Updates on the Sales This Week at Target thru 10/12

Here’s some updates for you on the sales this week at Target. The following post contains unadvertised short-term sales I noticed, & in-ad deals that may have gotten better with new cartwheels or coupons. I’ve also included some deals using new cartwheels that will be valid this week only.

Please remember sales can vary by region and deals listed below are thru 10/12 only. For more on this weeks’ sales and deals- you can always check the Weekly Ad Page at the top of my site. This page always contains links to the complete current ad with a full matchup and my Best Deals of the week post.

This week Target is offering up a nice B4G1 FREE Select Nutrition Bar multipacks. Nature Valley bars are included with prices starting at $2.99, and we have coupons to make for a nice deal..

DEAL IDEA: Buy 5 Nature Valley Nutrition Bars PSA $2.99 = $14.95
-$2.99 (one will be FREE with B4G1 Target deal thru 10/12
-$2 (use two $1/2 Nature Valley Granola Bars, Biscuits, Granola Cups 5 ct+…
(or use two .50/2 Nature Valley Bars & More 9-8-19 SS2 x11/2
= $9.96 for all 5 or $1.99 each

There are other brands included in the offer – Fiber One, KIND, Warrior, EPIC, ZonePerfect and more. Here’s a few additional coupons if you have interest…

50¢ ON TWO Fiber One OR Protein One snack product
-.50/2 Fiber One Snack Bars & Brownies 8-18-19 SS x10/12
$2.50 Off when you buy TWO ZonePerfect Multipacks.


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Target Easter Clearance 2019 Now Up to 90% Off

Some of you may now find Target Easter Clearance at 90% Off on non-perishables today! If you find your store has not dropped yet, I would watch it closely as it may go tomorrow. If you don’t see 90% Off Signs, be sure and scan a few things just in case your signs are wrong. Remember, most of holiday clearance does not get stickered, so the only way to know for sure is to scan!

Not everything was scanning at 90, so that’s another good reason to check at the scanner. Watch for items you can re-purpose for other occasions too. I love using the Sprtiz Easter grass for stuffing gift bags and boxes all year long. And, while for most of you all the Easter clearance should be in one location, you might want to check other parts of the store for any items that may have been left in the regular aisles.

All candy and food should also be at 70% Off for most of you, and take advantage of these great prices while you can. Target does not keep items on the floor at 70/90 for very long so the clock is ticking! Hope you all have some luck and are able to grab some great deals.

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Target Easter Clearance 2019 – Now Up to 70% Off

Some of you may find up to 70% Off Easter clearance at your Target stores today. My friend Christie headed out to check out her local Boynton Beach, Florida store and she found 70% off most non-perishable Easter. Not all stores drop at once, but if you don’t see 70% signs- don’t forget to scan just in case the signs haven’t been switched out yet.

Watch for anything non-perishable that you can use for the following year like Decor, gift bags, paper goods & more. It’s great to be able to save now instead of paying a higher price next year like Easter Egg dying kits and other supplies. Christie also had just a TON of leftover Easter baskets and some of them were very non-holiday looking this year, so they would make for a great starting point for all different types of gift baskets all year round.

Candy and food also dropped for her down to 50%, and I just can’t even believe how much she has left. Remember- the majority of the Easter clearance will not have stickers- so you will need to verify your prices at the scanner. If you didn’t drop to 70/50 today- there’s a good chance that many more stores will drop tomorrow Friday, April 26th.

We usually only see 2 or 3 days between 70 & 90 too, so if you went to 70 today, it could go to 90 as early as Saturday or Sunday. Nothing is set in stone with Target though, and all stores do not drop at the same time, so it’s something to watch closely on your own!

Happy hunting and I hope you all have great luck with this year’s Easter clearance!

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Target Easter Clearance Now Up to 50% Off

For those of you headed out to Target today- you should find much of whatever Easter inventory your store has left up to 50% Off. Easter clearance is also a great time to pick up non-perishables for next year- like Plastic Eggs, Easter Baskets, decorations, dye kits, paper plates and other festive disposable party items.

Look for items that can be used all year, like pretty artificial potted Spring flowers. Also watch for some of the Easter Basket stuffer toys which would also make great stocking stuffers to hold for Christmas or that would make great party favors. You may also want to check the One Spot for Easter clearance too, but some stores may have already pulled into the clearance Holiday section.

Candy & food items will be at 30% Off to start, and usually they drop to 50% when non-perishables go to 70. Be sure and take a look around the regular aisles too for items that may not have gotten moved back to the holiday section like kids & baby holiday apparel.

As far as when the next drop to 70/50 on Easter will happen- it usually takes about 3-4 days for the next discount, sometimes shorter, sometimes longer. There is no definite set schedule and what is left will vary greatly from store to store- but it’s something to keep an eye on at your store if you have interest.

Happy hunting folks!

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Here’s Wishing Everyone a Happy Easter!

Here’s wishing you all a very Happy Easter and I hope everyone enjoys the day! Target is closed on Sunday, April 21st, but on Monday, April 22nd will be when all Easter should go 50% Off except for candy & food items- which usually goes to 30% for the first drop.

Typically we see stores drop again 3-4 days after that with up to 70% Off and then 2 or 3 days later up to 90% Off. Not all stores follow the exact same schedule – and nothing is set in stone, but I’ll be posting updates as the clearance starts to happen.

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Target Valentine’s Day Clearance Now Up to 70% Off

Valentine’s Day clearance should now be at 70% for some of you, and if you didn’t find it today there is a good chance you will find it tomorrow. It is always a good idea to check the prices at the scanner even if your signs say 50. Some stores just don’t manage to get all or any proper signage up and you will never know if you just walk away.

Most of you should find candy & food at 50% off today too. Also be sure and look for Valentine’s Day themed snacks that you can use in kids lunches.

My store had quite a bit of candy too, including Valentine’s Day themed jelly beans that could certainly be held back and used for Easter baskets.

Valentine’s Day clearance is a great way to stock up on non-perishable things you might need for next year. For example there were many class-exchange card kits this year with no candy in them that will make for cheap Valentines next year. The basic kits will be as low as .75 if your store is at 70, regularly $2.50.

You can also check the Bullseye’s Playground section for Valentine’s Day clearance too for small items to tuck away for next year or to use as Easter Basket fillers. But keep in mind some stores may have already moved these items to the holiday section.

As far as a next drop to 90% Off- it usually stays at 70 only a couple of days, so we could see it drop to 90 as early as Wednesday, February 20th. But remember, there is no set schedule and stores can differ – so keep a close eye! Happy clearance hunting folks!

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Target Valentine’s Day Clearance Up to 50% Off

If you are headed to Target today, you should find Valentine’s Day items up to 50% Off. Decorative items, craft kits, party supplies, clothing and most other non-perishables should be at 50% Off. Remember – the majority of the Valentine’s clearance will not be stickered- so become best friends with that price check scanner and scan scan scan!

Candy & most food will likely be 30% off for most of you to start. We will likely see another drop on Sunday 2/17, when candy and food usually drops to 50%.

This is a great opportunity to grab items that could make cute Easter basket stuffers, like mini craft kits, play beauty kits, and more.

Some of these items could also make for great stocking stuffers or even be put in the gift closet for any time during the year. It’s also a great way to get a discount on non-perishables for next year like card kits, decorations, and more.

And, watch for additional items that can be either be set aside for next year, or re-purposed for birthdays and other occasions, like stuffed animals or DIY Craft pillows.

While some stores will have gathered up everything and brought it to the holiday section, it can’t take a hurt to look in other departments like stationery, toys, housewares for items that may have been left behind. Not everything will have been dragged back to the holiday section, so be sure and take a good look around your store.

We should see the next drop on the 17th, when non-perishables should go to 70% and candy & some food should drop to 50%. But stores can differ- so it’s something to keep a close eye on in the days to come! Happy hunting and I hope you find some great stuff!

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Happy Valentine’s Day & Get Ready for Clearance!


Hope you all are enjoying a Happy Valentine’s Day! Also just a reminder that tomorrow (2/15) is the day when you should see most Valentine’s Day items go to 50% Off except Candy which should be at 30% Off. Some food items typically lag at 30% Off to start with too. The Valentine’s Day items in Bullseye’s Playground should drop to 50 as well. It’s a great way to stock up on non-perishables for next year- and you may even find a couple goodies you can tuck into this year’s Easter Baskets too!

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Target Christmas Clearance Now Up to 90% Off

Just a heads up that some of you should find after-Christmas clearance up to 90% Off at Target today (12/31). It will likely only be a small percentage of stores that drop today, but if it hasn’t dropped at your stores today, there is a good chance it will drop tomorrow – so keep a close eye on it.

There may be a few stragglers who won’t drop by tomorrow, but the majority of you should. Be sure and scan though even if your signs say 70% because you never know! They may just not have their signs out yet.

Only one of my local Tampa stores were at 90% today, and pickings were somewhat slim. However, my store had tons of gift tags, bows, gift bags and more.

I love stocking up for next year at 90% off on things I can use next year, or even some items like gift bags that can be used for other occasions throughout the year.

There was also quite a bit of home decor this season, and my store did have a few things like candles, centerpieces & greenery all at 90%.

And some of these items might not have gotten moved back to the holiday clearance area, so be sure and take a good look thru the regular aisles as well.

Even if your store hasn’t gone to 90, be sure and check for food and candy which may be at 70% off for some of you too. My store had just tons of holiday candy at 70%. This will likely be the biggest drop we will see on food and candy, so if you see any you want, you might want to grab it before it moves off the floor.

While my store did not have any holiday edition household items left, hopefully some of you will find some at your stores. You can sort the blog by holiday clearance for more details on items to keep an eye out for at your stores.

I hope those of you out there who’ve been stalking the Target Christmas clearance find lots of goodies too!  Keep in mind once your store hits 90%, the clock will be ticking to make room for Valentine’s Day items, so don’t wait too long to go!

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Target Christmas Clearance Now Up To 70% Off

Many of you should find Holiday clearance down to 70% off today, and food & candy at 50% off at your stores. I heard of you went to 70 yesterday, so lots of you should find the drop today.

What can be found will vary from store to store, but definitely worth taking a good look around for anything you might want to go ahead and stock up on for next year.

I was happy to see a lot at 70% at my store, everything from decor to wrapping supplies and more. Keep in mind that while certain holiday items are stickered clearance, A LOT of the general Christmas clearance does not get stickered, so be sure and scan, scan, scan!

I had a huge amount of ornaments, including individual ones and sets in a variety of colors all at 70% off.

Lots & LOTS of gift wrap, including single rolls and multi-packs in a wide assortment of patterns.

Holiday trees both lit & unlit at 70% off.

I also found quite a bit of holiday lighting too – lots of string lights, and outdoor lighting too.

And, many of you should also find food & candy at 50% off. There were also several limited edition household items from Kleenex, Ziploc and more, & you can find more info, DPCI’s and coupon matchups for these items on the following posts…

Glad Food Storage Products as low as $1.12 at Target
Glade Air Care Products as low as 49¢ Each at Target
Target Christmas Clearance Up to 50% Off plus Nice Deals on Ziploc & Kleenex Tissues as low as 54¢

If your store has slim pickings, keep in mind this year Target.com has a lot of online clearance with up to 50% Off thousands of items. There’s so much to choose from, including clothing, shoes, Christmas decor, holiday trees, health & beauty, and more. Here’s some quick links of the different departments for you to check out…

Save Up to 50% on Clothing, Shoes & Accessories for the Whole Family

Save Up to 50% on Clearance Toys – Barbie, Fingerlings, Games & More

Save Up to 50% on Holiday Items – Artificial Trees, Lights, Decor & More

Up to 50% Off Beauty – Tons of Gift Sets & Other Limited Edition Holiday Beauty

Shipping is FREE on orders of $35 or more, or choose FREE store pickup where available. And as always, if you have a REDcard you will get FREE shipping with no minimum and an additional 5% Off.

As far as the next drop to 90% goes, I’m expecting it to go possibly as early as Sunday or Monday on the 30th or 31st, but it could be later based on how much stores have left. But keep in mind- nothing is set in stone when it comes to clearance at Target- so keep a close eye on it if you have interest! Happy clearance hunting everyone! 🙂

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