Target Holiday Clearance 2023 – Up to 50% off Decor, Wrapping Paper and More!!

Holiday Clearance at Target for 2023 is in full swing! I was shocked at how much clearance was available at my store!

There were aisles and aisles of candy, decor, stockings, wrapping paper, bows, outdoor decor, ornaments, garlands, tree toppers and more! 

Perishables were all at 30%, while non-perishables were at 50%. If you can’t shop in stores, you can shop clearance online. Just keep in mind that the discount will probably be much steeper in stores.

Just as an example, this fun Wondershop wireless tree light controller was 50% off in store, but is only 15% off online. We have this and love it! We wound up giving ours to family, and turned around and bought another. At 50% off, it’s a great deal and I recommend it!

If you aren’t familiar, it wirelessly connects to your Christmas lights allowing you to locate it where it’s convenient for you to switch on the lights. AND, of course it’s great fun for kiddos!

My brother was here for the holidays and his back was to the tree. It was great fun watching him switch the lever on and off as he wondered what it did!

Clearance will vary from store to store, but here’s what I saw at mine. 

wrapping paper included in the Holiday Clearance at Target




SO much candy, including individual bars, bags, boxed chocolates, candy canes, and more!

My store also has these nice plaid baskets with an assortment of goodies – and these would make for great gifts for anyone who has a January Birthday!

Also be sure and check the Bullseye section for LOTS of holiday decor items 50% off!

And, be sure and check other parts of the store, as not everything will get moved into the holiday clearance section. For example, these cute holiday pjs were in kids’ apparel and marked 50% off…

In home, these hand towels, bath mats and more were 50% off…

In the pet department, watch for holiday treats, toys, and apparel also 50% off..

And, individual Christmas cards were also 50% off in the card section!

 I hope you find as much holiday clearance at Target as I did!  Be sure to let us know on Facebook what you found at your store! And as always, if you have a REDcard you will get an additional 5% Off! 

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Halloween Clearance At Target! Candy at 30% Off and Non-Perishables up to 50% Off!

Target Halloween Clearance section

Halloween Clearance at Target has begun! If you are headed to your store, watch for Halloween candy at 30% off and non-perishables at 50% off.

Target Halloween Clearance on Candy

My store had lots and lots of Halloween candy including Hershey’s, Brach’s, Dots and more. Watch for individual candy bars, small mixed bags of candy, and even the huge bags too!

Also watch for things like cookie kits and hot cocoa bombs also included in the clearance at 30%.

Seasonal Fall baking items were also 30% off.

I like grabbing things like caramel bits that can be used all year long!

Target Halloween Clearance on costumes

While there weren’t a lot of costumes left at my store, there were a few marked 50% off. I also noticed some costumes being loaded onto a cart. I wasn’t quite sure where they were headed, as it was only a few steps away from all the other Target Halloween clearance.


Quite a few pumpkin carving kits, perfect for buying now and putting aside for next year.

And, quite a bit of yard decor and home decor too! Here’s some pics of what I found at my store…

Target Halloween clearance on home decor

Fun wreaths and throw pillows were 50% off…

Target Halloween clearance wreaths

Also watch for disposable tableware on clearance for 50% off. These black and orange plates could be used for other parties or put aside for down the road.

Target Halloween clearance on paper goods

Also be sure to check Bullseye’s Playground for Halloween items and more at 30% off!  

Prefer to shop online? While clearance will be limited and not as big of a discount, there is some Target Halloween clearance online as well.

We should see another drop in stores in a few days, but each store can vary when clearance is marked down even further. Usually my store is pretty low in stock by the next drop, so if there is something you really want – you may not want to wait.

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Target Easter Clearance 2023 Now Up to 50% Off

Easter Clearance on pillows

Easter clearance at Target has begun! Let me start by saying I was SHOCKED and I do mean SHOCKED at how much my store had left. While there were not a lot of non-perishable items, there was SO much candy!

If you are headed out to your Target store today, you should find non-perishable Easter clearance at 50% off, including pillows, stuffed animals, dishes, and more.

Clearance can and will vary by store, but hopefully this will give you some idea of what to look for…

Stuffed animals on Easter Clearance

Be sure and watch for Easter baskets that can be repurposed too! The elephant one would make for a really cute baby shower gift basket, and the wooden one would just need to have the lining removed or replaced so it could be used year round!

cute baskets 50% off


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Target Weekly Ad Preview – Sneak Peek for Next Week, 1/1 Through 1/7 Including LOTS of BOGO deals!

Shortened image of the cover of the 1-1-23 Target Ad scan

The Target Weekly Ad Preview 1/1 – 1/7 is 30 pages long and there are LOTS of BOGO deals to start of the New Year! To start with, there are BOGO deals in grocery – including Good & Gather Salads, Dannon Multipacks, select frozen meals and more.

There is also a nice BOGO deal on vitamins, select nutrition, and smoking cessation products. In Health and Beauty – Target is offering up a FREE $5 Gift Card when you buy 4 select personal care items priced $3.99 or higher. This will include toothpaste, hair care, shaving needs and lots more!

In addition, there are deals and sales on fitness equipment and active wear. The Target Clearance run continues, with lots of clearance throughout the store! It’s a great way to shop ahead too.

Target is also advertising an upcoming Target Circle offer to save on essential oils and diffusers. In need of storage? Next week Room Essentials Y-weave storage baskets will be a hefty 50% off.

Plus, there are additional nice Target gift card & special purchase deals in health and beauty, pet, household and other parts of the store as well. Be sure to check the blog each day and follow us on Facebook for deals this week with coupons and rebates!

Some prices, sales, gift card and special deals can vary by region, so please keep this in mind as you view the preview for next week at Target. It’s going to be a GREAT week to shop at Target!

Keep in mind if you have a Target Red card you will get your usual extra 5% off plus get FREE shipping if you shop online. 

Don’t have a REDcard?  Starting January 1st, you can score a coupon for $40 off a future $40 purchase at Target when you sign up thru January 14th.

There are lots of other great upcoming Target deals, so here is the Sneak Peek of the Target weekly ad Preview 1/1 – 1/7. Be sure and look thru ALL the pages so you can plan your shopping deals for next week!

Target Weekly Ad 1/1 Page 1

Page 1 of the Target Weekly Ad 1/1/2023

Target Weekly Ad 1/1 Page 2

Page 2 of the Target Weekly Ad 1/1/2023

Target Weekly Ad 1/1 Page 3

Page 3 of the Target Weekly Ad 1/1/2023

Target Weekly Ad 1/1 Page 4

Page 4 of the Target Weekly Ad 1/1/2023

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Target Holiday Clearance – Up to 70% off Decor, Wrapping Paper and More!!

Target Christmas Clearance shelves

I stopped in at my store this morning, and Holiday Clearance 2022 is now at 50% on Candy and 70% on non-perishables Target! I was REALLY shocked at how much Target Christmas Clearance was at my store, and I hope you find some great stuff at your stores too.

While clearance will vary greatly from store to store, here’s a roundup of what was still available at mine….

Quite a bit of candy and food items, including gingerbread kits, holiday m&ms, Dove, Lindt, Cocoa Bombs, hot cocoa spoons and more were all 50% off.

Extension cords, tree decorating kits, household holiday decor were all 70% off…


Gift Bags, ornaments, gift tags were all 70% off…

Target Christmas Clearance gift bags hanging on a pegboard.

Tree skirts, a few stockings and tinsel, and some super cute gnome decor all 70%…

Still quite a bit of wrapping paper and bows. Some signs still said 50, but they were all ringing up at 70…
  Target Christmas Clearance bins full of Wrapping paper and bows

Lots and lots of stuff in Bullseye playground too! Some items could easily be repurposed or make for fun art activities for the kiddos this winter…

Target Christmas Clearance bins in Bullseye's Playground


And, don’t forget to check out the pet department for holiday goodies marked 70% off, including pet stockings, holiday apparel, pet treats and more! There were even some cat scratching posts and doggy advent calendars too.


 You can also checkout Target Christmas clearance online! Just keep in mind most items will not be available for shipping, but it can give you more ideas of what to look for at your stores. Also note pricing online will not necessarily be as steep as in stores.

And, be sure to check out my previous Target Holiday Clearance post from Monday for more ideas of what to look for throughout the store! If you find these items, they should now be at 50% for perishables and 70% for non-perishables.


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