes you can find sippy cups put back by mistake that are part of holiday clearance.


Also be sure and cruise around the baby department for Valentine themed apparel that may be ringing up 50% Off. Some of it is very obvious but other things not so much.


These super-cute baby shoes hanging up in the regular aisles rang up at 50% off.


The little duck holding the heart appeared on this season’s Valentine’s day line again though- so that is a good indicator to look for as most if not all of these items tagged with it will be at 50% Off.

Typically 50% Off lasts for 3 or 4 days before the next drop which usually goes to 70% on non-perishables and 50% off on candy and some food items. Last year it happened as early as the 17th for some, but stores can differ- so it’s something to keep a close eye on in the days to come! Happy hunting and let us know what you find!

Feb 142016


Hope you all are enjoying a Happy Valentine’s Day! Also just a reminder that tomorrow (2/15) is the day when you should see most Valentine’s Day items go to 50% Off except Candy which should be at 30% Off. Some food items typically lag at 30% Off to start with too. The Valentine’s Day items in Bullseye’s Playground should drop to 50 as well. It’s a great way to stock up on non-perishables for next year- and you may even find a couple goodies you can tuck into this year’s Easter Baskets too!

Jan 042016

pepperidge farm

Thru 2/20 you can get some rare savings on Pepperidge Farm and TimTam cookies at Target with a new offer for a FREE $5 gift card wyb 5. There were lots of varieties of the Pepperidge Farm cookies included too – Milanos, Dessert Shop, and more. Even with no coupons, they were PSA $2.39 so as low as $1.39 each after gift card. And, if you are a fan of theTimTam cookies, there were included in the offer with PSA $3.29.

pepperidge farm snowball

However, be sure and keep an eye out for the Snowball citrus or Milano Candy Cane varieties of Pepperidge Farm cookies that are part of the holiday clearance and also part of this deal and prompting for the Gift Card. My food was stuck at 50, so mine were $1.44 – but if you like these flavors you could also mix & match with other kinds to bring your cost per product down.

*NOTE- if your store is at 70% Off on food – yours will be .86 cents. You cannot buy 5 at .86 or the Gift Card will not prompt. You will need to make sure your total for 5 is at least $5 to get the gift card to prompt – so buying 4 and adding one in at full price should do it.

Jan 042016


Just a heads up that some of you should find after-Christmas clearance up to 90% Off at Target today (1/4). There is no schedule set in stone, and not all stores drop together at once, so if you have anything left at your stores and don’t find 90% Off today there’s a very good chance you will find it tomorrow.

There will be a few stragglers who won’t drop tomorrow, but the majority of you should. Be sure and scan though even if your signs say 70% because you never know! They may just not have their signs out yet. Kelley headed out to her local Maryland stores this morning- and found 90% Off non-food. There wasn’t much left for her- but she did stock up on ribbons and a few gift bags and more at 90.

Even if your store has nothing in the holiday section at all – be sure to take a good look around the store for those hidden finds in the regular aisles. Not everything gets brought to the clearance section, and A LOT of holiday clearance does NOT get stickered – so some good old fashioned hunting around in the regular aisles can yield some possible surprises.


Kelley was able to find a few hidden goodies scoping out other parts of the store today. She scored a EOS Blackberry nectar lip balm for just 29 cents. This flavor seems to be the only one at 90, but let me know if you find others. While it may have been part of the stocking stuffer section at one time, take a look in the regular aisles or at the registers in case you find them too.


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