Mederma Products as Low as FREE at Target!

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Right off the bat I will say Price Cuts this HUGE can possibly be a fluke, and not available in all stores, but it definitely can’t hurt to look for it if you are interested. But I have been able to have 4 friends in four different states confirm the same in their stores- so that makes me hopeful that many of you will be able to find this great deal.

So check at your stores for the Mederma for Kids Scar Treatment to have a big ‘ol price cut down to only $2.00 from $14.99! My signs were dated for this week only thru 3/17. If you find it too- that’s just a HUGE discount even without coupons- but it gets even better since we have a $2/1 coupon on the Mederma Site that will make it FREE!

Mederma for Kids Scar Treatment $2
-$2/1 ANY Mederma Scar Product HERE
= FREE after coupon and Price Cut!

Let us know if you find this huge price break too and remember- it never hurts to scan to check a price if you don’t see a sign – you’ll never know unless you try. 🙂

UPDATE: Kristina commented that there may be other Mederma Products for adults at $2 too and I also just had a reader send me this picture from his TX store confirming that he found 2 other products included at the $2 Price!!

Mederma Scar Care Cream $2 (reg $14.99!)
Mederma Scar Cream plus SPF $2  (reg $18.99!)
-$2/1 ANY Mederma Scar Product HERE
= FREE after coupon and Price Cut!

-Thanks Kristina & Everet!

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  1. I finally found these, price cut ends today too.I got 2 of the mederma + spf.

  2. got my coupon, super excited, i get to the store and there are no sale signs all say $17 and change. I even took two different kinds and scanned them at a price checker, and sure enough both were $17. I was very dissappointed 🙁

  3. No signs, but scanning 2.00 in my area(IA). Couldn’t find any kids Mederma to send to my son for his 3 little ones, so grabbed 2 of the adult Mederma for my college-aged daughter. She has 2 facial scars from a dog bite. Can give it to her this weekend when she’s home for spring break. With no oop, it’s sure worth a try! Expiration dates on both are 2014.

  4. Ashley, thanks for info on il stores. I was going to try those since north aurora was cleared out. Was hoping to find one bottle to see if it would help on acne scars.

  5. went to my local target and saw a bunch of the SPF merdermas. I used two coupons and came back to print some more. but there were none left. Just went back to purchase some more since even without coupons they are still a STEAL. mine were also unmarked, had to scan to see the price.

  6. My Target (Niles, IL) They had a few of the adult & kids Mederma left. Not marked, but scanned at $2. I didnt have any coupons, but still took advantage of the price cut. Thanks for the heads up!!

  7. All gone in regular kind at my store, kids rang up reg price. Took the number on the tag to GS and asked them to check if they had any, he said no, looked up other stores for me. Asked for raincheck, he asked it is in the ad, I said I did not know and I have not looked at the ad at all. He tried and it gave it to him for both kinds of the Adult.

  8. I got 2 of the scar cream + spf. I came home to print additional coupons, but the message on this coupon now says Sorry this coupon program has expired.

    I’m so thankful to get this, as my daughter has just returned home from a cruise with a severe sunburn that looks like it could actually scar. We will try this out to hopeful prevent any scarring.

  9. I was told that I couldn’t get a raincheck because it wasn’t a sale price, but a price cut. Is this true?

  10. I went to the store closest to my house (Sawgrass Super Target) yesterday and during lunch today.I purchased four yesterday (hubby has scar on his forehead from an injury last October) and there were still plenty of the SPF 30 left. Today, they only had two SPF. Not sure if they are still $2 today. There was no sign yesterday or today. Yesterday, I bought the last one of kids and adults as well as two of the SPF 30.

    I didn’t have any qs but still a great deal and I would have not been able to get them without the price cut. Hubby is glad he can start working on “scar removal”.

  11. There were no signs, but all of the Mederma products scanned at $2 in Manhattan! Thanks!!

  12. Went to Yorkville and Oswego IL and all wiped out. My daughter has a fresh scar on her chin and I only wanted one little tube. Too bad!…shelves cleared.

  13. Thanks for this tip! I got 2 of the Mederma kids for free. My store was out of the regular version but from what I understand they are basically the same thing.

  14. I would just like to point out that you should check your expiration dates on this. I’m sure that that’s not the reason it’s on such a huge price cut as I found some with exp dates of 2013, but I did find one that expired in 2010. The rest were 12/12. Not sure if it actually expires or goes bad, but its better to be safe than sorry. I did find the scar gel with spf at my store and got 3 of them and 1 mederma for kids which was the last one.

  15. No sign here, couldn’t believe that this $14.99 product was scanning at $2! I only had 2 coupons, so I only bought 2 and left the rest (there were still several kids / adult versions left). Couldn’t find the SPF 30 one at my store

  16. went to 2 target stores in upstate NY. Shelf was empty, no signs……maybe they will restock-will check again 🙁

  17. At the 180th St Target in Omaha there were no signs, and the products were still scanning at full price. Not sure if it’s worth the gas used to drive to other Targets to check the price since I don’t have a need for the product at this moment.

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